Point And Click At The Black Mirror 3 Demo

Does your head go all the way to the top of that hat, officer?

Czech devs Future Games must have been pretty narked when arch Canadian indie band the Arcade Fire titled the first track on their overblown second album ‘Black Mirror.’ The Googles were suddenly filled with lyrics pages rather than links to horror-themed point and click adventures. How unfair!

You can help to right this accidental injustice by having a peer at the just-released demo for Black Mirror 3. Includes haunted houses, a troubled mind and the deciphering of puzzles.
Edit – actually, Black Mirror 2 and 3 have been handled by German devs DTP. Whoopsie.

I’ve not had a chance to poke at it myself yet, but I know that John saw promise in Black Mirror 2, even if the game made a few critical stumbles. If that still leaves you in the dark, a gentleman in the Youtube comments on the below trailer has this to say:

Black Mirror 1 – epic and GREAT!
Black Mirror 2 – only o.k.
Black Mirror 3 – very interesting and amtospharic (?)

Amtospharic it is, then. Hopefully that clears it up for you. Here is said trailer:

Defeat your madness! Yes. Worth noting that that trailer is almost a year old, so I wouldn’t read too much into the text – no doubt the translation wasn’t finished at that point. In terms of how it plays, here’s some Czech German-language in-game footage:

That’s really quite attractive, as one person once said of my slightly oversized nose. From reading the various descriptions of the game it may prove to be utterly bewildering to anyone not extremely familiar with the first two Black Mirrors, but give the 820MB, 45 minute-long demo a spin and see how it sits.

The full game’s out April 22 – just seven days before that posh bloke marries that slightly less posh woman.


  1. doeke says:

    Sounds like German, not Czech.

    • choconutjoe says:

      Yeah. That’s German.

    • Bhazor says:

      A german game? I’ll have to assume they’re talking about spreadsheets and supply and demand.

  2. Italia says:

    Germans wearing trucker hats and flannels?

  3. Binman88 says:

    You mad?

    The point and click adventure genre is far from dead. Even if it was, an attempt to breathe life back into the genre wouldn’t be met with resistance from me. I like good games and want people to keep making them. There’s nothing about the adventure genre that implies a game has to suck. It’s about what any particular developer does with their game that counts. There’s bad games in every genre if you haven’t noticed!

  4. Diziet Sma says:

    I respectfully disagree.

  5. juandemarco says:

    I disagree. Classic adventure games may be dead, but there are plenty “new generation” adventures that are just as good. Machinarium, just to name one. Gemini Rue, to name another. Black Mirror, of course. You can always ignore them if you don’t like them, of course.

    I MIGHT ADD: if any genre is dead, it’s the FPS genre, where the only innovation these days seems to be in the graphics. But that’s just me being antiFPS :P

  6. Anthile says:

    The very first Black Mirror is an amazing point-and-click adventure and certainly one of the best of its kind in the past ten years. Great atmosphere and fair puzzles, that don’t rely on moon logic. I definitely recommend this to everyone who likes serious adventure games.

  7. Igor Hardy says:

    Future Games sold the rights to Black Mirror to the the German company dtp a few years ago. BM2 and 3 have been created already by a different studio.

  8. Gotem says:

    Well, I played black mirror 1 and have no intention to play 2 or 3. it had so many frustrating moments.
    Puzzle where you have to shoot at a padlock, but must make sure to keep one extra bullet and make sure you didn’t overwrite your savegame at that moment, I’m looking at you!
    But man, the guy that draws those backgrounds is a genius, that was the best part of the game, and seeing the gameplay of the third episode, it must be the same artist.

  9. phlebas says:

    The last good troll was some time ago too, but we keep on hammering those nails in.

  10. Giaddon says:

    I’m actually playing through Black Mirror 2 now, and enjoying it. It’s as straightforward as a point and click can be, but the story is interesting, the production values are good and the soundtrack is incredible.

    And note to Gotem: I never played Black Mirror one, but I can say that it is impossible to permanently fail in Black Mirror 2 (er, so far anyway.) It is a different developer so I guess that’s something they changed.

  11. Premium User Badge

    john_silence says:

    It’s comforting to see the lousy pub in Willow Creek hasn’t changed since Black Mirror 2 :)
    Also, Anthile is damn right. The atmosphere in the first Black Mirror was amazing.
    And the sequel is pretty excellent. The guys who developed the first Black Mirror really lost their touch, NiBiRu and Reprobates were rather dreary, but the German guys who took over for Black Mirror 2 & 3 are doing a good job.

  12. godkingemperor says:

    The Longest Journey and Dreamfall alone are enough to prove you wrong.

  13. Thants says:

    @Simon1987: That means you haven’t played or didn’t like Machinarium. Either way I feel bad for you.

  14. Hunam says:

    I just tried to have a go at the demo, but being English and living in england outside of london and other cities means just everything in the game confuses me because it’s like some wonky dimension where people in bristol think alton towers is down the road and everyone has a different accent in a village that seemingly has less than a hundred people.