Tell Us: What’s Your Dream Game?

Someone should make a game set entirely in a thought bubble.

We work far too hard entertaining you. You do some work for a bit. I want you to describe your dream game. It’s not quite as ambiguous as it sounds.

For instance, my dream game, as I’ve written about before, is one that just lets me calmly survive. I want a vast island to explore, filled with treats to discover, but only if I can keep myself alive. I want to need to build a shelter with the physics of a Penumbra game, hunt for food using a bow and arrow I’ve made by stringing a branch and wedging a flint and feathers into a stick, building fires, and so on. The key difference between my game and all those I’ve tried that people have recommended is 1) it’s good, and 2) it’s not about frantically monitoring unrealistic levels. I am a greedy chap, but I don’t need to eat sixteen chickens an hour to stay alive. The budgeting of survival to exploration need not be so punishing, and I suspect is usually because a game really doesn’t have much to offer. That’s what I want.

So what do you want? Maybe it’s a whole new way of thinking about the first-person shooter. Or an RTS that doesn’t infuriate you by focusing on units when you really care about resources. Are you crying out for a management sim that doesn’t care about the happiness of the people?

Someone will read one of your comments and make a corresponding game. It’s inevitable.


  1. J-Spoon says:

    Everything from production line to foot soldier to RTS commander to 4X macrostrategy handled via modular metagames, all wrapped into an overarching MMO. Each “team” has general resource collection handled via a casual, Zynga-esque game that can be played on Facebook, mobile, etc. This feeds into an RTS player’s UI as the production base for THEIR game. They control militaries comprised of a literal army of FPS players. Tech upgrades? Handled by another subgroup playing something akin to Spacechem (and other such puzzlers). This entire metagame then gets fed into the 4X player’s UI, who deploys various RTS commanders into specific regions on their map.

    Each player get his own persistent stats and can get recruited to a team. Smaller teams without all the above components can choose to hire themselves out in-game for currency to buy or develop the equipment they don’t have the players to produce. Or they can raid other team’s bases, a la piracy in Eve, to fill their coffers.

    Now, I think Eve is trying to do this, so maybe I’ll see my dream game after all :)

    • godgoo says:

      awesome, imagine being part of an organised fps army , no respawns but realistic life expectancies/ medical support. awesome.

    • Adriaan says:

      Yes, also this, in any setting (medieval, ww2, current day, futuristic etc.)!

    • HeavyStorm says:

      Actually, very cool. Too bad it seems impractical — I guess people would dislike depending on others like that. But it would be very cool.

    • tomeoftom says:

      I’m keen!

    • J-Spoon says:

      I think what would be GREAT, is if some extremely talented developer just makes all of these different games, in different genres, over time. Xsoftworks makes an awesome puzzler, awesome FPS, awesome RTS, Flight Sim, 4X, etc.

      And secretly, there’s code in there that allows it to be plugged into the overarching MMO years down the line, when everything has been released! Surprise!

      Wholly impractical, though, I agree.

  2. Robin says:

    x-com 4
    (“4” not counting the more or less shitty spinoffs )


    dwarf frotress
    completed, refined and with a proper interface.

  3. Chris D says:

    This doesn’t have to be a realistic dream, right?

    Start with something maybe a little bit like Civ or a little bit like Sim City. As well as all the political, economic and military factors you have you also generate a bunch of different characters with their own motivations, allegiances, agendas and morality. Some of these will be top level movers and shakers, some just guys on the street.

    Stick all of this into a pot, stir well and poke with a stick until plots start to emerge.

    Enter the player, you don’t get to see the top down view, at least not yet. You explore it as an RPG. Maybe you come across a village being threatened by bandits. You could go and wipe them all out and collect the bounty. Or you could take over the leadership of the group and start your own criminal network. Maybe you discover some of them only joined up so they could feed their starving families and if you can work out a way for them to do that they will return and become productive members of society.

    Everything you do would have knock on effects, so if you get rid of the bandits the village may grow into a flourishing trading post, or maybe another group arises to fill the power vacuum.

