Tell Us: What’s Your Dream Game?

Someone should make a game set entirely in a thought bubble.

We work far too hard entertaining you. You do some work for a bit. I want you to describe your dream game. It’s not quite as ambiguous as it sounds.

For instance, my dream game, as I’ve written about before, is one that just lets me calmly survive. I want a vast island to explore, filled with treats to discover, but only if I can keep myself alive. I want to need to build a shelter with the physics of a Penumbra game, hunt for food using a bow and arrow I’ve made by stringing a branch and wedging a flint and feathers into a stick, building fires, and so on. The key difference between my game and all those I’ve tried that people have recommended is 1) it’s good, and 2) it’s not about frantically monitoring unrealistic levels. I am a greedy chap, but I don’t need to eat sixteen chickens an hour to stay alive. The budgeting of survival to exploration need not be so punishing, and I suspect is usually because a game really doesn’t have much to offer. That’s what I want.

So what do you want? Maybe it’s a whole new way of thinking about the first-person shooter. Or an RTS that doesn’t infuriate you by focusing on units when you really care about resources. Are you crying out for a management sim that doesn’t care about the happiness of the people?

Someone will read one of your comments and make a corresponding game. It’s inevitable.


  1. Robin says:

    A real-time, non-sharded hard cyberpunk MMO. Sci-fi technology would be used sparingly to make gameplay more convenient (no hand-waving solutions like cloning chambers, but accelerated/automated medical technology, manufacturing, construction, etc.). Economy as fully realised as EVE. Possible to play without ever getting into a combat situation. Probably played in the browser.

    On the single-player front, a dungeon crawler with the level of inventiveness of King’s Bounty. You deeper you go, the more crazy and unexpected stuff you find. Like Ultima Underworld in a volume of earth the size of GTA San Andreas, cubed.

  2. Hazzard65 says:

    Luckily it seems EVE developers CCP have this same vision in mind but I will post it anyhow.

    Basically what I want is millions of players fighting for supremacy in a single galaxy with hundreds of thousands of stars systems to battle over. Vast armadas tear each other apart in the upper atmospheres of planets as hundreds of dropships funnel men and equipment to the surface to establish a beachhead. Thousands of flakfire rounds obliterate vessels coursing through the burning skies, men pouring out of these tiny boats into a forest of complex machines, laser beams, dirt, blood and explosives. That would be one minutiae of a war waging across an entire galaxy.

    You would choose infantry or navy and you would progress through your career in your respective clan/ faction. Factions could even be completely self run but the emphasis is on absolute, star destroying warfare.

    Planetary battles could be quick, or they could be a slow, brutal war of attrition where two sides might vie for supremacy on it’s surface over weeks or even months, turning it’s once glimmering cities to rumble strewn labyrinth’s similar to Berlin at the end of WW2.

    Deep space warfare would take place between massive ships and naval fleets around key locations and bottlenecks.

    It would be epic, astounding, ridiculous and way beyond what technology could provide today… BUT it is my dream game :).

    • zbeeblebrox says:

      Mine is a super-simple variation on yours: EVE, but in a fantasy world :)

  3. juliainleuven says:

    A Heavy Rain type game with an actual good story and psychological depth. It doesn’t have to have a gazillion endings and whether or not I had jam on my sandwich in the morning doesn’t have to come back in a meaningful way in the last act. It should start slow, I want at least three days of dreary commuter existence before strange things start to happen.

    An Mass Effect type RPG set in ancient Rome/Greece. When I use the persuade option in dialogue I want my character to come up with a massively stunning rhetoric as to why these graverobbers should stop their evil graverobbing ways, instead of seeing my girl go “hey, you, you guys shouldn’t do that”.

    Also, a fun co-op runny jumpy climby whee game that can offer two players with vastly different skill levels a challenging and fun co-op experience (not sure how to do that either – but the Lara Croft co-op game was heading in the right direction)

  4. sinelnic says:

    My dream game will adapt to me and my circumstance every day, making me feel powerful, smart, elegant and charming in such a way that I won’t notice it was on purpose.

  5. bwion says:

    I’ve got a couple of dream games.

    * A turn-based, squad-based, open(ish) world D&D game. Jagged Alliance but with D&D rules, basically.

    * A serious science fiction RPG that isn’t (a) post-apocalyptic or (b) shooty space opera (much as I love both of those things). Preferably set on an alien world (or several of them). Ideally, violence wouldn’t be the sole, or even primary, approach one would take to the game (though it would remain an option).

    * An action RPG in which you fight orcs and goblins and trolls and dragons. As a giant robot with rockets and lasers.

    * Take Minecraft, Space Rangers 2, Morrowind, and Dwarf Fortress, and throw them all in a blender. I have no idea what sort of game would emerge, but I have a feeling it would be *glorious*.

  6. quietone says:

    Hi, I’m new around these oarts, just a lurker for a couple of weeks.

    I guess you might have tried it but just in case…The Unreal World is as close as it gets to the game you described in your article (minus the mechanics and anything close to good graphics, but it compensates that by being very, very deep and detailed…and also unforgiving)

    That was THE definitive survival game for me. I completely forgoto about it until I read your article. I googled it up and it is still around after all these years and apparently still being updated. I would recommend you to give it a try.

  7. Fondue says:

    1. Pretty much your idea – survival, but I’d prefer it with a Stalker-ish bent: scrounging scarce ammunition to subvert an invading army or something. Taliban The Game?

    2. The whole EVE/Dust 514 idea but with more active space combat.

  8. Stranglove says:

    MOWAS with decent pathfinding.

