Rockin’: Supreme Ruler: Cold War Footage

Moscow, yesterday.
Supreme Ruler: Cold War, the latest in the Supreme Ruler series of strategy games, is an extremely large and intricate Cold War-era war title, featuring lots of diplomacy and a global conflict map which can be played as a giant sandbox game of domination. Heavy stuff. So it’s admirable to see its developers, Battlegoat Studios, sexing things up with a trailer full of repurposed newsreel footage and a rock-n-rolling soundtrack. Diplomacy! Menu-sliders! Tiny tanks moving along roads! Sexxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Ahem. It could be good. No release date yet, but “Q2” this year, for sure.


  1. SAM-site says:

    I’m in.

  2. The Pink Ninja says:

    How realistic thing is this?

    Can you win without having a direct war between the super powers?

  3. Caleb367 says:

    Mixed feelings about this. I was REALLY disappointed with SR2010 (broken economy / migration model, nonexistant military AI, poor diplomatic and economic AI) and several of its problems have carried on SR2020 (namely the poor AI and a general feeling of being rough and unpolished – example: you’re stuck with the grey silhouette as profile avatar, cabinet ministers have American-style names even if you play China or Germany, poor overall performance (I think it isn’t optimized for multi-core CPUs, it’s mind-numbingly slow HoI3 style)). On the other hand, never had a good Cold War game since Balance of Power. Think I’ll wait for a review or a demo.

    • PUKED says:

      Same here, thought SR2010 had a lot of aimless potential that the sequel didn’t really deliver on. Plus they expected you to micromanage an entire country’s army at the battalion level in real time, and I can’t even pretend to muster the brand of insanity required for that.
      Also a war game with often times nonsensical diplomacy probably isn’t the best choice for a Cold War setting.

  4. rasputinsownbear says:

    I’ll be able to obliterate Lyubertsy? Oh god. Instant buy.

  5. Navagon says:

    Do you have to keep reminding me of all the games in that Paradox Collection I got which I have yet to play? I think I’d have a breakdown if I thought about the sheer weight of gameplay hours in that collection.

  6. Megadyptes says:

    Meh, last games in this series were kinda crappy. I doubt this will be any much better.

  7. patricij says:

    An emergent gameplay – how soon after the start of the Cold War you manage to start a “hot” war with nukes and stuff? :)

  8. Duke of Chutney says:

    i like the music, though it doesn’t immediately bring cold war to mind

    • Vitruality says:

      The music is by Kevin Macleod, who writes awesome royalty-free music. I know because I used the exact same music for a game trailer myself. Great minds…