1. Jonathan says:

    Do. Want.

    • Kdansky says:

      While it does indeed look very nice, it could use some more color than just grey. The billboards are a nice start, but all buildings are the same. Surely in the future we will have invented paint, right?

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Why the hell can we not preorder this? I want to preorder this. I am literally asking for a chance to give them money.

    • gorgol says:

      This looks really good.

      I hope they have a way to foster a community around the game, something that encourages clans, pro-gaming, foruming, pvp video makers, etc, and that it’s not just a case of playing with random people.

    • Balm says:

      No, it dosn’t need more collor. It’s ideal this way.

    • Dozer says:

      Clearly in the future everyone sees in ultraviolet. Except for mech pilots.

    • Muzman says:

      Kdansky says:
      While it does indeed look very nice, it could use some more color than just grey. The billboards are a nice start, but all buildings are the same. Surely in the future we will have invented paint, right?”

      There’s quite a bit of colour splashed around, just not on the ground/whateversurfacethatis (highway? Rooftops?). They’ve captured that insanely busy quality to the look of SE Asian cities very nicely with all the small signage and so on (but in the future). I guess there’s not a huge amount in that particular area. There’s other levels though. Maybe there’s a ‘redlight district at night’ one in there.

    • HermitUK says:

      It also does Blue and Sand, no doubt with other colour combinations yet to come.

      It looks awesome, by the by. Will be preordering as soon as I can.

    • battles_atlas says:

      @ Kdansky

      Has no one told you about Peak Paint? The future is muted

    • StranaMente says:

      I really have to agree with Kdansky. The game is nice but some color might help. All that grey is over killing.

    • Wulf says:

      Food for thought: All the brown didn’t kill Morrowind because Morrowind was genuinely interesting to look at. I think this rule applies to Hawken and its grey.

      And yes, yes yes yes! I want to give them money too! I stand with Mr. Norris on this. Why can we not give these ladies, gents, and such our cash for their efforts? Perhaps for entry to a local-only beta so that we can ta least give the tech a spin?

    • shinygerbil says:

      In the future, we will live in a celebrated and enlightened culture where everybody paints their building a primary colour and everybody else agrees how wonderful it looks.

      (The colours look good to me.)

    • Hanban says:

      Oh my god. Since there’s been no word on Mechwarrior: Living Legends for ages I am -very- excited about this.

    • Mistabashi says:

      I agree with all the people who disagree with the people who disagree with the colour scheme. In case that causes some confusion, I’m saying I think it looks great.

      I also agree with the people who disagree that agreeing to take pre-orders isn’t an agreeable idea. I think, hold on lemme just read that back… Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s what I agree with.

    • Rhin says:

      To be fair, it does look like no one has bothered re-painting in some time, and the paint has faded with age (and bright sunlight) and been caked over by heavy dust and soot. In fact, it almost looks like the cities are mostly uninhabited (maybe the current residents all live underground?)

  2. faelnor says:

    Looking very good! A shame I don’t like MP games anymore. I can see myself playing that with bots a lot though, hope they include it.

    Also, I get a very nice Ghost In The Shell : Stand Alone Complex vibe from the way the city is designed and the color palette. Gave me a craving for a Tachikoma combat sim.

    • Dhatz says:

      hope is there will be mod

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      There was a PS1 Ghost in the Shell game which featured you playing as a Tachikoma. See here..

      (actually, apparently it’s a Fuchikoma, close enough).

      On topic: Robobiff looks good :)

  3. konrad_ha says:

    Dear god, I have to have this even if I don’t dig the gameplay.

    • scut says:

      This is pretty much my sentiment. The gameplay is the sort of circle-strafing and bum-rushing that really disappoints me in shooters. Still, the visual beauty alone makes me happy it’s getting made. I hope they release a nice art pack of all the concept work.

  4. The Army of None says:

    Wot a SPECTACLE. Do want.

    • Dhatz says:

      only problem with graphics is the AO that is unrealistic

    • erhebung says:

      What is “AO”?

    • BooleanBob says:

      Adults Only? I.e. unrealistic robo-wang. I, er, couldn’t claim expertise in the area.

      Army of None is correct, though. This is spectacular.

