Deux Ex: Human Revolution Multi-Path Trailer

Here he is doing some hacking.

Well here’s a thing – a lump of in-game footage of Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Gamespot, narrated by the game’s story director, Mary DeMarle. You can see it below. It demonstrates their “multi-path, multi-solution gameplay” (which was a phrase I don’t think Ion Storm ever needed to use), in the game’s first level. The four “pillars” are combat, stealth, social and hacking, as well they should be. Except of course “combat and stealth are the main pillars”, so that’s what they’re showing now. So what you’ve got is the same level played through three times, perhaps inspired by Kieron’s famous review. (And for those worried about spoilers, it’s a man running from one building to another.)

This is 360 code being shown, but obviously it’ll be fairly representative of the PC version. They start off showing a purely violent route, reiterating the fact that the game will never force you to be violent. Next is a rather violent interpretation of stealth. And finally a completely different path altogether.

(Gamespot’s embed code is awful, so I’ve used this YouTube version – someone email me if it gets taken down.)


  1. Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

    I cant imagine watching this, what a terrible thing to do!
    Imagine you had watched run throughs of Deus Ex’s first level? It would take away so much from it, as it was brilliant to explore and experiment.
    Id never watch something like this, if its anything like the original.

    • earthfx says:

      Thank you for your comment Peter Radiator Full Pig.

      I am not going to watch it now. I needed a nudge.

    • Xercies says:

      One of the beauties of the fist level is finding all those spots you didn’t even know were there and taking them so i kind of agree. I remember even finding the iron and copper guy once

    • Baby Baby Baby Oh says:

      Argh. Now I feel bad that I watched it.
      Instead of doing all these trailers they should’ve stopped postponing the game for so long.. The original DE was buggy, but that didn’t stop it from being great.

      The opposite actually:

      link to

    • Teddy Leach says:

      I watched it simply because I’ll have forgotten by August.

    • Urthman says:

      I think this is more like seeing a video of the so-generic-I-barely-remember-it tutorial level of Deus Ex.

    • Maade says:

      Well, in Deus Ex the first level lasted more than 60 seconds and the routes you had were not highlighted like “Here is the stealth route! Look! Here!”.

      You will not miss much.

    • Dhatz says:

      exactly, this is so pathetic how they show us 3 ways to go around 3 guys, 2 vans and several crates.

  2. earthfx says:

    Im trying not to watch it to prevent spoilers but I dont think I can resist much longer.

  3. John Walker says:

    Spoilers really aren’t an issue here, folks. It’s a man running from one building to another, for an ill-defined purpose.

    • Soon says:

      Some people have a more stringent definition of spoiler. It shows guard positions, hints at little things through the graffiti and conversation, reveals the kinds of bonuses you can get, shows an alternative route… Very little of those things, yeah. But I know some people like to go in completely blind.

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      Soon I’m sure if anyone was that worried about seeing the position of two guards and a ladder they’d avoid watching gameplay trailers altogether.

    • Soon says:


    • Bhazor says:

      Well given this seems to be the tutorial level I’d say spoilers really aren’t a problem. Given the game itself will probably point out these paths for you.

    • Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

      link to

      I see it as a sort of mechanic spoiler.
      The first level is Deus Ex is probably the most amazing, and important. Prehaps not in terms of plot, but of gameplay.
      Would you have liked to have every path detailed to you, so you knew exactly what you could do, each and every time? How about all but one? Where do you draw the line? All but two, three, more?
      None is the only logical place.
      So maybe there is ill defined purpose, but there is gameplay at stake here.
      Its like not ruining the plot of a comedy, but telling someone all the jokes. Youd still destroy the experiance for someone else.

    • Muzman says:

      It’s not a level, it’s like two rooms (or a room a coridoor and small yard for more precision) and it’s completely basic, telegraphed and gamey. There’s even fires and serious electrical faults fizzing away unchecked to go with crate stacking and poorly secured ventilation ducts of ill advised human size. Aimed at people who don’t even know what a game trope is. Intro-duct-ory, you might say.

      Watch the Damn Thing! There’s way more ‘spoilers’, mechanical and otherwise, in every single piece of previous media.

    • Peter Radiator Full Pig says:

      Well, given my responce, guess how many other pieces I have watched? (Answer, none)
      Trailers, movie or game, arent made for the sake of the game, they are for the sake of sales. If you are going to buy the game, or are already interested, dont watch them, ever. They will try to get to hooked, showing you bits you will be playing.
      Movie ones are worse, as in a game, at least you get to play it yourself, while a trailer for films offers the same experiance. Still, they are giving you experiances of the media in order to sell it.

    • Faxmachinen says:

      Peter Radiator Full Pig says:
      “Would you have liked to have every path detailed to you, so you knew exactly what you could do, each and every time? How about all but one? Where do you draw the line? All but two, three, more?
      None is the only logical place.”

      Yet you failed to mention the part where you had a vast amount of the gameplay spoiled by reading the title of the game. Good luck with your zero tolerance policy.

    • jwfiore says:


      GREAT now I know that there are two guards and a ladder at some point in the game way to spoil it. I basically don’t even need to play it now.

    • Soon says:

      There’s far more to deduce from the video than the fact there are guards and ladders. Especially for anyone purposefully avoiding information about the game.

    • Muzman says:

      Yeah, but most of that is speculative at best and wrong at worst. I’m not sure what zero knowledge of the game going in gets you except seeing the particular ways the grilles on the vents open after everyone else.
      I dunno how you’re supposed to find out anything about games and movies you are interested without dealing with the marketing. The vague preview text and the reviews are the same, ultimately. You’re not merely interested in the game. You must be pre-sold (or pre-warezed), sight unseen, caveat emptor. Which given the ups and downs of the series so far is frankly nuts. And probably means a person must waste staggering amounts of money on crap.
      I’m not sure how I feel being shouldered with this burden of marketing information (or actual game content in this case) around people who cannot abide it. Sitting on the knowledge that a large part of the game involves a race track and Jensen being a sort of transforming go-cart is difficult.
      Oh god.

