BeGone, The Multiplayer Browser Shooter

BeGUN, they should have called it

Yikes! This is the most impressive Unity-powered project I’ve seen to date. BeGone is a butter-smooth, not-at-all-ugly multiplayer FPS you can play right out of your browser. Click on the link, pick a server, wait some seconds and you’re off, engaging in hot manshoots with up to 11 other players. You hear that? That’s the sound of the past crunching under the heavy boot of Tomorrow. Go play, or watch some footage after the jump. News courtesy of the ever-independent Indiegames blog.

Obviously it’s very basic as shooters go, but to chastise the game itself is missing the point. This is both a showcase of what Unity can do and a miniature landmark in the world of webgames.

If you’re not familiar with RPS’s own adventures making a game in Unity, aka RockPaperShotgUnity, they’re well worth checking out. We made a game! A creepy, creepy one, thus revealing the thick, syrupy darkness that lies in the heart of RPS.


  1. Hides-His-Eyes says:

    Just had a little go with a trackpad, seriously impressive. No lag issues (on my unis pretty massive connection) but ran ok using half of my laptop (while the other half is doing serious sciency bits on a VM).


  2. Eclipse says:

    looks good but really plays poorly, you have to unload half mag before killing someone, there’s a lot of room for improvements gameplay wise

    • Dominic White says:

      Oh god. You’re the reason – you’re why 90% of shooters these days are reskins of laser-tag, and death happens because someone saw you and clicked on you first.

      Screw that. Let me take a few hits, escape, evade and counterattack. It’s far more interesting than just dying if someone looks at you funny.

    • poop says:

      have you actually played the game? it is the most generic counterstrike clone in the universe and the weapons are unresponsive and innacurate as hell, it takes half a clip to down someone because your guns are shit

    • Dominic White says:

      Oh, boo fucking hoo – you actually have to get within range and hit more than a couple of times to score a kill. How will you ever cope?

    • gulag says:

      Had a crack at it and liked what I saw. Clearly these are decisions that account for the various degree of lag encountered in a browser game. If the game was one-hit-kill, no-one without a crystal clear connection would get anything from it but a change to play pop-up target for the rich kids on a T1. I’ll take cunning over reactions any day.

      Also, guess what? MP5’s are wonderfully inaccurate when fired from the hip in real life too! and they don’t get much better when aimming beyond distances of 100 yards. So I guess they got that right.

      Technically very impressive, and while it’s ‘just a CounterStrike clone’, it’s just a CounterStrike clone that runs in a brower, without daft pre-reg, or any mucking about.

      Colour me impressed.

    • rammjaeger says:

      I’m not sure what universe you live in, but almost EVERY mp shooter out there still plays like Quake 3/UT99 in regards to damage. They usually feature the same “shoot someone a dozen times while circle strafing” deathmatchy gameplay we’ve been fed for the past 15 years. Really the only games that have one shot kills like you mention are the Red Orchestra or Arma series.

    • Stardog says:

      @Dominic White “Evade” in this game equates to some retard spamming spacebar.

    • Thants says:

      All of the CoD type games I’ve played have one hit kills in hardcore-mode, or 2 or 3 hit kills otherwise.

    • wengart says:

      I think a lot of the perceived one shot kill issue is a result of the close range people are often shot at. It leaves little time and space for the target to effectively evade and many people, myself included, dislike targets surviving a hail of bullets.

      This is really noticeable while playing BC2, at least for me. At long and medium range slamming the run key and dodging behind a nearby piece of cover can help you get out of trouble, but up close you have maybe a second to react.

  3. McDan says:

    Wow, thanks for reminding me about rock paper shotgunity. Just played it and now very confused. Probably not the best thing to do just after getting up.

  4. The Tupper says:

    Looks good. Hard, though. And good to see no faff. I can’t abide faff.

  5. GallonOfAlan says:

    Technically wow. Shame it’s ‘wait till the next round’ bollocks like Counterstrike. These sort of games are what people go to for a quick blast – you don’t want to be scratching yourself waiting for the next round for 5 mins during a quick 10-minute workday doss.

    • Henke says:

      It needs a timelimit, to force people to play tactically. At least the game I played was limited to 2 minutes, which is a pretty good timelimit I think.

  6. syntax says:

    I haven’t tried it, but I generally dislike browser games such as Quake Live. They always seem to run poorly, and have other issues. Call me old fashioned, but I much prefer standalone clients.
    The red tint in this one is an interesting feature, but IMO it is pretty distracting and should go away after some time. Otherwise, the game looks reasonably enjoyable.
    More thoughts: the bullets seem kind of slow + inaccurate and weak, and the UI needs more balance. bullets/mags left and/or a gun model indicator on the right?

    • syntax says:

      LOL I just played it now. Lowest settings, no vegetation (my laptop sucks). Really is a horrible game. Really bad balance, no pistols (secondaries) or grenades, no crouch. Getting hit majorly fucks up where you aim and your vision, and even the sniper rifle is horribly inaccurate. You run out of stamina too fast and recharge even faster. I had some lag, but that is to be expected from my shitty australian internet. Really though, this game is mildly imusing but I’d hate to play it for longer than 30 minutes.

