Here’s Free Stuff For LOTRO EU Newbies

I bet that monster has free stuff in him, too. They always do.
Codemasters have provided us with a fancy newbie code for Lord Of The Rings Online (EUROPE EDITION!) One code can be claimed per person, and can be used when creating a new account. It gives you free stuff! This is the free stuff: War Cloak of Isildur (a cloak) – Provides 34 Armour & +120 non-combat morale regeneration, The Guiding Star (a pocket Item) – Increases +1% Critical Hit Mod, Ring of Agility (Jewellery) Provides +3 Agility to the player’s character, Waybread of Imladris (Food) Restores power, heals damage, and increases Morale & Power regeneration. (Stack of 10), Bree-horse (Mount) – Provides faster travel around Middle-earth, can be used at lower player levels.

A free mount sounds good to me. (Arf.) Go! Sign up!


  1. Valvarexart says:

    What is this? Companies are starting to give away free stuff with no apparent reason? Conspiracies, conspiracies everywhere!

    • Dominic White says:

      It seems that a growing number of companies have cottoned onto the fact that you catch more flies with honey than a kick in the face with a cleated boot.

      It’s just sad that the past couple of decades, nobody has really thought of trying much other than the face-stomping approach to customer interaction.

    • dawnmane says:

      I agree on the conspiracy thing. Yesterday I had reconciled myself with the fact that I wouldn’t get any new games after Dragon Age 2 for a looong time, and here I am today, eagerly waiting for a free Mass Effect 2 AND hopefully a population increase in LOTRO! I mean, what IS this? Is there a civilization-eradicating meteor full of zombie pandas heading for Earth? Is that why they’re suddenly all Santas and philantropists?!

    • ananachaphobiac says:

      Zombie pandas?

    • The Tupper says:

      All pandas are zombies. You can tell by their oversized, dark, staring eyes.

    • ananachaphobiac says:

      Come to think of it, they are very slow and lumbering too…eep!

  2. mpk says:

    I shall name my horse Gordon Freemount in your honour Jim.

    • adonf says:

      Good pun. I realised only recently that Morgan Freeman was not the main character in HL. Am I stupid or what ?

    • Orija says:

      Huh, am I missing a pun here or are you really saying the guy you play as isn’t the main character?

    • mpk says:

      I think you’ll want to re-read the post above Orija.

    • Scatterbrainpaul says:

      I was thinking about setting up my own company called

      Gor Dan Insurance

  3. adonf says:

    Oh good, so that’s not just me! (Confusing Freemans, not being stupid)

    edit: This was my first reply fail.

  4. mpk says:

    Just over-writing a mis-post. Nothing to see here.

  5. Holybasil says:

    I tried it a couple of years ago. I generally don’t think of myself as a graphics whore, but I couldn’t play it. It just looked too bad.

    • John P says:

      Seriously? LOTRO’s still probably the best looking MMO I’ve played. Still better looking than Rift, and noticeably better looking than what I’ve seen of Star Wars: TOR. And LOTRO is 4 years old. You sure you weren’t playing on the lowest settings or something?

    • Dominic White says:

      Yeah, wasn’t it one of the first games to even offer DX11 support? Its graphical fanciness is one of its key selling points. How anyone can look at it and be turned off by the graphics enough to quit entirely is beyond me.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      I think he’s talking style, not fidelity. They’re often confused. ;)

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      It’s been overhauled since then.

    • skalpadda says:

      I quite like the game, but I’m not sure if going for realism was a good idea with the constraints they have to work with. There is an awful lot of dodgy texture work and quite a lot of technical glitches as well.

  6. Stitched says:

    A horse mount at the beginning will change the game, for sure. I remember scrimping and saving to finally afford a mount at level 15.

    • Choca says:

      Not so much actually, mount have become ridiculously affordable these days in Middle Earth.

  7. Witrim says:

    Well you already get a 24h horse and tons of potions for free… So is this a perma horse?
    I only played the US version though so not sure if you get those gifts on EU.

  8. mpk says:

    Played through to level 10 and I’m pleasantly surprised and a wee bit impressed.

    It’s all very much standard fare so far and the parallels with the WoW model are screamingly obvious, but there’s a touch of polish on everything, as if the devs are saying “This isn’t just a WoW clone; this is an M&S WoW clone”

    The crafting system terrifies me.

    • mpk says:

      The newbie pack also comes with 250 points for the LotRO store which is handy since I couldn’t ride GordonFreeMount without first buying the necessary trait.