No Surrender: Duke Nukem Is Baiting You

Yes, well done you

Ever get the feeling you’re being played? The latest crudity salvo from the Duke Nukem Forever marketing cannon is this ‘babes’ trailer. If anyone was expecting a chauvinism climb-down following the controversy around the optional bottom-slapping in the ‘capture the babe’ multiplayer mode, they’re certainly not getting it. The following video is just about safe for work, but it is entirely, consciously puerile.

I see what you did there. Controversy is being courted, and at the same time the reductive approach to gender is trying to be pushed so far that it could only be considered open satire (the belching and toilet flushing at the start of the video is but the first giveaway that Gearbox are baiting the world with this video). Satire of what, I’m no longer entirely sure. Of the game itself, I guess. Which raises the question of where DNF’s worth really lies.

Well, for me it’s all about whether it’s a decent game or not, on levels far beyond the surface headline-courting. I’m certainly no fan of the “lol, boobs” approach, even when tongue in cheek (and I feel slightly annoyed with myself for having posted this trailer because of that), but only to the extent that I just find it kind of boring. Neither the titillation or the humour works on me.

Maybe it would if I was 15. I’m 32, and oh so very tired.


  1. Axyl says:

    I’m 30, and i loved the trailer.

    I’ll happily add my vote to the “LOL, Boobs” crowd.

    DNF is obviously taking the piss out of every action movie / hero ever made.
    Overly muscled protagonist,
    “Hollywood” type Chicks with large boobs and small outfits.
    Over the Top Gunplay,
    Crass and “sticky” humor..
    All laced with Steroids and One-Liners…

    I can’t fuckin’ wait, it’s gonna be awesome..

    “Yeah, but after 12 fuckin’ years, it should be..”


    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      I’m not sure all of the LOL BOOBS crowd are actually lolling at boobs. We’re very meta here, you know.

  2. Zogtee says:

    Looks to me like they’re trying too hard. I suspect this is heading straight for the internet bargain bin.

  3. _Jackalope_ says:

    The ad campaign is purile, but so was Duke Nukem 3D. I’ve been replaying it and things so far seem in character. Maybe folks with rose tinted glasses don’t want to admit that they enjoy that humour and Duke 3D was from a more innocent time or something. Now some people don’t like it which is in no way their fault. It just means they’ve grown up and their tastes changed. I don’t like this trailer. It’s not showing enough of the game and it makes me feel like they are worried about gamers reactions to the actual gameplay. I’m not expecting the second coming of fps games, I just want it to play like the old Duke.

  4. Metonymy says:

    The part that is unintentionally funny is that you are already this depraved. Duke is not nearly as rebellious as he thinks he is, because he already mocked the establishment, years ago, and in the mean time polite society has become weaker, morally, than he is.
    If he truly wanted to stand out against various products-of-their-times, like the characters in other games, he would take a stand on moral principles, and then live his life accordingly. What makes people uncomfortable in this age? Homosexuals? Jews? Conservation? Belief in a particular god?

    • pipman3000 says:

      half way though the game you have to head to the mosque to make sure duke’s imam is okay. at the ending sequence he brushes past all the bikini clad babes to get to his boyfriend in the back row who is a jewish man who believes in rainforest conservation.

      scene: pigcop eats like ten bags of doritoes and an entire jug of mtn. dew and tosses them on the floor

      duke busts in and fills him with lead

      duke: throw your waste in the trash, motherfucker.

    • Wulf says:

      Xenophobia is a major issue today, so what would probably piss people off is the Duke putting down his gun at some point and brokering a lasting peace by doing something absolutely amazing, something that likely involves self-sacrifice. The message would then be: This is Duke. Duke Nukem. if he can do that, then why can’t you? That would fill me with no end of glee.

      So at the end of the game, instead of fighting the boss, Duke decides, for whatever reason, to throw aside his gun and risk his life to save the guy, after seeing building evidence that perhaps these aliens had a good reason to be pissed off, one that spanned an era of time that goes beyond human imagining, revolving around issues that would see reality entirely collapse if they were to fail in whatever they were trying to do. Past that point, he helps them achieve their goals and finds out that doing things their way, everyone gets to survive, humanity included. That would leave a lot of people pissed off, but a few strangely sated and happy.

      I guess what I’m saying is this: Get Grant Morrison to write the script of the next Duke Nukem game.

    • DiamondDog says:

      I’d rather you beat the game, triumphantly defeating the final boss and then get treated to a lovely end cutscene. People cheering, women throwing themselves at you, a nice big victory cigar. Then cut to the Duke laying in hospital recovering, being waited on hand and foot by a couple of sexy young nurses with enormous boobs.

      At which point a doctor comes in and informs you that during some routines tests they found some problems. Turns out the Duke has an advanced stage of liver disease from all the booze, lung cancer from all the smoking and some kind of horrific STD from all the whoring. Couple this with some nice and graphic real world pictures. Obviously all the lovely ladies won’t touch him now that they know he has an STD. Maybe show how much pain is involved going through strong doses of chemo. Sat in bed with no hair, barely able to walk. Dead 6 months later.