  9. Mattressi says:

    My dream game is pretty much exactly what you described, John. Funny, most of my friends feel the same way. Why will no company ever even attempt a game like this? Clearly there’s a great demand for it (likely made even stronger because of the small taste of it that Minecraft provided).

  10. Lobotomist says:

    Combination of Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress.
    Imagine 3D graphic of Minecraft , but instead of you doing the work , your lead these dwarf colonied that build stuff.
    Now slap online play on it
    And take a looong holiday ;)



    ELITE Online (EVE but with twitch based flying , meaningful “walking in stations” – and less orientation on killing)

    Game that simulates Warhammer board game (like Blood Bowl) with exact turn based rules

    With easy to use editor, online play and Dungeon Master mod !

  11. LTK says:

    I have a dream game controller, does that count? It’s technically a form of motion control, only not gimmicky: What I dream of is a first-person game that you control with your entire body. There is an existing concept for this, and it’s basically a giant hamster ball where a person walks around in with VR glasses. But it’s not perfect.

    There are many things that the giant hamster ball controller can simulate by varying the speed at which it rotates: Accelleration, deceleration, and slopes. So you can simulate hilly terrain with reasonable accuracy. But there is one thing that’s missing from this control scheme, and that is obstacles. The ideal game controller lets you feel the splintering of wood under your foot as you kick in a door, or the impact force of a tackle in rugby. I’ve thought long and hard and I haven’t come up with a way this could be reliably simulated without something like forcefield technology. Any ideas here?

  12. Faxmachinen says:

    Minecraft, except you start in a series of interconnected rooms with a bunch of puzzles to solve, culminating in making explosives and blowing a hole in the wall to discover the vast outside world.

    Also, a procedurally generated world that has variety and meaning.

    Also, The Dark Mod with a campaign made by the original LGS crew.

  13. Gothnak says:

    1. Sim Baron: You play Sim Ciy in a Fantasy Medieval Setting above ground, and build a Deathtrap Dungeon experience below town. The buildings you build attract heroes who will take on your dungeon for riches and rewards. However, don’t make your dungeon too difficult or everyone will die and no one will try it next time, meaning no spectators and no income.

    2. Call Of Cthulhu TBS: Similar to Xcom but set over 70 years. Starts in 1890 with the hero as a teenager, ends in 1960 with them as an old man.

    3. MMOCCG: A massively multiplayer game exactly the same as any other MMO except battles are done with cards rather than clicking 1-10. Loot is cards, multiplayer is card battling. Payment is per month rather than per pack. people that play the game the longest get better stuff, not based on paying money. In short, Multiplayer Shandalar.

    4. Soul Calibur RPG: You start the game with a basic hero with basic moves, as you explore dungeons you get equipment and learn new abilities, setting them to combinations on your hero. Each adventure has a randomised dungeon and therefore you end up with a randomly generated fighter by playing the single player game. Then take it online with your unique skills and scare the crap out of people who have never seen a character fight like that before.

    5. A decent F1 Management game.

    That is all.

  14. Firkragg says:

    I have a dream.
    WH40k game, where the player starts out on a Hiveworld with no class/alignment whatsoever. The player “chooses” which career he wants to play by going a certain direction. Subtle hints will tell the observant player what career he is heading towards, such as an Imperial Guard recruiting poster filling a tunnel, Imperial Navy gangs clubbing in another area or perhaps a chance encounter with an Inquisitor just by following a Skullremote.
    The thing I love most about this kind of starting system is that perhaps you develop a new expansion, this is reflected in this “starting zone” by a new addition to the geography, a new street being opened or a new building becoming accessible and new encounters.
    The core game could just have a large open area to explore, with only 2-3 careers open to start off with. These could include a Space Marine career, Imperial Guard or local Planetary Defence Forces.
    And it doesen’t have to stop there! Space Marines have many roles too, you’ve got your regular spacemarine, your chaplain, librarian and so on. Same goes for the Imperial Guard – Footsoldier, Commissar, Karskin, each role within a career with matching equipment.
    Imperial Navy sound too dull? How about becoming a fighter pilot (spacebound + atmospheric), security detachment that fights off boarding actions, commit boarding actions or patrol the ship during warptransition? Or a lowly gangrating, trying to survive in a hostile enviroment where the guns of the ship is as likely to kill you as the enemy’s guns.
    And these are only a small part of careers and roles I’ve been thinking about. There’s also Chaos (which again could be subdivided into Tzeentch, Slaneesh, Khorne or Nurgle – who wouldn’t want to play a Tzeentch psyker?). Or just simply be a Tank Commander or Sentinel driver in the Imperial Guard. Possibilities for expansions are endless if you have the imagination.
    To sum up: Have an open starting zone where your decisions, guided by hints in the enviroment, lead to a campaign with that career, with possible roles with dividing storylines. For example, a normal space marine recruit’s (Neophyte’s) campaign would focus on his skills and missions in trying to become a Space Marine in full, while a normal Space Marine would have a whole other storyline for his campaign, off fighting Orks, Tyranids or whatever threatens the Imperium.
    I have a dream.
    P.S. Hope that was somewhat understandable.

    • zbeeblebrox says:

      “…where the player starts out on a Hiveworld with no class/alignment whatsoever. The player “chooses” which career he wants to play by going a certain direction. Subtle hints will tell the observant player what career he is heading towards”

      This is sort of like something I wish MMOs would do. I never liked how RPGs (and MMOs by extension) so totally front-end the experience with tedious stat manipulation of attributes which – until you actually start playing the game – have absolutely NO in-game meaning to you. WTF is a “wizard,” in comparison to a “paladin” exactly, and why should I care? I shouldn’t. It makes so much more sense to limit pre-game customization to the purely superficial aspects like appearance, and allow class/alignment to be an emergent element of how you play and what strategies you employ for your given character.

