Tell Us: What’s Your Dream Game?

Someone should make a game set entirely in a thought bubble.

We work far too hard entertaining you. You do some work for a bit. I want you to describe your dream game. It’s not quite as ambiguous as it sounds.

For instance, my dream game, as I’ve written about before, is one that just lets me calmly survive. I want a vast island to explore, filled with treats to discover, but only if I can keep myself alive. I want to need to build a shelter with the physics of a Penumbra game, hunt for food using a bow and arrow I’ve made by stringing a branch and wedging a flint and feathers into a stick, building fires, and so on. The key difference between my game and all those I’ve tried that people have recommended is 1) it’s good, and 2) it’s not about frantically monitoring unrealistic levels. I am a greedy chap, but I don’t need to eat sixteen chickens an hour to stay alive. The budgeting of survival to exploration need not be so punishing, and I suspect is usually because a game really doesn’t have much to offer. That’s what I want.

So what do you want? Maybe it’s a whole new way of thinking about the first-person shooter. Or an RTS that doesn’t infuriate you by focusing on units when you really care about resources. Are you crying out for a management sim that doesn’t care about the happiness of the people?

Someone will read one of your comments and make a corresponding game. It’s inevitable.


  1. DocSeuss says:

    I have a bunch of games I’d like to play. I come up with a new idea every week, it seems, among them, games like one that’s a cross between Jet Set Radio Future and Mirror’s Edge, but open world like Assassin’s Creed, that lets you build items and equipment and customize your character, and another where you play as a Man of Science and Mystery around the beginning of the last century; I imagine it as sort of a third person brawler with some shooty elements, but you can send fellow adventurers on other missions, and you can have your friends research stuff for you. Also, all the characters have manly names like Samson Strange and Brock Stone and Sir Charles Manchester. It would be a pulp-styled Lost World-type thing.

    I’d really like an action RPG set in a unique fantasy universe–I’ve got about half a dozen wholly original (at least I think they are) universes dreamt up and ready to go, including one where you play as an amnesiac cowboy in his underwear who runs across a small town that’s built around a light house on the edge of an ocean of quicksand. You gradually discover who you are, running into trouble with the local law enforcement, Justice Lynch, and going on a mission to hunt giant yacht-sized crabs that wander the desert floor. Basically, you end up whaling for these giant crabs on land, dashing between their legs in your monowheel. Eventually, you’ll have to leave, and you catch a ride on a giant city made up of massive mining vehicles that circles the desert once a year, and head north, beginning a journey of Ulyssesian proportions.

    I’ve got another one based around the idea of the player as a Peter Lorre-type magical thief in a procedurally generated city that’s like a 1930’s post-apocalyptic Paris. Sort of noir with some Bas Lag, where the major cities of mainland Europe are connected by giant three-story trains that chug along fenced railways across the countryside, which looks as bare as a WWI battlefield. It’s like Assassin’s Creed meets Thief as an RPG.

    Then there was an idea for a sci-fi RPG that has the character as a loner in a cyberpunk dystopia… sort of like Assassin’s Creed by way of RPG (can you tell I like Assassin’s Creed?), where the player is an old war vet who’s just come in from a rotation in space, and he needs to find a place to live. As the game progresses, the character establishes relationships with characters. Instead of a party mechanic, or even a good/bad mechanic, the world reacts to the player organically–through his interactions with other people. Murdering a civilian will have no effect unless someone is there to witness it, and characters, such as a black market doctor or femme fatale quest giver will react to the player based on his actions dealing with them.

    Two more, then I’m done.

    I was contemplating Alan Wake on the PC, wondering how awesome an open world would have been, when I thought “but how would I do it?” After all, despite Alan Wake being the best game of last year, it had a few flaws, particularly when it came to a lack of enemies. That led me to come up with a game that’s like… Something Wicked This Way Comes meets Twin Peaks by way of Junji Ito. The player arrives for a funeral in a town full of characters, but ends up staying when he suspects that the person, a childhood friend, was murdered. The player can roam around the game’s world, coming across another town for carnival retirees, for instance, and discover more about what’s going on. As the game progresses, it switches from full-blown investigation to downright psychological horror, and the day/night cycles of the game subtly shift so that days are shorter and nights are longer. It wouldn’t be combat-heavy, though, requiring the players to hide from some monsters (mutants that have eaten the flesh of a dead god) while combating others on occasion.

    My last dream game is Division 9, basically. A few months before Irrational announced their idea, I was playing Left 4 Dead and wondering what some hybrid between it and STALKER could have been. I further modified the idea after the awesomeness that was Dead Rising 2. I envisioned a city where players went out and scavenged for resources, which they used to modify their bases, help establish smaller outposts, and generally make a nuisance of themselves to the zombie population.

    Oh. Bonus: pirate action RPG. This needs to be a thing, like Mass Effect meets the East India Trading Company games.

  2. fallingmagpie says:

    First Person Football Manager. Where to do all the stats checking type stuff, and send transfer offers, you pull your tablet out of your awesome manager coat and it zooms in.

    Then first person press conferences, watching matches, doing training, contract negotiations, trophy ceremonies….

    I’m going to go and play FM 2011.

  3. fearghaill says:

    Sid Meier’s Pirates! meets X-Com.

    I want to start out with my own ship and sail about the Caribbean, with turn-based Ship to Ship battles like Steambirds did with fighter planes, a turn-based squad combat for boarding actions and port raids.