    Rather than simply choosing good or evil, the primary choice would be whether to increase your personal power at the expense of others or to forego personal reward but make the world a better place, which may have knock on effects like access to better equipment or allies who will come to your aid but that’s never guaranteed. You’d also have all the grey areas in between, maybe you can only aid one group at the expense of another.

    At the end of the game maybe you’re lord of all you survey, but all you survey is a burned out wasteland or maybe you sacrificed yourself in a heroic last stand that inspired generations to come. Maybe you tried to walk a middle path, if you give away all your power you’re not in a position to help anyone else so you have to make some tough decisions.

    It would also have a setting that was fresh and vibrant and not in the least bit generic.

    Ok, now somebody make this happen, I was promised it would be inevitable.

  4. El_MUERkO says:

    Massively Multiplayer War Game.

    Single Shard (EvE)

    Semi-Simulation levels of detail, think ARMA2: A.C.E.

    Flight a-la iL2, A10, Black Shark.

    Non-flight vehicles done to a similar level of detail.

    Within 100 years of present day (in either direction).

    Map = Earth, deepest oceans to communication satellites and everything in between, I want it to dwarf every other MMO in scale.

    Destructibility and physics that surpass the best of Havoc (Crysis 1/2) & Frostbite 2 (BF3).

    Human animation that surpasses Euphoria (GTAIV).

    I want the best minds in the business making the game as deep and feature rich as possible while maintaining accessibility.

    Command structures that allow people to RTS manage armies of Player and NPC combatants when they prove they can do it well.

    A titanic struggle for land and resources in a world where actions matter, where a fire once started will spread, and dam broken will cause a flood, where results of your actions will remain until someone does something about it.

  5. rhizo says:

    One particular combination I’ve wanted to see for quite some time now, is that of properly deep strategy level gameplay and engaging tactical/action level gameplay. The olden UFO did sort of this in 90s standards but I would like to see a game that brings those two components together while delivering AAA quality of content and gameplay on both counts. That’s basically like asking for 2+ games in one package, but a boy can dream. And in case you were thinking Total War, I really don’t think it manages this in any of its instances.

  6. dangermouse76 says:

    I want the matrix…plug me in.

  7. Bureaucrat says:

    Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss RPG, In Space.

    A party-based sci-fi RPG with interplanetary (but not interstellar) travel, a 70s-blaxploitation theme, and the funkiest soundtrack imaginable. Basically Countdown to Doomsday, as told by Pam Grier, George Clinton, and Sun Ra.

  8. Wizardry says:

    A turn-based RPG set in a huge open world with simulation heavy interactions between NPCs and the environment where every single interaction, including movement, uses the statistics and skills of the NPC performing them. It’s a simple goal yet almost impossible to achieve. No game has come even remotely close. No developer seems to be interested.

  9. MikoSquiz says:

    First person co-op dungeon crawler. Like a cross between Diablo, Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress.

    Hell, even a four-player co-op PvE mod for Team Fortress would be close enough.

    Alternatively: Split the difference between Disgaea (a cutesy-bizarre highly abstracted turn-based strategy with a slathering of RPG elements and a heap of rather strange mechanics – sadly not available on PC) and Silent Storm or X-Com.

  10. 18Rabbit says:

    There are several games I would love to see:

    A Shadowrun RPG (or even an MMO)

    A MechWarrior RPG that focused on personal skill development and story as much as beating shit up with mechs.

    My “dream game” would probably be a combination of Xcom and Jagged Alliance with FootballManager. Basically a mercenary manager sim where you scouted the worlds armies and special forces to assemble teams to send out on missions against aliens/zombies/hositle forces and the combats were played out in turn based battles. This game would focus on finding raw talented mercs and training them up while also keeping them alive in combat and under contract to your organization. You’d have to balance out building your infrastructure, training, vehicles as well as R&D and salaries for your mercs, trainers and talent scouts for the various nations. You would also have to compete against rival merc squads for talent and jobs possibly doing a little bit of espionage against them while trying to quietly lure away their best talent to your squad.

