Nightlife: Rift Rogue Class Trailer

Looks like four... no, five belts on that outfit. When will this end?

By the sounds of things, fantasy MMORPG Rift is the most competent game to try and encroach on World of Warcraft’s turf in quite some time. Our man Dan Gril was certainly impressed, and the view from the top of Mount Metacritic is impressive enough. The latest trailer, showcasing the Rogue class and the game’s create-your-own-class mechanics in general can be seen after the jump. You know, in case you were thinking about going rogue. Ha! Ah. Ahh.


What does a rogue bard read music from? From stablature, of course.


  1. clownst0pper says:

    But can it compete against Guild Wars 2? That should be the question…

    • DeepSleeper says:

      Right now I find Rift to be a far more playable game than Guild Wars 2.

    • clownst0pper says:

      I think I’d actually rather watch GW2 trailers than continue playing Rift. While polished, it’s completely lacking soul or originality.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      But it has so many souls!

    • Tyshalle says:

      It definitely does have the feel of pretty much every single other MMO I’ve played in the last five years, save maybe EVE (obviously).

      That said, this is the only MMO I’ve seen where people in the chat channels were talking about how good the game is. Clearly it’s striking a chord with people.

    • Zepposlav says:

      LOL @DeepSleeper How can it be more playable than GW2 when GW2 isn’t even released?!

      Ironically, with so many souls this game lacks THE SOUL that makes mmo unique. People will burn out way more quicker than in WoW. Rift doesn’t bring anything new to the table but 6 yeards old boring grind gameplay. Don’t tell me about rifts or invasions because they are just mindless zerg suck-fests. What’s worse, I’ve seen free to play mmos with much better animations and particle effects than this one.

      It won’t stand a chance vs incoming original, we could cold them “next-gen” mmos like above mentioned GW2 or SWTOR (the latest trailers look much better than old ones). A big NO-BUY for anyone who have played mmos before. I regret spending money on this game.

    • BobbyBob says:

      Don’t mind that whistling sound everyone; it’s just the sound of a joke flying cleanly over Zepposlav’s head.

    • Rii says:

      It certainly went over my head given that an awful lot of folks have played GW2 at PAX and the like…

    • The Great Wayne says:


    • mod the world says:

      If you expect more from SWTOR innovation-wise then you are in for a dissappointment. TOR will also have a lot of “kill x of y”-quests and copy much of WoW, because that is just what the mass of MMO players want and expect. GW2 is so far away and so little is actually known about it, that it is more than premature to call it a next-gen MMO.

    • Rii says:

      I’m not sure how you can say that little is known about GW2. There’s like … hours … of narrated footage, discussion panels and trailers out there.

    • Wulf says:

      Yeah. The joke kind of doesn’t work with so many MMO news sources and just people in general coming back from the demo and yelling enthusiastically about how it’s like nothing else they’ve ever played, and how it’s going to change what MMORPGs are about, and how much fun dynamic events are, and so on.

      Even with the demo alone, if you listen to the people who’ve played both, Guild Wars 2 is clearly the more playable game. S’why the joke doesn’t work.

    • The Army of None says:

      Well, Deep Sleeper’s words pretty much mirrored my thoughts. Made sense to me.

    • DeepSleeper says:

      Let’s dissect this.

      At this point – Right now.

      I – Me, the gamer at home. (It’s very nice, thank you.)

      Find Rift to be a far more playable game than Guild Wars 2. – I can actually load Rift. On my PC. I can start it and play the game. I cannot play Guild Wars 2. I cannot start up a trade show and play it there. That’s the joke, you mushrooms. Except it isn’t a joke, it’s a statement of fact. Right now you can play Rift. You cannot play Guild Wars 2 unless you’re a developer or you get lucky at a show somewhere.

      Far more playable.

      I’d say I can’t believe some of you can’t decipher this, but then Wulf showed up and he can’t decipher anything, so we’re good here.

  2. Vinraith says:

    That is, without question, the most idiotically impractical rogue outfit I can ever recall seeing in a game. It’s not effective armor, it’s not stealthy, it’s not lightweight, it’s not maneuverable, it’s not subtle, what possible use does that get up have other than potentially causing your enemies to laugh themselves to death?

    • Hoaxfish says:

      maybe they’re rogue clothing, like suddenly finding a sock stuck to your back

    • BooleanBob says:

      Hoaxfish wins this and every thread.

    • Bats says:

      This seems standard fare for armor in MMOs these days, it’s like that in WoW too, which this borrows heavily from in some ways.