    I want to recruit and get attached to new crew members, only to have them die horribly.

    I want to force other Captains to follow me as a Pirate King, founding my own island city so that I no longer need to go to potentially hostile ports to sell off my ill-gotten booty. I want to be able to set rules for my Captains to live by (“no killing prisoners” or “The Dread Pirate Fearghaill leaves no survivors” as options), and to decide their punishment should they disobey.

    • MCM says:

      This sounds fantastic. One of the best ideas I’ve read here, especially since it isn’t yet another 40k blah blah blah.

    • Scorpi says:

      I agree – a great idea. There are a number of settings where a number of X-Com’s cleverer features could be put to great use, and this is probably the best I’ve heard.

  4. Dozer says:

    Morrowind with a dynamic economy. Ore produced at the mines is smelted into iron and taken to the workshops in the towns. Likewise grain and meat from farms. Bandits try to intercept these deliveries and you can either become one yourself or join the Fighter’s Guild and get hired to defend the supply wagons or to root out the bandit camps.

    And with different nations within the world, with dynamic relationships between them based on trade and warfare. The player becomes powerful enough to influence and manipulate the various factions, perhaps even lead them.

    Instead of being in a Morrowind or Mount&Blade setting, it could just as easily be at sea or in space.

    • Rhin says:

      so….. EVE?

    • dogsolitude_uk says:

      You could try the X games. They’re spacey, and you can mine stuff, turn it into other stuff and trade it. there’s a complex economy that just runs itself, with little ships buying stuff, selling it, mining thngs and making widgets like Lasers. You can also manage your own interstellar business.

      Or you can just shoot things and nick the cargo.

  5. Namos says:

    I’d love to see a game comprised of three tiers turn-based games, all bleeding into each other:
    *A 4X strategy game like Civ or Master of Magic
    *Tactical strategy ala Heroes of Might and Magic or Age of Wonders.
    *A party-based tactical RPG (with an option for mega-munchkining as in Disgaea or ZHP)
    Each tier would draw upon the others, affecting the play through. Furthermore, online connectivity would have the game drawing upon the playthroughs of other players, helping further populate the world and make each experience unique.

  6. Jake says:

    A new Silent Hill type game that is like SH2 rather than the more recent ones in the series. Psychological horror that is actually scary rather than just constant stupid monsters like Dead Space. With puzzles and a decent combat system. Like Batman AA except you’re a weakling and there are terrible things in the night. Maybe based on the C’thulhu mythos.

    That or a new city builder like Sim City. Or a new Rollercoaster Tycoon type game.

  7. reticulate says:

    A worthy successor to Elite.

  8. dogsolitude_uk says:

    I feel terrible for not reading through all the comments so far, and I’m probably repeating a bunch of stuff but here goes anyway:

    An Open-Ended, Freeform HP Lovecraft RPG

    Like Morrowind, or even like Deus Ex, but set in and around US/European locations in the early 20th Century. Choose your profession (e.g. Journalist, Soldier, Thief, Police Officer, Scientist or whatever) and then off you go, on quests to retrieve artifacts, infiltrate cultists, kill monsters etc..

    I’m fed up with elves and swords and shit. Sorry, but it’s been done to death.

    Thief: the Eastern Project

    A Thief game, but set in a steampunk/mediaval quasi-Japanese setting with samurai, Ninjas, faceless ghosts, tombs and other weirdness.

    Frontier 2.0

    I loved Frontier, and would love Elite IV to come out, but I’d actually quite happily settle for Frontier properly rewritten for modern PCs, with a decent ship management system, contract/quest system and flight mechanics.

    The X games are fun, and look pretty, but I can’t cope with having to fly around a tiny area bounded by NSEW jump gates with a top speed, and not being able to pilot my ship down to planets. Orbiter’s too damned hard on the other hand, for I am a bear of very little brain and struggle with hardcore orbital mechanics. Although having said that having simple relativistic effects whilst flying at high speeds would be kind of interesting.

    Agh, I don’t know what I want really. Just make Syndicate and Thief 4 (with any third-person strictly optional) and I’ll be happyish.

    • Chris D says:

      By this point it’s a fair bet that no one has read through all the comments.

      Apart from the people who are just about to correct me, that is.

    • dogsolitude_uk says:

      I’m making myself read every single one of them out of a peculiar feeling of guilt.

    • Sarlix says:

      Did you read mine? If not, why not!

  9. AdamK117 says:

    EVE, WoW, and MineCraft in some sort of open-ended, creative, yet still simple enough (no excel spreadsheet UI) and fun enough mish-mash.

  10. Post-Internet Syndrome says:

    I’ve always got lots of ideas on my mind, tldr comin up.
    I’d like an open world-ish assassin RPG, with mechanics similar to hitman, but where you are free to roam the city at will and take missions for cash when you need it. It would feature a “notoriety” mechanic similar to Blood Money, which will force you to change hideouts and equipment every now and then. (Apart from obvious things such as getting spotted, doing missions at all will slowly increase this stat, keeping the player on their toes.) Some kind of character progression is mandatory, where the player can choose among social and physical abilities.

    Prior to executing a mission, the player will need to physically scout the target and areas where he/she can be attacked. In this manner, the player can find out that a particular target spends almost all their time at their workplace, but early in the morning and late in the evening they move between their work and their home, with a shitload of bodyguards in tow. The player will then decide if they want to break into one of those places, plant a car bomb, or just take a shot en route. Maps and such can be procured, false id:s prepared, etc. Essentially an open world HItman game.