  11. godgoo says:

    something with ‘RPG elements’ but with a minimal approach to background information, I’m basing this on Shadow of the Colossus which has had the most lasting impression on me of all videogames and I think that’s why; leaving so much to the imagination adds to the sense of adventure and allows the player to project themselves more easily. I’d like to see more games that behave like novels in this sense, allowing enough scope for you to feel as though you are the protagonist.
    With this in mind I’d also like to see more 1st person rpg’s set in the present day that spend more time establishing relationships (but not necessarily a ton a background info, just the way you feel about other characters, based on multiple choices with consequences) before anything kicks off.
    for example; lets say this rpg is set in modern day, all you can choose is gender and an age, say either 15, 25, or 40- the different ages and gender differentiate the opening ‘act’ of the game a bit like DA:O. if you chose to be a 15 yo male the first few hours of the game would be going to school, living with parents etc, would explore relationships with parents and friends and the responses you make to the various situations here determine the type of character you become further down the line. for me this would all have to be first person and with minimal management of items and almost no hoarding/grinding, really like interactive fiction- those realistic survival elements would work here- not having to grind for/carry/consume 16 loaves of bread becuase, well, who needs that much bread?
    i realise im spouting drivel here but I’m always optimistic about RPGs, I always want them to engage me emotionally the way great books and films do and they almost always fail, it leaves me wondering how this could be achieved, I think writing quality id definitely key too.

  12. BunnyPuncher says:

    Mass Effect…. but when you replay it with an alternative character you are playing in a world that has been shaped by your initial character. So replaying the game grants a new perspective, opens new content, and reinforces the impact of your initial playthrough [i]as well as letting you try out different weaponry and a new personality.[/i]

  13. Gap Gen says:

    I want something that’s more about manipulating ideas that manipulating things. Most games are about stuff happening in physical space, whereas the most important things in the world are often religion, politics, national alignment, who you like and who you hate, what you like and what you hate, etc.

    • Prosper0_cz says:

      Brilliant point. Although I would say some games try to address that (Bioware games come to mind, although they are too in-your-face about it).

    • Evil Otto says:

      very interesting, even though it might be a little too abstract for many developers…

  14. dartt says:

    Planetside was great but before it came out I pictured an MMO where it was possible (but not necessary) for players to form mercenary black ops units that would be hired by player run corporations to attack/infiltrate/sabotage other such corporations in order to steal/destroy plans or equipment or assassinate/kidnap key personnel.

    Crucially, none of this would be instanced or given boundaries, corporations would need to hire AI or other players to guard their facilities or rapidly respond to threats. This wouldn’t be the only thing going on in the world, elsewhere would be full fledged war zones with overt battles between large armies, cities with all kinds of non-violent activities players could engage in. I wanted a huge semi-futuristic sandbox world where the players are given lots of tools but very little is enforced. I understand how improbable all of that is, given that it would be near impossible to prevent players going on bloody rampages through peaceful towns but it all works wonderfully in my dream.

    Basically it’s a Planetside/EVE/Star Wars Galaxies (early version!)/Hitman/SWAT 4/Transport Tycoon/Peggle mix.

  15. Boult Upright says:

    A Ned Kelly RPG, with world starting at Wangaratta in the north west, across to Beechworth, south to the Wombat Ranges and then across to Benalla. I don’t know how you can ‘win’ as Ned Kelly, but there’s a great story in there somewhere.

    • Prosper0_cz says:

      Hey, I actually thought of something vaguely related myself – basically an Australia mythology/history based RPG… Not too much in depth, just though the setting was cool and mainly totaly fresh.