  15. xrabohrok says:

    I always was fascinated by the likes of Scotty from star-trek, how they could keep the whole ship from exploding on the spot with the frantic pressing of buttons. So a game that lets me be the bad-ass ship engineer would be cool.

    Also, a next-gen X-COM that sacrifices nothing the original did (destructible environments, hard enemies, sheer tension).

  16. Saul says:

    We seem to share a brain lately, John. I was just thinking along these lines a couple of hours ago. And the genre blurring stuff has been on my mind lately, too.

    My dream is that game developers will hire good writers. I’m available.

  17. Dom says:

    I had a dream the other night where I woke up, panicking that my Milkybar was gone. When I rolled over and saw it was still there, on the bedside cabinet, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of relief. It was safe!
    When I woke up in reality, realising the Milkybar wasn’t there, I was so angry I could’ve punched someone.
    Then I remembered I never had one in the first place, and I don’t care for white chocolate that much anyway. Also, I did not read any of article past the title.

  18. Unaco says:

    Mount & Blade mixed with Total War with a little Die by the Sword, but with better combat/duelling/challenges… more believable NPC’s with actual ‘personalities’ and agendas rather than just being on a certain branch of some decision tree… all freeform, with emerging dynamic narratives, but still a cinematic, almost scripted feel… A Randomly generated (think DF) Dynamic world and people and factions and happenings… Lots to explore, multiple ways of doing things (violence, diplomacy, deceit, economics, etc). A fantasy/medieval based, civil war simulator, between 5 or 6 factions, all vying for a central crown/position… where you get to lead (or are at least be a part of) one of those factions… commanding the army and your Lords and your realm, but at the same time controlling your character, riding at the head of your army, challenging your enemies on the field, involved in the intrigue in your court, making friends and enemies and doing things to them.

    You’d start in character ‘creation’… choosing the very basic things, a name, the faction/family you belong to, perhaps appearance… then you’d get to make a few, reasonably vague choices about how you will dedicate the first 8 – 12 years of your life… do you want to concentrate on combat, or learning, or tactics, or leadership, or a blend of them all. Also, during this time some random events may occur… maybe your mother dies, in mysterious circumstances (perhaps your father, or your sister, or her sister killed her), maybe you get a scar from training with your brother… these events beginning to shape your character. After that, you get to choose more specific things for each of the next few years… you spend a year at your Uncle’s castle learning the spear rather than the sword, or a year at one of the family Ports, learning trade and commerce… maybe get to engage in some of them, as well as some random events. Then, when you hit about 15-16, the tutorial would start. You’d be a young man, joining the ranks of your fathers Lords… maybe controlling a small army, or running a small town.

    Then, sh*t would kick off… your father/family would be killed, there would be treachery and bloodshed, and then the game would begin proper… you’d be left in control of your families holdings, against the other major houses, vying for some ultimate goal… Uniting the Kingdoms, or defeating the others and taking the crown for yourself. How you do that is up to you… Crush your enemies, along with allies… become the power behind the throne… sow division between your opponents (convince the younger brother of Faction A’s King to declare for himself, then watch as they pull each other apart)

    I picture Epic battles (capital is intentional)… armies of 1,000s clashing on the field (mostly peasants/conscripts/levies) but also the Lords and Knights of each faction… you’d be able to get stuck in, challenging enemy Lords to combat, or just wading through the fodder. I’d expect 100’s, if not 1000’s of different stances and forms, all having to be learned and trained and practised. I’m still slightly unsure how combat would be done… keep it real time and you’d have to stick with only a few ways to attack (vertical/horizontal/jab), add some sort of slow down/pause to it though, and you could expand that a lot… Combat would have to be very cerebral though… you’d have to learn your opponents (prior to the fight), learn what stances/techniques they favour, find what can counter them etc.

    tl:dr… A game for which the design document is a Fechtbuch, mixed with A Song of Ice and Fire, some European Historical tracts. Basically a Medieval Lord Simulator.

    • Unaco says:

      Also, while we’re pushing the boat out here, throw some Crusader Kings into the mix.

  19. Alex Bakke says:

    I want Deus Ex – But with an addition to the story.


    Deus Ex has you working for UNATCO at the beginning of the game, killing terrorists from the NSF, purportedly upholding peace and ensuring that everyone gets their vaccine to cure the Grey Death (The important people, anyway.). Throughout the first third of the game, you’re drip-fed clues as to UNATCO’s purpose, origins, allegiance and so forth, before discovering a brilliantly implemented conspiracy with the help of your brother, Paul. You switch sides.

    So, near the end of the first third of the game, you’re ordered to upload a message on UNATCO’s satellites warning all NSF soldiers to go off the radar, so to speak, which as a consequence reveals you as a traitor to UNATCO.

    My main problem with this is that you’re *ordered* to upload the message. For a game that prides itself on having accounted for choices made by the player (kill/save Lebedev, lose/save Paul etc.) in order to keep immersion throughout, it strikes me as baffling that RPGs with such potential don’t account for *you* making the choices.
    I understand that back in 98/99 technology was primitive compared to the lovely stuff we have now, but this is the future; I don’t care if the same engine is used, what I *really* want is for you to have the choice to remain with UNATCO, despite their corruption.

    For me, that would complete Deus Ex, and leave me very, very happy.


    • el_Chi says:

      I too felt that this was one of Deus Ex’s (few) failings. At the time, the 700-odd MB it took up on our hard-drives was huge and offering a choice like that would’ve made it an even bigger and more ambitious title than it already was.
      It was the right decision to keep things on a straighter narrative path there, but it is a shame you couldn’t have just flown to UNATCO and confessed to Manderley.