    • TheSaddestSort says:

      Looking marvelous.

    • Calneon says:

      AO when talking about graphics means Ambient Occlusion, which is a shadowing technique which simulates the shadowing of one object on other nearby objects (not actual shadows). I’m not sure what Dhatz means when he says it’s not realistic.

    • Stuart Walton says:

      I wouldn’t say the unrealistic AO is a problem. In fact, implementing more realistic lighting could be detrimental to gameplay. The amazing thing about the game is how ‘readable’ the environments are given the muted colour palette and all the complicated structures in those colours. The AO is quite pronounced, it looks as though it’s baked in to the textures (so may not be real AO, I suspect a bit of both AO and baked-in), this really helps a player ‘parse’ a scene quickly. Watching the video you never get disoriented, that is a testament to the artwork. Gameplay and fun should always trump realism.

    • Muzman says:

      Just out of interest, where is this stuff in some way obvious in that video?

    • LionsPhil says:

      What Stuart said. For something so grey-brown, it’s pretty dang good at not becoming a whole smear of indistinguishable blobs that then need highlights. Although the bots get subtle-ish HUD ones anyway.

      …speaking of HUD that cockpit is wonderful. I love all the monitors fritzing out when it overheats and the various panic-beeps.

  5. Kid_A says:

    It’s… beautiful.

  6. James says:

    Very nice, the scale of the machines comes across and that’s something by itself. This could be a lot of fun actually.

    Anybody know how many artists they have, and how long they’ve put into it so far?

    • doeke says:

      It is made by a small team, who currently have been at it for 9 months. Their sound designer is currently answering questions on reddit: link to reddit.com

      Also, this game looks freaking amazing. I have more than once wished this game existed and soon it will…

    • Stardog says:

      link to adhesivegames.com

      Khang Le – Art Director, Co-Founder and CEO
      Jonathan Kreuzer – Technical Lead, Co-Founder
      Dave Nguyen – Designer/Artist, Co-Founder and Director of Mail
      Christopher Lalli – Animator, Co-Founder and Loose Cannon
      Nhat Nguyen – Environment Artist
      Long Hoang – Artist, Intern Program Graduate and Career Maverick
      Branford Miles Williams – Artist, Lead Intern
      Timothy Ridley – Artist, Intern
      Lynn Hye Ryoung Yang – Artist, Intern

      The Departed :
      James Hawkins – Senior Environment Artist, Senior Diet Coke Consumer
      Jon Lee – Artist, Intern
      Silvia Liu – Artist, Intern and Sign Maker

    • zbillyboob says:

      See previous post. Nine months I think with quite small team.

      Beaten to the punch.

    • James says:

      That’s a little on the large side of small, but it’s still very impressive work.

      Thank you, helpful posters who’ve spared me and countless others the tedium of our own searches.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Yeah, that’s approaching a normal-sized team in days gone by.

      Assuming an average salary of $40k for the non-interns, you’re talking about $180k spent on wages alone so far, nevermind the studio in LA. Not a huge amount, but a figure that implies a bit more investment than your average indie.

    • Beartastic says:

      Less than your average indie, sure but it’s way, way less than even your average next-gen B-title. Not to mention AAA titles.

      To put it in perspective, at 180K they would have spent as much as Angry Birds. It’s mind-blowing that they’ve made something this amazing and even moreso that it’s on a shoestring.

  7. JuJuCam says:

    Very pretty, and amazing audio work, but it’s not a mech piloting game unless there’s a possibility of breaking limbs or killing pilots within cockpits and salvaging the remains… Hmm… Anyone know a relatively recent title that even attempted this?

    • James says:

      I think it’s probably a real mech piloting game. My first clue was that it had mechs, which was a start but not enough for my satisfaction. However, I quickly noticed that the view is set from inside of a (presumably) mech cockpit.

      I shall let my observations stand on their own merit.

    • JuJuCam says:

      Those aren’t mechs, they’re Space Marines in mech clothing.

    • James says:


    • sassy says:

      Not space marines. The lack of bravado and body odor is a distinct giveaway. I’m afraid the only alternatives are mech or really good cosplayers.