    • Krimson says:

      Stop being so harsh, guys. Even the smallest spoiler can ruin a game. I remember I was completely unable to enjoy the first Deus Ex because I read the back of the box before installing it.

    • DJ Phantoon says:

      I must say, I enjoyed Deus Ex while playing it and having no idea how to do things nearly as well as I would until later. Hell, I didn’t realize you could use the fire extinguisher to negate lasers temporarily until a week ago.

    • Saiko Kila says:

      You could use fire extinguishers for that? Wow. Anyway, I was so concerned with spoilers, that I have finished Deus Ex 1 and Deus Ex 2 just recently, I’ve been waiting all those years only not to spoil Deus Ex 3. Well, and to be able to remember some connections and associations relating to these earlier games.

    • Arglebargle says:

      Much ado about nothing. If you are that persnickety about spoilers, you shouldn’t be looking at any video or trailers anyway. Or reading anything on RPS or even the internet. Good luck.

  4. TotalBiscuit says:

    This popped up on Reddit a little while ago to much bitching about the cover system, glowy objects and the fact that it supposedly is nowhere near as good as the original for some ill-defined, nebulous reason.

    Looks fine to me. Not astonishing but astonishing wasn’t what I wanted to begin with, I wanted another proper Deus Ex game. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

    • ninjapirate says:

      I have to admit, glowing objects, for one, are what put me off when I watched the video. The narrative mentions “exploration” – but how is it exploration when everything worth your time is pointed out to you with neon-yellow signs? I feel a sense of achievement when I discover my own path (or at least when the game lets me believe that I discovered my own path), and not by following a trail of breadcrumbs.

      Yet another game that’s designed to get you from A to B without “wasting” your time on figuring things out on your own.

    • Giant, fussy whingebag says:

      The glowing outines are hideously distracting… I do hope they have the sense to make them optional.

      Beyond that, it looked pretty slick. Made me think of a much more polished Alpha Protocol… with added orange.

    • JohnnyMaverik says:

      Glowing lines aside it looks like a Deus Ex game to me. Very impressed by the amount of freedom delivered in such a small area, hopefully the rest of the game is just as open to creativity and rewarding the evaluation of your surroundings instead of going in all guns blazing. The cover system is fine, looks pretty seamless and non-intrusive and will no doubt come in handy for not getting shot or running into nasty situations because you didn’t know what was round a corner.

      As long as you can turn the glowing lines off (I remember a previous article stating that such an option is at least likely) it’s all good with me. Even if you can’t it’s not a massive deal.

      Edit: Oops, this comment wasn’t meant to be a reply. but never mind, seeing as it is one now, you’re right Giant, fussy whingebag, it was extremely reminiscent of (a very polished) Alpha Protocol, and now I feel depressed because I bloody loved that game despite all it’s flaws and hitches, and then the bloody thing went and soiled itself in the last hour… I mean seriously, who wrote that ending and when/where can I punch them in the mouth?! Ok rant over -_-

    • Jahkaivah says:

      I also have to stick up for the “I hate cover systems” crowd.

      Depending on the game there are various evils that crop up from it. Here the evil of being able to look around corners without being yourself seen becomes apparent, which in stealth feels an awful lot like cheating, while also taking alot of the tension out first person stealth games.

      Of course the classic “if you don’t like it don’t use it” rule springs into play and it also presents itself with the “see through walls” augmentation, though that possibly could be ditched in favour of another augmentation if that element of deus ex is still in it.

      Maybe a difficulty setting which disables “third person next to walls” would be nice. I understand there is probably going to be an option to disable that garish yellow outline, I wanted orange goddamnit.

    • Jimbot says:

      Yeah, that yellow highlight stuff was really dumb. I know in Deus Ex if you looked at something it would get highlighted (in a sense) but these things seem to be always highlighted like they’re trying to idiot-proof their game or something. I just hope you can toggle it off and/or make it more like the first game. It’s a minor thing for me, but it does stand out.

    • Tacroy says:

      Nope, I was looking for that – things aren’t always highlighted, it’s an effect that varies depending on the distance between the object and the crosshairs. As your crosshairs get closer to the items, the highlighting gets brighter.

      I like it, though they should probably tone it down a bit – it seems like things have to be about halfway across the screen before the outline is completely invisible.

    • Arglebargle says:

      This snippet looked really bad. I can only hope this has the full on console crutch, and that it actually looks better, and has the glowie ickiness as only an option. Barring other info, this would put me off a possible first day buy.

  5. darthmajor says:

    Rather violent interpretation of stealth sounds like my kind of thing. Stealth for me in most games is incapacitating/murdering everyone without them seeing me coming.

    Really excited about this, too bad it’s so far =( Though it’s a good thing i guess, since i have a bunch of exams i’d fail if it came out in april…

    • TheLordHimself says:

      Exactly how I like to play stealth games too. I played the first level of Hitman Bloody Money about 50 times until I had this weirdly perfect path through the level that meant I could kill about 60% of the guards and take all the objectives without anyone ever seeing me coming.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      Hell yeah I liked to see how much of crysis I could play like that, using the silenced pistol and headshots

  6. radomaj says:

    Best thing: exploring everywhere while being sneaksy gave the player the most XP. Killing everyone unstealthily(?) gave the least.

    • rei says:

      Interesting! Didn’t pay attention to that. As a Thief fan that makes me happy.

    • HPLoveshack says:

      Yea, I was just thinking to myself. “Man, I wish there was some sort of alarm that went off or heavily armed response team deployment or something when you just shoot those guys unsilenced right in front of this building presumably packed with paramilitary persons. Give the player a reason beyond roleplay/challenge to practice some subtlety.”

      Bonus XP is good enough I suppose. And yes my mind voice alliterates naturally.

  7. Garmr says:

    damn you to damnation, now I can’t decide!

