Come Back To The Future Now (And For Free)

Thank you, Youtube 1911

Lord Jimothy! Johncharlesfrederickathon! Kierovington IV! Quintin! It is I, Alexander Granville Cuthbert Meershire, Earl of Rotheringhampton-under-Thames. Quickly, come hither to me. Something most odd has occured. Some manner of iron box, mounted somehow upon four wheels and adorned with walls of glass, has arrived outside the stables. It is a fearsome thing, bellowing smoke and malodour. As I approach, its side lifted upwards, like the wing of a gull. All manner of unearthly lights are visible within, behind which is a chair of comfort such as I have never even dreamed. Should I… should I enter this machine, if machine it indeed be? There are switches, levers, pedals. As an inquiring mind of Her Majesty’s Elite Journalism Corps, I feel I must explore further. I shall just press this and….

Cough cough. Eh? What the?

Oh God.

Oh no.

WALKER! What have you done? We told you to schedule some sodding posts while we were all away today, and you’ve only gone and fouled up the database again. We’ve been posting stuff from 1873 all day! Never mind the embarrassment of a professional videogames site posting gibberish about the 19th century all day, those archives were locked for a reason. If we’d accidentally posted the one where it was revealed that Jim’s great-great-aunt was Jack the Ripper… No, no. It doesn’t bear thinking about. All will be well again. We’re back now. Back to the future.

On which note, you lot will be glad to hear that Telltale have made the first episode of their latest adventure gaming series Back To The Future available for free. Here it is. Here’s what I thought of it, too. I haven’t been back to the series yet, though RPS-Comrade Cobbett has suggested the last episode was something of a let down. I’ll be delving back in at some point soon though, I dare say.

Ah, 2011. Good to be back. You feel good.


  1. Xocrates says:

    “suggest the last episode was something of a let down”

    Really? I thought it to be the best one so far.

    That said, the series, while solid, hasn’t been among Telltale’s best.

    • Brumisator says:

      Well to each his own, but I think it’s their best work yet!

      Sam & max were good, and got better, monkeh island was just boring. Strong bad only had one good episode, the 5th.

    • Xocrates says:

      And I found Monkey Island their best after Sam and Max, and Strong Bad 5th episode was probably my least favourite (though not necessarily the worst)

      So yeah, to each their own.

    • Reverend Speed says:

      Thought the Jurassic Park games were underrated mysel–


    • patricij says:

      Here goes nothing…I’ve just finished EP. 3 and it’s been bloody fantastic! I especially love all the dystopian allusions and references to the likes as A Clockwork Orange or Brave New World! The english dystopian novels are sort of my hobby, so I’m delighted, really….

  2. Teddy Leach says:

    What is this time-travelling devilry?

  3. Makariel says:

    Knock-knock, anyone in there McFly?

  4. gorgol says:

    Forsooth, on this day there was merryment and mirth of herculian proportions!


    Nay! I hereby propose that henceforth we continue to comment on the articles in this magazine in the fantastic English of the Victorian era!

    Let not the new fangled manner of speech corrupt the wonderful Queen’s English traditional and condusive to our glorious empire, being surely a plot of the hethen consoles!

    • Teddy Leach says:

      I do agree, sir!

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      Hear hear good sir, your advice is both pleasing to the ear and biblically sound. Let those godless and uncouth French bastards speak in their un-british gobblygook if they wish, we of the Empire will never surrender our flower, our love, our language.

      Except the damned Welsh.

      Friar John. P. Pepperwillow

    • The Tupper says:

      Today was the most fun I’ve ever had on the internet with my trousers zipped up.

      On reflection, I guess you guys could’ve lived without that detail.

      Top marks for all contributors today – capital, chaps. Absolutely capital!

    • Meneth says:

      I propose a toast to all the gentlemen who have been with us today.
      Jolly good show, sirs!

