Reign: Conflict of Nations Free, Cheap Stuff

Tiny medievalism, for free. Today.
Hello, it’s me again with your (almost) daily free stuff delivery. Digital download service Green Man Gaming has relaunched, and to celebrate they’ve giving us 1c’s medieval strategy, Reign: Conflict of Nations, for free. For details on how to claim a copy, click onwards, and below.

The promo code is as follows:


While logged into a Green Man Gaming account, you need to go here then add the code in the ‘voucher code’ box on the page. The value of the game will then be set to zero, and you can claim it for nowt.

This code can be used to obtain Reign: Conflict of Nations until 23:59:59 on Sunday 10th April (BST).

Other 1c games – Fantasy Wars, Planet Alcatraz, Freight Tycoon inc. – are also bundled together for just £5, which you can see at the bottom of the page. So that is some cheap strategy games.


  1. Mattressi says:

    Awesome, can’t say no to free stuff (unless it’s from GFWL of course).
    Cheers RPS and GMG :D

    Edit: was going to look through their specials to see if I liked anything, but got frustrated that there was no way to remove the thousands of Sega Mega Drive games and gave up. Hopefully they’ll make a way to sort through the specials (and preferably put ridiculously old, dated games in a category called ‘ridiculously old, dated games’ rather than sticking most of them in ‘action’).

  2. Simon Hawthorne says:


  3. Nameless1 says:

    Thx for the info.
    I’ve already gladly used GMG before, trading one game: really good service, I hope it will grow.

  4. Eclipse says:

    let’s grab it!

  5. ChainsawHands says:

    Where is the “Free Reign” pun in the headline? I am disappointed! DISAPPOINTED!

    Also, thanks for the info.

  6. Olero says:

    Anyone here that has some experience with Reign? Because the scarce reviews scattered on the internet aren’t that positive (62 metascore for example). Now I’ve got mixed signals; my left side of the brain tells me to get it, because “hey, it’s free!”, while my right side tells me not to fall for the carrot and avoid registering on yet another website that causes money to suddenly disappear. *Confused*

    • Martin - GMG says:

      @Olero – I can assure you we are very legit and don’t just make money disappear from people’s accounts :)

      If you’re unhappy with the free game, you can trade it in for credit against something else.

      Martin – HCO Green Man Gaming

    • bill says:

      Head Cookie Official?

    • Olero says:

      Ah, but I meant losing money in a “oops, I bought games again while I still have oh, around 30 unplayed games” manner, I wasn’t implying you’d steal my money. More that I’d steal my own ;).

      Getting credit from a free game you return sounds very customer friendly by the way. I’ll check it out then, no harm done. Thanks for the clarification Martin.

    • Hammurabi says:

      I was gonna give this a pass — even free doesn’t always do it for me. But your mention of the game having a relatively low score (for all that metacritic is worth), actually makes me more interested. Is that crazy? Am I crazy?

  7. DSDan says:

    For some reason, I thought RPS was against Green Man Gaming. I vaguely recall you all leaving them off the Bargain Buckets for some reason but I can’t remember why.

    • Icarus says:

      The Bargain Bucket is the domain of LewieP, and the decision to leave GMG out of said bucket is purely his decision.

    • Dominic White says:

      Yeah. Lewie is… Aggressively opinionated sometimes, and it reflects fairly heavily on his work, which really should be more neutral in tone, considering the content.

    • iLag says:

      absolutely. after all, he wasn’t too shy to point out that GMG messed up the price of Aplha Protocol for a few hours and were selling it for basically 10% of the intended price. but when it comes to the “legit” deals on GMG he’s obviously somewhat against that company, for whatever reason. (they could have revoked all those Alpha Protocol licenses. they didn’t.)

      whatever. just look at what Martin’s doing here. customer service (on twitter) is also quite fast. and they are giving away free stuff. nice folks.

  8. Nameless1 says:

    There’re also these 20% voucher codes, for new purchases: link to (valid until 18 Apr)

  9. bill says:

    I’ve had pretty good experiences with GMG.. they gave me kings bounty for free.. they’ve had almost instant tech support (mainly down to being a very small company i suspect).

    If you’re the kind of gamer who burns through games very quickly but doesn’t care about keeping them, it would be great for you. You can trade them back in for reasonable amounts. Obviously there is DRM involved, but if you think of it more like a rental service then it’s pretty great I imagine.