  8. GwynTW says:

    Finally, some crates to creep around, stack and climb on. Truly this is the revolution I’ve been waiting for.

    • GwynTW says:

      Also, is there more to the lethal/nonlethal dichotomy than pressing one of two takedown buttons?

    • Dominic White says:

      Most of the bitching about this trailer has been along these lines… which makes me wonder if the devs can do ANYTHING right in the eyes of their audience. Deus Ex’s rabid fans seem impossible to please, so when they perfectly replicate the vent-crawling, crate-stacking, stealthy-shooty-explorey stuff, people complain about that!

      As for takedowns.. well, in the original, you could either Prod withe The Prod or Shoot with Silenced Gun Of Death. What more do you want? You’ve got two different ways of stealthily knocking someone out. One leaves a corpse, the other spares the guy but runs the risk of another guard waking him up.

    • Vague-rant says:

      I thought he meant “is there more to it than just that”, as in, will the kills/knock outs have future repercussions. Hopefully the choice of you can kill this guy or you can knock him out is more than just what button you press. Maybe some different perks, Alpha Protocol style.

      Lots of games have repercussions for huge story deaths but forget completely about the hundreds of guys you killed to get to there or in this case maybe knocked out.

    • Soon says:

      And you could also miss with the prod.

    • Bodminzer says:

      Complaining about a binary choice between lethal and non lethal? The only difference between the way this choice is presented in the first DX is that it is presented in dialogue.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      “Finally, some crates to creep around, stack and climb on. Truly this is the revolution I’ve been waiting for.”

      Most of the problems in Deus Ex could be solved this way so I’m not sure what you’re bitching about.

    • KenTWOu says:

      @GwynTW “Also, is there more to the lethal/nonlethal dichotomy than pressing one of two takedown buttons?”

      You are so inattentive. 3 min 14 sec: When he didn’t kill the first guy he earn additional bonus – “merciful soul” (20 points). You can see this information in the left part of the screen. So this game is definitely reward nonlethal style. And at 4 min 40 sec he earn ghost bonus too (500 points) for walkthrough without alerts.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      “Most of the bitching about this trailer has been along these lines… which makes me wonder if the devs can do ANYTHING right in the eyes of their audience. ”

      I’d have thought that was evident by now. I do wish everyone would just chill out and wait for a release before assuming that it’ll be the worst thing ever / a horrible console port.

    • SuperNashwan says:

      “Most of the problems in Deus Ex could be solved this way so I’m not sure what you’re bitching about.”

      Perhaps people were expecting in over a decade of game development stealth could move beyond crawling through vents. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy someone’s trying to match what Deus Ex achieved, but I’d be happier if we’d had more games iterating on the formula by now. Maybe the augmentations will bring some fresh tools beyond crouching a lot?
      Remember this is released reasonably close to Arkhum City and although we haven’t seen much of that yet I’d bet a shiny penny it’ll be the new high watermark for sneaky stalkering.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      Totally off-point, but wow – another SuperNashwan :) Did you have an Amiga 500 and Xenon II as well? That game with a really good auto-fire joystick = bliss …

  9. Bhazor says:

    Crates? Warehouses? Bad voice acting? Vents you could ride a bicycle through whilst wearing a tophat?
    Truly this is a sequel to Deus Ex.

    • coldvvvave says:

      >Bad voice acting

      How dare you, it’s glorious.

    • frenz0rz says:

      Unfortunately I find it glorious for except Jensen himself. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot force myself to like that slightly too deep, almost Christian Bale-like Batman growling. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

    • Bhazor says:

      Yeah the protagonist is who I meant. Which is unfortunatlely the voice you’ll be listening to most.

      I also forgot to add “Stealth is spending the whole game crawling around on your hands and knee” and “Crate stacking solves every problem”.

    • TheJimTimMan says:

      If it helps, think of Jensen’s voice as a homage to JC’s gravelly monotone.
      Not as entertaining to listen to, unfortunately (what a shame etc.), but it’s a nice thought on the part of the devs.

    • Luminous Nose says:

      My guess is the difference in voice between the new dude and JC Denton reflects a difference in character. Apparently this dude has more of a history at the start of the game than JC did in the beginning of the original; he’ll be a bit of a hard arse with violent inclinations (the take downs look BRUTAL). This would account for the animosity between the dude and the radio helper guy. I’m also guessing that the radio guy is maybe more of a pacifist or perhaps has reservations about their mutual employer since he is promoting a non-confrontational solution in this video.

  10. HexagonalBolts says:

    I’m not sure I like the way it has been divided in to ‘four pillars’ with ‘multi-path, multi-solution gameplay’, it just seems a way of hemming ideas in to four different strategies, and giving you four different ways to do a simple task rather than making an open level and allowing for thousands of different ways to approach it. Having said that I suppose that’s more variation than most shooters.

    • Bhazor says:

      And its more variation than Deus Ex ever had.

    • Dominic White says:

      Can you think of any single moment in the original Deus Ex that didn’t involve stealth, violence, conversation or hacking in some combination or other? You make it sound like they’ve boiled it down to ‘fixed routes A,B, C & D’ when it’s far more reasonable to assume they just mean that they’ve figured out the four key elements of Deus Ex and want to make all of them viable.

    • Chris D says:

      How many different ways are there? I mean, I can think of the four they have there: Violence, stealth, exploration and social. You could maybe add environment manipulation ( electocuting enemies, starting avalanches) to the list but that could probably come under exploration.
      If there were thousands of approaches that would be through applying combinations of them, or counting taking a different stealth route as another approach, but you can do all of that anyway. What else would you like to see included?

      I suppose you could consider gaining political influence to shut them down or making a fortune on the stock market to buy them out. Gaining enough evidence to prosecute them, or rounding up a mob to storm the gates. But if you’re going to go that far then you’d probably start asking yourself why you’d actually bother designing a level at all.

      Edit: Yeah, what Dominic said, but a bit more rambly.