    A twist, story-wise and setting-wise, is that about half-way, the setting changes from a modern city to a turn-of-the-century one. All the skills translate into this setting (story-wise this is completely arbitrary of course, it’s just to preserve the choices and progression of the player) and the new character, but the tech level is of course turned back one hundred years. This will allow me to attend 19th century parties and balls, murdering rich people and returning to discuss those silly worker’s rights movements with the brother of the target. Which I would like to do.

    I also require insane climbing inspired by assassin’s creed.

    A thing I would like to see in any open game (for example my assassin-rpg above) is a time management mechanic. You would have a calendar in-game, and be forced to choose between things to spend your time on. For example, in above RPG, a mission must be completed within three days (because the target is leaving town or whatever), leaving you limited time to scout locations and such. Something I could see working well with this is a crafting mechanic, where lulls of like, a month in the campaign will give you the opportunity to choose between levling your shooting skills like crazy, crafting lots of stuff to sell, or doing a bit of both.

    Lastly, something I think would be interesting would be a third-person shooter where you play as a hive mind entity. This idea has been with me ever since I played AvP. Basically, I would like to play something like AvP, where you play the aliens, in third person, but instead of controlling a single alien, you play a group of them. The controls would be ordinary tps controls, but actions would be distributed over your small swarm, so if you perform a particular form of attack, two or three of your elements pounce at the enemy, while the others do other stuff. The scale of this madness could of course be varied, so if all the creatures but one die, you will naturally only control that single one until you are reinforced, and conversely, some scenarios could have you directing dozens of biological death machines as a single, swarming, killing unit. Innovative hud elements informing you of events observed by the swarm but not currently in view will have to be devised of course. Spectacular animations and wall/roof-walking is mandatory.

    [/mind dump]

  11. Post-Internet Syndrome says:

    Yeah, and a sequel to Freelancer (or spiritual sequel, the story ain’t important) where everything is perfect.

    • The Army of None says:

      Wow. I just posted my comment without reading through the (large) list… Weird that ours were so close together. Freelancer fans for life!?

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      Our fates are entwined etc.

      I mean, Freelancer is a great game! And it can easily be even better! They just need to DO it.

  12. The Army of None says:

    Freelancer 2


  13. 7rigger says:

    Elite 2:Frontier sized galaxy with the ability to get out of ships and walk/drive around planet surfaces – doesn’t even have to have anything interesting on the planetary side, just the ability to explore.

    Then I could die happy :)

  14. I_have_no_nose_but_I_must_sneeze says:

    Some ideas:

    A game that lets you explore genuinely different dimensions in an overarching narrative, with each of these worlds containing its own set of ideas and rules. Think of a game like Psychonauts that allows you to enter other characters’ minds, while experimenting even more with the artistic design and mechanics of the distinct dreamworlds. One world could be a survival horror set inside a sinking submarine filled with sentient carnivorous jellyfish, while another would have you play as a naked guest at a dinner party in a luxurious mansion, trying to exit the premises in the most dignified manner using stealth and conversation. How’s that for genre-blurring?

    A game that take great pleasure in messing with your mind. Like a modern Sanitarium, set in the mind of a severely disturbed protagonist, lost in memories and haunted by hallucinations. Or something like Call of Cthulhu without the crippling bugs. I haven’t played Amnesia yet, by the way.

    A platformer on the different stages of a relationship, with a different song looping in the background of each level.

  15. LegendaryTeeth says:

    X3 with co-op multiplayer, and a better UI. Also mixed with FreeSpace.

    Or just FreeSpace 3.

  16. dogsolitude_uk says:

    Oh, got another one:
    Dune: the RPG
    A huge freeform RPG set in the Dune universe. Choose your House, and do stuff. Poison people, order and take part in seiges, negotiate with the Spacing Guild, shag a member of the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood and be confronted by your offspring 15 years later, invest in illegal technologies from Ix, assassinate significant mebers of other houses, explore the desert… It would need to be huge and freeform, definitely.

    • Sarlix says:

      Yes, yes and yes. But make it an RTS.

      OK, just make dune 3.

    • 7rigger says:

      Do it in the style of the first Dune game by Cryo and it can be an adventure/rpg/rts!

      *edit* With a Total War style campaign and battle map

  17. Evil Otto says:

    Oh I forgot. Midwinter 2 of course.

  18. SuperNashwanPower says:


    Personally I have a morbid fascination with disasters and really negative world events, and have always been interested in a game scenario that puts you in the shoes of someone about to go through, and going through, those experiences. Sort of gives me spine chills to think about wandering around the titanic, or being in the chernobyl plant on the day of the explosion and the subsequent panic etc. Some might be a bit too painful e.g. 9/11, but I have a fascination with what it would be like to be there, know what was going to happen and be powerless to see it all unfold.
    No idea how you would turn any of that into an actual game, its more about the idea of being a real person experiencing those events. Maybe something more in the Dear Esther ‘game-like experience’ mold. Movies have already done a lot of it, but the idea of being immersed in that.

    PS Pardon my flagrant attempt to get your attention.

  19. 7rigger says:

    If I went thought this thread posting on all the ideas I liked I would probably double the post count, so I’ll just say some of the ideas I’m reading here are facepalm-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that amazing!