  16. Joe Duck says:

    Ok, I start from one or two well known games, specifically GTA4 and Assassin’s Creed. I see the ambition they have, that is, to recreate faithfully a place and then let you interact with it.
    Well, my ideal game goes a bit in this direction. I want a much, much more detailed recreation of an interesting place full of interesting NPCs in a simulation (or Minecrafty) style of MMO, meaning no hand holding, no stupid quests, no skills, no achievements, no superpowers, nothing of that baby crap. Just your wits (the player’s wits, not the character’s) and human means to discover the thousands of cool things that are happening in this persistent world. The actual world has its narratives created in a procedural way, that is, they come from the interactions of the NPCs but not pre scripted. NPCs analyse th world around them and react, so that when the player alters that world (by killing the king, for example), the NPS adapt and go on according to their very “human” reactions. So you can go into politics or military or become a missionary or a thief or whatever.
    You will age and eventually die, but then you can take control of one of your sons/daughters if you cared to have them. So the motivation is to leave your heir in a better starting position than your own.
    First person of course, dialogue would not use trees but speech recognition so that you actually spoke the same way with NPCs as with other players. Oh, and combat kills for real. If your character dies, you either restart from zero or pass on to your heir.
    I also have 3 possible settings for this unambitious project, the Greek and Roman Mediterranean, from Iberia to Egypt, Germany during the Thirty Years War and 18th century Caribbean.
    So yes, that is my game, the Sims+Asassin’s Creed+Fallout+Thief+EVE+Minecraft+orders of magnitude more of attention to detail.

  17. noethis says:

    My dream game isn’t a game so much as an experience. I want a human flying simulator. As in Peter Pan. To get the full experience, it’d probably be best to play it in a CAVE where I’m suspended from the ceiling and the player interface would be Kinect-based. And while we’re at it, why not hook up to a super high fidelity version of Google Earth wherein I could load up my neighborhood and just fly around, landing on people’s roof’s.

  18. Acosta says:

    Minecraft (building) + Dwarf Fortress (management) +EVE (persistent world with thousand of players, strong economy and “real” PVP with consequences.)

    I could live in that game.

  19. dangermouse76 says:

    A realistic FPS where you sit in a bunker across from some foreign folk and look at porn all day.

  20. caramelcarrot says:

    It seems that a lot of people want the MMO-but-better/clones of real life, which I think I’ve always wanted too, but I know that I don’t actually play MMOs like EVE online or much minecraft, precisely because they demand too much time.

    So, I want something like an MMO which can scale from having a 5 minute to obsessive players who want to dedicate their entire lives. I don’t know how that’d work economics wise, since how can someone have fun in 5 minutes and it still be worth investing lots more time?

    I guess I’m sort of imagining a mix between a calm graphically amazing exploration game and garry’s mod. Pretty much minecraft, then, I guess. The problem with procedural generation is that it often ends up quite samey, so after a few minutes minecraft exploring doesn’t really have much more to offer. I remember wandering around the Rockies in Canada thinking about how you’d do the geomorphology and I think there’s still a lot in there, especially with modern engines.

    You could even continue it with a plot, as you start finding features of a civilisation strewn around, which eventually takes you everywhere and beyond. I guess it’s a bit like Fallout 3, but that was also fairly combat-orientated, I quite enjoyed just the exploration bits.

  21. mcwill says:

    One day I’ll manage to get funding to make Sole Survivor. Basically it’s the survival game you described, John, only in space using the “only survivor of a spaceship crash” cliche (so the intial survival tools are made from scrap from the spaceship crash, giving you a bit of a headstart).

    Unfortunately it’s never gotten even a second glance at the pitching stage and we don’t have any chance of self-funding to the extent needed to do it properly. So you’ll have to wait.

  22. Juiceman says:

    Until they come out with Matrix-esque virtual reality shit, I think they have already made everything I can think of. Where’s my virtual reality Stalker, developers?

  23. Sinnorfin says:

    An MMO that cant be scribed into databases,,guides,,grind-plans .. and is not best played with calculator.

  24. agent47 says:

    An open world Zombie survival game, it focuses more on survival and character development, you have to gather supplies/ get medicine etc.
    There aren’t guns lying around everywhere for no particular reason, the game is mainly played with makeshift melee weapons that you’d find around everyday, zombies aren’t the only enemies, other gangs of people are looting etc.
    This is sort of like the upcoming Dead-State, but in first person.