    • John P says:

      HexagonalBolts is kinda right here. Deus Ex had this kind of multi-path approach to levels, and Ion Storm considered that outdated design eleven years ago. Invisible War was an attempt to make a more reactive world that encouraged player-designed solutions rather than developer-designed (which didn’t work too well in the end). Eidos is going back to the Deus Ex 1 paradigm rather than taking the Deus Ex gameplay in the same direction Ion Storm was when it closed down.
      I’m not going to complain about getting another Deus Ex game though. Three or four years ago I never expected it.

  11. coldvvvave says:

    I hope it’s possible to turn off an overbloated HUD.


    • Bodminzer says:

      I don’t see a single element on there that wasn’t on the original, far from subtle, DX HUD link to

    • BAshment says:

      He/she might not like the original.

    • John P says:

      Well, there’s a big orange THIS IS YOUR MISSION OBJECTIVE waypoint on the screen. There’s also the big orange THIS IS A BOX YOU CAN PICK UP BY PRESSING THIS BUTTON window every time you look at an object (do we seriously need a constant reminder of what the ‘pick up’ button is?).

      So that’s a couple of things the original didn’t have.

      DX:HR also features this misguided attempt to make the HUD appear as though it’s actually imprinted on the character’s eyeball or something, so it’s slanted and horrible. I don’t know why developers do this. It makes a HUD more noticeable, not less. It’s like Invisible War’s circular HUD that was supposed to look like it’s on the character’s eyeball. Just doesn’t work. Make a HUD as unobtrusive as possible and it’ll fade away. Keep sticking it in our faces like DX:HR does and we will notice it constantly.

    • vodkarn says:

      “(do we seriously need a constant reminder of what the ‘pick up’ button is?)”

      On console? Yes. You can’t ship a game without including that.

    • John P says:

      Oh, let’s not forget achievements too. ‘MAN DOWN (10)’, ‘TRAVELER (100)’. Ugh. [Edit: on second watch these look like XP actually, so I take that back.]

      Deus Ex didn’t have a mini-map open all the time showing you exactly where enemies are either.

      So I think that’s 4 things on the DX:HR HUD that DX1 didn’t have. Not quite the same after all, then.

  12. Gunrun says:

    “This is 360 code being shown”
    Last time I checked the 360 didn’t have Circle Square and a rectangular select button.

    • frenz0rz says:

      I noticed this too, but it never actually clicked. Touche.

    • Nethlem says:

      Well my PC also doesn’t have a “XboxLive button” or “right bumper” but that doesn’t stop the games from throwing these signs at me…

  13. pakoito says:

    Soooooooooooooo stealth is basically following some alternative path hidden by the devs. Do not like, it shows linearity in the game.

    Ragdoll on dead people? do not like. People WEIGHT even when dead.

    Exploding barrels by indestructible crates? do not like. Hellooooooo 1992!

    The rest, like.

    • Bodminzer says:

      Indeed, I for one would vastly prefer level design NOT by the developers of the game. I know for a fact that all of the paths in DX 1 were designed by analysing the movements of dogs in their sleep.

    • pakoito says:

      Create a game with physics, put door, put random crates and that electricity-vent stuff to feel like your level designers are earning their money THEN let the players do whatever the fuck they want.
      Walkthroughs in gamefaqs where they will point all 4 solutions to each dicotomy == bad game design.

    • Bodminzer says:

      Your solution= No level design. Would you honestly rather game makers created loads of assets, then used some kind of generator to just place them randomly?

    • pakoito says:

      I’m not saying turning it into Minecraft, but more like Oblivion (can’t think of a good game example right now though there are better) in the sense that you have problems and you can use illusion spells (stealth) or swords (combat) or environmental items (tech) and yet the level design was there with some secret doors, etc…

    • Bhazor says:

      Which is exactly what you just saw in that trailer.

  14. Vague-rant says:

    Looks pretty good. The thing is, most of how much I enjoy it will probably sway on the story/choice repercussions, which I can’t accurately predict unless I buy it or have it ruined for me.

  15. Luminous Nose says:

    So far I don’t know if I like the takedown animations. They take longer than I’d prefer and it doesn’t help that the movement of the camera is very conspicuous. It ruins the immersion for me, especially if there’s no way to break out of the takedown move mid way through.

    However, the cover system works well. I don’t have a problem with the switch in perspective in this case.

    • MrThingy says:

      Yep, my thoughts exactly.

      I hope the takedowns can be set to stay in 1st person. It’s very distracting the way it pops out from 1st to 3rd person.

      Also, doesn’t look like it can be cancelled halfway through. (i.e., if you’re getting shot by another NPC at the same time)

    • Sic says:

      The takedowns are ridiculous. The worst part about them is the sound design. What on earth is that “cool” whooshing sound for? Makes me regret trying to take someone down, if the whole ordeal makes loud and strange noises.

      Makes me fear for the rest of the sound design, as it just doesn’t make any sense.

    • HPLoveshack says:

      Agreed, the 3rd person takedowns feel disjointed, have too many extraneous movements, and the animations seem… a bit off (they’re passable though, it wouldn’t affect my enjoyment too much.) And I hope to god they don’t actually cut to black before doing the animation in game, that’s horrible. They’d probably look and feel a lot better if they just sped them up about 25% and made each individual movement of the takedown snappier or made the whole thing into a very fast monospeed flowing movement.

      I can only hope there’s a biomod to install a prod in your hand or some sort of stunglove so I can grab a guy by the face and taze him unconscious at the same time in one efficient movement.

      I also found the switch to 3rd person on the ladders strangely jarring. Seems pointless since the comparison is between staring at the wall or staring at the back of Jensen’s head. Why bother?

      Although come to think of it if it were in first person I’d probably be looking straight down to scope out what I was approaching, at least that’s something of interest.

      3rd person for cover was pretty natural though.

  16. Will Tomas says:

    I decided to watch the trailer as far as the first on-screen crate, in a tribute to OMM.