  20. Bloodloss says:

    1. Another great, classic style western RPG. You know, the type your grandfather used to play, with choices and consequences, tons of well-written dialogue and plenty of stat checks, like Fallout 1, Planescape: Torment, and Arcanum. The setting would be sci fi and a blatant rip of Firefly. Just like the show, you’re a bunch of rebellious mercenaries travelling across the black, taking on any and all jobs, morally dubious and otherwise, avoiding the alliance and generally getting up to no good. The combat would be strategic and turn-based and the scope would be magnificent with all kinds of different, varied and interesting planets to explore and characters to meet. It would put all the classic games to shame with the amount of choices you could make and every playthrough would be significantly different.

    Now, several times in the past few years it seemed like there might be a revival of this type of game, but every time my hopes are dashed. The latest example being Dragon Age: Origins which was a pretty great RPG, with its main flaw being the copious amounts of filler combat. We all know what happened to the sequel, though.

    2. A game that has the best bits of Eve Online mixed with the best bits of World of Warcraft, and all grinding elements mercilessly destroyed. I love Eve’s freedom, and I love WoW’s world. I want to be able to land on different planets and explore, etc. Even if Eve implements this, it’ll be incredibly barebones and not really worth doing. Both games require too much grinding for my liking.

    3. A game somewhat like Civilization except with a much, much greater focus on diplomacy. The diplomacy would be incredibly deep and rewarding. It could just be Alpha Centauri II perhaps… but all of my games are set in space so far, so we’ll just go with an Earth setting.

  21. pakoito says:

    Pretty much everyone wants the same thing: a Second Life world with their liked setting. Some happy Matrix to be plugged in forever. Level 13…no wonder :D

  22. Mr Chug says:

    Some sort of cross between Wurm Online and The Ship. Thousands of players set loose in a vast late-Medieval landscape to build settlements, countries and weapons for killing each other and hone skills based around crafting/hunting/building, etc, with player persistence (players who are logged out are simply asleep in game). Meanwhile, all players are given the name of a single person somewhere else in the game world who they need to identify (by travelling to the settlement in question and asking personally, or asking someone who’s seen them about them for a rough description) and kill. If you kill your target you choose a unique high level item relevant to your skills, and if you’re killed by your hunter your character is perma-dead and you start afresh (usually you’d respawn in a player designated ‘home settlement’). Paranoia and community crafting/building together at last.

    • Berzee says:

      This sounds AMAZING.
      Of course you could kill others who weren’t your target as well, right? With all the risks that usually involves.
      I am imagining being assigned a high and mighty individual, and working for days or weeks or months to be trusted by him, until you find yourself alone in the wilderness and BAM, murder O_O … but the thing is, what if you become fast friends in the meantime? Doing The Ship in a persistent world is just *cruel*…and brilliant.

  23. dangermouse76 says:

    I want to somehow, weld GTA’s world creation skills, with elder scrolls / Fallout 3’s rpg story telling elements, with a level editor as powerful as the cryengine and as easy to use as minecraft.
    It will encompass the ” can complete all tasks without a kill ” philosophy of MGS and include AI elements from a future game that has not yet been made but will have kick ass AI.
    There will be no story but a behind the scenes procedurally generated series of events and relationships that grow organically as you interact with the world.
    Plus zombies….

    And co-op…..

    And dynamic weather….

    And pizza I like pizza.

  24. zipdrive says:

    Maybe a strategy game (TBS? RTS?) that really allows you to command armies, rather than micromanage soldiers into place and click-click-clicking on them all the time.

    Something with a command hierarchy and logical time constraints like some of the operational hex-based wars, only graphically alluring and narratively engrossing. Allowing for misinformation (a-la Ruse?), incomplete information and sophisticated unit behaviour (a-la Men of War)

  25. Cr4ke says:

    G20: Total Riot

  26. Mutak says:

    A shooter/rpg hybrid that lets you use guns or magic or both. Maybe with an on-rails sequence or two where you take part in a gunship vs dragon dogfight or other things along those lines. But of course, it’s got to be done right – Mass Effect meets Dragon Age meets Deus Ex.

    Great action, story, and characters, well-balanced progression paths, and meaningful choices for players to make? Sounds easy enough! Let me know when i can sign up for pre-orders! ;)

    • Mutak says:

      And if i can’t have that, i’d like a turn-based wargame (NOT an RTS) that feels like playing Warhammer/40k so i can play against my old tabletop gaming buddies who live 6 hours away.

  27. matty_gibbon says:

    You know what I want? Spore. But not Spore as it turned out, but Spore as it was FIRST presented to us by Will Wright.

    The creature mode would be enough, but with the way you designed your creatures actually having a direct effect on how they behaved and their abilities, to a fine detail (example: speed derived from a calculation using the number of legs, muscle mass in them, weight of the creature, creature’s energy at the time etc. rather than what feet they’re wearing).

    I remember seeing a creature drag a bloody corpse to a secluded spot to eat it in the demonstration/ It made me think about dragging the kill through water to mask the scent, making sure I wasn’t downwind of scavengers I could see, burying the corpse for later, how long my particular creature would be able to last until the next meal. In my head it was awesome.

    • Aero says:

      That’s what I want as well. Not the Sims:Animals game that was delivered.

  28. terry says:

    Open world procedurally generated universe, only weapon a camera and virtual notebook, you play a rad space journalist.