    • Berzee says:

      A long series of potential replies I rejected for not being witty enough, has led me to the realization that if someone made a game called CHECKERS WITH GUNS, whereupon you played checkers pieces what had guns, that could be a game.

  8. Dyst says:

    It’s probably too much to ask, but I’d love to be able to see the pilots hands when in that first person mode. Looks like you’re in the cockpit of the mech, and I think it would be great if you could see your character frantically pushing buttons and what not. Racing games can do it, and while this a small dev team they have already done amazing work so it seems like they could pull it off.

    • sassy says:

      I think that would just be a distraction.

      Even if it weren’t then it still wouldn’t add much for the amount of effort needed.

    • Wulf says:

      No. D: That would ruin it for me, at least. I mean, you have an interestingly odd world there, it looks like it could be a future Asian setting, but it’s still odd, and this means that I can imagine my pilot to be something of a transhumanist post human if I desire, in an age of morphological freedom. I mean, the idea of something being set in the future and body mods not existing is… is… silly. And that’s being polite. When body mods are available, very few people are going to stick with the human baseform without at least some minor modifications. And the world will get less xenophobic from there.

      If I were to see a perfect human fiddling around with the innards of that mech, it would ruin my belief that, hey, at least this is one Sci-Fi setting which doesn’t ignore the potential of morphological freedom, which is an undeniable artifact of the distant future. Not to mention that there’ll be people who’ll augment themselves with cybernetics due to cybernetics being far, far superior to biological alternatives, too. (A great example of this is BloodNet, for those who remember that. Vampires in cyberspace. And Elvis!) Seriously, in the future, there will be much body modification. And as it becomes more publically available, very few people will remain unmodified.

      I suspect that people will even have their base code changed so that if they choose to mate the old fashioned way, their changes will be carried on by their children, and those changes will continue on past their own lives, despite them probably being long-lived at this point. We’re talking potential near Singularity shit, here. In fact, this might even be a post-Singularity setting, and this isn’t a war but just what people do for fun. That’s imagination for you.

      But the moment you put a perfect human pilot in there, you kill all that potential. All of it dead, lost, like tears in the rain or something.

    • Wulf says:

      Blargh. Not editing. I’m afraid that I’ll lose my post to the spam filter.

      Anyway, I also hope that if pilots can be removed from mechs, that we’ll be given a Shofixti-like ‘glory device’ (read as: suicide bomb) so that I can scream and smash that, thus engulfing the potential looter in an entirely deserved nuclear explosion.

    • LionsPhil says:

      tl;dr Wulf doesn’t want to see human hands because he wishes to imagine that the mech is being piloted by his awesome murry-purry fursona.

    • Kron says:

      I actually like where Wulf is going with this.

      As a transhumanist myself, morphological freedom ftw!

    • Consumatopia says:

      If you want weird transhumans in the cockpit, then put weird transhumans in the cockpit. But, clearly, there is supposed to be some sort of smaller entity within each of these mechs–otherwise, why show a cockpit at all? (Actually, if you’re assuming transhumanism, then the cockpit makes no sense–people would just connect their brains directly to the mech and it would look like any other FPS.)

      And it sucks that you never see these smaller entities–anything from your own hands, your own Metroid Prime-esque reflection in the glass, corpses inside destroyed mechs, pilots fleeing damaged mechs, noncombatants hiding, or guerrillas firing anti-tank weapons at you.

  9. gwathdring says:

    You can really feel the vehicles. This is outstanding work, so far. :)

  10. thesundaybest says:

    Oh to live in such times as these, where my ten year-old dreams come true. Glorious days!

  11. zal says:

    I was incredibly psyched before, and now I’m beyond thrilled, especially at what looked like direct involvement of that hovering airship in the combat. soo cool.

  12. Grey_Ghost says:


  13. mkultra says:

    Not impressive at all.

    • D says:

      It tries way too hard to be distilled awesomeness. It would be much better if it looked less awesome. I am also a person that is never impressed.

    • GHudston says:

      Not constructive at all.

  14. kikito says:

    I would like to see puny humans running away. So I can step over them.

    • P7uen says:


    • Gonefornow says:

      I’d like it if the spectating mode (do MP games have that anymore?) wasn’t a floating camera, but a civilian you could run around and possibly get stomped on (?) or over, if the pilot is nice enough.

