Tell Us: What’s Your Dream Game?

Someone should make a game set entirely in a thought bubble.

We work far too hard entertaining you. You do some work for a bit. I want you to describe your dream game. It’s not quite as ambiguous as it sounds.

For instance, my dream game, as I’ve written about before, is one that just lets me calmly survive. I want a vast island to explore, filled with treats to discover, but only if I can keep myself alive. I want to need to build a shelter with the physics of a Penumbra game, hunt for food using a bow and arrow I’ve made by stringing a branch and wedging a flint and feathers into a stick, building fires, and so on. The key difference between my game and all those I’ve tried that people have recommended is 1) it’s good, and 2) it’s not about frantically monitoring unrealistic levels. I am a greedy chap, but I don’t need to eat sixteen chickens an hour to stay alive. The budgeting of survival to exploration need not be so punishing, and I suspect is usually because a game really doesn’t have much to offer. That’s what I want.

So what do you want? Maybe it’s a whole new way of thinking about the first-person shooter. Or an RTS that doesn’t infuriate you by focusing on units when you really care about resources. Are you crying out for a management sim that doesn’t care about the happiness of the people?

Someone will read one of your comments and make a corresponding game. It’s inevitable.


  1. Bobic says:

    A pre-apocalyptic game. I just want a pretty place and I want to shoot classy people in a classy place. I liked gravity bone.

  2. pilouuuu says:

    A game which has many planets to visit and where you can leave your planet in a ship, like Spore or Elite, not with stupid loading screens like Mass Effect.
    I would use a similiar dialogue system to Mass Effect, but with more options, like in Baldur’s Gate or Fallout where you can select some humorous choices like the dialogue in Monkey Island.
    You could talk to enemies and keep them from attacking you, using your charisma and intelligence
    Dialogue and inventory puzzles like those in Lucasarts adventures
    Real time action or usage of paused tactics, pretty much like Bioware games
    Procedural music that adapts to the action in the game, like in Spore or iMuse sound system
    Face animation like L.A. Noire
    A real living planet with NPC living their own lives and having personalities, etc and where you need to eat and sleep to live. The Sims series got this really well, it should be used in other games too.
    The possibility to have a house, a job, a “normal” life with an alien wife/husband if you don’t want to live an adventurous kind of life.
    Day and night cycles, weather and fauna
    In this game you would be able to create squads and to upgrade the like in Syndicate and you’d talk with them and have relationships like in Dragon Age
    The game should have many beginnings like Dragon Age and many, many awesome, epic endings, as well as multiple paths, so that everytime you play it would be a completely new experience, so this should have lots of replayability

  3. rambythezombie says:

    I would like a steampunk style fps, with a fully editable world, like minecraft, and some rts elements in some instances and rpg elements in the rest. The rts would also be integrated into a city/state/nation managing system like a 4x game. the fps/rpg elements would include a massive crafting system, a massive array of weapons and also a large barter. Think a mix of a steampunk style fallout new vegas + elder scrolls oblivion, mixed with minecraft, and some kind of flight and sea simulator would also be needed. with the rts a mix of total war and civ 3. able to switch between either at predetermined events or at will, the latter whenever, the former if you, say, fail to stop a revolution over throwing your government.