Old, School: The Sims 3 Generations Coming

Edward Boxhand was forever leading the girls on.
Information about this expansion leaked, like a rude analogy, onto a German Sims 3 site a couple of weeks ago, and now The Sims 3 Generations has been officially confirmed by Electronic Arts. Sims will be able play in treehouses as kids, play pranks as teens, and have a mid-life crisis as an adult, but in general the expansion seems focused on fleshing out the different eras of a Sim’s existence. A shiny new trailer has been birthed, and awaits you after the jump.

The weird part of this trailer is the hint of infidelity at 1:12. What’s that doing there?


  1. McDan says:

    I can’t wait to go through my mid-life crisis. And in the game.

  2. jti says:

    That trailer made me feel sick.

  3. GraveyardJimmy says:

    I think 1.12 was the stag do!

  4. mjig says:

    A bachelor party is infidelity?

    It made me feel a bit weird too, the whole thing felt like some sort of fan made music video.

    • James G says:

      Must admit, the stag do does confuse me slightly, the kind of stuff that is ‘acceptable’ on it would be considered inappropriate a week before, and inappropriate the week after*. I suppose it comes from the fact that its no longer really your last celebration as a ‘free man’ (Also bloody hate that term. If you are honestly looking on your impending marriage as a prison sentence, then perhaps you’re not in the right relationship.) as in most cases now a couple getting married will have been in a committed relationships, and probably living together, for sometimes even a few years before hand.
      * Naturally of course I’m talking about the stereotypical stag do here. Of course plenty of people end up doing something entirely different.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      Unless you’re boffing the stripper it’s only inappropriate before or after if your new wife is quite the insecure prude.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      StingingVelvet: That does depend on what you think is appropriate and what you think is prudish.

    • Bhazor says:

      Yes clearly it’s the wife who is in the wrong in that situation. Why she oughta be ashamed of herself. /sarcasm

    • Berzee says:

      I had my bachelor party at a pseudo-Victorian tea house. We ate little sandwiches with alfalfa sprouts on. Then we rode Go Karts.

      Just sayin’.

    • JarinArenos says:

      My bachelor party was my soon-to-be brother-in-law (10 years younger than me) dragging my best man and me out to a paintball park. It takes all kinds.

  5. Theoban says:

    Great, now I can get my sims to piss the floor, fall down, throw tantrums and eventually die next to the toilet at different ages of their lives.

    • JFS says:

      Isn’t that what we all strive to achieve? Except the “dying besides the toilet” part, that feels real nasty.

  6. Tomm says:

    Looks like the bachelor party.

    Also is the music meant to be in Simmish or is that just how “All Time Low” sing?

    • JarinArenos says:

      The fact that it’s difficult to tell probably says something…

  7. NaFola says:

    0:23 that is one tough sandcastle.

  8. talon03 says:

    Fairly sure it’s a batchelor party
    Although think it’s ironic I seen this vid on the Sims 3 facebook page with “All Time Low” as a tag… I thought it was someone making a joke about the expansion pack

  9. mda says:

    Why is she wearing high heels at the beach…?

    (pretty sure this is the most important question to ask)

  10. Mr_Hands says:

    I think I’ll wait on The Sims 3 Extremes.

  11. Kadayi says:

    Must admit this one isn’t really selling me tbh. Sure new interactions and activities is cool, but there doesn’t seem to be a central hook to it all unlike the previous expansions (Travel/adventure, Careers, Celebrity).

    Albeit I imagine it’s a different team, I’d rather they work on building out the Sims like they have with medieval (which although not perfect shows promise). Sims: Mass Effect for example would be lol worthy. Have a central hub planet where you do your main questing, coupled with some exotic locations you can travel to via space ship. Elcor simish would be tops.

  12. disperse says:

    Besides the truly horrible music, I like the trailer. Maybe it’s the point of life I’m in (married with child) but it seems like a natural expansion pack for the Sims. However, I’ll wait for the deluxe Sims 3 pack with all expansions included before getting pulled into that trap.

    • MattM says:

      The Sims series stands alongside the Call of Duty series and spore as the titles with the slowest price drops, You might be waiting a long time until they sell the whole bundle for less than $100, I have a minor interest in the Sims myself, but I get sticker shock every time I price getting Sims 3 + the expansions.

  13. durns says:

    Congratulations on the best alt-text of the day Quinns.

  14. Mr Chug says:

    All I want is the Sims 3 form of the Legacy Challenge implemented in game. I love the concept, but the points are tricky to keep track of while enjoying the play. Chuck in a few items and maybe Open For Business’ surprisingly in depth business simulation model just for kicks and I’d pre-order it on the spot.

  15. Pointless Puppies says:

    Horrendous music aside, the trailer didn’t say anything about the gameplay. What are they adding here, exactly? I know new objects/interactions and stuff obviously, but what new mechanics are they adding in here? Because I can’t really see how this “expands” the game but rather kind of fleshes out what is already there.