    • Wulf says:

      As I said above – given the incredibly unique nature of the mechs, having humans present would really ruin it for me, at least. It looks like the sort of future which technology has reached a point where humans probably wouldn’t look that human anymore. So I’d see every fleeing human as a distracting anachronism.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Running-with-the-bulls-but-instead-of-bulls-its-giant-robots mode is the most wonderfully ludicrous idea for spectator mode.

  15. skyturnedred says:

    If any game needed destructible environment, it’s this one.

    • Evil Timmy says:

      I was thinking the same thing. “Wow, imagine if you could take a chunk off that building and crush that bastard,” then, a dozen seconds later, “That billboard is suspiciously fragile looking, a few well placed rounds, and…”. Not that this isn’t tweaking that part of my brain that’s still lusting after an experience like the first time I fired up MW2 already, but that would actually give it a chance to not just scratch but maybe even replace that particular itch.

  16. irongamer says:

    HELL YES! Love the art style and atmosphere.

    • thessalian_pine says:

      Frickin’ impressive indeed. Very nice Art. Would like to see some maps with more open terrain as well but this looks very promising as it is.

    • Wulf says:

      Agreed! That art really has some soul to it. Nothing makes me happier than when I can see the love that went into crafting something. Where someone really cared about every little detail, and they wanted to make it different, and visually interesting.

      I’ll be just as happy exploring in this as playing the game.

      Please let the cities be massive and procedurally generated, please let the cities be massive and procedurally generated…

  17. sassy says:

    Anyone know if this is exclusively mp? I really only care for sp and my connection drops out too much for mp anyway.

    Still this is relevant to my interests!!!

    • Yosharian says:

      Seems like it’s only multiplayer, I also lament the apparent lack of singleplayer.

  18. Metonymy says:

    Reminds me of Assault Suits Valken, in terms of capturing the theme of personal combat suits. Great fluff.

  19. MrMud says:

    I like my mechs a little more lumbering but this looks really cool.

    • Wulf says:

      Yeah, these are really organic, fluid, agile mechs. Not at all like the mechs we’ve pretty much invariably seen before in games.

      I approve!

  20. DevilSShadoW says:

    This is clearly one of the highlights of 2011. Best work I’ve seen come out of an indie studio. Great environments, great sound effects and from what i can see, amazing gameplay. Keep it up and you will definitely have me as a customer.

  21. Warth0g says:

    Wow looks (and sounds) incredible… really kinetic, great sense of weight and heft..

    Is it MP only then? A single-player campaign in this setting could be pretty awesome… takes a lot of dev resource to do though I suppose….

  22. Personoic says:


  23. Stijn says:

    “Does not reflect the quality of the final product.” I hope it does, in a way.

  24. JB says:

    Turrets – Excellent, love the animations and sound. Would be nice to see them in action though!
    Support Ship – Fricking ace! Loving that a lot. More please!

    This looks to be a lot of fun. Overall I’m pretty excited to have a crack at Hawken. And despite having a good inkling of how that video would end I was still rooting for the player all the way =)

  25. Dominic White says:

    I know it’ll upset some people, but I REALLY hope they limit the rate at which you can turn, even if you’re playing with mouse/keyboard. The illusion that you’re piloting a hefty piece of jumpjetting military hardware could be ruined almost instantly by someone twitching around 180 degrees in the blink of an eye. There’s a reason why Shogo felt like running around in noisy metal pajamas instead of piloting a giant robot.

    Having lighter, faster-maneuvering mechs and heavier ones that take longer to swing around or corner (lowering turning speed further when running would make sense) would introduce some nice additional control elements.

    Hell, some weight added to the basic close-quarters aiming wouldn’t go amiss too. I’ve been replaying Battlezone 1 & 2 lately, and while it can sometimes be frustrating that I can’t be pinpoint-sniper-accurate in it, there’s a very good reason for it: I’m driving a tank, not pointing an ACOG-scoped bullet hose with my own two hands.