    Also STALKER but without the really annoying scripted missions that inevitably screw up at some point with your AI allies standing behind a door, so that you have to reload a save from ages ago, those missions suck when they work anyway …
    Yeah, I just gave up playing a game of Clear Sky because of this…

  25. LeFronk says:

    Sandbox game like Minecraft with Dwarf Fortress Complexity and RPG-Charakter Progression / Skilltreethingyandstuff

  26. Gnomad says:

    (1) An open-world horror FPS/RPG steeped in Lovecraft mythos.
    (2) An action/adventure game that spans the evolution of life on Earth (and beyond!) (no, not Spore.)

    I’ve been reading RPS for two years! This is my first comment!

  27. TheManko says:

    A game that combines Heavy Rain with ArmA 2 and the branching plot style of visual novels. So you play for maybe 5-10 hours before ever seeing combat as the game establishes characters and the setting at home.

    Then the unjustified war (aka Irak) starts and you go and fight there for maybe 20-30 hours in a super serious solider sim while still retaining the drama, character and mundane interactions in order to do day to day things. The plot will be branching so depending on player actions your friends might or might not survive and the friend deaths will cause the player PTSD which plays big into the last act when the player comes home and reconnects with his normal life for maybe another 5-10 hours of non-combat dialogue and story based gameplay. Of course it will have plenty of branching posibilites since the game throughout has meaningful dialogue choices.

  28. Jad says:

    I’ve said this before on here, but I think Far Cry 2 was about 60-70% of my perfect game. Just make the game that everyone thought it was going to be after that brilliant opening. Factions that you can bribe and gain favor with. Civilians that you can protect or oppress. Open-world with AI that does not shoot unless you actually are their enemy. Multiple mercenaries with different personalities and quirks. In-depth dialog trees. Fewer people shoving missions at you and more you choosing merc contracts at will. Not an overt morality system, but choices of missions that range from maybe-these-are-the-good-guys-but-are-there-any-good-guys-really to evil amoral cruelty.

    But also very important: absolutely no “RPG systems”. No leveling up, no dice rolls when you shoot, just really good, solid, skill-based FPS combat. With multiple ways to go about the combat — stealth, hit-and-run, vehicles, explosives, fire-propagation, sniping, walking-tank-with-a-machine-gun. Maybe some kind of limited squad commands for when you get enough money to hire other mercs.

    Stalker is clearly the closest to this dream game, and I dearly love those games, but I’m also interested in the difference in setting. The horror-survivalist-supernatural vibe of The Zone is great, but I really enjoyed the sweltering violent anarchy of Far Cry 2’s Africa. And I really like the mercenary angle of that storyline, the “real world” atmosphere, and the fantastic engine that game was made with.

  29. Teddy Leach says:

    CthulhuTech made into a PC game. Failing that, a 40K RPG where you play as an inquisitor.

  30. Napalm Sushi says:

    A first-person, exploration based RPG based on Toady’s ultimate vision for Dwarf Fortress’ procedural world generator, complete with all the generated world history and all the emergentism this implies.

    This appears to be what Notch wants to make Minecraft into, so I may be in luck, although Notch seems to lack Toady’s disturbing, pathological attention to absurd detail, which I think would be required to truly enable such a thing.

  31. Nickless_One says:

    set in vast procedurally generated ever-swirling limbo of shattered world, players would either have the option to band together and navigate the world in great zeppelins and flying islando-fortresses or exploring the dangers and riches of the world only with their trusted plane/baloon/giant eagle…
    also: the world terrain would be modifiable in-game
    think LOVE/Eve Online/Project Nomads/Flying heroes in a low-magic mechano-steampunkish setting
    oh and also make it first-person with some rpg and not forcing you to kill and break stuff…

  32. adonf says:

    I was just thinking that a multiplayer game where you can play a boss against an army of much weaker players could be interesting. Maybe it’s been done already…

  33. Sorbicol says:

    I can think of 2 to be honest.

    1. The cross between Elite and Eve. Just being in a space ship and trading yourself up to some sort of uber Ace pilot. Maybe eventually buy and operate your own carrier or Cruiser. Just the ability to go off and explore a persistent well crafted galaxy.