  20. Text_Fish says:

    I read about this cool indie survival game called Mimecruft, which sounds like it might tick most of your boxes.

  21. satsui says:

    The core idea of The Sims Medieval is my dream game (so strip the quests and all that jumbo). More of a strategy game and RPG than anything else. I think it would be nice if you control one guy, a monarch, and order people (who are still independently minded) to gather resources, research, farm food, whatever, and even have a small military (knights, archers, horsemen, etc.). Head into battle and fight (with a style similar to Dynasty Warriors) and leading full troops of men. Conquer other territories and expand your empire.

    Is that too hard?

  22. something says:

    I want a Sims minus the cartoonishness, soap operatics and shopping. Then I want to tack it onto some other genre. Imagine a flight sim where you had to go home every night. Should one of your squad mates buy the farm, you have to go round to his wife and tell her in person. You probably already know her. Maybe you’ve been round there for dinner before. Maybe you’ve had an affair. Or maybe your breaking the worst possible news to a complete stranger.

    I think having to worry about your character’s inner life would raise the moments of action out of the ordinary. There’s so much killing in video games but it never has any impact. It’s just fun – often a lot of fun. People die, they respawn – it means nothing. How much more thrilling would it be if the life threatening moments were rarer and the people involved were people we really cared about.

    And the best way to make a gamer care about something is to let him build it. If you want a gamer to care about an NPC, let him build his relationship with that NPC himself. That’s what I want to see in a game.

    Also, I think people are over-estimating the power of procedural generation. Basically, you’re asking an algorithm to be an artist. While possibly not impossible, it never achieves as much as people think it does.

  23. satsui says:

    Another one I would like would be a Knights of Honor, but covering the entire span of civilization. So when you start off, you choose a tiny territory, and build off of that. You research technology to get to the next age.

  24. Hrofty says:

    1)Multiplayer First Person Space Sim. Its like a normal Space Sim, but you control the pilot, not ship itself. Basically its SpaceBuildMod(from Garris Mod) meets X3 and Space Station 13.

    2)Miners Haven. DwarfFortress, as a server for Minecraft.

  25. Wulf says:

    *pulls something random out of his head.*

    I’d probably go with the player actually controlling a small (at first) dragon-like creature that’s discovered in a sort of stasis field within an ancient monolithic structure. This creature would have a set of bizarre senses that can be used to perceive reality in very different ways. All this set in a reality where you have things like a dieselpunk, African culture of psychic lionfolk that bond in groups of 3 to 6 and bond so completely that they eventually become one gestalt entity where they can predict the actions of every other member in their group, making them particularly deadly, or a Nahuan inspired culture touched by aliens that went a bit grey goo and wander the land as self-rebuilding techo-organic constructs, where there are monoliths present which tell of reality by their very nature, geometric shapes which imply mathematics that hint at the nature of reality. Some of this having shot some cultures forward scientifically far faster than they should have.

    And with some of these constructs actually lying, this sparring wars, some taking it as a test, some thinking of them as a curse, and others believing that they should be correct but that the reality they’re actually in is kind of broken. And mysteries spread out from there in an Uru-puzzly way with people exploring the insides of these large constructs and learning more and more about the nature of reality as they go on. The aforementioned dragon creature gaining new talents with each he comes into contact with, and it looking more and more like reality is really a built thing that has become very broken.

    Mysteries within mysteries sprawl out from there as aspects of reality become open that perhaps were never supposed to be, eventually you find that you can reality hack, and what you learn and what you do from that point is entirely up to you.

    This game would likely confuse the hell out of people who hadn’t discovered enough by the end of it, and they might not want to replay it, the rest would be alienated by the strangeness and non-familiarity of it all, and I’d end up a bitter person with a game that only sold very small amounts. And this is why I’d never devote any of the crazy nonsense that tends to flood my brain to a game. :P Really, I know this stuff is way too OTT for most people. But that’s okay.

    (It occurs to me that there’s a bunch of other stuff I have that would fit perfectly into this and I’m tempted to do some writing, now.)

  26. Gary W says:

    Gears of War 4: Fenix Galaxies

    Now close your eyes and imagine a constellation of greyish planetoids, each embossed with a grid of waist-high walls.

    • 7rigger says:

      Would there be some kind of system for using these low walls to block incoming bullets? That would be the game of everyone’s dreams!

  27. Ridnarhtim says:

    Something with the basic principle of Thief (exploration, stealth, large non-linear levels with objectives), with horror on par with Amnesia, graphics that will fully take advantage of my brand new gaming rig (therefore a PC exclusive … In fact, the game should feel like a PC game. It should play like something from 1998-2001 or so), and a strong story with at least a few surprises and a strong level of atmosphere (this kinda goes with the horror but not completely … Bioshock imho is unbelievably atmospheric but not scary).

    I also like the steampunk setting, but anything with some sort of magic or other fantasy elements will do.

    Thief 4 might end up being that game (or very close to it), but I’m really not getting my hopes up.

    Please, someone, do this.

  28. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Also it would be quite cool if there was an engine that could take google earth images of your own hometown, create a 3D model of it and then populate it with zombies, soldiers, and one or two of the types of people you really dont like very much who live where you live, and then arming you with lots of great weapons. Seeing New York or London being decimated is cool and that, but seeing your own street corner and 7/11 turned into a combat zone might be quite cool.