    • tomeoftom says:

      ^More than agreed. The whole /point/ of mechs is that you can have options like that. I just really hope that they make equipment and upgrades visually identifiable, so there’s some semblance of real strategy to the fights. Anyway, how incredible did that last duel look?!!!! This has led me to use multiple exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Metonymy says:

      The only way limited turn speed can be acceptable is if “looking” is immune to the effect.

      Ie, you can instantly look through your entire field of view, which should be 270-180 degrees, but the mech takes time to actually turn in that particular direction. This would require a second set of keys for strafing and turning, (Q+E) though it’s hard to tell what will work best. Hopefully disabling the HUD is an option, but I have a bad feeling about that.

      Based upon what we can see here, they’re limiting vision to the direction you’re facing, probably to make it look better for the video. If this is actually how it’s played, where you have to t u u u u u u u u r n, the gameplay could end up being very bad.

      Why does that matter? Because if you have some crap console-level gameplay on a generic mech game, there will be zero competitive play, and thus there will be no metoo fanboys, and the casual money they bring in. No competition = very unhealthy for this kind of game.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Limiting the rate is useless, as it will only make you drag your mouse several time on the table, and can be circumvented by any gamer mouse by changing its dpi.

      If you want to emulate a mech, , in my opinion, it has to be like a tank: with a delay in turning, like following the pointer. But it has to be really fast following, to keep the pace, while still giving the impression of controlling a mech and not directly the body/view.

    • Dominic White says:

      “Limiting the rate is useless, as it will only make you drag your mouse several time on the table, and can be circumvented by any gamer mouse by changing its dpi.”

      Aformentioned Battlezone games have full WSAD + Mouse control, and DPI has nothing to do with it. Each vehicle has a maximum rate at which it can turn (move that mouse as fast as you like, it won’t turn any faster than gently dragging it), and inertia – in a super-heavy tank, you have to stop turning early or you’ll overshoot your target. You’re thinking as if this game is a straight FPS and not a mech combat game.. and that worries me.

      The ‘MUSTTURNQUICKQUICKFAST MOUSE SHOOTY PERFECT YES’ mentality is probably the single greatest threat to this game now.

    • Dozer says:

      Yes. Separating the camera from the gunsight and the direction of the mech chassis is a great idea. You could either have it so the camera is controlled completely separately to the gunsight/chassis direction (by using FreeTrack or TrackIR), or that the gun/chassis will always chase the pilot-view camera.

      Armed Assault did this, and it was crazy. In ArmA and its predecessors, you can set an amount of gun-aiming ‘float’ where you can aim your gun without turning your body – so if you’re facing a house, you can shoot any part of the house without your view changing, and with your crosshairs moving around an invisible rectangle in the middle of the screen. Anyone watching would see you lying still and with just your gun and arms moving. Move the mouse to the edge of the invisible aim-float rectangle and then your torso and legs start to turn too.

      But you could use TrackIR to control your head separately to your gun and your body. So you could be lying down facing the house, aiming at the alleyway to the side of the house, and looking over your shoulder. Really difficult to get used to – I walked sideways into a lot of fences while trying to get through gates.

    • Wulf says:

      I… I don’t agree.

      I mean, there are many games with walking tanks (wanzers!) in them, but let’s just play let’s pretend for a moment, can we?

      1. What if this is in a reality where the elemental elements that compositely make up that reality were different?
      2. What if the physical laws of that reality were different?
      3. What if technology had evolved to a point where our real world metals could be altered in such a way to be light enough to construct a light, lithe mech, whilst still being as sturdy?
      4. What if there are magnetospheric/antigravitational fields at work, reducing the weight of the mech?

      Take your pick.

      The point is is that this isn’t so much a near future game. It’s more Ghost in the Shell – it’s a much more distant future setting. For the same reason that I wouldn’t want to see normal, human pilots because they’d be a jarring anachronism, I don’t want to see slowly moving, lumbering mechs for the same reason. I like that the turning is fast.

      In the future, mechs are more agile and fast than you!

      I mean, why not?

      There are plenty of slow, clunky walking tank games out there. Can’t we let this one be different? Please?