      Oh and you only get your Achievements if you stay all the way to the end credits.

  5. pipman3000 says:

    duke nukem forever is a grandpa i sort of liked for some reason when he was absent for like 10+ years but now that he’s back i noticed the only thing he does is talk about his balls and harass women while pretending he’s still 30.

    grandpa stop you’re embarrassing everyone :(

  6. McCool says:

    I can’t believe anyone could seriously find this sexist. Funny is another question, but look at this game for what it is: its so clearly in an outdated fantasy world, that doesn’t exist anywhere but in..well, Duke Nukem any more, the game’s ridiculousness is celebrating how totally unrelated to reality this entire aesthetic is. Think of it, if you will, in terms of Barthes’ Mythologies. Duke Nukem is analogous to Professional Wrestling: it gives us a world with its own rules, were babes are buxom and men are cigar-chomping titans of manliness and aliens are there to get there asses stomped. What is sexist is the insistence in Hollywood and mainstream gaming that if a female character must appear, she must look like a supermodel – that is the first principle, all women must be attractive, and wear revealing clothes. Insisting on sexist, degrading (for all women who do not look like models) standard which applies to all serious exploration of female characters in popular American media. Even if a female character is deep, flawed and nuanced, she must be attractive to the male audience first and foremost (this applies to men also, but far, far less). There’s a mythology we should be worried about.
    Duke Nukem tells nothing about the real world, if it is sexist towards women, it is equally so towards men. In reality it is neither, its ballsy, cack-handed approach to the Nukem aesthetic is opnely, joyously ridiculous. To be honest the videos I don’t find at all funny, but it does give me a certain warm feeling inside, I guess a (false?) nostalgia for more (probably unremembered) innocent times, back when a film being sexist didn’t pretend it wasn’t being so.

  7. gorgol says:

    Lol boobs xD

  8. lazysuperhero says:

    While of course whether the game is any good remains to be seen.

    Have to say that there’s a strong argument to make that this marketing and this DN schtick used to be charming and a tad refreshing, i think at this stage it has slipped beyond post-modern irony, gone full circle lost ANY tiny iota of satirical merit it may have once had and is back at being crass, lazy and just plain stupid. I mean Christ this is delay numbner 122768736498383879898 and to distract from this absurd fact they chuck a few tits at you hoping you’ll stare and make “boobs/ tits LOL” jokes long enough to forget that this game MIGHT just end up being the biggest waste of time ever as you realise it’s mediocre at best and you’ve waited this long for nothing and that you might as well go back and play earlier itenerations of Duke games. Whilst no doubt (This would be a bonus) hoping you’ll go “haha oh how ironic and satirical you are Duke!”

    Sorry not buying.

  9. Wulf says:

    Great. This thread only served to revive memories of a friend recounting his thrilled experiences with Flesh Gordon and Power Pasties. And I’ll offer the same response now that I did then:


  10. The Tupper says:

    Surprised nobody’s said this yet, but I’m a massive fan of tongue in cheek boobs.

    I suspect that the satirical nature of the original ‘Duke’ has been somewhat exaggerated over the years and complaining about the puerile nature of its eventual sequel sounds a bit like nu-games journalism peering down from an elevated perch.

  11. DeathBunny says:

    The amount of whinny little people who sits around proclaim that “THEY ARE BETTER THEN ALL THIS” is annoying.

    Have you people never played Duke Nukem 3D.
    THIS is pretty much in character for that kind of game and i for one SALUTE IT!.

    You guys remind me of that one guy you sometimes see in a strip club.
    Sitting with his friends and loudly proclaiming that “HE is better then all this” and “HE respect women to dam much to get a lap dance” you know a douche.

    It is okay to watch a pair of boobs at times and not act like a you are some kind of morale crusader OUT TO SAVE THE WORLD AND WOMEN KIND!!!!
    IT is fun to live a little and be a bit of a child of times.

    • Jesse L says:

      You fail to take into account the fact that I am better than this.

    • pipman3000 says:

      you remind me of that one guy on the internet who always pisses his pants in rage every time someone is bothered by casual misogyny.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      (@db) Thank you for this insight into your thought processes. :)

    • lazysuperhero says:


    • lazysuperhero says:

      …And then there’s the guy who will clutch at any straw and shout louder than everyone else to rationalise his low standards.

      I and i am sure many of the objectors on here have enjoyed Duke Nukem games down the years and their knowing and tongue in cheek humour. We’re not on some kind of PC perch looking down on you. We just have something called STANDARDS.

      If you’re gona hit us with some satire/ tongue in cheek humour/ irony you better make it FUNNY, it’s the MAIN ingredient. All i and many people are saying is that this schtick USED to be funny, briefly clever, but it has gotten old, it’s rehashed and lazy and it has veered towards the unpleasent by not apparently containing anything that biting or funny. It now stinks of being a marketing gimmick to stoke the fire of a hype for a game they can’t manage to put out on time!

      Lucky there’s an army of berks who’ll swallow it uncritically. Live a little! use your brains!