    • zergrush says:

      We’ll see who’s laughing when she stabs you with her shoulderpad daggers.

    • Outsider says:

      In Rift, badguys only aim for the shoulders, which is why 95% of her armor is piled up there. Breaking your own jaw simply by lifting your arm is a small price to pay for the security of 70 pounds of shoulder armor.

      Also fortunate, is that heroes do not have internal organs to guard, like hearts, intestines, stomachs or spleens so they just leave access to those parts completely uncovered.

    • Wulf says:

      Of course, thief/rogue armour could look like this, and that wouldn’t look out of place on Garrett. It’s dark, so it blends in in dark places, it’s light, it’s sleek and streamlined, reflective areas have been painted over with black. and generally it looks practical. And that’s on a Charr lady there.

    • drewski says:

      She is just *begging* to be stabbed in the kidneys.

  3. Teddy Leach says:


  4. Carra says:

    Dual wielding, stealth, what looks like combo points and finishing moves?

    Nope, no WoW clone.

    • Malawi Frontier Guard says:

      Hello. You must be new to this.

    • enamelizer says:

      I know right? The rouge class never had any of those things before WoW. What is next, clerics healing?!

    • Vagrant says:

      No, he’s right! Before WoW, only Assassins dual wielded!

    • TotalBiscuit says:

      Oh please, the abilities are carbon copies to the point where even the damage and cooldowns are identical in many cases. There’s nothing wrong with cloning the most successful MMO either, just don’t try and pretend you’re not doing just that.

    • Berzee says:

      Did they try and pretend?

    • enamelizer says:

      True dat, the Rogue skill trees like Saboteur and Bard are such a rip-off of WoW. When I am lobbing sticky grenades or healing group mates all I can think of is “WTF this is just like my WoW rogue”.

      Then I switch from a healing spec on one pull to a DPS spec the next and then to a ranged/pet spec the pull after that… the mechanics are so much like WoW that I just log out right there and play WoW instead.

      I am pretty sure WoW invented everything actually and there is no reason for a developer to make a new game ever again.

    • Zepposlav says:

      Metacritic score means shit for mmorpg. It can’t be properly scored when the game is so fresh. Many people will drop it after month or two even if its scored as 10 but lacks longevity. So far the endgame content isn’t great. Been there-done that. The most clever pve mechanic they use is “don’t stand in damage effect X”. Bitch please…
      It’s not copy of WoW, it’s step back from WoW.

      This games commercial should be “We’re not in Azeroth anymore, we’re 6 years before it.”

    • President Weasel says:

      I picked the rogue class and specialised in the damage-dealer-with-a-pet subclass.
      It’s really like playing my WOW hunter!
      (when I get bored with that, I join a party and off-heal them by strumming a loot at the baddies. It’s not much like the Bard class in EQ, but it’s maybe a teeny bit like a shaman, if you squint).

      In all seriousness though, it’s a lot like WOW. But then how could it not be, since WOW was inspired by, and stole chunks of, other fantasy MMOs.

    • Carra says:

      I don’t mind the fact that they added a rogue like class.

      But a focus meter and a 5 point combo system? Get something more original like WoWs deathknights rune system. Else I can just play some more WoW.

  5. RandomGameR says:

    There was a dragon in there, too. WoW has dragons, so this is a WoW clone.

  6. bit_crusherrr says:

    Generic MMORPG #1298739012
    Didn’t get the appeal of rift. It was a rather dull game.

    I wish people would try new things when making a MMORPG i.e DCUO which was surprisingly awesome.

    • Danarchist says:

      Until I played it I felt the same way. Honestly it wasn’t until I was quite a ways into the game via peer pressure that I started to feel some of the charm. It IS just another fantasy mmo carrot on a stick game. That hasn’t changed, and no recent game (including dcuo) has done anything different. You follow a laid out series of zones and their same-as-last-zone quest chains until you level up and move to the next zone. This doesn’t change until you hit 30ish, over half way through the leveling grind. The great thing is once it does change you find yourself with allot of options and some pretty interesting event style quests. I think if I hadn’t been forced to level to 30 at least by one of the only other couples we know without fornication trophies id have tossed in the towel before my first month was up. If the game has a failing its that the actual game doesn’t make an appearance till after you have put in quite a few hours.

      Seriously the quest to level thing needs to be tossed out the bloody window. I have spent more time in the last 2 months playing anno 1404 than either of the mmo’s I have installed currently. Find a different way. I think its hilarious that for all their modern “features” not one mmo currently has nearly the open world, random loot fun of Asherons Call that was made many many moons ago. Or even the number crunchy min maxing glorious imbalance of Anarchy Online. I think the first step mmo developers need to take to keep their games interesting is to shut down their forums and/or completely ignore them. Random whining has ruined ALLOT of promising games lately.