    The gameplay starts at 0.59.
    The first crate appears as the door is opened: 1.01.
    TTC: 2 seconds.

    I then stopped.

    • reticulate says:

      While the TTC is exceptionally low, you are looking at a loading dock. Crates and boxes do happen in such a real-world environment. Not so sure about the explosive barrels, but then I’m not the CEO of a bio-augmentation company, so who knows.

    • Lacero says:

      But it has crates on pallets. That’s a victory right there.

  17. Gundato says:

    Pretty sure that is actually PS3 code (Xs and Circles instead of Green As and Blue Xs). Still indicative though.

  18. Basilicus says:

    Don’t get the bitching about the cover system. Looks like every other cover system of the past 13 years (i.e. hide behind opaque stuff when gundudes aren’t looking), but with a sticky-cover system thrown on top for good measure.

    Doesn’t look like you have to use the stickycover, or that good, old-fashioned, first-person opaquery doesn’t still work.

    Also, I trust Crystal Dynamics pretty implicitly. They’ve got a record of solid gameplay, routinely do a good job of selling outlandish storylines, and do some of the top art direction in the biz – all with fewer resources than are generally afforded most AAA developers.

    • John P says:

      I assume you made a mistake with the developer’s name there. Crystal Dynamics has nothing to do with this game.

  19. karry says:

    If you want me to feel one with the main character – dont friggin rip out the camera out of his head everytime you feel like it ! _I_ may do that if i want, manually, but the game should not !

  20. gganate says:

    What’s funny about games like Thief and Deus Ex and the whole Batman universe is that you can magically knock someone unconscious for however long it takes to finish the mission and your actions are considered moral, whereas in real life if you’re knocked out for more than a couple minutes, you’re going to have severe brain damage. So honestly, Jenson’s probably better off just killing those guys.

    • Gundato says:

      Or you think of it as Batman and Garrett and Denton are not taking five hours to throw basketballs into hoops, and they only knocked the guy out for a minute or two.

    • Luminous Nose says:

      If we’re going to be pedantic: what about the player leaving the dude’s pistol on the ground after he hides the body away. Not many times you walk around a city and find a gun on the ground…I think it’d be a…dead giveaway.

    • Basilicus says:

      There really should be a tying-people-up minigame, along the lines of hacking. You have to choose a sturdy object and use the materials on hand to do a good enough job of securing and silencing them. The better materials you choose and more successful you are in the minigame, the less chance there is of an escape.

      If they get loose, they should run through the level warning everyone and grabbing a new gun, with maybe a few random rolls of them deciding to save their own hide and simply cower until the coast is clear.

      If you do a perfect job, maybe that escape chance is still at 5%, so it’s rare but can still happen. It would add an enjoyable unpredictability and immersive danger to the game.

    • Gundato says:

      A “tying up” minigame?

      Do we REALLY need another hot coffee scandal when we see modded footage of BDSM? :p

    • OpT1mUs says:


      Yeah, it’s either that or just shoot them in the damn head.

    • Jahkaivah says:

      Thing is the alternative would actually make for a better game.

      I mean, if pacifist runs actually entailed having to avoid enemies completly as opposed to being able to take them out “non-violently” it would actually make them more interesting and more distinguished from the violent approach to be worth identifying as an differant playstyle.

      Afterall, from a gameplay perspective whats the real differance between shooting the guy in the head with a bullet and shooting him in the head with a tranquiliser dart?

    • vodkarn says:

      “mean, if pacifist runs actually entailed having to avoid enemies completly as opposed to being able to take them out “non-violently” it would actually make them more interesting and more distinguished from the violent approach to be worth identifying as an differant playstyle.”

      Didn’t Thief have this, in what players referred to as “ghosting”? That was how I played, anyway (not being seen, nor knocking out anyone).

    • Faxmachinen says:

      Yes, ghosting means that no AI should ever suspect anything. Some less strict interpretations allow the AI to be in doubt as long as they don’t start searching. It’s not quite the same as pacifist though; a pacifist can still alert the AI, just not hurt them.
      I’ve started favouring iron-manning (no saving/loading) over the reloading every time I screw up that goes with ghosting though. You won’t feel as professional, but it creates more intense situations and forces you to improvise. That also goes for many other games, not just Thief.

  21. reticulate says:

    I like this, a great deal.

    I think the highlighting, while still garish, seems a little more proximity and LOS-based than some other footage we’ve seen. And I have no doubt that this particular point of concern is not something that will be difficult to tweak leading up to release. It’s certainly the major point of concern a lot of people seem to have now.

    The cover system looks Splinter Cell/R6 Vegas good, and as I thought it’s fluid enough to not be a problem. It’s never going to win over the enmity of those who despise the concept as a whole, but I get the feeling most people will be satisfied with it.

    The takedowns seem pretty snappy, but I’d be happy if Eidos would offer a skip button. That said they could easily trim some frames during the transition without losing any impact.

    The rifle seems meaty. I love how that reloading animation continues after you’ve inserted the clip.

    Most importantly – Jensen took maybe a bullet, and was knocked down in health considerably, and it also took quite a while to regenerate. Same goes for the takedowns, that battery meter is not recharging the first blip at anything like a rate of knots. It’s really obvious you can’t go rambo on this thing. And that is an awesome, awesome thing.

    (As an aside, that’s obviously PS3 footage, RPS)

    • shoptroll says:

      August cannot get here soon enough, and I say that as one of the unwashed masses who haven’t played either of the previous games (but don’t worry, DX1 is in my queue of games for this year).

      The glow on items is a little immersion breaking, but its no worse than say L4D I think. However, is there a reason the ladder still needs to glow while you’re on it? I get the concept is to highlight items you can interact with, but there’s no reason for them to remain glowing while you’re interacting with them.

      I liked the takedowns. Snappy and it kicks you right back into first person mode when you’re done. Same with the cover system. Very nice execution here.