  29. General Ludd says:

    My dream game is inspired by a poorly remembered sci-fi book read as a teenager in the mid-nineties. I remember little of the plot itself, some conspiracy they were investigating in a world where people plugged in to their computers and spent huge amounts of time in virtual worlds. What I remember is the game the two protagonists, one male and one female, plugged into. It was a fantasy with an enormous zoom. One person played a wandering healer, with no influence on the world but travelling in this role and with long descriptive passages just describing the world and the birds, one of which was a spy. The other character was a minor lord, commanding relatively small armies in the same world, with one crushing victory of a poorly prepared enemy by a river sticking in the memory. I also remember them spying on a meeting in a castle, with the bustle providing cover.

    Anyway, that excessive prose aside, this un-remembered book created a life-long desire for an RPG (an MMO I guess) where the option to exist at any scale from a mighty King commanding armies to a peripatetic hedge wizard exists and where the world demands nothing but what the relationships you’ve created in it require.

    Or, failing that, anything close to Baldur’s Gate 2 please.

  30. makute says:

    Just give me Oblivion Lost. The original concept (years before STALKER), gestated by GSC before THQ came and shit hit the fan.

  31. Oak says:

    A few games have scratched the itch, made me say, “Yes, even if it’s not perfect, this is what I really want out of video games.” Namely Evil Genius, Gangsters: Organized Crime, Europa Universalis 3, X-Com. Jagged Alliance 2, maybe. But, if I could wish up my own:

    – A huge multiplayer sea-battle game, in which every player takes the role of a crewman on a ship of the line. Scaled down, for obvious reasons. Most would man the guns, some would be fetching powder and shot, carrying off the wounded, manning the sails, working the pumps belowdecks. Someone could be the surgeon, the carpenter, the captain giving orders to his ship and the admiral to the whole fleet. Inevitably, it would be chaotic, confusing, ripe for griefers, and boring for anyone who died once the firing started, but if someone could even halfway pull it off I would literally shoot rainbows out of my eyes in glee.

    – A game about controlling one of the east india companies from its inception. You’d chart new territory and then turn it into an opportunity for profit; success would be dependant on both diplomatic skill and ability to apply the right amount of force. It’s fertile ground for a rich historical strategy game about discovery, trade, and empire, yet no one’s made a worthwhile effort of using it yet. And since I know nobody’s reading my self-indulgent twaddle, I’d like to point out that I am a talking alpaca and also the King of England.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      I just read the end and would like to offer you some grass and some anti-psychotics.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      No you’re not. You’re a tree!

  32. skraeling says:

    I played the demo to my dream game but no one’s actually made it:
    link to

    • Berzee says:

      Well I certainly just read your entire blog at it was awesome (especially the nested parentheses (I love those things [though I will sometimes break it up with various kinds of brackets {you know, for clarity}])). A good bit of sly linking, that!

    • skraeling says:

      I’m glad it tickled your fancy Berzee. I doff my cap to you.

      The post of parentheticals was my favorite to write so far and although clarity is nice I think fuzziness is funnier.

    • Berzee says:

      Demos in the days before the internet were funny…I never did anything quite so scientific and amazing as studying other playable-in-the-full-version races, but I *do* remember spending hours with the Warcraft 1 demo…and just staring at that upgrade that gives archers +1 attack…and thinking how cool those upgraded arrows looked in the picture….and how amazing it would be to be able to click that button and see how my archers now rained death upon the world.

      Then I got the full game and clicking the button made the archers do +1 damage, is all, but I guess that’s cool.

    • skraeling says:

      I remember how the upgrades in Warcraft were cool-looking yet visually ineffectual. I once wrote a short story about those arrow upgrades and the Orc who loved them. As with all great romances it ended tragically with his death.

  33. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Did they ever make a decent FPS of Robocop? The amiga had something forward-thinking but dreadful that was probably the first use of polygons ever, but which was poo. Want game where I get to kill blokes with my Auto 9 and bleepie targeting system and then say narcy things in a robot voice.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      Hm just found an attempt at a Robo game by Titus. It looks dreadful. Maybe its not possible to make a good Robocop game thats not a side scrolling arcade-a-thon

  34. Frank says:

    Beyond Good and Evil 2, built in a Minecraft/Spelunky random generator, with a vibrant mod community and episodic or TF2-style updates forever.

    Or Bang! Howdy 2, built in a Minecraft/Spelunky random generator, with a vibrant mod community and episodic or TF2-style updates forever.

  35. MDS says:

    Freespace 3 with in-atmosphere combat too. Multiple-kilometre capital ships beating the piss out of each other – amongst the clouds – and any ship defeated hits the ground :)

    Not the perfect game but the one seemingly least likely to ever happen

  36. Scorpi says:

    My dream game is a tactical RPG in which you explore not the geography of the world, but its history. And it doesn’t have levels, only loot of various abilities but equal power. And when it’s come time to make a choice, you can make both choices without having to play the game twice.

    Basically, like this: a group of characters form the protagonists of the game. They have their own plot, spread across many ‘missions.’ Maybe along the way some NPC mentions a myth they heard as a boy; you then get to play that ‘myth’ as a mission, and maybe the truth behind it isn’t quite what the NPC thought (or maybe to buck convention, it totally is). Later on a character may become ill and the player takes the role of the healer’s magicked medicines as they battle the disease. Further still, there will be missions set in the future of the world or the past; early on in the game’s story you might see one PC’s terrifying future, and wonder what makes them that way – later on you come across a choice you can make that either results in that future, or another one (which you would be able to play).