    2. Proper TBS X-COM remade. Is it really that difficult? Silent Storm almost got this right! Failing that GW’s Necromunda remade as an TBS squad based tactical game. This could be an MMO Were your gang is persistent in the underworld and you are constantly fighting against other gangs for influence and territory.

    • Ralphomon says:

      Try Escape Velocity. It’s the same idea as Elite but 2d, top-down, with cool storylines and lots of opportunity to go out and do your own thing. Kinda old now, but you might enjoy it.

  34. catmorbid says:

    I want a single-player hardcore sandbox cyberpunk RPG, something like the old Cyberpunk pnp rpg. Story-driven, with tons of freedom and top-notch turn-based combat, high realism in every aspect, multiple depths of interactivity (netrunning, faction warfare, corporate takeovers and shit), choice and consequence, dynamically generated sandbox content, tons of procedurally generated weapons and hardware, and the ability to craft them yourself. All this shit wrapped inside superb visuals in the style of Bladerunner.

  35. Stuart Walton says:

    After seeing Outerra my first thought would be to slap on a game that’s a mash of Battle Engine Aquilla, Planetside, Chromehounds, Supreme Commander and League of Legends.

    Make it an MMO where you launch your Aquilla (chosen from a family of tactical alternatives) from an orbital station letting you join battle anywhere on the globe within minutes. Providing mobile fire support in a war raging across the globe populated with AI controlled armies. Your presence can turn the tide of a battle but be wary that dropping behind enemy lines will deprive you of any support and the enemy can track your launch and have a good guess at your destination and meet you there. To stop all players converging on the same location, returning to base will take a long time and while 50 Aquillas will steamroll any force, that’s 50 Aquillas that are effectively out of action while the enemy can make progress on multiple other fronts.

    My long standing dream game is to have a sandbox world that models dynamic AI behaviour at NPC and faction levels and creates missions/quests for the player dependant on relationships between AI states, both with each other and with the player. An over-arching plot will funnel the player towards their own unique end-game dependant on which prominent NPCs and factions are present and the relationships between them. The game will also tailor the nature of these missions dependant on how the player has acted in the past. A tendancy for diplomacy over violence will result in a bias towards more diplomatic options later, but without stripping out all other possibilities entirely.

  36. Stevostin says:

    It’s not really a dream game as I think it could be made and probably will be made up to a point. Basically it’s a mix between the gameplays of S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Fallout 3/NV, GTAIV and Mount & Blade.
    Let me explain : I think one point that some old game got right and that is now largely lost in modern gaming trend is the very deep pleasure of gaining control over an hostile, initially unknown environment. I think it’s at the very core of male’s instincts. Explore, exploit, secure. All of the above games are allowing that, by a mix of improving your knowledge of the landscape, improving your gear and abilities, improving your player’s skill and neutralizing some key stronghold / menaces around while still having some background hostile activity generated on the long term.
    Now to do this at its best, you need to give the player “maximum fun” (insert nanosuit voice’s here) in each of this separate aspect. And that’s why I mentionned all of the above game.
    For me the dream game is an FP FPS/RPG (as long as their is FPS action and inventory I am ok with RPG, although I’d love to see a RPG freed of leveling) conceived on several layer.
    First their is an interesting world. Post Apo, Urban, Fantasy, Sci Fi – no matter as long as it’s inspired.
    Visuals will matter but the inner logic of this world will matter even more. You make sure just travelling through this world is good time to the player – and this even when there is no hostiles. GTA does this mainly with vehicle’s fun, Stalker with anomalies, hunger, sleep – you pick. But the “Horse that never fall” from Oblivion or WoW is forbidden. Traveling shall not be trivial. It must cost resources and require constant player decision. Oh, and 1st person view is mandatory, because we’re after immersion.