    • Urthman says:

      Yes, and every new video like this makes me more embarrassed that I ever liked Duke Nukem 3D. It makes me realize that my hypocritical attitude toward Duke Nukem 3D was apparently:

      “Give me a little bit of titillating sexism, but not too much!”

      Now, I think I’d rather just have no sexism, thank you very much.

  12. phosgene says:

    I fully appreciate the fact that video games can be a form of beautiful art. They can convey messages and present experiences that no other form of media can. The level of interactivity required presents wonderful possibilities for the betterment and enrichment of peoples’ lives.

    But this is Duke Nukem.

    I’m normally a completely nice guy to my wife. I help her around the house, we split the cooking duties. I try to be fairly romantic for the most part.

    But every once in a while I slap her on the ass, shove my hand down her pants and call her sugartits.

    • Kandon Arc says:

      Lucky girl.

    • The Tupper says:

      I’m with you, Phosgene. Not in any kinda spit-roast way (we’re curious, mind), but I understand what you’re saying. As does Mrs Tupper – both a gamer and victim of my inept advances.

      The guy’s called Duke Nukem for fuck’s sake.

  13. Wulf says:

    Those last two posts… wow. You two are pro-trolls. Incredible stuff, but at the same time… so horrible. If there is truly an art to trolling, where you raise it to something that’s both clever and truly awful, you two have achieved this. You’re like living avatars of Encyclopedia Dramatica or something!

    • pipman3000 says:

      that’s not trolling that’s called being a gamer.

    • The Tupper says:

      Wulf I, for one, am most certainly not trolling.
      I think that a game of such questionable heritage as Duke Nukem, which was essentially a tablioidised (is that a word?) version of Doom has a certain licence to be crude, vulgar and predictable in its marketing.
      And for the record: enjoying tongue-in-cheek misogyny in a game does not necessarily make one a misogynist, any more than enjoying killing people in a game makes one a murderer.

    • Consumatopia says:

      And for the record: enjoying tongue-in-cheek misogyny in a game …

      And it’s not ironically sexist, it’s indulgently sexist–some people fantasize about treating women like Duke does. Now, that doesn’t mean that they actually plan to treat women like this (though, apparently you do), but it gives them pleasure to think about it. It’s a free country, and no one can stop you from fantasizing about whatever you want, but at least have the guts to admit it instead of gawking at “ironic” boobs.

    • gwathdring says:

      I’m with consumatopia. This may not be meant to be taken seriously, but it’s also not ironic. I’d argue it’s not even really a parody anymore. And since it’s meant to be a fantasy, not a set of guidelines for proper behavior, I can understand why this is acceptable to a lot of people and even enjoyable to the fans. But while that might change the context, that doesn’t change the content.

      I also understand what you mean about the double standard with violence. That’s a fair point. I would argue though that the link between actions in a game and the real world is much more tenuous than the link to attitudes and ideas. It’s easy to dissociate stabbing and clicking. It’s harder to dissociate thinking about in game gangsters in a stereotypical way and thinking about real gangsters in a stereotypical way.

  14. GoodPatton says:

    The only thing I liked about that was the sound Duke made at the end of the video…

    Problem is, I’ll still end up playing it because it’s Duke and he was a formative part of my gaming life.

  15. Eightball says:

    Ha ha! Bosom.

  16. Consumatopia says:

    My favorite thing about the DNF trolls is that they hold the “it’s just satire” position and the “there’s nothing wrong with this I act like this from time to time and my supposed wife supposedly puts up with it” position simultaneously, even though those positions undermine each other.

    • blainestereo says:

      Satire is just a word, you know. A visual clue for you hipster types to know it’s ok to be ironic.

      Duke is not satiric, it has never been.

      It’s a video game with a crude and exorbitantly macho protagonist, stupid jokes and an incredibly fun gameplay with unprecedented interactivity.

      Gee, I wonder why it was so popular. Probably cause people are so sexist, makes me rage!

  17. MD says:

    This doesn’t appeal to me.

    But how on earth is it more offensive than, say, GTA? Or perhaps a more apt comparison would be the Saints Row games, given the deliberate ridiculousness (whereas GTA seems to be taking itself all too seriously these days).

    That’s a genuine and only semi-rhetorical question — I would be interested in discussion if anyone feels like playing along.

    I assume it’s something to do with sexism hitting closer to home for most of us, and feeling more ‘real’ than murder etc., and more likely to have a direct influence on, and/or be a direct reflection of the real-world attitudes of, the players?

    That argument does make some sense to me, as far as it goes. But personally I reckon media which glamorises or normalises criminal violence is also a reflection of and influence on society — even though the vast majority of us are never going to commit any violent crimes, the way a topic is presented to us in books, films, games, etc. right through our lives is inevitably going to have some effect.

    Perhaps if the prevailing media portrayal of violent criminals was that of pathetic low-lives unworthy of respect or affection, rather than this sort of half-half thing we seem to have going, where they’re simultaneously condemned and glamorised, violence would seem less attractive to a few of those on the edge.