    On that note, if the player makes a choice during the game, they can go back later and make the other choice, while still having access to everything from their first decision. Each choice has its own branching path, which may or may not meet up with the trunk of the plot.

    The game has no character levels. Instead, each mission rewards the characters with equipment, some of which can be used by all the PCs and some can only be used by one of them. The loot is always balanced, so that if you find a really awesome sword at the beginning of the game, you don’t need to give it up for the funny-looking OMEGABLADE in order to beat the tough monster. Further more, the loot can have very varied effects. A character might start the game as the tank, but if you customize him the way you like he’ll become the party’s mage, or healer, or whatever hybrid you think of.

    One idea I had that blends all these thoughts together concerns one character’s equipment. A giant pirate captain, his weapon is a cannon, held in the crook of his arm. All variations on the cannon are the same weapon at different points in its own chronology: there is an old, cracked, dangerous to use version; a young, still practically molten one; a version that was sunk with its ship, and now fires crabs and other benthic lifeforms; one that is gilded and worshipped for its original heroic bearer after his death (and because you earn loot from all missions, even the ones the PCs aren’t involved in, the pirate captain can use this weapon – I haven’t decided whether or not he would remark on its features, though, or just play the damn game)

    And that’s pretty much it. I’ve had it in the back of my mind for years now, always looking for games that come close

  37. egg651 says:

    The mothership vs mothership bits of Star Wars Battlefront 2, crossed with Crimson Skies, crossed with Air Buccaneers.

    The game would be multiplayer, but with co-ordinated teams that worked with the zeppelin crew and pilots in harmony.

    P.S: This is blatantly just a place for game developers to snipe popular ideas. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  38. manveruppd says:

    I would like a Wii cooking game based on the Quake 2 universe, where you’re a Strog and chop up human space marines to create dazzling culinary delights. There should of course be an Deus Ex-style RPG progression system that lets you replace various body bits with different culinary implements.

    And of course you’ll have a multiplayer party game component in which various chefs compete to please the Makron by cooking up delicious treats while the human space marines fight their way towards him. So it’ll be a sort of competitive tower defence thing.

    I am completely serious.

  39. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    I’d like a turn-based strategy cum roleplaying game. Wherein there is actual diplomacy but mostly based on roleplaying and story(choices).. strategy and tech playing (if at all) a lesser part. Wherein AIs aren’t maniacal and don’t just decide to attack you/betray you without actual reasons (AI personality combined with strategical reasons are taken into account).

    But since I’m not too much on the strategy fiddling it’ll focus on tech choices/unit builds for cities/bases and unit placement and terrain usage. Economy will play only a minor part.. again, since I don’t like having to figure out all the behind-the-screen mechanics (thinking of games like Massive Assault, Battle for Wesnoth).

    And have certain objectives/things in the game which are important because of the setting/backstory/whatever nation or race one chooses. And a well-written setting with various not necessarily always opposed sides (that is, not necessarily black-and white points of view).

  40. RP says:

    Alpha Protocol 2: To Heck with This, and Alpheus Protocolus: Mask of the Betrayer edition. Games that treat you like you have half a brain, where mature doesn’t mean “prostitues lol”, girls exist for reasons other then their boobs, and you simultaneously feel like you’re wholly in charge of your character yet you never quite know what everyone else might be up to.