    • reticulate says:

      I will provide to you, my good man, the very same advice I provide to all those who have yet to drink the Deus Ex nectar. Be sure to pass this on as I have, once you’ve played the game a bit.

      Don’t lose heart in the first mission. You will most probably die. A lot. It’s the single steepest learning curve of any FPS you can think of. It’s probably up there with the hardest RPG’s, for that matter. Your aim will be all manner of wonky, you’ll have to be exceptionally careful with your nonlethal ammo (if you choose to take it) and you can take about a slight poke in the eye before falling over dead. Don’t lose heart. Embrace the fact that it essentially drops you right in the shit with about a billion options to proceed and about nine screens worth of important interface. I hope you love it as much as I do.

    • gganate says:

      Going Rambo on the poor AI in the original was my favorite strategy.

    • Reefpirate says:

      To you people commenting on the takedowns as if they’re only aesthetic… you have to remember it is also a game-balance issue how long they take to execute. You’re exposed, in the open while executing them and you can be spotted by enemies or shot while you’re doing the take downs. This means you essentially make the game easier if you make the takedowns more ‘snappy’.

  22. Phinor says:

    Couple of things that irritate me, still the silly takedowns that I simply refuse to use but if I do that, can I still take enemies down silently? Also the guns seem to be way too powerful. Guns should be the hardest way to play really but I suppose I can always just not use them.

    The glowing objects. It has to be a feature we can disable.

    Hopefully the levels don’t feel too manufactured ie. “we have to make these alternative routes”. Deus Ex offered routes that never really took you anywhere and that’s what made them feel more natural part of the environment. Not every alternative path needs to take you directly from point a to point b. Linear level design is bad, bad, bad. Case in point, even the first level of Deus Ex vs. almost any level of Deus Ex 2.

    Some people will undoubtedly bitch about other people commenting on the features of the game but come on, it’s Deus Ex. We don’t want a 9.2/10 game, we want 9.9/10 game. Why should we ever want a 9.2 game if few little adjustments can bring the game from a solid to a classic?

    Anyway, I’m so looking forward to this. It can only disappoint me but if it’s only a mild disappointment, I can live with that.

    • ridiculous says:

      The guns being too powerful goes both ways; in the trailer, Adam takes some significant damage from just a few bullets, no reason why it shouldn’t be the same for enemies (a la realistic mode in DX1). That said, I think the gunplay looked fantastic and looks like the guns might actually have some weight to them. Loved that reload animation with the smoke.

      Agree on the glowy-ness, though. I really hope it’s toggleable.

  23. earthfx says:

    Just watched it, the graphics are horrible. I want to see some PC footage with max settings ASAP.

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      “the graphics are horrible” – Really now? By what objective standard?

    • Daniel Klein says:

      Dear TotalBiscuit,

      This is the Internet. They do not know the meaning of the word objective here. Instead they throw fish at you. Eels, particularly.

  24. Mitza says:

    The switch between 1’st / 3’rd person is nauseating :(

  25. catmorbid says:

    Seriously, the yellow glowy things have to go! I mean, sure, I guess I’d kind of understand a similar approach as an abstraction of some sort of perception trait (Bloodlines did it!), meaning the better your character’s perception, the more likely he (and you!) spots useful stuff, but it seems here it just highlights everything, ending up being annoying.

  26. Vandelay says:

    The level design is the only thing that irks me for the moment (as well as the glowing objects, of course.) I don’t want my various routes to be all nicely laid out for me. In this video, each path (direct, stealth 1 and stealth 2) are all on the same corner. There isn’t really much exploring to do with that.

    It also doesn’t appear from the small snippet that we are going to get much emergent gameplay from here. Each of the paths we are shown are clearly very pre-determined by the developer and it doesn’t seem like the player is going to be able to do much that actually surprises them. Instead, we are presented very much with a level to travel through, instead of the playground we are let loose upon in the original Deus Ex. Now, this is just an exceptionally small section of the very opening level, but compared to the first level in the original game there isn’t much comparison.

    Gameplay does look great though, so they are one step closer than Invisible War to make a worthy sequel. Just hope that this piece doesn’t reflect the design philosophy running through the game.

    I also hope there are more ways to do silent take downs, besides the melee attack. I’m sure there must be some kind of tranq gun.

    • reticulate says:

      From what I’ve read about the place, you can choose either lethal or non-lethal before arrival. Then you get to choose ranged or melee, and the non-lethal ranged weapon is indeed a tranq gun.

    • Soon says:

      You could perhaps consider this the training mission equivalent instead of the first level. Assuming there isn’t a separate training bit, anyway.

  27. Jibb Smart says:

    “Notice that characters have personalities.”
    “Let’s explor- Oh! There’s path number 2!”
    “If you want to play it completely differently, tap [O] instead of holding it.”

    This video actually sucks. And it’s mostly because of the narrator, who clearly thinks most of her audience have never played games before.

    But I still have faith in DX3.

    • shitflap says:

      Yeah, the “We spent a lot of time on character development”, part is where I had to stop watching, cos it pissed me off so much.
      Writing two characters who dislike each other is /not/ the zenith of character development and it makes me despair for the children that it should even be presented as a noteworthy point in the trailer.
      Fucking makes me want to punch society in the face..

    • Zyrusticae says:

      Gawd, yes! It was just so damn patronizing, it hurt. In a very sensitive place.

      They could at least give us the respect of assuming we’ve lived through high school. Then again, even those standards aren’t particularly high…

    • Sleepymatt says:

      I railed at the “Let’s hide him better this time, just for fun…” – wow, I’m so glad you bothered to close the totally see-through door! Now nobody will find him, unless they have eyes-of-seeing-things +1… Oh, wait, you don’t need an aug for that? Oops!


  28. AdamK117 says:

    In the process of making a Deus Ex youtube review hopefully can do it before this is released to get people riled up BUT the takedown animations, wierd outline thing, wierd swaps to 3rd person and overly obvious dialogue sort of put me off wanting to big up a sequel thats trying to tender to the mainstream console mob with a decidedly hardcore PC title.