      Has anyone tried link to recently? I stumbled upon it a while ago, it was similar to this but might have improved. Of course, now I can’t try it out (Windows only).

    • Raneman says:

      I would not reccomend OrangeFPS solely because it contained a virus on it which forced me to format my computer.

  7. Gonefornow says:

    It runs fine and is immensely enjoyable.
    Needless to say I’m liking it (and playing it right now).

  8. DuckSauce says:

    “This is the most impressive Unity-powered project I’ve seen to date”
    Interstellar Marines overshines this times 10 in my book.

    Let’s not make this a talk about developers and their budgets and experience, just saying it’s not THE most impressive is all.

    • Gundato says:

      No doubt Interstellar Marines has a lot of potential. But as far as what they have actually DONE with Unity, this one blows it out of the water. And I actually paid for Frontline (or is it Spearhead? The one that gives everything) and even bought a few support medals, so understand that I really want IM to be great.

      In a few months when the MP demo/snapshot comes out, we’ll be able to re-assess.

    • Henke says:

      Yeah the two IM “demos” released so far don’t really hold a candle to this. But, like Gundato says, when “Deadlock” comes out we can start comparing them fairly.

    • DuckSauce says:

      Don’t hold a candle to this?
      – Quality wise, IM > this
      – Quantity wise, I’d say they’re equal, both have a single weapon and simple gameplay so they both don’t have in terms of quantity yet.
      – Done with the Unity engine? Well I do remember this coming a fair bit back and I know of only one other unity powered multiplayer game(which was absolutely terrible) and IM was definitely not looking like it was gonna have multiplayer any time soon back then, so then BeGone wins here.

      So I suppose, they are fairly evenly matched, but I’m more appreciative towards quality, then a rush job to be the first multiplayer unity game, though I’m well aware quality takes time and it ain’t easy. But that’s all the more reason for me to appreciate developers taking the time for it.

      But in the end, this was about what’s more impressive and that all comes down to everyone’s own opinion on what you count as most impressive, this did not impress me as much as Interstellar Marines, because Interstellar Marines screamed quality, polish and care and displays great potential(though running man was a bit… crap), this doesn’t but I’ll admit they done a good job on putting out a solid multiplayer game on Unity, making it second on my list :)

  9. Ricc says:

    Pretty nice shooter! Hitboxes need some work, imo, but I had some good fun for 30 minutes.

    Btw, turning off vegetation lets you see a lot better on that map. There is basically no reason to leave it on.

    • gulag says:

      Apart from the fact that it’s at odds with the spirit of the game? Poor show.

    • Ricc says:

      There have always been problems with stuff like vegetation, depth-of-field effects or motion blur in multiplayer shooters like this one. The game plays worse by leaving it on.

      I don’t think it’s any different from buying a better mouse or having a better internet connection. PC gaming is customizable to a certain degree, I’m just using optimal settings.

  10. Llewelyn_MT says:

    Would you please stop saying it’s a browser game? It’s a Windows/MacOS game. You don’t actually need a browser to run it, you need Unity Engine to run it. My Linux laptop, a smartphone, or a gaming console can not run this game and they all have web browsers.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Yes, it’s really something to complain about on RPS, that the game they talk about doesn’t run on something else than a PC: link to

      It’s a shooter which is playable on a browser, how else do you want to call it?

    • Llewelyn_MT says:

      I have a Linux PC. I have a browser. I can not run it. It is no browser game to me.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      “how else do you want to call it?”

      A Unity game (like a Flash game)… sure they’re browser plugins, but clearly their is a certain distinction

    • Rawrl says:

      >I have a Linux PC

      Well, *there’s* your problem.
      Enjoy your Tux Racer.

    • Llewelyn_MT says:

      I just want people to name things what they are. If a game is PC/MacOS exclusive there’s no reason to call it a browser game, just because it happens to use a browser. First and foremost a browser game should not be device- or OS-specific. Is Battlefield Heroes a browser game just because one is required to run it?

    • colinmarc says:

      Yeah, this. On linux here, and thus no ability to run the unity engine. Just because the game assets are delivered through a browser window doesn’t mean it’s a browser game. It’s not really so different from any downloaded game.

    • Gnoupi says:

      I thought it was an accepted fact that gaming on Linux was at most a favor or a hack. Some games do it, but it’s quite rare, for a simple reason of cost.

      It is the same with Unity, they developed their engine to work for the platforms on which they can monetize it the best. Linux support is not on the high priority for them, because of this very reason.

      You are on a “PC gaming only” blog, it is safe to assume that what is said here caters mostly to Windows systems, a bit to MacOSX (sometimes).

      I’m tired to see this kind of picking on words for no reason from some people in the Linux (or Mac) community. Some Linux distributions are great systems, stable, customizable, all great, I use one myself… But they are not systems for gamers, so get over it.