    • Dominic White says:

      I’m arguing specifically against Mechwarrior-style ‘walking tank’ gameplay here, though. I just want there to be some sensation that you’re actually controlling a 10+ ton piece of metal, rather than being yet another instantly responsive FPS superhero who can jump ten feet, twist 180 degrees AND score a perfect headshot on an enemy in one half-second motion. I was using Shogo as an example, because the mech levels in that were exactly the same as the on-foot levels, but it was basically shouting ‘THIS IS A GIANT ROBOT’ in your ear every half a second. All the noise and sound and fury in the world can’t convince me that a 50 foot tall sci-fi death machine is exactly as agile and fast as my unarmored soldier man on foot.

      Ever play the Transformers: Armada game on the PS2? As unrealistic as you can get, but there was inertia, weight and power behind those robots in disguise. When Optimus Prime stopped from a dead run, he’d dramatically skid a good distance. When you landed from a long fall, there was an enormous crash and your movement was slowed. You couldn’t twist around instantly either. Quickly, yes, but not instantly. The newest Transformers game, while decent, lost that. It played exactly like Gears of War. There was almost no sense of being in control of anything with mass.

      The turning speeds and aiming limitations shown off in this video here are perfect. If those carry over to mouse/keyboard play, all the better. What I don’t want is to open fire on a mech I’ve flanked and have him flip 180 degrees in the blink of an eye and hit me instantly.

    • Berzee says:

      Hear hear! (hear)

      Whenever you choose something different than a plain old human for a player character, you hope the choice will be reflected in the feel of the controls. Even if you had mechs that were more agile than humans…that would still be a *different* feel than the average FPS (though with instant reflexes in human-character FPS’s, I dunno how you’d convey something more agile =).

      Well, similar example — if there was a game where you rode a tiger, or were a tiger…those are more agile than humans but certainly heavier also. Not mutually exclusive, I think

      I too hope for, not necessarily stompyness, but at least heftiness. (Else this is Crysis with a more notable HUD =)

    • LionsPhil says:

      The one that really got me on the last video was that mechs went from strafing left at full speed to strafing right at full speed instantly. That kills any sense of inertia and really is just FPS-dress-up. Movement, at least, needs some inertia.

      …I’ve yet to see this one because YouTube is buffering at a mighty 40kBps. Hooray.

      Ok, there we go, it’s done. First-person covers many ills. I’d actually rather it stayed in it during the sit-down and blow-up parts.

    • Lilliput King says:

      Dom: Totally agree. If your mechs are so lithe and agile that they’re indistinguishable from humans then, well, what’s the point?

  26. tomeoftom says:

    AAAH! I need to give them my money! I cannot containt myseflkHALdoawhgilGBi gulao nrt@)

  27. Theoban says:

    I will buy and play any game where a giant ship turns up and interrupts everythiHUUURRRRRRNNNNNNN

    • JB says:

      And didn’t it sound great while it did itHUUUUUURRRRRRNNNNNNNN

    • Wulf says:

      I think everyone likes a good HUUUUUURRRRRRNNNNNNNN once in a while.

  28. westyfield says:

    I didn’t like the previous footage (3rd person ‘spectator’ camera) – I thought it looked too fast and jumpy for my liking. This is much more appealing, it seems fairly solid. The weapon noises and damage indicators sound really satisfying – lots of whining as weapons recharge, big thumps and bangs when things get hit, and the frantic beeping of the “you’re about to die” machine made the video seem pretty tense.
    Looking forward to this one a lot.

  29. soylentrobot says:

    this just makes me think “what the devil are actual developers playing at when nine guys can do this in nine months”

  30. espylaub says:

    Brilliant. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. it’s got style coming out its ears, the sound design is amazing (giant thing that goes HUUURRRRRRNNNNNNN == instabuy) and it just looks so wonderfully uncompromising and thumpy.

    Dear developers: LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONIES!

  31. stahlwerk says:

    I will go one step further and say hot diggidy damn.

    Also, that’s not how cyrillic works.

    • Dozer says:

      I didn’t notice the shch-character masquerading as a W at first. I will now refer to this game as Hashchen. And downgrade it from hot diggety damn to plain hot damn as a consequence.

    • Wulf says:

      This is the future! The future! Language evolves!

