Fall For It: Fallen Frontier Looks Neat

*BANG* Shit, Steve! I hope there wasn't anything valuable in that red barrel!

The Indiegames blog has had some hands-on time with indie dev Moonshot‘s debut title, Fallen Frontier, and I think it looks just fine. Check out the footage after the jump. Yeah, it’s another hyperslick 2D platformer with a grappling hook, but look at those explosions! Look at that shotgun! Look at that co-op! And what right do you have to be dispassionate about grappling hooks anyway? What, was your father a grappling hook salesman or something? Get outta town!

That said, I should probably keep my enthusiasm stowed for the moment. The developers have said that while they’d like to release on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam, “a final decision on platforms is usually made with a publishing partner.” Meaning, if Big Daddy Microsoft comes sidling up whispering sweet somethings of Xbox Live exclusivity, Moonshot will fall to their knees faster than a gutshot cowboy and this game will be one more brick Microsoft has pried out of our once-noble wall.

Anywaaaay. Fallen Frontier!


  1. faelnor says:

    Can’t look at the video from here, but from the screenshot I’m getting a nice Flashback vibe. Could be far less pleasant than this :)

  2. Dr Danno says:

    I love how the splitscreen works. The way it joins back together again seamlessly is very smart. I am impressed!

    • Corporate Dog says:

      Yeah. I think that impressed me the most, too.

      VERY slick.

  3. JohnnyMaverik says:

    Self publish FTW.

  4. Vexing Vision says:

    The splitscreen mechanic is so worth the purchase, if it comes for PC – that is just very cool.

    I couldn’t figure it out from the video, but is there friendly fire?

    • shoptroll says:

      The split screen thing is… wow. I’m surprised no one has done that before.

      Unfortunately, this looks like something that MS is going to snatch up quickly. Really looks like something that would sell very well to their demographic.

    • Coriform says:

      I used dynamic splitscreen in my TIGsource entry, dammit!
      link to forums.tigsource.com

      Although I’m sure Fallen Frontier will actually be a much better game.

    • Instant says:

      I’ve seen it before, in a trailer of Cobalt.

    • karthink says:

      I remember old DragonballZ brawlers for the gameboy advance that had this kind of splitscreen. Not sure if it was this seamless, though.

    • Reapy says:

      The lego harry potter had this in co op as well.

  5. monkehhh says:

    An indie Shadow Complex / Bionic Commando Rearmed type-thing with co-op? Yes please!

    • amishmonster says:

      If it actually has the Metroid progression mechanics of Shadow Complex, I’m in. If it’s more of a platformer, though, meh. That’s just me, though.

  6. Teddy Leach says:

    This evokes Link-Dead, but with more style and less gore.

  7. hamster says:

    Honestly it looks pretty bad. The run animations are weird, the jumping looks strange, and the shooting/grappling seems kind of boring. The grunts also have a v. generic profile that kind of looks like the player’s. And man, the sound on the shottie and assault rifle! ~~is like a grate mashing against my eardrums.

    I like the way they tried to go the Metal Slug route but imo the gun play needs to be tightened up and/or the enemies made cooler i.e. fight with more variety.

    • Michael Riley says:

      Agreed. Splitscreen or no, it doesn’t look even remotely interesting to me.

  8. Baggypants says:

    Like a very graceful Abuse. Also it’s nice to see the splitscreen borrowed from the Lego games.

  9. nemryn says:

    Ooh yes, that is some nice split-screen there. I think it’s going to be quite a while before I can play a game starring Mercenary Commando Guys, though.

  10. Jad says:

    and this game will be one more brick Microsoft has pried out of our once-noble wall.

    Don’t have much to say about the game (can’t watch videos at work), but this is something that worries me. Every time some big AAA game is announced to be console-only (especially the “dumb” games) (see: Gears of War), somebody says “Good riddance, the PC will be fine, we have all the great indie games anyway.”

    That’s not guaranteed in the future. Ten years ago I was completely confident that the PC would always be the home of first-person shooters and that console FPSes would remain as novelties like Goldeneye. Now it’s news when a FPS provides proper mouse support.

    Sure, there will always be a place on the PC for the extreme experimental end of the indie space, but what about more polished indie games? Limbo is apparently never getting a PC release. Fez is currently XBLA-only. World of Goo sold incredibly well on the iPad (and had less piracy). It’s nice to hear the Super Meat Boy devs compliment Steam and slag on Microsoft, but can we always rely on MS screwing up?

    Sorry for all the doom and gloom. The PC is strong. I just worry sometimes.

    Anyway: yay for more cool side-scrolling indie games. I still like them.

  11. Hoaxfish says:

    Why is it always XBox exclusive? Why can’t it be “Microsoft exclusive”… I mean, Microsoft own both platforms (even if GFWL is a completely mess).

    • hamster says:

      Because it specifically adds value to the 360. Windows doesn’t need any extra value, and a dual release might cannibalize 360 sales.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      I don’t have a 360 & it’s very unlikely I’ll buy games off PSN. However I do have a perfectly capable gaming PC running Windows where I’m much more likely to buy games even if I don’t have enough time to play them all & I like the look of this.
      Putting it on PC adds value to the developers. It means they’ll sell more copies to people like me who wouldn’t buy it on console.

  12. screeg says:

    Why do they need a publisher?

    • vodka and cookies says:

      Because getting on XBLA/PSN without one is very, very difficult. There’s all sorts of legal processes and certification procedures to go through, small developers in particular dont always have the means to go through with those.

  13. nuh uh no way says:

    Whoever built that outpost really should have chosen a different architect.

  14. Bluepixie says:

    Hmmm rice! Reminds me of Abuse. The game, not abuse.

  15. Reefpirate says:

    Game looks sweet… The sound reminds me a little too much of Half-Life though.

    However, I still shed a tear every time some cool looking platformer with depth is featured on this site, and yet I can’t find a single article about Iji.
    Is there no justice in the RPS world?? :'(

  16. MultiVaC says:

    I will probably end up being XBLA exclusive. Every time I see one of these cool indie platformers I get all excited about it, and then it ends up never coming to PC as was originally planned. I don’t know why this keeps happening, but I hate it so much.

  17. Jim9137 says:

    Needs more Abuse innit.