  7. Tei says:

    Rift bard is one of the most perfect class I have played in a MMO ever. Maybe only second of guardian in Age of Conan, and better than Sorce in Vanguard Saga of Heroes.

    I made one for group support (be a buff bot) but I got greted by a character with excellent survavility in PvE, interesting survavility in PvP, excellent healing skills.. everything, then the +20% movement speed (beause I can’t go anywhere just walking). I know there are other excellent classes in Rift, but I am not interested after playing Bard, has it already have everything I want in a MMORPG.

    • Rii says:

      There it is folks: the Tei Seal of Approval. Now go forth and multiply and buy. Or buy and multiply. The order is really up to you.

  8. Vagrant says:

    I’ve been suffering Rift showing up on Steam’s frontpage for months. Surely I’m not the only one who finds the art in this game (or at least the Steam headline ad) annoyingly bad.

    • Wulf says:

      Nope. I find it dull and uninspired too, and frequently wish it would go away to be replaced by something prettier. I’ve rarely seen a less inspired game. I suspect that if I went to their offices, I’d find a series of dead-eyed drones in front of IDEs, and not a single person with even the merest glint of passion. I really wish that there was less of this.

  9. samsharp99 says:

    Rift is the first MMO I’ve played since I played a lot of KalOnline (which I played a lot when I was like 15). Quite enjoying it :)

    I’m currently sporting a marksman / ranger / saboteur spec – have absolutely no points in saboteur at all – finding it totally unnecessary. Now I’m level 36 and above ranger pet isn’t very useful anymore (can’t aggro enough) and finding that I end up dying a lot.

    Anyone recommend a good third soul to replace the saboteur?

    • Danarchist says:

      Sab is great as a main spec but not so good for second or 0 point spec. I would say assasin, the poison does effect ranged weapons too.
      Most rogues suggest using the “NightBlade 10” meaning spending 5 points in blazing fury and 5 in coup de grace. This basically just makes everything you do hit 15% harder, which is actually quite a bit.

      Myself i ended up with a silly mix of ranger/bard/nightblade and use it regularly for soloing and occasionally pvp. Marksman is great but im sort of done with kiting for one lifetime.

    • Zepposlav says:

      Infiltrator for 10% amor pen vs players. ;)

    • Coxswain says:

      if you’re really attached to levelling as a ranged rogue, I’d suggest going ranger/marksman/bard for the self healing of cadence and the damage from coda of wrath. Coda of Wrath hits so hard it’s not even funny.

      I don’t play a rogue (my girlfriend does) so I can’t give you a soul-by-soul breakdown, but the trees are pretty self-explanatory: for bard I’d at least go eight or ten points in.

    • Baka says:

      Put enough in Ranger for the Greater Razorbernd, Rest in Marksman. There you go.

  10. cpy says:

    World of Riftcraft, this game is total riftoff of some veeeery simmilar mmo isn’t it? Well i’m not playing it anyway, feels like i already play that kind of game.

  11. Land says:

    I love you Quintin.

  12. Lifebleeder says:

    I like Rift, judging by what I’m reading from a lot of the playerbase, so do a lot of people. Yes, this game isn’t something steeped in originality, which, I daresay, isn’t exactly a bad thing. It’s extremely polished, it’s updated on a very regular basis, and the servers are exceptionally stable. Fact of the matter is, most games that most here would call “Original”, either have a gimmicky game mechanic that gets old in a week, or they flat out don’t have enough subscriptions. Neocron Anyone? Vanguard? Matrix Online? Shadowbane? Tabula Rasa? The list goes on, and lord knows the graveyard is full. I think a lot of people, specifically people who’ve only played World of Warcraft and/or those Casual Gamers will decide to come here instead of GW2. It’s different enough to be fun, but similar enough so they aren’t lost. Of course, only time will tell.
    All that said, SWTOR is a whole nother ball game, hell, even I plan on playing that (Admitted Bioware Fan)

    • Jumwa says:

      I agree with everything you say except on Old Republic. As much as I want to be excited for that, I can’t say anything I’ve actually seen or read really gives me justification to be. So I’m withholding all judgment and prediction on it until I have something more to go on.

    • Wulf says:

      “Casual Gamers will decide to come here instead of GW2.”