    Obviously I can’t prove this, but it seems no less plausible than the argument that casual sexism/misogyny in the media reinforces real-world sexism/misogyny (which, to some extent, it most likely does).

    And if it’s just the ‘sad reflection on society’ or simply ‘offensive because it portrays something awful in a light-hearted, positive way’ thing, surely that goes at least as strongly for a whole lot of the violent games we play, including the ones that barely cop any criticism because we’re so used to violence as entertainment that only the really extreme stuff raises much of a reaction.

    • Consumatopia says:

      The biggest difference is that killing in most games is generic–it’s not aimed at a specific demographic group. Whereas sexism is directed at a subset of humanity. The morality of fantasy killing is a complicated debate. But fantasy discrimination, on the other hand, is a lot harder to defend. If you need me to expand upon this, I can, but to most people it should be fairly obvious–if Duke were constantly making racist jokes, they’d find that more objectionable than generic violent conflict. Indeed, in GTA: VC there was a minor race controversy involving the Hatian subplot.

      Secondly, there’s the “baiting” aspect of it referred to in the title to these posts. They’re intentionally trying to upset a specific demographic group for the purpose of getting attention and increasing sales. Which, hey, we can’t stop them, but is still kind of a scummy thing to do. And the icing on the cake is acting like there’s something wrong with people not liking you when you deliberately went out of your way to make them not like you.

      Nonetheless, to a lot of people what’s offensive is not so much the sexism as how stupid and pathetic it is. It’s not so much that this game represents a threat as it represents a tedious kind of passive-aggressive “political incorrectness” in place of being a good game.

      Again, you could make an argument that fantasy killing is really bad, but understand that that’s a much larger argument than video games–you’ll have to argue against a large variety of movies, books, comics and even ancient myths.

    • Chris D says:

      Hmm good question.
      I think it’s because when a game depicts violence no one is actually getting hurt. As you say, there amy be a link between violence in games and a more violent society but if that is true, it’s still one step removed.

      The difference between that and something like sexism/homophobia in a game is that that will directly affect someone in that group who encounters it. To paraphrase someone (Berzee, I think) in the Bulletstorm debate, it’s fake violence as opposed to real sexism.
      Also violence is still relatively rare in our society, at least in comparison to prejudice which you will encounter far more often, especially on gaming sites on the internet.

      As to why GTA seems to get away with it, I think possibly we’re just more inclined to forgive it because it was more clever about it. It didn’t (that I recall) make a point of selling itself on sex. It had enough going for it as it was, whereas this trailer appears to just be saying “Buy the game, it has tits in it.” It reeks a bit of desperation, like a faded rockstar trying to convince the kids he’s still got it. On a personal level I think mostly I’m offended because it insults my intelligence. Edit: Actually I’m also offended that it assumes I’m the kind of person who won’t mind if it insults someone who isn’t me.

      As an aside it’s also interesting to compare the response to this with the response to “Don’t take it personally, babe. It just ain’t your story.”

    • MD says:

      Some fair points there, thanks for the replies.

      I guess I might have muddied two issues that are actually separate, as far as most people’s reactions go: effect on real-world behaviour, and intrinsic offensiveness.

      I still think my original comment is a fair response to those who lean towards the ‘sexist media causes real sexism’ argument. But your replies definitely make some good points regarding offensiveness.

      So yeah, points taken regarding:
      -the intentional targeting of specific groups (in this case women, who, like most targets of ‘baiting’, have a long — and, to varying degrees depending on where they are in the world, ongoing — history of being treated in appalling ways)
      -‘real sexism vs. virtual violence’ (which is why I’m not quite as frustrated as I otherwise would be by people who complain about, say, bad language in Murder Simulator 5000 — I still think most of them need a massive priority shift, but I do have to admit that I’m comparing real swearing with fake violence)

      And the relative rarity of violence compared to bigotry and discrimination, which I was intending to acknowledge with my ‘hitting closer to home/feeling more real’ line.

      (Also, to clarify, I wasn’t referring to the sex in GTA.)

      One response I am inclined to make is that a lot of violent games must be pretty offensive to victims, and families of victims, of violence. But I do understand that there’s a difference between deliberately baiting a group of people for the sake of it, and the ‘collateral damage’ that is almost inevitable when making all but the tamest of jokes and entertainment products.

    • Chris D says:

      I think rather than saying “Sexist media causes real sexism” I’d say “Sexist media is real sexism”, but thanks for having an actual conversation about it rather than just saying “Get over it”, which is a response I find far more annoying than the game itself to be honest.

    • MD says:

      Thank you too — I’m always a bit reticent to get on this side of these sorts of discussions, because I know I’m leaving myself wide open to be quickly dismissed as some sort of bigot or insensitive arsehole.

      But yeah, “Sexist media is real sexism” is what I was meaning to acknowledge when I agreed I was comparing ‘real sexism to virtual violence’. I didn’t mean to imply that you were one of the people making a ‘sexist media causes real sexism’ argument.