  29. Evil Otto says:

    I desire
    1. an increasingly absurd psychedelic journey through late 60’s California, featuring a soundtrack by The Doors.

    2. A lego game by Traveller’s tales of Dr. Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and Love the bomb.

    • Lilliput King says:

      “an increasingly absurd psychedelic journey through late 60′s California, featuring a soundtrack by The Doors.”


    • Evil Otto says:

      Of course, its title will be Strange Days.

  30. fer says:

    Just start with Elite, the orginal, wireframe version on the BBC Model ‘B’. Implement these – and only these – changes:

    1. Allow the purchase of / transfer to other single-pilot ships.
    2. Make it multi-player.
    3. Make the universe persistent.
    4. Implement very simple communications (ship-to-ship in space, player-to-player in the stations).
    5. Nice to have: deliver the whole thing in-browser.

    That’s it. A game you can learn in 10 minutes, and then fail to master for a very long time.

  31. Ergates_Antius says:

    Your (Mr Walker) dream game sounds like one of my dream games too.

    My other dream game is an MMO with a vastly more advanced crafting system. I’m thinking this would work best in something sci-fi based like Eve.

    In MMOs when you make an item It’ll be identical to the items that anyone else has made. The only way to turn a profit is with bulk – make more of them then ayour competition and sell at a lower price.

    What if you could design and build from your own blue prints. And (most importantly) how these things performed would depend on their design. E.g. you design a better starship engine that is more powerful or more efficient that the standard one. You can charge a premium for your engines because they’re better than other peoples and turn a profit that way.

    One fairly simple (and achievable) example: In Eve you can build large refineries (raw material in, usable product out). Now combine this with SpaceChem – you can improve the internal workings of the refinery to make it more efficient, or faster (or both).

    A game where geninue invention is possible and profitable.

    No idea how you’d implement this, but this is a dream right.

    • zbeeblebrox says:

      If you think about it, the vastly detailed combat systems in many games totally go to waste by only being used for combat. All of the principles available there could be put to use in crafting as well.

      Imagine going on a crafting “quest” that’s just as fun and exciting as hacking your way through a dungeon. That’s something I want.

  32. Phinor says:

    So many things come to mind like, simply, Deus Ex but even better.

    But since no one has mentioned it yet, the ultimate racing simulator. That is, vastly improved iRacing physics, the best force feedback you’ve ever seen (or rather, felt), all major and even minor race tracks from around the globe laser scanned, a hundred or so different cars (no need for hundreds of silly road cars a’la Forza/Gran Turismo, only proper racing cars.. ok, maybe some road cars, but just some ;)), proper AI drivers for offline players, hundreds of thousands of non-retard players online (so all car classes have enough participants day and night) and all this without monthly fees :)

    Notice how I didn’t mention graphics. Any decent 2005+ racing simulator has good enough visuals for me. Audio is a bit more important, though.

  33. starclaws says:

    A game that doesn’t require, recommend, and encourage the use of repetition or replay of their product. We keep getting stuck with 5 hour games, or 25 hour games that only see repetition of certain aspects. Cast this spell 50 billion times at 3 minutes per cast. Watch this door open 500 times. Kill this same creature… BUT A DIFFERENT COLOR OH NO! 500 billion times. Oh you have to play this game again to get the secret special ending but its exactly the same playthrough other than maybe some storyline/character changes! Or the plain scary word: achievement

    But dream game I have is just too extensive to even comprehend… But here’s a few numbers … You can have some thought on the scope of it though. 1.7 million, three thousand, fifty thousand, 40,075, and probably a few more I can’t remember right now. All representing different important things.

  34. Rond says:

    Morrowind II. I want a complete overhaul, with “living” NPCs a-la Gothic, quests having consequences, a better fighting/spellcasting system, maybe some kinda faction wars in the Great Houses’ quest lines. Also it would certainly need better dialogues. And without dumbing dumb the RPG system, maybe even making it more complex actually.

    And, not exactly about a dream game, but, after playing Anomaly Warzone Earth, I thought that not only tower defence games can have such an opposite. What if the same was done to an FPS? What if the player was in control of the usual countless action-game baddies trying to stop an overpowered space marine (or a team of them)? Imagine a multiplayer game with a live AI Director, huh?

    • Rond says:

      Ooh, and I’d like a space combat sim with “realistic” physics. I like to shoot shit up in space, but things like “your max speed is 250m/s” (Newton’s second law, hence my max speed should be around c if I fire my engines continually), sound spreading through vacuum, laser beams visible from any angle etc put me off. And a damage model wouldn’t hurt, I want to be able to blow off engines, guns and wings (or whatever space ships have for wings). So there it is, a flight sim taken to vacuum and a couple thousand years ahead.

  35. Duke of Chutney says:

    A cross between Deus X and Hardwar, with the detail of both.

    – so essentially an open world game set around a city or planet, where you can pilot a craft, and enter buildings or area on foot for rpg/fps elements. The more proceedurally generated and replayable the better.

    • Everyone says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who has an ongoing obsession with Hardwar.

  36. Graeme says:

    My ultimate game is splinter cell crossed with xcom. Set in the worlds of Deus Ex and Sydicate. So basically augmented humans, in trenchcoats, creeping around a turn based world doing covert mission, framing rival corporation, kidnapping scientists and assainations.


    The world / history generation of Dwarf Fortress built into (a lagless) Minecraft, so I can explore a world and come across massive statues like The Argonath and abondond ruined cities and temples.

  37. riadsala says:

    I always though a roadtrip/racing game could be fun. You’ve got to drive from John o Groats to Land’s End as fast as possible for some reason, or more likely, from the Eastern USA coast to the west… come up with some plot to add excitement (a Monsters (the film) style alien invasion crossed with a love story), and off you go.