    Me, i’m still less than half way through king’s bounty after about a year… so it’s trade in value has fallen to about $0.05. Oh well.

    • bill says:

      Oh. the only annoying thing was keep having to redownload the client when a new version was released by opening my browser to the download page. If the client autoupdated then i’d have no complaints.

    • Martin - GMG says:

      Hi Bill,
      Our capsule client does auto-update now. We are constantly adding improvements and new features.

      Also, just for you, I’ve increased the buy-back on King’s Bounty to $2.50

      Head Cookie Official?? – I wish

      Martin – Head of Communications & Operations

    • bill says:

      But I haven’t finished it yet!! :-(

      But that’s a good example of the good support and personal service i was talking about. I like the new website design by the way! And having the pdf manuals on the page is cool too. Keep up the good work!

    • Veracity says:

      Indeed, the service’s USP is fairly strange, and of questionable value if you tend to leave things installed for months or years before getting around to ditching them. But it does add value to anything you expect to rip through and be done with, and might tip you on a borderline choice with the promise of some credit back if you don’t like it. I’d happily unbuy Crazy Taxi for 25p, but unfortunately impulse bought it on Steam, not GMG. Besides that, it is yet another place you can go to buy games if they’re not available cheaper (or at all) elsewhere – they have some that can’t even be traded, presumably depending on what publishers would agree to.

      I don’t know what Rodger Savygamer’s issue with them is, since afaik he’s said only that he has one, not why, but from my own anecdotal point of view they seem a reasonable bunch. I had installation difficulties with their shonky(ier?) early client that were absolutely the fault of my own messed-up drive partitioning, on which they responded to a support ticket quickly and offered a full refund if I didn’t want to work round it.

  10. Berzee says:

    Horray freeness! I wasn’t able to download it directly from the website though. I had to start up Capsule.exe directly, and log in there. Now’s it’s downloadin’ just fine. =)

    Thanks, Green Man Gaming!

    Threen Than Thaming.

  11. SquareWheel says:

    I’m all for free, but I’ve only had negative experienced with Green Man Gaming so fair. Poor tech support and a very broken game client.

  12. Navagon says:

    Can’t say no to a freebie! Thanks a lot!

  13. Witrim says:

    Got Imperium Romanum: Gold Edition from them before and now this :).

  14. Robbeasy says:

    Always had good dealings with Green Man Gaming – they have the totally awesome A.I.M. and A.I.M.2 games for starters.

    Client isn’t the worlds best, but it is improving. Cheers for the freebie!

  15. kascade says:

    Thanks for the tip!

  16. Axyl says:

    Woop. Free gaming. Thank you VERY much RPS and GMG. :)

  17. ColOfNature says:

    Woohoo, freeness! I’d buy that for a dollar! Wait…

  18. vash47 says:


  19. Jakkar says:

    As a fair warning, I acquired Necrovision: Lost Company from these folks. It exploded horribly then died – there was no response from tech support. Ever. Even with a bit of persistence later on. If something doesn’t work, there’s a chance you’ll just.. never hear from them again ._.

    Any input yet on whether this game is actually worth the harddrive space?

    • Martin - GMG says:

      @Jakkar – sorry you had a bad experience with our tech support. I manage the suport team and will certainly make note of this. Could you please tell me your ticket number and I’ll send them an email.

      I am on holiday now for the next week, but if you give me your support ticket, I’ll get someone on the case.

      Martin – HCO Green Man Gaming

  20. Jason Lutes says:

    Reign has a lot of cool stuff going on, but I never had the patience to sift trough it all. I liked the visual design and the ideas at work, but it wasn’t as accessible as I like my strategy games to be. It was confusing on the level of the EU games, which are definitely not my cup of tea.

  21. propjoe says:

    Oh man, their website doesn’t look like Steam at all… :)

    All poking fun aside, this is a great offer, and it might even inspire me to buy from them in the future. Thanks!

  22. Montaigut says:

    “Other 1c games – Fantasy Wars, Planet Alcatraz, Freight Tycoon inc. – are also bundled together for just £5, which you can see at the bottom of the page. So that is some cheap strategy games.”

    Where is this bundle ?