    Second, their is a “mount & blade” layer. You populate this world with shops, stuff that can be harvested (plants, beast, minerals, etc.), hostiles, quest generators and geographical position to be conquered. You make sure just playing this is close to endless fun. You make sure that just keeping what you have requires some effort : a thief can rob you, the administration can confiscate your ship, etc.
    Then, instead of releasing the game, you go up to the next layer
    Next Layer is you Fallout New Vegas Layer. You don’t have to aim for such a large tree of storytelling, but you do need one, or better, several trees. Say a Main quest line, several side quest lines (like “how to reign on this guild / region / etc.) and all the good writing that goes with it. When designing the quests, you’ll try to allow the player either to solve those via the specially designed places you’ve made for that OR by other longer harvesting means that could fit the player’s own choices on the “Mount & Blade” layer. Typically, if you create a quest where the player needs one million caps, you create a subquest where there is a bank robbery but who knows – maybe the player actually focused on money making so far and has the million in his backpack. You make sure both ways have their own rewards for the player.
    And that’s it. If you do this, you make sure the basic things you’re doing are fun, that the player has a feel of freedom because he isn’t just a “NPC tool” but can also make his own decisions and that the experience still feel alive and stimulating through a real story. All of the games above are already great but lack something. For most of them, it’s good travel gameplay and good free roaming gameplay (the mid layer). Or in the case of Mount & Blade, the lack of a main storytelling limit the epicness and feel of “something shall be done” that other provide.
    GTA Chinatown was quite close to a good balance on the small scale of a GBA game – thanks to its “drug dealing” gameplay that provided cash – that was for once needed in a GTA game to collect flats. It’s a good exemple of really wonderful cocktail, where every interaction between each layer (exploring, harvesting, fulfilling a destiny) is done via interesting gaming moments. So now let’s do this at a AAA PC Game’s scale !

  37. Barts says:

    Before I die, I would like to play a role-playing game that would allow me to truly shape the story, to make choices that influence me, my in-game friends, the story and the world. Not one or two clearly defined points – the whole universum and narrative should respond to what I do. The end of the story should reflect my decisions and leave me with my jaw on the floor. I should care for the world, for the heroes and my character should be, well, me.

    So far, Dragon Age: Origins came close. Memorable characters, brilliant dialogue, interesting (even though a little generic) world, lots of decisions, lots of options. Too much grinding, though, too long, losing its narrative a little at times. But still great (unlike the steaming piece of horse excrement that its sequel turned out ot be).

    Deus Ex also was close in its time – technical limitations didn’t allow for as much freedom as I would like, but in its era it was pretty damn impressive nevertheless. I also loved Planescape Torment and Morrowind, each not without its own faults, but each engaging, with great world, characters and dialogue.

    • Bloodloss says:

      Have you played Fallout 1? Just find it strange you didn’t mention it. It’s a bit short, but definitely a good example of this type of thing. Me and you have fairly similar tastes (see my post on page 2).

  38. Morlock says:

    A Terminator-type game where you need to go out and find this one person in a huge city, and eliminate him/her. Alternatively, you can set out to protect the person. You need to get money, equipment and weapons. You also need to be careful not to get caught comitting a crime (or get rid of the witnesses).

    Everytime you start a new game, it’s a different person. Also, most content is semi-randomly generated, including city layout and indoor levels. However, the randomisation code is brilliant and things don’t get to look samey. Each game should only take a few hours. Oh, and there’s multiplayer.

  39. porschecm2 says:

    If you cross Minecraft with Oblivion/Morrowind, you’ve *almost* got my dream game. Throw the survival aspects John mentions, and you’ve got it entirely. An exploration/survival game, with lots of cool dungeons, and sidequests, and loot. Also, the ability to manipulate the world and dig holes and build stuff.

  40. Makariel says:

    An open space (open world? WORLDS!) Battletech RPG with choice and consequences and proper Mech combat similar to those back then in Mechwarrior 2.

  41. Hellraiserzlo says:

    WTF this thread filled up so fast with comments, now I won’t ever get to tell the lesbian joke I wanted to when I saw the title.

  42. Alec Meer says:

    UFO: Enemy Unknown.

    • MCM says:

      This. But also, imagine doing it in the Buffyverse, where you’re The Initiative (or something like that). I don’t know why every X-COM remake/successor sticks with aliens. Demons would almost be better.