  41. RepentantNwah says:


    I have a handful of dream games, but I’ll attempt to describe the latest I’ve come up with. I’d describe it as Just Cause 2 version 2.0 or 3.0. meets Fallout3/NV, Mass Effect, and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. It would have a similar sort of story to JC 2, minus all the ridiculousness, but with MUCH more depth.
    The player would be the rookie on a team of international, Rainbow 6-ish special ops members going in to an island nation like Panau to figure out what’s going and stop it if it poses danger to the international community. Doing so would involve blending in to the country and setting up an almost completely self-sufficient operation there. The player character’s appearance, gender, race, nation of origin (probably limited to a few “allied” countries) and beginning skill sets would be completely customizable.
    When I say skill sets, I do not mean having to pick any sort of class. The RPG aspects of the game would be a combination of Fallout 3/NV and the new system Bethesda is using for Skyrim. At the outset, you can choose a few skills out of 15 or so that might reflect what you ultimately want your character to be, but not restricted to that for the rest of the game. These skills would include all the typical sort of skills a special ops person would have. Small arms, melee (includes any and all hand to hand or held weapon attacks), explosives, electronics, stealth, negotiation, athleticism, driving, helicopter piloting, and plane piloting would be in there among others. Leveling would of course involve using these skills in game. The higher the skill in say small arms, the more proficient that character would be with guns. To keep it slightly more realistic, damage wouldn’t increase a great deal every skill-up. Skill-ups would for instance affect your accuracy, muzzle sway, muzzle jump, and critical hit damage. These would of course lead to more damage done. Driving skill would increase responsiveness, explosives would dictate what sort of types of explosives you can use and your skill in crafting them, negotiations would act as a sort of ‘speech’ skill determining how well you can influence NPCs and their actions and what prices you can haggle from black market arms dealers (more on that later), etc.
    As far as an underlying attribute system, I would like to see it kept as straightforward as possible. The only attributes would be Strength, Conditioning, Coordination, Awareness, and Intelligence. Each skill in the 15 would have 1 or all of these attributes attached to it in a weighted percentage fashion. For instance, small arms would be broken down like so: (45% coordination, 30% awareness, 15% conditioning, 10% intelligence). Using the small arms skill by firing weapons effectively would contribute, using a mathematical formula to be devised by the developers, to a separate sort of level-up bar for each attribute. The more you use skills with a certain underlying attribute, the quicker you gain another level in that attribute. Attaining another level in an attribute would of course give the player bonuses in all aspects of the game and would be a much bigger deal than gaining a skill level. Strength would affect damage in melee and how much you can carry, Conditioning would affect how fast you can run and for how long, Awareness would determine how well you perceive enemies in the game world and would also help in conversation, Coordination would affect driving and flying and how well you handle weapons, and Intelligence would give bonuses to electronic skills and also help in negotiation and conversation. I now realize that sounds complicated, but I think it would work.
    The game would involve the player doing the same sort of things in they did in JC 2 (minus the grapple-hook). Doing side missions and subsequently gaining favor with factions who can give you discounts on gear, vehicles, and access to certain areas. You could actively subvert government operations across the island(s), but this time actually gaining more than “chaos” like more cash or weapons and gear. Destroying, sabotaging, and maybe even taking over government installations throughout the island would be very cool. You could build up a main “base” or something of the like that you can upgrade and customize. Adding an armory, garages, helicopter pads, and med bays are all possibilities. There would be a main story-line with missions based on it to progress the game, but not at a hurried pace (and wouldn’t end with riding ICBMs like cowboys).
    Taking from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, you could rise in rank or prestige on this team and eventually take it over. You could then recruit new members or customize the members you already have and send them out on a myriad of missions to gather intel or make more money. These team members would have more specialized roles than the player might, so their leveling system would be more simplified. Heavy gunners, wheelmen, pilots, and spies might be good examples.
    To add even more of an RPG element, the player can completely customize what they look like by choosing the gear, clothing they wear, and weapons they use. Since this is my dream game, there would thousands of guns that can be upgraded and modded further like adding scopes and laser sights and grips and suppressors or whatever else. Weapons would range from knives to pistols and up to rocket launchers like most FPSs. These guns, however, would be guns taken directly from the real world. CZ, H&K, Colt, Remington, Glock, etc. along with other smaller manufacturers would be represented. Each individual gun would have a base damage and accuracy rating that goes along with the player’s skills and attributes and can be upgraded by using attachments. As far as equipping weapons go, I see it sort of like a modified Halo set up. Players can equip one main weapon, one side arm, one melee weapon, and multiple grenades depending on your armor or clothing set up. These weapons can be switched to on the fly by pressing one button without opening the inventory menu, and can be visibly seen on the player once equipped.
    As far as armor goes, things are kept grounded in the real world. Armor would consist of chest rigs or thigh rigs which will allow you to carry more ammo and add space to your inventory. Since I envision the player damage system to be similar to modern shooters like COD where there is a certain “death threshold” to be met for the player to die, body armor like Kevlar and Dragon Scales would raise that threshold depending on quality. Backpacks of small to large sizes can be equipped to allow for more carrying capacity, but the bigger the backpack and the more weight you carry, the more cumbersome you become. Speaking of carrying capacity, the inventory system would work kind of like a hybrid between Diablo and Fallout 3/NV. Your Strength and Conditioning attributes would determine the total weight you can carry before slowing down at one level to not being able to move at the next. This number cannot be changed all that much by other equipment. What can be changed by equipment are the spaces you have to fill up like Diablo. Wearing no pack of any kind will allow you to carry little more than what items and gear you have equipped on your person. Tactical pants, jackets, belts, and chest rigs can add space, but obviously very little. By equipping a backpack from your home base’s armory, which allows for mass storage, carrying spaces are significantly increased. As stated before, however, the more you carry the slower you move. It is a system I believe would make the player think about both how their character operates in the game as well as what a given mission will require. Say for instance, a mission entails meeting a contact in a crowded public area. First off, you do not want to just march into a crowded area in full tactical gear like you were assaulting a bunker. Your character would alert army or security forces as well as spook your contact. You would probably only wear what was needed in this situation; street clothes and a pistol. Each mission would require thought on the player’s part.
    To round out the equipment side, the player could also equip 2-3 accessories at any given time, along with an advanced PDA. These would include a lockpick, bomb diffusers, mini camera drone, etc. The PDA would handle communications, electronic locks, and hacking, and the map/GPS function.
    Finally, combat, in a dream game would be like Mass Effect 2 really. The only difference would be to add a First Person view to make aiming down the sites more realistic.

  42. jasimon says:

    I’ve got a few, but here’s one/

    A squad-based, sci-fi FPS with RPG elements. The main feature of this is a truly branching story. Not like a Bioware RPG where all the same things happen but characters just react differently depending on whether you were mean or not. You would play as the commander of an elite special forces unit.

    For example: During a mission, if you choose to try and enter an enemy base by sneaking through the vents, you overhear a conversation about a secret enemy project. After completing whatever mission you’re on, you have the option to take on a mission where you go deal with that information. You also have tons of possible choices to make all the time. There’s a space battle going on at Planet A, but it seems like your side should be able to handle it. Your army is staging a ground invasion of Planet B. There’s a riot on Planet C. You just found out about a secret enemy project on Planet D. What do you do? The choices you make affect the game in huge ways, so that no play through would be the same. If you choose to go put down the riot on Planet C, depending on how quickly you resolve that, different things have happened throughout the galaxy. Maybe the ground assault failed without your help. Or if you ignored the secret project the enemy develops a new weapon which turns the tide of the war.