    • McCool says:

      I’d like to repeat what I said in my previous post – just, sexist media is real sexism, but can you really say that Duke Nukem is actually sexist? What, exactly, is Duke Nukem telling us about women, or men? 99% of female characters in games are buxom sex objects, how is Duke Nukem any worse than this? People compare the game’s bouncy breasts to Vampire Bloodlines, and they are right too – look at the women in that. Jeanette. VV. Heather. They are sex objects. Also brilliantly written, nuanced characters, which is why we still give the game such praise, but their portrayal is essentially sexist (there is no male sex-object central character in the game).

      Duke Nukem is no more sexist than this, in fact it is markedly less sexist due to being openly ridiculous. Its puerile, childish, but equally harmless. Teenage boys will find it hilarious, as will those of us who still have our inner teenager intact, but really, it call it sexist is a wholly misdirected. The game is one big dick joke, no-one in 2011 is going to base their views of women on spherical breasted schoolgirls in a throwaway, homage FPS.

    • Consumatopia says:

      @McCool, there is the “look how cool we are for not giving a damn what women think of us” aspect of DNF. Given that the way adolescent boys will treat female gamers is an ongoing problem, that could make things worse.

    • McCool says:

      The game doesn’t give a damn about any demographic that it isn’t marketed towards, which of course makes sense. There is nothing sexist about that – Duke Nukem is not a treatise on gender. It is, at heart, a silly game for people who don’t take themselves too seriously. Duke Nukem isn’t even meant to be an exemplar of the FPS genre, by fully embracing the cheesy 80s aesthetic they are wilfully hauling themselves up in a niche. And that’s fine.

      If you want an FPS that deals with gender in a modern way, look at Valve’s Left 4 Dead series. Some characters are male, some female. Necessarily you will end up playing both – gender is part of a character’s identity, but no big deal. You also have to suspect that if Valve we to release TF2 again, they’d mix in a few female members into the RED and BLU teams.

      Duke Nukem’s bare-faced sexism is so over the top it renders the character, but not the game itself sexist to the point of satire – this is not a game that is meant to be taken seriously.

      The only gripe I have against this approach is it’d look a lot better (funnier?) if it was released in the same year as a No One Lives Forever 3. But such a title would make the FPS genre as a whole a better place.

    • Consumatopia says:

      You’re missing the point–it isn’t that it doesn’t care about women, it’s that it tries to impress us with how little it cares about women. (Which is a bit self-refuting and pathetic–not to mention ironic given the way some of DNF’s defenders are really passionate in their dislike of anyone who dislikes this game).

      Duke Nukem’s bare-faced sexism is so over the top it renders the character, but not the game itself sexist to the point of satire – this is not a game that is meant to be taken seriously.

      Satire doesn’t just mean “over the top”. It is, of course, not a literal political manifesto or program to reform the world along Duke-friendly lines. But there’s nothing ironic about it–it’s a fantasy for people who enjoy imagining themselves being able to get away with treating women like Duke does.

      When the best defense you can muster for something is “this other thing way over there is a bigger problem”, then that thing isn’t worth defending.

    • gwathdring says:

      @ OP

      I appreciate the nuance of your approach. I guess my gut reaction is that GTA isn’t any better. GTA has substantial problems for exactly the reasons you pointed out, and while parts of the series are lauded as excellent games and I trust those who laud the games, I am fairly sure I wouldn’t be able to play it.

      My second thought is that violent crime and negative stereotypes are very separate. The number of people who commit crimes for fun is extremely small. The number of people who insult, belittle, and joke about marginalized groups for fun is substantially higher. Most people who commit crimes are themselves in marginalized situations, and playing video games doens’t change the sector of society you were raised in or your socio-economic status, or your prevailing social sense of security. Furthermore, crime is heavily stigmatized and has strong short term and long term repercussions. For most individuals crime is not worth the risks, not matter how glamorous it looks to them.

      On the other hand, what are the risks of thinking about women in a negative light? Private, negative stereotypes carry little to no inherent risk. And when those stereotypes are wide spread throughout a society, the public risks are also quite low. You don’t have to worry about getting locked up for two years, or having the death or maiming of another person on your conscious. It’s incredibly easy and low risk to stereotype, and we fall into stereotyping patterns easily through exposure and peer pressure.

      It’s sort of an extension of the “fake violence, real sexism” idea. We can more easily separate two separate actions (playing a game and stabbing a person) even if we ignore the moral, social, and other considerations surrounding stabbing a person. Separating in-game ideas and attitudes, for out-game attitudes and ideas is much more difficult.

  18. poop says:


  19. Motorheadache says:

    I’d say a good many of you got baited.
    Good on you, gearbox.
    ( corny vid, but whatever, it worked )
    People take themselves far too seriously these days.
    Cheers eh.

    • poop says:

      cute poem mang

    • Consumatopia says:

      Decent people consider it immoral to bait underprivileged demographic groups.

      But in any event, I’m not sure it counts as being baited to call “I see what you did, there”.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      You know what? Actually, I’m starting to agree with you. Why the hell not?

      I honestly can’t really blame Gearbox. A lot of times people are trolled precisely because they’re practically begging for it. And reading all the haughty, over-serious moral posturing in this thread, I think it’s possible that may just be the case.