    The game would be a bit like the road trip sections in half life 2, but over a far larger area, so you can chose and plan your route (motorway, or stick to quiet backroads?). Add in some adventure and rpg elements, and lots of good story telling, and off you go. Do you take a detour to explore, and risk death, or keep driving down that road?

    Passage, crossed with Farcry 2, crossed with HL2 crossed with GTA crossed with Fallout.

  38. Spatula says:

    OH OH!.

    some great ideas already- but mines of a firefly bent. Not in that universe, but i’d like a space based MMO that has you piloting small ships but in ONE system only. I.e ours or some {insert random exoplanet system here- let’s use gilesse for now}.

    There’d by a ‘homeworld’ with cities on it (3-4 ‘big’ ones), but there’d also be other areas of interest, such as mining outposts, bandit camps etc etc. There’d be 4-10 planets, each with a main space station- some uninhabitable (out of the goldilocks zone) some habitable- with colonies and stations representative of this fact.

    There’d be SPACE. As in large areas with bugger all in it- like REAL space. Hidden stations and pirate camps could be located within.

    Comets, asteroids belts and other factors would be included.

    It would be a primarily 3rd person game, combat with over-shoulder shootyness, but guns are rare- certainly anything above pistol is extremely rare.

    Ships have guns and missiles at a maximum, no lazers etc and again, good gear is rare- most things are cobbled together.

    Now, the crucial thing. Air.
    The ships would need to be modular in their construction (game wise) to allow hull breaches and air would have to be factored in- i.e. no air = death and explosive decompression = death and hatch opening = sucked out of ship etc etc.

    Space suits would be needed for exowalks and reparis/leaks could be fixed by spacewalking with a spray can of leak filler TM.

    Ship is not pilotable unless you’re at the helm (and sat in chair). There’s no dog fighting here, but combat similar to STO- sit in chair and you get 3rd external view option.

    or something along these lines :-)

    • Spatula says:

      OH ,and also you can board other ships and attack the occupants and when a ship/crew dies their corpses/ships don’t de-spawn- but await salvaging/exploration by others (perhaps a beakon could go off automatically for those in the area).

      Sabotage also a viable option in stations with components of a ship that are vulnerable.

      Ships would also need repair/maintenence in flight by crews occasionally- especially after attack/sabotage, before anyhting else can be done.

      Whole game is a trading/social/combat game- though the combat is rare,.

    • DarkFarmer says:

      This is my favorite of the ideas i’ve read so far here.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      I have requested this before on this site. Though I like to call it a Cowboy Bebop game. :)

  39. FCA says:

    A game set in the Revelation space universe by Alastair Reynolds.
    As for the actual game, you could be a cop in the Rust (or Diamond) Belt around Epsilon Eridani, sort of Shattered Horizon with additional adventure/RPG elements (and Lovecraftian horror of course!), or you could be a new Ultra, traveling from colony to colony, encountering strange and frightening things, together with some selling and trading (and questing for artifacts of unimaginable power and horror). And also pirating! Think about zero-g combat, in and around a 2 km ship travelling at 99% of the speed of light (so random specs of dust in space are very deadly), with ships that make the ships from battle fleet gothic look positively mundane and boring.

    • DarkFarmer says:

      I love Revelation Space. I think because of how his narratives often follow arcs through relativistic time dialation, it would be difficult to make it multiplayer(Where are you? Chasm city? When are you? 300 years ahead of you, dude) but would make a fascinating singleplayer game, if such things still can exist on the PC.

      However I have no doubt many of Reynolds’ ideas will make it into games in the future particularly the treatment of ships and weapons as godlike things. Of course any ship that can travel at relativistic speed would be capable of easily destroying a planet (by ramming it) and possibly even a star, so they must be powerful artifacts that transcend “just a world”.

    • dogsolitude_uk says:

      Oh yes indeed. Bring the Revelation Space universe to PCs, films, DVDs, anywhere… It’s criminal that this awesome series of books seems to have been largely ignored by the mainstream.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      “However I have no doubt many of Reynolds’ ideas will make it into games in the future”

      Mass Effect. :)

  40. Oozo says:

    A lot of you guys seem to crave “The Road: The Game”. Come to think of it – so would I.

  41. frenz0rz says:

    I want to play a first person medieval combat simulator set during the Hundred Years War. You would start as a lowly man-at-arms fighting to survive, perhaps with the first few levels taking place during small battles such as Cadsand. As the game progresses, you loot more equipment and gain more experience, and you might have the opportunity based on your performance to become a captain of a small band of men, with have the ability to rally them under you and fight as a unit during battle. This probably would occur around the Battle of Crecy. Later, you might become knighted, and then the real fun begins – you’re able to plan the battle yourself by making key decisions beforehand (“do we fight here, on this hill or here, near this marshy ground?” “when shall we order the cavalry to charge or the archers to fall back?). This might occur by the end of the game – the Battle of Poitiers. Or, on the other hand, you might perform terribly throughout the game and spend the entire thing as a man-at-arms, unable to influence anything and simply fighting to stay alive.

    Each battle/event would be seperated by a different ‘encampment’, sort of Bioware-style, where you can freely walk around, talk to people through dialog trees, and further the storyline. There would be a main, overarching narrative during the game which is normally played out during these encampment sections, which in turn might effect the battle. For example, you learn on the eve of Crecy that one of the King’s trusted men is going to switch sides during the battle. You then recieve an optional quest to hunt him down during the battle and, in the fray and confusion, kill him before he can turn traitor.