      *throws arms up.*

    • cjlr says:

      Languages might evolve, but alphabets generally don’t. The Latin alphabet carved into a 2200 year old monument is perfectly readable. The letters all do the same thing. Greek too; there are small variations in pronounciation, mostly vowel-related, but pi is pi and sigma is sigma, and never the twain shall swap.

      Cyrillic is a bastardization of Greek, but the remaining letters (a good dozen odd have been dropped over the centuries) are recognizable in the middle ages.

      Щ is Щ. That won’t change.

    • Cynic says:

      “Languages might evolve, but alphabets generally don’t.”
      Quite incorrect on your part.
      Only 100 years ago, F was used as S on written documents, and 2000 years ago there was no letter U or J, instead V and I (capital i) were used. J only became it’s own letter and sound around 1524. Wikipedia has an article on each letter.
      So nerr.

    • Rhin says:

      “That’s not how cyrillic works” is about as valid an critique of a logo as “the K is backwards”.

  32. MrBRAD! says:

    With 3d, I might even have the chance to tell where the floor ends, and the walls start.

  33. Jonathan says:

    I wish the terrain was destructible though — those spheres (which I imagine holding gas or fuel) are just begging to go KABOOM.

    • Zarx says:

      or maybe even the ability to shoot the base causing them to fall on enemies lol….

    • Bodminzer says:

      Yuck, I’d hate for something to fall on my lol :(

  34. Zarx says:

    This looks all sorts of cool and the world needs more mech games
    also 2D cockpit is so retro funky

  35. HexagonalBolts says:

    That smoke effect…. om nom nom nom nom

  36. roryok says:

    right, I’m off to go find, install and play Mechwarrior 2 again. Then Ghost Bear’s Legacy. then Mercenaries. Then Terra Nova. Then I will stop.

    • Matchstick says:

      You have a copy of Terra Nova ?!?

      Damn you, I’ve been looking for one for ages :(

      I keep hoping it will appear on GoG one day…

    • roryok says:

      sadly no, I’ve been trying to get it on ebay for ages. I have the other three though. There are a couple of copies on there but I’m only after one with the original box, for my box collection

    • Urael says:

      I have one too. One of the prides of my collection – took me literal years to track down!

    • roryok says:

      I am envious

      I almost have every Looking Glass game (missing Terra Nova, Flight Unlimited 2 & 3), and most of the LucasArts adventure games. Not sure where to go after that…

  37. Ultra Superior says:


  38. Man Raised by Puffins says:

    Oh. Oh my.

  39. Bodminzer says:

    Seeing that massive spaceship turn up and make its massive spaceship sounds did funny things to me.

  40. Flameberge says:

    Wow, unlike over at PCG, not a hoard of moronic spoilsports talking about waah waah waah not mechwarrior waah waah whinge my life is an empty shell of misery waah wahh bring back mechwarrior waah wahh I want it now whinge moan bitch waah

    This has my approval. Especially as the only way we’re going to get this game is if they really feel there’s an audience for it. They’re such a small team I imagine they’re all very aware of the coverage they’re getting, and the comments their footage is engendering. People being nonsensically negative are likely to hurt its chances of ever making the PC, as I can see this going Xbox Live / PSN. Let’s a face it, a big wad of cash from MS or Sony is probably just what they want right now, so they can polish up their game and have a bit logner developing it, and more power to them, frankly.

    • Dominic White says:

      Anyone whining for a new Mechwarrior game, and not actively playing Mechwarrior: Living Legends (or the fan-updated MW4: Mercs) is a tool, and should be mocked at length, because you’ve got two very good games to pick from right there.

      The whole ‘giant robots should be tanks with legs’ thing is silly, anyway. In Battletech, there’s plenty of mechs with proper arms and hands that can climb surfaces and grab things and generally move in a much more humanoid fashion. They just couldn’t model those in early Battletech games because the technology was just too primitive, so they basically made them into walking tanks.

    • Urael says:

      Heh, most of what gaming does is silly. Superheroes? Silly. Elves and Orcs? Silly. the Walking dead? Silly. Platformers starring chunks of meat? …you get the idea. :)

      Yes, the concept of a walking robotic tank is deeply impractical but that doesn’t stop it from being also COMPLETELY AWESOME.

