Detour Is Competitive Road Building, Odd

Bomb that bypass!
Sandswept have finally revealed some of their long-in-development competitive roadbuilding game, Detour. Yep, it’s a bit of an odd one. It’s basically sat in the SimCity realm of laying down infrastructure, while at the same time being multiplayer and competitive. Using bombs to blow up enemy roads is as much an option as normal building business. It’s a little weird, as you can see from the video walkthrough I’ve posted below.

The game is out later this year, in “Q2”. So that’s Detour.


  1. TillEulenspiegel says:

    Looks a bit too fast and chaotic to be fun. I prefer my wacky strategy/building games turn-based, a la Moonbase Commander.

  2. Olero says:

    Whoa, odd indeed. Seems like a mix between a builder, tower defence and err, scorched earth? Not sure if I like what I see though, since it lacks a certain something. It’s too spammy, or the level shown was just too small. I’d like to see a bit more tactic and a little less action. The instant building and nuking seems a bit shallow I guess.

  3. Farewell says:

    Could be more interesting if it was 3v3 coop where controlling trucks, turrets and bombs are split between team members…

    • Farewell says:

      (Or 3v3v3v3, etc. for that matter.)

    • Zag says:

      Hey, this is Geoff from Sandswept. We have a gametype called “Merger”, where 2 – 3 players share the same factory and roads. It’s essentially a ‘hydra’ gametype. It can be incredibly fun if you’ve got a good strategy worked out with friends. We’ll be refining it more, and possibly updating it post-release if we don’t get to it in time. :) Hope that helps!

  4. Pani says:

    I sure showed those medium difficulty AI!

  5. Out Reach says:

    watch the video to the very end. Something weird happens in the last 10 seconds :S

    Anyone with a faster pause trigger finger going to tell me what that says…

    • JackShandy says:

      Hmm. It says “”. The URL doesn’t give anything but a placeholder, though. Looks like they’re making a zombie game, then.

    • Super Bladesman says:

      Aye, I saw the text “They Linger” too…

  6. Michus says:

    Yeah it seems like a neat idea, but if a game is over in less time than it takes to navigate the menu…

    • BathroomCitizen says:

      I’m betting for sure that a match vs a real player is gonna take a bit longer than what was shown!

    • Zag says:

      (Geoff here, from Sandswept) Bathroom Citizen is correct. In the dev blog, I was playing a 3-trucks-to-win game, which can be very short. That has been the default for quite some time, but we’re looking into bumping it up to 5 trucks to win, or even more. We’re also letting players set up score to win and time limit, so you can play infinite games if you’re really crazy.