    • Sarlix says:

      It is regrettable that this day of 1873 must end. Many a pipe were smoked and brandy glasses drained to their entirety. Many a fine gentlemen have come forth and made themselves known through the wonder of printed text. We have discussed current affairs of the day through to the proper handling of womenfolk. Many a jocular moment was had. I have ordered my man servant Barryman to engrave todays proceedings onto a solid sheet of copper plating, lest I forget the jocular time we’ve had. It shall be hung in the great hall, above the silver blancmange mould.

      I would like to thank Rock, Paper, Snuff Box for holding this event, and also thank the many commentators who did bring much amusement upon my person. Yes, indeed, much amusement. I cant ejaculate this sentiment enough. So esteemed gentlemen of honorable linage, I bid you all farewell.

      – Sarlix Cyril Sipsworth Esq The 4th earl of Arringate

    • JackShandy says:

      And then they all went home for Tea and Buns.

    • The Tupper says:

      Surely the final toast should be to Her Majesty?

      A splendid time was had, regardless of this regrettable final slip in decorum.

    • Sarlix says:

      I should have known Mr Tupper would be a thorn in my side once more. A fellow cannot even bid farewell to his gentleman fraternity with out being accosted by the ever troublesome T. Tupper. Sir, may I suggest you hasten back to the streets of Whitechapel and Clerkenwell from which you loiter, and take up residence there permanently. I do not need lecturing on the air of my decorum from the likes of you. If you insist on pursuing me over this matter, may I suggest we proceed with that square up on the heath at a time of your convenience. I shall be waiting with Grecian thong in-hand. Good day, sir.

    • The Tupper says:

      Ah, Mr Sarlix. My erstwhile nemesis arises once again. As predictable as the Greenwich Meridian, save for Summer Preservation.
      If it were not for the fact that I have consumed a quantity of the finest Whittled Quinta de Loureiro I’d have at thee!
      Do not task me, Sir!

  5. bascule42 says:

    (Obligatory BthF quote)
    Roads? Where we’re going. We don’t need, roads.

    Ta for bringing this to the worlds attention. Thanks Alec. Thalec.

  6. Fwiffo says:

    Today has been a hoot to both read and take part in.

  7. Will Tomas says:

    I love RPS.

    • frenz0rz says:

      Here here!

    • Chris D says:


    • slight says:

      Likewise. I’ve only been reading regularly (had seen the odd article) since Kotaku shot themselves up the arse, but wish I’d started earlier. Best games site I’ve read by far. :)

    • Eukatheude says:


    • The Tupper says:

      Today, I actually felt rather proud to be a part of this site. While the Hivepersons obviously put a lot of work into it, the spontaneous comedy generated by commenters was truly amazing.

  8. Malibu Stacey says:

    Anyone who didn’t chortle at the 1873 posts is a liar & a scoundrel.
    It’s worth subscribing just to fund hilarity like that.
    Today has been a most excellent day on RPS. My warmest thanks to all 5 of you gentlemen!

    • McDan says:

      You’re damn right. It has been a pretty damn funny day for an RPS reader. Seriously enjoyed it all. Aprt from those who didn’t take part.


  9. Maykael says:

    This was great guys. Kept me laughing all day. You funny people in the comments as well!

  10. RQH says:

    Good times. I generally dislike “Feel Bad for Being Sincere and Trusting” Day, but RPS’s contribution always manages to make the deception both obvious and funny. And the wonderful commentators! Thank you all.

    • Octaeder says:

      The difference being it’s not deception but good natured humour and parody. Good work all round chaps.

  11. Ginger Yellow says:

    Ep 3 is OK, though it seems the shortest so far in terms of number of puzzles. I have to say I vastly prefer S&M, TOMI and SBCGFAP, but that may be because while I liked the first two BTTF films, they don’t have much of a hold on me so there’s no real nostalgia kick in it. The writing has to stand up on its own, and it’s just not as funny as the other games.

  12. Andy_Panthro says:

    1873 RPS was splendid.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      I too have a special hat, dear sir. Verily, this Professor Elemental is a fine, industrious fellow. I particularly enjoyed his composition about tea.

  13. Xocrates says:

    You are aware that Sam and Max are their best works, right?

    • RegisteredUser says:

      The 2D / Purcell lucasarty one, that is.
      Sam&Max the 3D crapperoo in episodes was crap.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Replies are broken for Chrome users it seems.