      Have you got any links for the Mechwarrior 4 fan stuff? Not that 4 is my favourite addition to the series – too slick, too ‘arcadey’. To my mind the series has been in decline every since 3.

    • Dominic White says:

      No, a giant robot that can punch through buildings and throw tanks is COMPLETELY AWESOME.

      A giant robot reduced to exactly the same role as a tracked tank with more guns is rather dull. It’s taking a whole world of crazy sci-fi potential and stripping it down to its simplest, most limited aspect. Like I said, the mechs in Battletech could do a ton of stuff. Punching, kicking, picking up trees and lampposts and braining the other guy with it.

      The videogame adaptation made is significantly less awesome by vastly reducing the number of things you can do. Just take the legs off your average Mechwarrior mech and you’d find that it behaves exactly as before, just set a bit lower down.

      Anyway, you can find the updated MW4 here:
      link to mektek.net

    • Urael says:

      It’s not an either/or proposition here. Both are COMPLETELY AWESOME in their own ways. You prefer one, I like the other. Did you ever play Slave Zero? That was an amazing game. I love the bit where he stomped on the little vehicles. And where he roared. And where he…yeah I loved all of it. Shame you can’t find a copy nowadays or get it to work when you do. Damned Windows ME.

      Ta for the link. Will have a nose at that later.

  41. Icarus says:

    This, want, now.

  42. Navagon says:

    If this plays half as good as it looks we could start to see the beginning of an indie golden age here. So called AAA developers are increasingly losing ground on PC. Their anti-customer bullshit is only increasing their irrelevance. With titles like this and Amnesia a market with the major publishers taking a back seat actually doesn’t look so bad at all.

    • Wulf says:

      That pretty much sums up how I feel.

      Let the untamed, unbridled creativity commence. If you make it, indie developers, we will buy it. We are still that starved of imagination.

    • Navagon says:

      The primary difference between an indie and an AAA title is that the AAA has to play it reasonably safe to avoid putting people off. The indie has to take chances in order to stand out.

      Of course that doesn’t stop many an indie churning out tried and tested games like the Asteroid clones out there, but it’s plain which model benefits gamers more overall. It’s really starting to take off now and titles like this do make you wonder what AAA titles will have left to offer should this kind of quality become more commonplace in the indie scene.

      Long live the indies!

  43. sasayan says:

    yes, Yes, YES.

  44. noproblem says:

    This is a meka fan’s wet dream.

    Can’t wait!

  45. jimjames says:

    This does look amazing and I was really blown away. But now I’m wondering how much of this amazing look is down to the expensive unreal engine they’re using.

    Although, you can’t take away the fact that the city design is unlike many other western shooters, however gray it may be, is still impressive.

  46. theleif says:

    Oh, la la!

  47. Napalm Sushi says:

    Is it me, or does the disclaimer at the start sound like a sarcastic brag once you’ve actually seen the video?

  48. Dakia says:

    Wow, that video is amazing. I want this even more now than I did before.

  49. Shazbut says:

    Christ. What an achievement. The cityscapes kind of remind me of Tekkon Kinkreet

  50. Wulf says:

    Holy crap I want to play this! I want to go and explore in a mech, and stand on things, and look awesome.

    I suppose a lot of my interest in this is that the robots are really interesting, even mildly organic, in their construction. It reminds me of how the Charr build things – bulbous, round, not all flat square chunks like we usually see with mechs. And the world, despite being dystopian, is peculiarly bright. It’s almost like a playground that’s been constructed for those robots to faff around in, and this is part of some sport.

    If it was all dark, grimy, and had the very blocky mechs of old, then it might not have caught my attention, but this really is something a bit different. And the blessing of mech games is that you never have to see the pilots, so one can do whatever the hell they want with that thanks to their imagination. I don’t know about you, but my mech is going to have been stolen and is now piloted by an Ur Quan-like spider person.

    I might get bored of the fighting, but if the maps are big and possibly even procedurally generated, I can see me having fun for a bit just running off, leaving everyone else to fight, and seeing what I haven’t seen yet. Plus it’ll be fun getting randomly ambushed by someone who’s doing the same whilst enjoying the mechanical scenery.

    I definitely dig the aesthetic here, though. I get an odd more organic Transformers vibe off it all. I like it.