  29. Gary W says:

    The best thing about the original was the amount of dicking about you could do, e.g. jumping about on the bar in Hell’s Kitchen, breaking into shops to steal candy bars etc. Plus it had G.K. Chesterton in there too.

    The ‘multiple approaches’ being touted in the video are nothing remarkable. I want a sequel that completely destroys the original and simultaneously pisses off its most reactionary fans. These guys don’t have the cojones to pull that off. They’d be better off renaming the game to Splinter Cell: Future Protocol. Then I might be tempted to play the damn thing instead of watching a YouTube walkthrough.

    • bill says:

      It does have a bit of a Splinter Cell vibe. I wonder if that’s why it felt a little unexciting. I like splinter cell, but i prefer deus ex.

  30. bill says:

    The glowing objects are ridiculous. It’s like beaing led by the hand through the level.

    Other than that insanity, it looked ok. though for some reason not very exciting.

    • bill says:

      Actually, i think the other commenters have nailed the reason it feels a little unexciting. Each “path” seems rather meticulously planned out – so instead of improvised emergent gameplay it’s a choice of different linear paths.

      Maybe Deus Ex was like that and i’m just mis-remembering. Hopefully later levels will be more open and ripe for improvisation.

    • Brainz says:

      Also there is a big fucking arrow on the screen at all times pointing at where you have to go.

    • Harlander says:

      I don’t think you can have “dev teamer walks you through showing off some features” and “demonstrate emergent gameplay” in the same video – they’d have to show some random playing it and trying different stuff, which would probably take ages, have loads of quickloads, etc. etc.

  31. Muzman says:

    Seems decent enough on the whole. Just turn off the third person nonsense and it’s a winner.
    Really the most intereresting part is not what vast array of things you can do, but how the AIs and the world reacts to it.
    Somewhat harder to illustrate I suppose. Maybe in a later video.

  32. Dozer says:

    I can’t stand it. Those parked trucks, with their hazard lights on. WHY. You’re PARKED. You’re not a hazard. Why put the hazard lights on?? WHYYYY?????

    • Dozer says:


      My apologies. Work-related trauma. too many times I’ve stopped to give way to what turns out to be a parked van with its hazard lights on for no reason, where I can only see one side of the vehicle and think he’s trying to unpark.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      They’re not parked, they’re broken down, you can’t give a parking ticket to a broken down truck! how dare you suggest they’re just pretending to be broken down so that they don’t get a parking ticket! Even if they’ve managed to park after apparently breaking down, some how.

    • Soon says:

      Jobs must affect a lot of gamers’ experience. I do lots of mechanical design for buildings and industrial processes. I have to wander through games set in the real world constantly repeating “It’s only a game. Safety regulations don’t matter. Things don’t need maintenance access. Why wouldn’t something exist for no other reason than to power an electrical hazard. La la la.”

      I suppose it’s an interesting contrast that I get to model these things for real and wander around them pretending to be a space marine.

      Space Marines must find it hard to enjoy games.

    • Dozer says:

      That struck me too – the cable that electrified the passageway on the roof. Do they have no circuit breakers??

      I used to wonder if games could use exact real-world buildings and still be fun to play. That would be the simplest way to have buildings that don’t make architects grimace!

      Also – if you’re broken down, why put on the hazard lights????? Hazard lights are for three things (in the UK). Number 1: that’s terror. Number 2: that’s terror. Number 3: to give warning when your vehicle is actually a hazard, or to warn drivers there’s a queue or obstruction on the motorway ahead, or to say ‘thanks’ to the driver behind you who let you out of a side road or bus stop. And fourthly, so you can easily check all the lights are working.

  33. Basilicus says:

    Clearly, this shows us the whole game will be linear routes and glowing objects.

    It is also evident the entire game will be composed of alleyways between two buildings.

  34. Hoaxfish says:

    stealth options, exploring, violence… so, I guess I’ll play it like Deus Ex 1, i.e. “discover 99% of each different path, stop, go back to the start, and complete 99% of the next path, kill everyone, explore eveywhere, smash everything, hack everything, throw everything”

    … and that first guard looks like you could stealth passed him… rather than beat him up every time, and hide his corpse “for fun”.

    • pakoito says:

      Sadly this is a console game so no autosave feature for you to tinker around easily :P

    • bill says:

      heh. that’s what i did with deus ex. gotta try everything.

  35. Teddy Leach says:

    That takedown was awesome.

  36. Thirith says:

    Adam Jensen sounds a bit like Timothy Olyphant. Might feel like playing the game as Seth Bullock. Of course, then we can play through it as Dan Dority, Sol Star… and E.B. Farnum. The beauty of Deus Ex. ;-)

  37. Grey_Ghost says:

    I feel like clearing my throat every time Jensen talks.

  38. bigtoeohno says:

    Prichart looks like a Wang.

  39. Stupoider says:

    Third person? Is there any need?

  40. Vivi says:

    Can highlighting be tuned off?

    link to

    Well shit.

    • jwfiore says:

      I will be stunned if there’s no option to disable it in the final release, considering it would be *so* easy to do. Even if it is “not as annoying as it seems,” I already know that I’d prefer to play with it off.

    • coldvvvave says:

      When mirrors Edge came out I thought the same, “Runner vision will ruin my immersion, I’ll turn it off”. Yeah, that didn’t go well.

    • Nidokoenig says:

      I can see why they’ve added this: Like in Mirror’s Edge, you can’t rely on everything in the world being rigged up to use it exactly like you would in the real world, a lot of stuff is going to turn out to be decorative. There are three ways around this problem, 1) cut out almost all decorative objects, 2) highlight all functional objects, and 3) let the player experiment and find out which are functional and which are decorative.
      All three of these have immersion problems, bare environments in most cases aren’t realistic, glowy shit everywhere is weird(at least limit it to stuff the player is looking directly at, surely?), and forcing the player to discover what is rigged up properly is like pixel-hunting in adventure games, you’re analysing the code, not immersing yourself in the world. Which of these three breaks a person’s immersion is a very personal thing, so ideally they’d put a toggle.
      Personally, I’d love to see a game that let’s you choose between all three. Considering the rubbish I call a computer, an option to turn off all clutter throughout a game would be godly.