  14. Zaboomafoozarg says:

    MCLFY, YOU BOJO! These boards don’t work on water, unless you got power!

  15. Fumarole says:

    Today is a fine example of why RPS rules the games journalism roost.

    Lest I forget – props to those commenters in character.

  16. Novotny says:

    Gadzooks, I’d have you all whipped for curs and what’s left used for furs – my servants shiver when the east wind comes thither and I wager, I’d barter that your ma is your father.
    But I digress.

  17. Pijama says:

    The class… IS OVERWHELMING.

    Ahhh, back to more modern, non-Imperial times. xD

  18. Meneth says:

    I find this year of 1873 quite refreshing.
    Can we not stay for another serving of tea at least, good sirs?

  19. Rich says:

    I couldn’t get past the intro of the first episode. It broke my heart.

  20. amishmonster says:

    A most bracing day of news, sirs.

  21. trooperdx3117 says:

    A most excellent day of antics and frollicing was had by all on this day of april jesters!
    Back in 2011 mode: Props to the hivemind for some inspired work on these articles and of course all the commenters, its genuinely fantastic to see commenters actually play along and get involved in jokes like this

  22. JackShandy says:

    I feel like RPS should do a “Best of The Comments” list after every one of these.

  23. Al Ewing says:

    Help me, Clarence, I don’t want to go back!

    Ah well, it is April 2nd 2011 now and the foolery is over. This was certainly the best April Fool’s website of all. God knows what time period we will find ourselves in next year. I vote the Pre-Cambrian.

  24. patricij says:


    • Wulf says:

      There’s that word again – ‘heavy.’ Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the earth’s gravitational pull?

  25. Tssha says:

    Landsakes, what is this place? I daresay this is a far flung place from my ancestral estates!

    Well dear me, I say this land deserves some exploring. Never mind how I got here, I certainly didn’t “stow away” like some layabout peasant that can’t afford a steamer ticket! I just…happen to have arrived here coincidentally at the same moment as you.

    …excuse me, you’re telling me it’s a different year? That it’s 2011? Dear sir, your statements are ridiculous. Surely the rapture ended the world over a century ago. It says so in numerous scripture. Indeed, it would be impossible for me to be here, since if I were I would be 210 years old….what do you mean I don’t understand how time travel works?! How can I understand something I’ve never even heard of! What rubes…

    I say, you folks of “2011” have no respect for a gentleman of my stature. I dare say I shall have you whipped as soon as I figure out the name of your master. Come now…come forth with it.

    …gadzooks! Unhand me you nefarious layabouts! I will not be manhandled in this fashion! Unhand me this instant! I am the honourable lord T. S. Sha! I demand you release me!

    No! Don’t you dare shove me into that abominable box! I forbid it! I

  26. robotco says:

    doesn’t seem to work. the box pops up after you install, but you can’t click on the ‘play’ button…

  27. adonf says:

    The 1873 articles were great, and the comments too (which is an incredible feat considering this is the internets!!!)

    Did you RPS guys moderate the OOC comments ? Because there were almost none.

  28. stkaye says:

    Just played the first hour or so. I’m really impressed, actually – speaking as someone who has never before played a Telltale game. There’s a sensitivity and attention to detail in this game that’s very gratifying for the Back to the Future enthusiast…

    Sound quality seems very low, though. I suppose they compressed the hell out of their sound files to make the download easier.

  29. LionsPhil says:

    You realise that that’s not mutually exclusive, right?

  30. Vanderdecken says:

    I’ve donated to RPS as a result of this 1873 shenanigans. Best day on the internet ever. And I love everyone who’s commented on all the stories, every single one.

  31. Xocrates says:

    Actually, my point was that if he found their best works dire, there’s roughly no chance he would like this.

  32. deabreu says:

    oh ogd, you made a news article as boring as those from the official TF2 blog.
    please stop doing that in-character gibberish and deliver the news already.

  33. RegisteredUser says:

    They gave away Ep1 months ago. Did get it, never played it.