    The combat would be fluid and brutal, but not too fantastical – big heavy men beating other men over the head with bits of metal, with arrows flying overhead. The most exciting thing about the game would be the dynamic battles – each side, French and English, has the ability to win or lose. As a lowly soldier, anything can happen and you’re largely unable to affect the turn of events, unless you go Rambo and somehow manage to kill an enemy commander or something. As the game progresses, and you gain more influence over planning the battle itself, your decisions will effect whether your side wins or loses, and eventually, whether or not you win the war.

    This is a game I’ve been daydreaming about for years now, and I’d be overjoyed if anything even remotely like it became a reality. I’ve got tons more thoughts to share on it’s concept, if you’d like, but for now I should really get back to working on my dissertation. Which is, oddly enough, about medieval mercenary soldiers.

    • Jesse L says:

      In the ‘remotely like it’ category, there’s the virtually unknown console title “Bladestorm.” I found it fun in a sort of similar way to what you’re describing – as a mote in a medieval war storm. You control one unit at a time and the tactical level of engagement never goes above or below that, but it IS the Hundred Years War and that must count for something. Takes about 100 hours to finish as well. Tip: do not pursue The Black Prince!

      Edit: and you can fight for either the French or English (because you’re a mercenary).

      Edit edit: and you can win or lose any battle, except for the famous ones.

  42. phlebas says:

    An adventure game with modern graphics, good voice acting and generally high production values but that didn’t feel the need to try and be a movie or an action game. No arcade fight sequences, no QTEs, no drawn-out non-interactive cinematics. Taking it from first principles and seeing what you could do with a state-of-the-art engine and budget with inspiration from the great text adventures/IF – maximal interactivity, minimal interface, nonlinear narrative. I’d like it to have puzzles. Make them challenging rather than arbitrary. I want to smile when I work out how to do something. No excuses for generic ‘you can’t do that’ responses – anything you can’t do, there has to be a reason why. Maybe an intelligent undo function to avoid having to save every ten seconds without compromising interactivity. No ‘achievements’, only story events. No walkthroughs.
    (Yes, this would require a significant revolution/regression in the mindset of players as well as an immense budget. It’s a dream.)

  43. Icarus says:

    Mass Effect 2 style game, set in the 40k universe with the player taking on the role of an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor. With much more in-depth RPG mechanics, a variety of squadmates with their own agendas and personalities, Puritan/Radical story paths, Chaos Taint, genuine and probably unforeseen consequences for your decisions, the ability to talk your way out of situations, and a WoW-style talent tree setup for you to customise your character and each of your squadmates. Far Cry 1-sized mission areas for you to approach as you see fit in a manner entirely reminiscent of classic Deus Ex- Combat/Stealth/Social/Hacking/I Have A God Damn Space Marine Get Out Of My Way as you see fit. Baldur’s Gate 2 style inter-party dialogue pre, post and during missions.
    And a chance to fail the mission beyond just ‘you died, game over’, in a way that you’ll have to actually deal with. That gang lord you were questioning about the heretic’s plot to attack an Arbites precinct? The Deathwatch Space Marine that you decided would be oh-so-useful in a firefight just shot him through the face for making an off-colour remark about the Emperor. Good luck trying to track down another lead before the heretics make their play.
    No romances. That female Eldar sniper you recruited (which the Deathwatch marine left the squad in disgust over)? Disgusted by the very thought. That novice Battle Sister? Vow of chastity. That Callidus Temple Assassin? Nope. The Imperial Guardsman? Too scared by your high office. The Deathwatch Space Marine? ….Just get help. Flirting with NPCs is of course a possibility, but no silly squadmate romances. Saving the Imperium is a serious job. And, of course, you might have to make the choice whether to execute one or more of your team for heresy by the time the game is done.

    Alternatively, they could just do a 100%-faithful word-for-word remake of the entire Baldur’s Gate saga in the Dragon Age 1 engine and I could die happy.

  44. McDan says:

    We were talking about our dream game a while ago on RPS-steam-o-chat. Can’t remember who with though? But we came up with an amazing idea of being in the police force and working your way up through the ranks in a fully persistent world akin to GTA4. I’m really not doing it justice, we had so many good ideas, if anyone who was there at the time sees this could they elaborate on my poor description please.

  45. el_Chi says:

    A game with highly-developed and in-depth freedom of choice, which affects events and characters you meet and which takes five to six hours to complete.

    Games like Mass Effect offer an admirable level of choice and consequence but I feel their replay value is limited by their epic scale.
    I’m not going to spend 30-or-so hours replaying Mass Effect 2 just to see what happens if I choose a lady rather than a man and act like a bitch instead of a gallant peace-keeper.

    A shorter game could free up developers’ time and/or resources to broaden the possibilities for interaction and choice.
    It would mean that replaying the game to discover different locations, characters and quests, or seeing the effect of different approaches to characters/quests you’ve already encountered, wouldn’t be such an undertaking for players.
    “Multiple endings” would mean a lot more than “different cut-scenes set in the same location.”

  46. Hoaxfish says:

    Much like “your favourite game/film/book”, I don’t think you can have one.

    You can have “right now”, but not a permanent “this is it”.

    Right now, I’m trying to make it, in javascript+svg (because “lol, flash is dying” seems like a good opportunity to learn around a specific goal)…

    It’s a rpg -style/X-com style game, where you take control of 4 or so robots/vat-spawned creatures which act as a galactic troubleshooting team (literally living in a sealed space-ship and only awoken to deal with “problems”… which they reach by drop-pod).

    Each “mission” is essentially a dungeon, but combat is as a group (with the “resource” being your squad members… e.g. you set one to “spotter” so another member can “bombard”, no “energy”, no xp).