      Provoking those who are all too easily provoked isn’t the worst of things in this world.

    • Consumatopia says:

      Gearbox: Oh no, our game sucks, lets make some pointless controversy so people pay attention to it!

      Normal folks: Wow, this game looks like it sucks, and they’re making up some pointless controversy so people pay attention to it. I mean, lol boobs

      Grape Flavor: ha, look at all those people who got trolled!

      Your posts say more about you than they do anyone else.

    • gwathdring says:

      Grape Flavor:

      You also have to keep in mind some of the posters might just like the discussion and the sharing of opinions. One need not take the game seriously to find the things the game’s advertisement does or represents reprehensible.

      At the same time, perhaps some of the posters genuinely do think that certain aspects of media, as an often unwitting form of social discourse, should be taken seriously whether the content generators and fans like it or not. I’m not surprised there are people who feel that way about sexism, racism and similar jabs at marginalized groups. There are times I’m willing to shrug and ignore it, but I’ve never been part of a marginalized group and figure that maybe members of those groups rightly feel differently.

      I don’t think Duke Nukem is particularly important either way, and am mostly disinterested in the game. But I find the content of these ads somewhat irritating. I could ignore it in isolation, but looking at the long run of female characters in games and desperately wanting more exceptions to the rule, I don’t have very much patience for this sort of thing. I understand the call for people to lighten up about it and let the game have it’s fun … but games have been having their fun for a while now and it’s still damn hard to find a respectful take on sex and sexuality in a video game (even well written characters in Mass Effect were dampened significantly by the cheap feel of sex in the game). It’s less hard to find a respectable female characters, but still harder than it should be.

      I don’t want to obliterate offensive content in games. And as long as sexism exists, it’s going to end up in games. But there should be more of a choice for those of us who don’t like it. More importantly, I feel that the media should observe at least an equal-opportunity rule when it comes to being insensitive.

      Finally, Instead of accusing people of taking the game too seriously in a belligerent and somewhat insulting manner, perhaps you should simply say that you disagree and either discuss why in more depth or leave it at that. Someone could just as easily accuse you of not taking the game seriously enough (not really my stance but it makes the point), and proceed to browbeat you as a person rather than trying to counter your position. I prefer dialogue to monologue.

  20. John P says:

    The excuse that it’s a throwback to a more misogynistic time or something only goes so far. Perhaps if it was puerile as some kind of final goodbye to those attitudes, simultaneously celebrating and condemning them, it would have some merit. But that would take quite a lot of writing talent to pull off, and from all we’ve seen of the game so far, DNF is nothing but childish. There’s no merit or defence in being puerile for the sake of it.

    • 7rigger says:

      “There’s no merit or defence in being puerile for the sake of it.”

      Um, there doesn’t have to be? That’s kind of the point in being puerile and childish, you don’t have to defend or explain why you were.

    • Consumatopia says:

      That’s kind of the point in being puerile and childish, you don’t have to defend or explain why you were.

      And everyone else is free to judge you accordingly.

    • 7rigger says:

      I’m not sure I understand what point you are trying to make? Gearbox aren’t stopping you from judging it, they don’t care what you think.

      Reading your posts you seem to have judged it anyway on the basis of promotional videos.

    • Consumatopia says:

      The point is just that if you’re being a puerile attention whore/troll just for the sake of it, then some people will rightly think less of you. And if that didn’t bother you, you wouldn’t have replied.

      Note that I’m not judging the game by the promotional material–the promotional material is tedious and asinine enough on its own.

    • 7rigger says:

      Oh well. I thought I was being polite, but it’s obvious I was being a puerile attention seeking troll because I asked for clarification on your point. Will people be judging you on your passive-aggressive sniping?

      Maturity win on RPS

    • gwathdring says:

      Wow. I hope there was a miss-type and you weren’t actually calling 7trigger an attention seeking whore. If so, that would be rather unnecessary and exceedingly rude. His post didn’t seem at all offensive to me.

      I guess I see kind of see what you’re saying, 7trigger, in that DNF doesn’t feel the need to defend being offensive on the grounds that it doesn’t give a damn. But I don’t really get what you mean beyond that. I’d counter that not giving a damn doesn’t protect you from all the people that do or magically make something ok that wouldn’t have been if DNF did give a damn.

      The OP’s point also didn’t seem to hinge on whether or not DNF gave a damn. He seems more to suggest that not caring what others think is not a defense for any damage DNF does in being childish and puerile and further suggest a type of damage: that it sets the medium back in terms of gender attitudes.

      Which brings us back to the discussion going on elsewhere as to whether or not the content is acceptable.

    • 7rigger says:

      The op had stated that there was no defense in being childish or puerile, and I was countering with the point that behaviour like that wont be defended, as it’s really the point. Kind of like expecting a troll to apologise. I think thats what I originally meant at least :p

      I’m not defending the games attitude or outlook, and neither are they (I understand other posters are and that’s entirely up to them)

      Personally I see this as: a crude marketing gimmick aimed at getting people to discuss their game. I don’t think this will have any effect on gender acceptance within gaming (that is, of course, only my opinion), but I know gearbox will not do a thing about it, as what is happening on this thread is probably exactly what they aimed for by launching it in the first place.

