No Country For Boring Men: Osada

Nope, still no clue what inspired this. None whatsoever.

The first of the promised three new games from Samarost and Machinarium devs Amanita Design has arrived and it’s, uh… Well, it’s not really a game. Not really. Maybe a bit. But not really. It does, however, share the familiarly wacked-out Amanita art and anti-logic, so you’ll find much to make you smile in this ‘interactive music video.’ It’s a Western. It’s not really a Western. Maybe a bit. But not really.

Osada could be in the very, very, very loosest sense be described as a point and click game, but more realistically it’s about clicking hotspots on the screen to activate new animations and, in turn, new screens. The reward is in the joyful oddness of sound and vision: this is not something you’ll ever second-guess. I’d say “where do they get their ideas?” but I’ve got a few good guesses already.

I don’t pretend to understand it (or pretend that it’s meant to be understood), but I certainly dug it, especially the gonzoid country soundtrack. Take a look, and savour the prospect of this kind of thinking applied to ‘proper’ games – both Botanicula and Samorost 3 are upcoming. More on those can be found in our interview with Amanita’s Jakub Dvorský here.


  1. mkultra says:

    I came back to edit my originally snarky comment because that was pretty damn all right.

  2. GreatUncleBaal says:

    That was an odd way to start the day. (But yeah, that kind of nuttiness in some games would be a great thing to see).

  3. Optimaximal says:

    ‘Sampled’ it last night… it’s probably worth noting that it seems to loop, so don’t expect anything approaching credits.

  4. godgoo says:

    ridiculously excellent. more thing like this in my life.

    (promptly shares to fb)

  5. Bodminzer says:

    Does anyone else remember the point and click Python game from 1998-ish? Yeah.
    E: Also this is brilliant beyond measure, by the way.

    • godgoo says:

      I had the python game on the Amiga way back- all i remember was the little old lady (spam! sausage! beans! beans! egg…) I loved it (I was about 10).

      edit: @ 1:22

    • Bhazor says:

      Definitely has the Gilliam look down perfect.

  6. Vague-rant says:

    Interesting. Thought it could do with some better signposting of what to click. The intro does this really well with the lit cigarettes and moving wolves. Other parts resembled a pixel hunt which took me out of the experience.

  7. Lavs says:

    This was really cool.

  8. TooNu says:

    The winner of the best headline picture for today goes to Alec

  9. oldasadlo says:

    you should visit czech republic, this game is quite a lot about typical czech vacation. czech people, for some reason, love exactly this bizzare slavic-westernish style. in summer, they enjoy riding rivers down in little boats, playing portable radios, wearing camo clothes, drinking beer and awful lemonades, roasting cheap sausages without any taste on the stick and in the evening, playing country music with lyrics about wild west. “osada” means “settlement” in czech, these are small western-fashioned summer colonies on the river, where people on the boats usually stop, cook dinners and party all night.

    this “game” really reminds me of this strange way of spending vacation.

    by the way, accessing full articles makes opera crash, again.

    • newton says:

      Same here with RPS articles crashing, Olda. Must be a conspiracy against Czech Opera users!

  10. Navagon says:

    Now that was surreally cool. Almost like Monty Python reinvented for the Age of the Internets.

  11. RagingLion says:

    By about two-thirds of the way through I think I caught on to the tone and realised the gentle comedy it was conjuring in a lot of what it did and I really started enjoying it for that. It’s nice to lose yourself in some complete surrealism now and then.

  12. pupsikaso says:

    I remember games like this! I used to have some kind of English-teaching CD that also included bonus “fun” materials and you could click on a whole bunch of different stuff in different rooms and they would play funny/interesting animations and sounds.

  13. A-Scale says:

    Didn’t like the puzzles in Machinarium, don’t like this game.

  14. MajorManiac says:

    Feels like I just travelled through Terry Jones’s mind.

  15. Araxiel says:

    It’s……….Monty Python’s Flying Circus.

    I don’t even know how to describe this scene. Can it even be described?
    link to

    • Araxiel says:

      And how the heck did they design this game?
      A:”Hey duuuude, we need two indian heads supported by their spines but without body ‘n stuff you know?”
      B:”Yeah…totaly…and also…one of them is smokin'”
      B:”And the other one is…drinking…stuff…that’s far out man”
      A: “And it needs flowers…lot’s of flowers…the entire fugging screen needs to be full of pretty flowers”
      B: “Groovy…”
      A: “Yeahhh”
      B: “Yeahhh, brother”

      A: “And in the background is a cowboy with a vacuum cleaner”
      B: “I totally dig you brotha”
      A: “Yeah man…this’ll be sweet”

      B: “We ran out of stuff man…”