    Loot is researchable items. Research can be sold, as well as used to equip your team, etc. Equipment allow members to use certain skills (e.g. you need a rifle to “snipe”).

    Missions are randomly generated, and you have a little starmap to travel around.

    Of course, I’ve only managed to place a circle in javascript, so this’ll probably never happen.

  47. dangermouse76 says:

    Red Dead Redemption in space……. wait that’s Brave Star as a game, fuck yeah.

    • Ralud says:

      Cowboy Bebop.

    • dangermouse76 says:

      @ Ralud says:
      04/12/2011 at 15:16

      Cowboy Bebop.

      That looks cool anyway to crowbar some Bucky O’hare in there just to mix it up a bit ?

  48. BunnyPuncher says:

    Can I have Laser Squad Nemesis back please? (the servers died a while ago)

    My ideal game would be a refined version of Laser Squad Nemesis. More maps/units/factions plus maybe some 3D. Find a way of removing chance. And make it playable within 1-2 hours rather than restricting it to PBeM. That would be one hell of a game…. but actually I’d be happy enough if I could play the original :(

  49. Antlia says:

    A stalker-like survival multiplayer FPS that has big, open environments and servers that have about 200 people each. Shelter building ripped from Garrys mod. Players could form clans and battle for rescourses and hidden treasures that are scattered throuought the vast (at least arma 2 size) landscape. There could also be some monster and zombie hordes wandering around.

  50. caliwyrm says:

    It probably won’t be popular to say, but SWG was in many ways my dream game. (Obviously not from a bug-free stand-point)

    If the devs had stuck with the original vision and had been able to work out the kinks it truly could havve been the WOW of its day..

    My personal highlights of SWG:

    Broad System Requirements: Check. I played SWG on quite a few computers at home and on the road and it looked quite good on all of them.

    Social Tools: My server had a player town that only allowed wookies, players spent HOURS just hanging out in the cantinas watching the musicians/dancers while chatting away. Combat, while fun, wasn’t a necessity in SWG.. Sure a dancer couldn’t beat a pistoleer in combat, but most people were pretty cool with that. The most inffluential person on our server didn’t have a lick of combat skills trained, instead he was a trader who offered people free extractors and paid top money for resources. He was a diplomat before the class came out running his own little town and everything.

    Sandbox: In what other MMO could a player earn a sizable income doing nothing other than decorating houses, dancing, or playing music for others? Setting up your own player towns with whatever rules you could (and enforcing them with your own town militia) Want a town for just zabraks? Just wookies Imperial only? Imperial zabraks only? All possible. Someone griefing you in your own? Shoot them with the militia..

    Strategic Combat: Since you were free to spend your Training Points as you wished, me and my friends came up with some really fun combinations when we grouped. Finding a way for us to take down a rancor as a musician/pistoleer, TKA/dancer and Doctor/hair designer (Image designer?) was one of the funniest game moments I’ve had

    Exploration: Each planet was totally unique with its own mobs, ambient music and terrain. I spent hours/days/weeks just running around on foot soaking in the sights..

    Gathering: SWG had this in spades. Anything you could loot had a house decoration graphic to it (My favorite: “Juicy Ewok Spleen” in a bottle). The resource shifts were truly an amazing concept. Heck the whole class Bio-Engineer was based around gathering happy

    Crafting: One of the best crafting systems I’ve ever seen. No 2 pistols were alike unles they were made by the same person in a factory. This has always bugged me in every other MMO: Why is the Item of Uber Troll Slaying *exactly* like the one you made? Between the nearly unlimited resource combinations and experimentation points there was no “uber #1 Holy Grail of all items”–if there was, there may be a better one made in the next resource shift or 2..

    Character Building: With 250 Training Points and effectively unlimited respecs I could create *MY* Pistoleer/Combat Medic/Musician. Yes, some people stacked certain skills (TKA/Rifleman or BH/Commando) but it wasn’t THAT common (at least on my server). What other game could allow people to be a dancer, politician, Image Designer? Heck, there were people that made hundreds of millions of credits just decoration people’s houses. You didn’t HAVE to be a combat class to ‘change the world’–you just had to be talented and/or a decent person..

    Auctioning: Bazaar/custom Vendors. It was genuinely fun to watch the mouse droids giving directions/deals of the week in places like Mos Eisley/Coruscant City..At the time, it was the only MMO I was aware of that had these things.

    PvP: I, for one, never had an issue with the PvP in SWG. I was an Imperial out on Talus and 2-3 times a week we’d have a huge force of Rebels attack us. We had good fun for 1 or 2 hours, everyone would de-agro and we’d all heal each other up in the med bay/cantina and shoot the breeze. No name calling, no flaming, just alot of “Good Fights” and “Man, you almost had me there a few times, lol” type banter. Like WAR, PvP in SWG was a huge draw but in SWG it wasn’t the ONLY option as a player.

    Story: Star Wars, (before the introduction of the ‘new’ Episode I-III trash). Seriously, what more needs to be said?

    Bugs: This is where SWG had massive failings. The devs of SWG constantly removed/drastically changed things if they couldn’t fix them.. One week you needed Novice Scout to call your speeder, mount and/or pets, the next week you didn’t, 3 days later you did, then you needed Scout to call your pets/mount but not your speeder, 2 days later you didn’t need scout at all, etc. They couldn’t fix battlefield objectives or the GCW in SWG so they took them out.

    • Berzee says:

      *sigh* I never played that game because I was waiting for the bugs to get ironed out, and then the whole game got ironed out. o_O Your stories make me sigh (*SIGH*) for what might have been. =)