      Thanks for trying to inject a little intelligence into the discussion :)

      *edit* I should also answer your last question: No, I don’t see any problem with this content or outlook being used within games. It’s not like every game is going to follow this example – there will always be games that use sex and gender reinforcement to sell their wares (In a way, all the military-man-o-centric-shoot-em-ups are just as bad for their lack of ANY female input at all)

      This will pass quickly and quietly and I don’t think it will change or influence anything. I understand it may make people uncomfortable and I respect their feelings – but that’s all we’re really discussing : how this makes each of us feel. I’m not particularly thick skinned and I’m definitely not a blokey-bloke, but this whole marketing campaign has failed to register anything for me – be it disgust or hilarity, it’s left no impact at all.

      Also: Do not post from your iPhone while lying in bed. It is a pain in the arse and you will end up forgetting what you have typed because of it’s stupid onscreen keyboard.

      *edit2* I see upon re-reading my comment that I am actually defending it in a way. Please don’t start shouting at me

  21. ColOfNature says:

    DN3D sends up misogynistic uber-macho he-man imagery in caricature, is roundly decried by its critics as an anachronistic embarrassment to gaming.

    … 15 years pass …

    DNF sends up misogynistic uber-macho he-man imagery in caricature, is roundly decried by its critics as an anachronistic embarrassment to gaming.

    Plus ca change…

    Also: lawl, bewbs.

  22. D3xter says:

    This game is relevant to my interests. Thanks Gearbox.

    lol, boobs!

  23. Dances to Podcasts says:

    It’s as if someone would make a modern day Carry On… movie, isn’t it?

  24. Clean3d says:

    Lol, boobs! But enough about the trolling commenters, lets talk about the video itself…

    (Actually I don’t want to talk about the video. I just wanted to make that joke.)

  25. BobsLawnService says:

    I didn’t get much out of that. The crudity and political incorrectness don’t bug me,it just had no content.

  26. Tristram Shandy says:

    link to
    Sums up the article and this whole thread, really.

    • sexyresults says:

      It kinda, really, doesn’t at all.

      Alec said it was shitty and the thread has been mostly ‘lol, boobs’

    • Wulf says:

      I’ve always found it amusing that stuff like that assumes both straight and male everything. Which is kind of telling of the sort of mindset that creates that humour in the first place, if you ask me. :p If you consider that the target might be a gay guy who’s defending equal gender rights, then it pretty much just falls apart.

      So I don’t even think that’s relevant, it shouldn’t be, because it implies that the poster believes that the only people in the world are both straight and male, which is, quite frankly, a truly bizarre concept. But Sliders did that concept better.

    • Grape Flavor says:

      Oh Wulf, come on. I mean, I’m all for adequate representation of minorities in our culture. But isn’t the mindset that a depiction of internet posters as the demographic group which the majority of them actually happen to be, is automatically bigoted and exclusionary just by its mere presence, kinda twisted?

      Look, I’m sorry for whining. link to
      It’s a handicapped black lesbian knight, ok? Is that less offensive?

    • Ghost of Grey Cap says:

      If twenty percent of your audience feel excluded by what you’re saying, how is that not “exclusionary”?

    • pipman3000 says:

      every guy who isn’t a sexist nerdling like me is just doing it to get laid – tristam shandy
      see that is comic funny because it dismisses complaints of misogyny while being an example of it.
      lol imagine if the comic was about how white people only pretend to not be racists because they fear for their lives that’d be a load of laffs lollolapocolypse lawlmageddon rafflerok i definately get that feeling sometime hey people i’m not radioactive you don’t have to change sidewalks when you see me!

  27. Someblokius says:

    My objection to this video is the lamentable quality of the virtual mammaries on offer. This is 2011 for goodness sake. If a game is trying to sell itself on CGI knockers they really need to be a bit more convincing and appealing in shape and animation, rather than this ‘we took our jiggle physics from Neverwinter Nights’ foolishness. Doesn’t DX11 have some kind of melon acceleration technology built in? If not, why not?

  28. AdamK117 says:

    Oh my word, BOOBS!

  29. sexyresults says:


  30. Very Real Talker says:

    now, that’s HOT- poorly modeled and animated 2003 polygonal models of women! Sex sequences focusing on duke’s muscular forearm!

    Will it be possible to play this game with pantaloons on?

  31. VelvetFistIronGlove says:

    This game is not satire.

    Now if it didn’t feature Duke Nukem but instead featured John Romero—then it would be satire.

    P.S. Can someone make a mod that does this please.

    • Urthman says:

      Actually Cliffy B is the John Romero of the [whatever this decade is called]’s

      No one makes me miss OMM like Cliffy B.

