Dead Meets Lead Meets You. Hello!

Next year's zombies will live in peace.
Keldyn Interactive send word that a single-level demo of their zombie-slaying action game Dead Meets Lead, is now available. You can get the demo, called The Challenge, just here. I’ve also posted the most recently trailer below, so that you can elucidate the game concept by sitting still and staring. Hooray!


  1. oxymelum says:

    I want crimsonland 2.

  2. AndrewC says:

    So his sword is made out of lead?

  3. GT3000 says:

    Lead more appropriately matches my interest in it. Sinking fast.

  4. stahlwerk says:

    Looks fun, like an insta-gib diablo/torchlight.


  5. Centy says:

    It’s kinda fun but it’s no Nation Red.

  6. Uglycat says:

    I’ll wait for LeChuck’s Revenge

  7. skyturnedred says:

    I thought he was just beating up Army Men.

  8. redward says:

    I really tend to love the Crimsonland / Zombie Shooter, modern Robotron/SmashTV-style games. They’re rarely done well, but when they are, they’re sublime. Loved Zombie Shooter 1 & Alien Shooter 2 from Sigma Team. Have yet to try this demo, but I’ve been looking for a newer one now that Sigma Team kind of dropped the ball on Zombie Shooter 2.

    How does this compare? Is Nation Red any good? I’ve heard a grip of mixed things about it.

  9. drplote says:

    In case anyone happens across this article again when deciding whether or not to buy this game, let me just say you should probably go with “no”. I had trouble finding a lot of info on it, and seeing a few people compare it to Crimsonland eventually made me say “what the hell” and buy it. It’s nothing like crimsonland. It is, in fact, remarkably dull. Through the 3 maps I played, you pretty much just smack the attack button repeatedly to swipe your sword at crowds of zombie, maybe occasionally hitting the right-mouse button to stun them before carrying on with your left-mouse spamming. Dull and boring. Maybe it gets better later, but not only do I doubt that, if a game isn’t interesting by the time you’re done with map 3, it probably doesn’t deserve a 4th chance to bring the fun.