Patrician IV: Rise Of A Dynasty Released


Our sterling coverage of Patrician IV: Risk of a Dynasty continues! Yes, as of today the first expansion pack for Patrician IV has arrived on Steam (or you can get it here on Gamersgate), bringing a load of revisions, six new scenarios and a few new features to the historical trading simulator. With Rise of a Dynasty you’ll be able to trade via roads as well as seas, and buy up parts of entire regions. You greedy bastards! Did you ask for that as a new feature? Yes, you, at the keyboard? No? Fine.

I’ve embedded a Patrician IV tutorial video after the jump, so you can take a look at the game and see if it’s for you.

Uh-oh. I was doing OK until he pointed out that both the supply and price of salt in the town were good, which caused a capitalistic impulse to go ricocheting around my body, shouting “BUY! BUY!”

I may have to give this game a closer look.


  1. DSDan says:

    The video says “The uploader has not made this video available in your country [USA].”

  2. Javier-de-Ass says:

    came out last friday on gamersgate

  3. Olero says:

    Rumor has it salt is on sale in Lubeck, but you didn’t hear it from me

  4. Hentzau says:

    I endorse tutorials done in the style of Open University science programs that you’d catch at 3 in the morning on BBC 2 back in the 90s.

  5. Josh04 says:

    I am willing to trade 46 wines to the person with the most bricks in their hold at Gdansk on the 30th of May.

  6. Nameless1 says:

    I have only one question: is it better or even equal the third, gameplay-wise?

  7. Nimic says:

    I actually bought this. That is, the game, not the expansion. Played it a bit, found it mildly entertaining. Maybe I’ll get this too.

  8. lothinator says:

    The video is blocked to the United States??? WOT?

  9. kipue says:

    OOOOoooh the irony!
    Waily waily!
    I am connecting from china (Youtube blocked) through a VPN passing through San Francisco…
    The first frame of the video looks good though!

    Fun times :)

  10. adonf says:

    So Lubeck is famous for its salt, hammers and marijuana?