  43. Ralphomon says:

    Combination space exploration/trading/combat meets strategy RPG with relationship dynamics. Take something like Elite or Vega Strike or (my favourite) Escape Velocity, make it have a huge exploration element and secrets it takes years to find. Give it an X-Com twist by having actual turn-based gunfights (or possibly real-time, I guess, since all this talk of Syndicate has inspired me). Then make it so that all of your crew members form actual relationships with each other, like rivalries and (b)romances, which have effects on the other parts of the game – say one guy gets shot down in a firefight, and his best buddy/girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife goes into a murderous rampage. That kind of thing. Something that could combine high space opera stuff with the more personal touch of something like Firefly.

    Either that or the Epic 40k/SupCom thing mentioned above. I want Titans.

  44. poop says:

    eve online with gameplay that doesnt involve laggy spaceships and spreadsheets

  45. bill says:

    For the longest time it was An Immersive Sim System Shock Deus Ex meets Jedi Knight. Where I could customise my character between a Gun Weilding buinty hunter (ala han solo) or a First person swordfighting jedi or a force wielder.

    My other one was Tie-fighter meets Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries where you could buy your own Falcon, choose your missions and upgrade it, and run around the inside in 1st person (to repair damage or man cannons).

    But recently starwars has jumped the shark to the degree that it would actually put me off the game now.

    So I guess these days i might like:
    – a first person adventure game with multiple paths and solutions.
    – an RTS game that isn’t boring and repetitive
    – an RPG set in the real world which has little to no combat.
    – space hulk with modern graphics
    – a Paranoia MMO
    – 3d remakes of all the black isle games
    – something new that i haven’t thought of – because those are the games i enjoy the most.

  46. mandrill says:

    My dream game? Someone else has dreamed it already. CCP’s ‘Future Vision’ (Link) encapsulates their vision of EVE becoming the ‘ultimate sci-fi simulation’.

    From pounding the ground as a footsoldier, to piloting their (cancelled in the video) air support, to flying the starship letting loose the orbital strike, to piloting the anti-captial frigate that blows it up, to being the backstabbing co-ordinator of the whole assault, to being the babe that puts a bullet in his brainpan, to simply being just some guy enjoying a drink in the bar they’ve both just left.

    I want the option to do it all if I choose in a living, breathing dynamic world where events are driven not by a predetermined storyline canon, but by the interactions of real human beings. This is my dream game and I will do anything to help CCP make it happen. (even if it means being critical of them once in a while.

  47. MCM says:

    My other dream game (besides Buffyverse+X-COM) is Total War: Tropico. The problem with Tropico is that it’s really just a sandbox. Even the scenarios are just arbitrary victory conditions with non-random events. But the mechanics and detail are great.

    By contrast Total War focuses almost completely on real time battles and abstracts away too much of the actual ruling.

    Weld these two half-games together and get something great! Especially if it developed the RPG side a bit more, with the family management, dynasties, hiring retainers and other characters, etc. Ironically Tropico actually gets into this a little bit with the avatar traits and flaws. It’s not a huge leap between the two.

    Add in some Master of Magic-style ruins to explore and questing and this is the best game ever. Trust me.

    • benjaminlobato says:

      I’m not exactly sure how this would work, but I do trust you, this is the best game ever.

  48. omicron1 says:

    1. Homeworld+Freespace

    2. An RTS set in ancient history, with the scale of SoaSE and the tactical considerations of Total War.

    3. Oblivion in ancient Mesopotamia

  49. Stupoider says:

    A first person action game in a similar vein as Zeno Clash but with RPG (customisation, skills) elements, largely freeroaming but linear in the same sense as Mafia. Monster hunting goodness in China Mieville’s world of Bas Lag (I couldn’t help but feel how brilliant the setting was in Perdido Street Station without imagining a game based around it).

  50. mont3core says:

    I want an elder scrolls-esque RPG but TRIBES’d out with jetpacks. Forget horse armor, I want rocket pony armor.

    But seriously, a hard RPG with lots of equipment and upgrade options set far far away from dragons and elves and swords. Big environments, no fast travel, interesting combat.