      And I don’t think that specifying “windows only” under 95% of news will bring any value on a PC gaming site.

    • colinmarc says:

      I’m not complaining about a lack of Linux games. I dual boot windows 7 and I’m happy as a peach. The point is that it’s not a game run by a browser, and is not at all an achievement in that way. It’s the same thing as downloading it and running it as a desktop application, except that the link to the resource is embedded in the html that the browser receives, so downloading it and firing up the unity engine happens automatically, and the unity window is drawn without borders on top of your browser window so it appears to be part of the web page (a bit of an oversimplification, but that’s really it).

      link to

      That’s a true 3d browser game – the 3d library (three.js) uses WebGL bindings to instruct the browser to render the 3d content. Here’s another (cool) example:

      link to

  11. battles_atlas says:

    Why take a gameplay video from a guy who has seemingly never played an FPS in his life? An idiot trying to snipe with an SMG is not the best means of showing of the game.

    • Gundato says:

      Because a highly trained twitching machine is boring.

      Firing from iron sights/magic scope is boring. It doesn’t show off your models.

      One-shot, one-kill is boring. It doesn’t show the nice particle effects of bullets impacting around you.

      And, most of all, it is intimidating. It makes you feel like you need to be amazing to stand a chance.

  12. Hoaxfish says:

    I’m quite rusty at FPSes, and I didn’t read the game controls before I started playing… it did not go well.

    Then I read the controls, and it was better (i.e. I didn’t just keep dying), though the $4,000 gun seems to be the best thing to spend your money on.

  13. Colonel J says:

    Wot no pun?

    I feel sure that BeGone is a prime opportunity missed for a pun from the top drawer of the Quinns-pun-o-tron. I am too tired to think of any myself.

  14. UndeadSheep says:

    Fan forum here:

    I’ll admit it’s pretty ugly, but it functions. There isn’t too much user activity there, besides the chatbox, which seems to have become the main focus. The developers (of which there are two) are reasonably active there.

  15. InsidiousBoot says:

    I just tried it out for a few matches.
    I’ve spoken to a community member and he explained grenades and the sniper rifle and perhaps some other things are being worked on and basically its still in beta. I believe pistols will be added later on also.
    Foliage is in game but can be turned off, that needs to be turned on by default for gameplay balancing reasons.
    It doesn’t look that bad on high and it plays reasonable well. I’m not saying its the best thing out there as I normally only play premium titles but what the heck its not bad for a free game.
    All in all it was enjoyable

  16. dragon says:

    That was cool. What ruins it for me, however, is the low framerate cap, which I believe is 60 (my monitor can display 120 Hz), and the laggy mouse movement. If they fix that I might start playing it reguarly.

    • UndeadSheep says:

      There’s no framerate cap in fullscreen (and doesn’t seem to be any for me, non-fullscreen(might be your browser?)) Mouse movement feels great to me when above 40-50FPS.

    • dragon says:

      Undead: How do you know? What’s your monitor’s refresh-rate?

    • UndeadSheep says:

      I use FRAPS( to view my framerate. I get ~200 in the menu, and 70-190 in-game depending on quality settings/player count.
      My monitor refresh rate is only 60Hz, but I do know someone with a 120Hz monitor, and it worked fine for them.

    • dragon says:

      Clearly something is capped somewhere, because I’ll know instantly if something’s below 120 fps/hz.

    • UndeadSheep says:

      Have you actually tried viewing your FPS? Also, as I said, it could be your browser. Chrome seems to cap at 200fps for me, others might do lower. I use Firefox 4.0.

    • Anonymous Coward says:


      you know instantly if a game is below 120 hz???? do you even know what that means???

    • CrazyBaldhead says:


    • Thants says:

      I’m very skeptical that you can tell if a game is any less than 120 FPS.

  17. Baggypants says:

    If it’s a browser game then it must be art.

  18. Olivaw says:

    The game loads incredibly slowly for me. Can’t even join any servers.

    That’s not a very good browser game at all!

  19. Pantsman says:

    Whenever I shoot a man in this game, I will loudly shout “begone!” for all to hear.

  20. Anonymous Coward says:

    “Yikes! This is the most impressive Unity-powered project I’ve seen to date.”

    let’s not overreact

  21. notjasonlee says:

    yikes, wow, no. no thank you. awful.

  22. Bhazor says:

    “Yikes! This is the most impressive Unity-powered project I’ve seen to date.”
    link to
    link to (from two years ago)
    link to

    And of course
    link to

  23. benj says:

    Very cool to see new studios and FPS joining Unity!

    In case you missed it, Cmune currently operates the #1 Unity FPS on Facebook (link to and Web ( and coming soon to an app store near you! (making us at the same time a browser game, a social game and a download game).

    We launched last November and presented it at Casual Connect in February:
    link to

  24. pupsikaso says:

    It’s a sour shame that they’ve spent so much time making such a crappy game. I mean technically it is astounding what they’ve done with unity in a web browser, but the game design? My gosh!