  32. rps-feigning-concern says:

    Funny how RPS seems so concerned with exploitation of women when the site subtitle is “tell it to the cleaning lady”. Perhaps if RPS was truly as progressive as it pretended to be, it wouldn’t be enforcing such societal gender roles. We can’t deal with such degrading humor in our games, we need more wholesome games that let us kill freedom hating browns without including the vulgarities of human sexuality. I’m sure a white, 32 year old Mr. Meer is truly a shining beacon against oppression in his daily life. Give me a break.

    Also, boobs lol.

    • Wulf says:

      Trolling, but not quite so pro this time! I think it was let down by that freedom-hating spiel, that was really out of left field. :p

      That said, I’d absolutely love to see how people like yourself would react to a game with a strong, intelligent gal as the lead character. One whom would have to deal with annoying, none-too-intelligent male whores whose only desire would be to get laid, humiliation meaning nothing to them, insults going right over their heads. Hm.

    • blainestereo says:

      Why don’t you go ahead and make that game happen?

      The problem with your type is that all you can do is criticize the existing media without contributing in any significant way.

  33. dragonhunter21 says:

    This look disconcertingly like Garry’s Mod played on a roleplay map with better animation.

  34. stahlwerk says:

    Maybe sex sells. Let’s assume it does, and we can chalk up “+1” for freudian stimuli. What’s the score for the opposition?

    -1 for “Maybe I can get this done before lunch” typography.

    -1 for insulting half of your viewers.

    -1 for horrible voice acting.

    -1 for horrible, quake-engine style animation (0:30… seriously?).

    -1 for horribly stupid dialog (well… kind of given… DN is satire right? right?)

    -1 for not caring enough to ensure no two (or three) girls on screen simultaneously have the same hairdo.

    -1 for taking what may have been an aside during DN3D development and hinging the whole marketing campaign on it.

    -1 for unimaginative/tasteless set dressing. When I think about DN3d I remember how nicely laid out (and to some degree realistic) the levels were. This just looks like leftovers from Larry’s Magna Cum Laude. Now that I think about it, this whole trailer does look a lot like MCL. Also, that environment map on the gold statue is quite wrong.

    The more I see of this game and read about it, the more it seems to be a quick grab for hype cash, thus the hyping by trollbait. Gearbox really aren’t doing themselves a favour with all of this and should have just let the { rotting carcass | collection of unfocused fragments | ambitious, audacious mess } that DNF had become post 3drealms’ demise rest in anachronistic peace.

  35. Sunjammer says:

    One Babes please, on the double

  36. fishoil says:

    lol boobs

  37. toastmodernist says:

    Starting to think that things along the lines of: ‘stop taking things so seriously’ or ‘lighten up’ are really just pleas to return to a place where someone could be like ‘yo women are all bitches’ and no-one would call them up on it.

  38. gwathdring says:

    Assuming Gearbox is trollbaiting, how does that make things better? “It’s ok, we were being assholes on purpose so it’s funny now?” I don’t think whether or not they are trying to be offensive to get a reaction makes it better. That doesn’t change whether or not what they are doing is offensive, whether or not it’s funny, and whether or not it’s irritating. It changes the exact nature of my annoyance, but it doesn’t change the content.

  39. Qabal says:

    I seriously considered adding my 2 cents to the ongoing sexism debate, but instead:

    lol boobs

  40. blainestereo says:

    I love the comment thread. if DNF makes just one of the self-righteous assholes richly presented here pop an angry aneurysm and get turned into a socially conscious, non-hate-culture-perpetuating potato – That alone would justify DNF existence tenfold.

    Because, people, admit it – if you’re not part of the problem, you’re part of the great big boring circlejerk. I meant circleshlickjerk, sorry, didn’t mean to be gender exclusive here.

    i mean, LOL b00bs

  41. IMTabca says:

    I’m not sure I get it?

    I saw a video where several women want to have sex with a man, and that man wants to have sex with them. They all used rather crude lines on each-other and then it’s implied that he had sex with one of them.

    Is wanting to have sex sexist? Is using crude come-ons sexist? Is being naked while using crude come-ons to show you want to have sex sexist? Is being naked while someone else uses crude come-ons to show they want to have sex sexist? If the genders where reversed would this be any better?

    There is real and very damaging sexism going on in the world, this just looked like a simulation of people doing stupid stuff to have sex. Something that most people are guilty of.

    • blainestereo says:

      You are sooo being part of the problem right now

      Next thing you’re goint to say is that Duke Nukem doesn’t discriminate against the pig-shaped people.

    • Wulf says:

      I just think that this is only cool if it’s this way around, and therein lies the problem. What I’m saying is that if the game featured an extremely strong, dominant lady as the main character, and a bunch of men acting like submissive whores, with depictions of homosexual male sex going on, people would be complaining about how demeaning this is.

      The only reason that some people don’t have a problem with it is because of the depictions of straight and lesbian sex, but switch it around in your head, try to see things from another perspective, then you might understand. As a gay person, this is all kind of a massive facepalm for me. I suppose the sheer stupidity of it bothers me.

  42. Shortwave says:

    Well, I suppose this is a good method of keeping their audience interested..
    Delay after delay.. Uhg, you bastards..

    Also, boobs.