    In addition, when you die you don’t get a mission reset at a save point. Your respawn at the cloning vat, but this has consequences for your mission. The enemy scientist you were trying to kidnap got away. The position you were holding was overrun.

    Also, realistic physics and a totally open environment. You board a ship and are tasked with taking control. You could just move down the halls and work that way. Or, if you brought some heavy explosives, just blow a hole through the wall or the floor and surprise an enemy that one.

    Varied missions. Sometimes you’re in a fighter, sometimes you’re boarding a ship, or on a planet, or trying to rescue someone, or sneaking through an enemy base.

  43. JB says:

    For me, something with the detail of UnReal World ( link to ) in a 3D engine would make my decade. Like Mr Walker, the survival thing really appeals.

  44. DigitalSignalX says:

    I want some form of X-wing meets Mass Effect meets Homeworld. Shooter to flyer to fleet. Board ships. Shoot. Fly lead on bombing runs. RTS your fleet up and defend/attack star systems. Let you design your own ships, and customize armor/weapons. I want it to be 20 gigs, support dx11, be fully voiced, and have a 60+ hour single player as well as multiplayer elements.

    I also want a bag of cheezy poofs and a big glass of ice water to go with it.

  45. Wachepti says:

    I’ve always thought that if I had a ton of money I would throw it all at the Planescape: Torment team to get them to make a sequel. Planescape: Torment has a wonderful ending that is very satisfying but there is room for more character development and it’s a game I would love to play.

  46. DFresh20 says:

    My Dream game takes place in not England where you must work to revive a once great royally mandated merchant house. You begin a few years after your father loses the families trade contracts, fleet, and his life under mysterious circumstances. You take on the role of two brothers one who must manage the home front, political situation, etc. The other has just returned from a long journey as an aspiring ship captain. Your only hope is to take advantage of your families last ship; a state of the art clipper that was still being built during the disaster that took your families fortune. The only hope for your family is to explore the uncharted seas to the west; full of sea monsters, dangerous seas, and the legendary pirate who alone has sailed to those seas and returned. You would recruit talented people ala Suikoden and switch between brothers to progress both in your home country and in the uncharted waters. Throw in a rival great house who you suspect of your fathers fall and rumors of a not Spanish armada building in the south. Old school rpg mechanics and a magical alternative world to explore and exploit. A choice between peaceful trading or you could viciously exploit the new lands you discover and become a terror of the seas. Your recruit-able characters and eventual abilities would change depending on your choices.

  47. Po0py says:

    A turn-based Football (soccer!) game. Think of the game Frozen Synapse only instead of a shooty shooty game replace that system with 22 players and a ball. Pick your players according to stats with all sorts of ability, pace, dribbling, tackling, shooting. Line your team up in whatever formation and tell them where to go, who to pass to, when to make runs and so forth. Defending in the same way. Tell your team to line up with two banks of four, defend deep or high up the pitch, call your lanky strikers back to defend corners and so forth. Tell them who to track, when to tackle, where to stand in certain circumstances, play for the offside rule, etc.

    My ideal game. It comes after playing many, many football sims and football management sims and becomine frustrated at what they have to offer. Football sims like Fifa and PES leave me frustrated at not being able to do what I want my footballer to do and management sims leave me frustrated at not having enough control over individual players. A turned based football sim would solve all of these issues.

    Can’t believe nobody has tried this.

  48. derfalconer says:

    For years now I have wanted a genuine Mad Max game/mmo (if done right). I feel like everything is there in the movies to just translate directly to a game: scarce resources, settlements, roving bands of lunatics, guns, assless chaps. Add in that players build settlements and control them ala SWG, how could you go wrong?

    Second on the list is an up-to-date re-imagining of swg which has all the ground sandbox parts refined, and has space trade/combat to rival EVE while not also being a flying spreadsheet with lazers. I can dream.

  49. jakonovski says:

    Something that evokes the same feelings that stuff like Dreamweb and Beneath a Steel Sky did back in the day.

  50. Shadram says:

    My dream game is a survival game set in Jurassic Park, set a year or so after the park fails (and retconning the bit about the dinosaurs dying if not being fed special food, so that the place isn’t empty). The eco system is fully modeled: there’s only 2 TRexes (as in the book), and they have hunting and roaming patterns, etc. First person, but not a shooter. There’s a few guns around, but they’re scarce, along with ammo. Most of the time, when you encounter predators, you’ll be running and screaming. It’s not constant action, though. As in a real eco system, most of the dino’s will be herbivores, although some are territorial, so you’re not always safe. You need to learn the behaviours of the various species.

    Gameplay will be about survival and exploration. Finding and exploring the various abandoned buildings, with an overall objective of restoring power to key parts of the island so that you can signal the mainland for rescue. There’ll be scripted sequences at key events, but much of the time it’ll be freeform based on your exploration, with procedurally generated encounters to keep things interesting.

    Landscapes, dinosaurs, exploration. That’s what it’s all about.

    That, or just remake/reimagine the SNES Jurassic Park game in the CryEngine, adding all the modern gizmos like vehicles, etc. I would love long time anyone who could make this happen.