Allods Online Finally Hits Official Launch

Lizard dude is unhappy because no one is using the item shop. Poor lizard dude. Also, he has no girlfriend.
Allods Online, which is actually not bad in the scheme of free-to-play MMOs, is hitting its official launch “very soon”, along with its fourth expansion. It’s had one hell of a beta, with three expansions added, bringing the game to a 2000-quest beast, which I think was about how questy WoW was on launch. The expansion is for high level players and adds more to that Astral space conquest bit of the game in which big space-galleons do fighting and stuff, as well as more high level content and things that you can buy if you want to spend money on the game. Anyone actually playing this? Is it more balanced than it was when I was playing it?


  1. apricotsoup says:

    I played for a short time and hit an area a few hours in where I ran out of quests and had to grind.

    That was the last I saw of it, hopefully with more quests that will be completely removed, not sure if I can be bothered to take another look though.

  2. Giant, fussy whingebag says:

    I discovered today that Allods is actually part of the Rage of Mages franchise. I’ve never played any of the Rages of Mageses, but I have heard of them. Why would they not try to net the RoM fanbase by using the name?

    • Orija says:

      Magi. Rage of Magi.

    • Jaxtrasi says:

      Isn’t magi the plural of magus, not mage?

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      RoM and Evil Islands were really good games. They had their fair share of weird quirks surely, but a lot of charm to make up for it.

    • jwfiore says:

      Wow, I completely forgot about RoM. Party RPG with permadeath, if I’m not mistaken. Lots of fun, but too hard for my 12-year-old self at the time. Should give them another whirl.

  3. gorgol says:

    Hmm, I was really liking the description of the hardcore PvP in the game. But then I realised that they only let you do that at level 20… Waiting till level 20 to get to the good bit doesn’t sound like good game design to me, so I’ll pass.

  4. Hodag says:

    It’s very pretty and has a interesting, extremely Russian attitude. Unfortunately it is still a grindfest.

    • Cirno says:

      Russian moneygrubbing attitude I’d say. Same is going to happen with World of Tanks with its trolling leading game designer SerB the jerk (check his posts on .ru forums). I wonder what game will be more absurd, wot or ololods as we call it, though beating such a mighty moneygrubbing opponent as ololods is quite a challenge.

  5. cliffski says:

    Never looked at it much, because the constant boobs and buttocks ads made me assume it was by the same people who made evony.

  6. alilsneaky says:

    A lot has changed in this game since you were playing mr Rossignol. Assuming you played before the first expansion.
    This game has become very very expensive to play.
    They more than doubled the grind to level up (so quests no longer cut it and you have to do many hours of heavy grinding to get each level).
    They have made characters much much weaker than before unless you use their cash shop incense daily (which puts you back at your baseline damage, like 300 percent higher than without), if you don’t use it then you will have to rest for a minute between each mob that you kill (and you need to kill thousands to level).
    The rune system is a gamebreaker, removing runes will now also cost real money, and someone with level 7-13 runes fighting someone with low level ones or none at all makes the former god.
    (imagine a level 85 in full arena gear on wow fighting a level 75 in quest greens, that’s how bad it is).
    Raiding has a several 100 dollar access ticket, as you need to apply runes to your gear to be able to contribute, need cash shop consumeables.
    When a blue or higher quality item breaks it has a 10 – 20 percent chance to ‘get cursed’ turning it’s stats negative (50 str becomes -50str).
    Removing the ‘curse’ from it costs real money, or you can buy preventive anti curse tokens (also cost real money) each time you die.
    And you will die A LOT, often by the hands of said high lvl rune people.
    It’s atrocious what they have turned this game into, this game is designed to milk the player in every possible way.
    You also need to spend real cash on very basic things like bag space (quests intentionally burden you with dozens of quest items when you only have room for a few) and a mount.
    It’s no wonder then that the community is all but gone, it just consists of the people who had already made too big an investment on runes before the update.
    I knew several people in game whom I talked to that spent thousands of dollars on it.
    The majority that still plays today has spent hundreds, those who spent less have done an unholy amount of grinding.
    Oh and the game is set up in a very deceptive way.
    It was hilarious to see new players go on in chat about how awesome the game was (you get free essence usable until you are level 20 to ease in new players).
    You ‘d have veterans warn them, the newbies lash out at them for ‘being complainers for no reason’.
    Then as soon as they hit 20-21 , like clockwork, you’d either never see them again (tiny community so it’s hard to miss such a thing) or you’d get a tell with an apology or they would join the complainers in chat to warn other newbies:)
    Stay away from this game.

    To clarify: I have no problem with spending cash on f2p games, but the way every fibre of this game is entirely designed around forcing players to spend as much as possible is insulting.

    • Hallgrim says:

      Some friends and I were playing the beta, right at the point where they announced and then rolled out these new changes. The new owners decided there wasn’t enough monetization apparently. It really was waaaaay over the top. Looks like little has changed.
      Funny thing is, lots of people were saying they would pay for a sub for the game. I mean, if they had rolled the game out with a $15/month subscription, I think they would have done well. Instead, the game had a $30/month “ftp” model, assuming you played 30 hours a week and wanted to be at full effectiveness.

      Edit: and that was just to buy the perfume or whatever you needed to not incur the death penalty back then. Bags, mounts, those rune thingys… you’d have to pay for all that separate.

  7. Redford says:

    They are slowly, steadily removing the cash shop naziisim that makes it a PTP title cleverly trying to hide itself as a FTP title.
    However, much of it is still there, and the actual balance of the game has hardly been fixed at all. They are far too interested in thinking up new and creative ways to make you pay for things.
    1. They removed fear of death, and replaced it with a system where your high color items would randomly be cursed on death (yes, even PvP deaths) causing their stats to invert so if it ever happened with even one of your items you were totally screwed unless you wore all greens or replaced the cursed items every time it happened. They later decided that this was dumb and made the item in the cash shop that removed these curses free as a temporary measure until it can be changed/removed in a future patch.
    2. They lowered the level you get a patron for the express purpose of making it so you need to pay them for incense sooner. Yes, the enemy balance at low levels was changed to take this into account.
    3. They removed the concept of runes being placed into your items, so you no longer have to waste real money every time you want to move a rune around.
    You still need cash shop item to merge runes however.

    Due to the way things are balanced right now, if you go into the cash shop, your overall damage and defense will be buffed by about two and a half times at high level, making it mostly impossible to actually play the game for free. It’s not quite as covert as some other modern games which have gone suddenly cash shop (like LOTRO) but Allods has taken this concept to a whole new level. I do not suggest trying to play the game again unless you are willing to throw money at them.

  8. Catastrophe says:

    I have Rages of Mages 2 – I used to love that game, recently re-obtained it through eBay and was reminded that Old games usually hold fond memories because at their time they were fun and were top of their technological potential… playing it on a current day PC… well.