    • Dozer says:

      You can turn off Runner Vision in Mirror’s Edge, except for when you’re disarming someone and his gun flashes red at the moment you can steal it. That’s the only red highlight you can’t disable. And IIRC, you can briefly turn it on again with a keypress, or point the camera in the direction you’re meant to be going, if you get disorientated.

  41. jwfiore says:

    This is only going to be a true Deus Ex game if I can play through the whole thing with no legs.

    • Gary W says:

      Probably unlikely. However, it looks like you’ll be able to play it through without a brain.

    • pipman3000 says:


      yeah lol you can probably beat the entire game by just walking forward and holding the fire button

  42. YanDaik says:

    what is wrong with that fire? it’s everywhere. Something burning even on the roof. was it magma rein recently?

    • YanDaik says:

      and yeah. all that border-glowing and yellow color gamma make game look like … ahem… well you know…

  43. lethu says:

    On the gameplay level? = Déjà poo.

  44. BeamSplashX says:

    Does the glow have to be orange? I’d prefer lemon-lime.

    • Jibb Smart says:

      If they have to tint the whole game in a colour, they should let us choose. Options -> Game Colour -> Hue slider to choose the tint.

      I’m not serious, btw. I know how sarcasm carries over the internet.


  45. hosndosn says:

    It demonstrates their “multi-path, multi-solution gameplay” (which was a phrase I don’t think Ion Storm ever needed to use)

    Well, this sarcastic little remark kinda sums up all my problems with DX3. It looks so sterile and over-designed…

  46. henben says:

    I can’t believe this new version doesn’t live up to my ten-year-old memories of what Deus Ex was like!

    Why haven’t they included:

    * the totally open-world level design where you can go into any building in the whole city – remember that one level where you could break into a pizza delivery place, steal a uniform and a moped, hack into the phone system to impersonate the head of security telling the guards it was OK to let the pizza guy in, and then just walk into the place with your penis through a hole in the bottom of the pizza box AND NOBODY WAS ANY THE WISER. What a rush. What is this shit with the guy crawling through a vent and moving boxes?
    * strong AI where you can converse with any of the characters by typing in freeform text – remember how you could flirt with Gunther for hours but if you finally managed to give him an erection, his behaviour modification chip kicked in and gave him a grand mal seizure? What is with these scripted conversations that are clearly just recorded in advance by actors?
    * voice acting by an all-star Hollywood cast.

    Also, the combat is ALL WRONG. The frame rate doesn’t drop to single figures when he starts firing the gun. These new people just don’t get what made Deus Ex special.

    • saturnine says:

      Comment. Of. The. Fucking. Year. Couldn’t stop laughing, thanks.

  47. John P says:

    After watching a second time, here’s my problem: DX:HR is all about playing the HUD rather than exploring a place.

    Items light up orange even when you’re metres away to tell you they’re interactive. There’s a big orange waypoint on screen constantly telling you where your objective is. There are big prompts popping up frequently reminding you of the controls. Worst of all, there’s a mini-map showing you exactly where enemies are, and even which direction they’re facing, so you don’t even need to look around you to spot enemies.

    What an awful result, if your eyes are always glued to the HUD instead of creeping slowing and quietly around corners in case there’s an enemy nearby. Now you can just run around gaily until you see a triangle appear on the mini-map. Shame.

    It’s easy to beg Eidos to remove these things or make them optional, but I imagine the rest of the game has been designed with them in mind. So since you have a mini-map showing where enemies are looking, that’ll effect how they respond to you. Will it even be possible to peek around corners to spot them, for example, or does the game assume you’ve spotted them on your mini-map, and therefore make enemies spot you instantly rather than give you a second’s grace to move out of sight, ala DX1 and Thief?

    Also, did anyone notice you get XP for ‘Ghosting’ the level in the 2nd and 3rd playthroughs — despite having KOed or even killed the first guard? My understanding of ghosting is passing through a level without disturbing anyone in any way, as though you were never there at all. I think Eidos has a different understanding of the term.

    • Soon says:

      Yeah I noticed that. And I assume the fact you’re given the Ghost achievement there means that part of the level is now closed off to you (or you could just go back and kill them for more XP). Will levels be broken into tiny portions? Or just this level? Speculation.

  48. gwathdring says:

    This game may well bomb in review. The time-to-first-crate is looking like it might be pretty damn small.

    • Will Tomas says:

      See about 30 posts up.

    • gwathdring says:

      Not sure what you’re pointing me too.

    • gwathdring says:

      Ah. Found it. Nicely done on them.

      Unless your point is “That joke has been made already, and you didn’t read every single comment before posting. Boo on you.” That would be a tad spiteful and silly. I don’t think that’s your point, but just in case …

    • Will Tomas says:

      No, my point was, the TTC is indeed small, and for the exact figure see above…

  49. noproblem says:

    Actually going off the action icons that pop up it looks like demonstration on using a PS3 rather than ‘360 code’, just saying.

    I have preordered the game for the PC but looking at the game play and the third person this might be one to play on one of the consoles, although I didn’t mind this so much in Thief: DS.

  50. eclipse mattaru says:

    It’s already been mentioned about 14 times, but OH DEAR GOD what’s with all those baby’s-first-videogame glowing usable objects?

    I don’t remember any of the previews mentioning that, which is weird since it’s the first thing that sexually assaulted my face. I sure will want to know whether you can disable that garbage before even considering buying this.

    Having that was a huge letdown in a corridor shooter like BioShock, let alone a game that’s presumably all about exploring an finding my own paths and whatnot.