      What manner of insane illogic is that based on? :p Rift has always been advertised as Azeroth 2, for those who’re tired of Azeroth 1. Whereas Guild Wars 2 has always been advertised on “If you hate MMORPGs then…” or “This is for everyone, we’re making an accessible, fun game with nothing to bar the entry of people who aren’t familiar with MMORPGs, where you can just get in there and have fun!”

      Really. You need to watch the advertising for Guild Wars 2 – the casual market is a huge chunk of their target demographic. They even went out of their way to point out that their levelling curve is almost a flatline. So it’d take you about the same amount of time to go from level 10 to 11 that it would from 79 to 80. So you won’t need to play the game for years as a casual player just to go up a level.

      And pretty much every casual player I’ve talked to is interested in Guild Wars 2 for this reason – instantly accessible, no kill 10 rats, no grind, a really fun and unique setting, completely subverts the braindead and uninspired approach to MMORPGs that’s become too much par the course, and every play experience is a new one. There are no typical MMORPG quests in the game, no ! and whatnot.

      In fact, the point has been made that those who’ve become prey to classical conditioning, and are programmed to respond to exclamation marks, will have more of a problem getting used to the game than people who play casually, or those who’re new to the genre. So… yeah, saying that Rift would be more for Casual players is sort of like saying that the Temple of Elemental Evil would be more accessible to casual players than Fallout 3.

    • Jumwa says:

      Good points Wulf, I had misread that snippet from the original comment myself and somehow thought they were saying more casual players are migrating from WoW to Rift, which is something I’ve seen. With WoW’s new development team gutting the end-game casual content I know a great deal of people who’ve migrated to Rift for something to do, instead of waiting around for heroics, group mechanics and queues to get fixed to be usable by a casual player base again in WoW.

    • Lifebleeder says:

      I guess I could have worded that better, I meant WoW Gamers, The Hardcore and/or Casual. Thats why I added in the line “It’s different enough to be fun, but similar enough so they aren’t lost.” If they hate MMO’s, or have never played one, then the “It’s Similar” is a bad thing to the former, and “It’s Different” wouldn’t matter to the latter. So yeah, I guess I could have clarified that a little better.

      But for those Casual WoW Gamers that, for whatever reason, don’t want to learn a bunch of new mechanics and/or ideas. Though still enjoy the basic playstyle of it, or for those Hardcores that are just looking for a new challenge, Rift is the place to be. As far as actual Casual Gamers are concerned. Those with no MMO Experience, or for those who Hate MMO’s /shrug. I don’t know any, so I wouldn’t be the authority to comment on them.

  13. mod the world says:

    I don’t think those kind of ridiculous shoulderpads are even in-game available. Luckily most of Rift’s armor has a pretty realistic style, which i like way better than the over the top WoW style.
    Also a funny noob comic on the topic:
    link to

  14. Jumwa says:

    Everyone on Rift seems divided into two camps:

    1) Played it and really got into it, found there was something new and interesting despite its WoW-clone nature.

    2) Has never played it or just gave it a brief try and feels quite confident in declaring it a total bore and failure and everyone’s going to ditch it just like all the other WoW-clones anyway so why do you even bother trying Cloney McCloneskin?

    The truth of the matter is it’s a fine game, and nothing so polished yet massive has ever graced the MMO market upon launch before, at least that I know of. It’s most definitely a WoW clone, but it has its own subtle charm and unique feeling when you delve deep enough. Of course, expecting people to put in the time to grasp the soul system and create a class that works for them so they can delve deeply enough to discover all that isn’t reasonable for most people. However, its seemingly impressive growth in sales and the top notch support they’ve been giving the game post-launch leads me to believe it’ll chug along fine for a while at least.

    It’s not a game I’d intend to play long term, as I am rather bored of the WoW formula and more than ready to move onto the next step in MMORPGs, but after trying it out in beta and a bit after that, I can’t find anything to knock the game on that’s not an indictment against the genre as a whole.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      that’s not an indictment against the genre as a whole.

      But that’s the problem. People bitching about WoW clones have, by and large, come to despise the genre as it currently stands.

      If I ever get the urge to pay for a subscription hack-and-slash EQ/WoW-alike, I’m sure I’ll check out Rift. But…no. I’m sick to death of the whole “classes / leveling / quests / BUT MOAR POLISH” schtick.

    • Jumwa says:

      Right, as I said, I’m more than ready for the “next big leap” in MMORPGs. More than ready. Ecstatic. Impatient. Bubbling over. Give it to me already game makers!

      However, the trashing on Rift is most unfair. There’s opinion, which is all personal and each our own, and then there’s objective criticism, and I stand by my own assessment that Rift has only the most minor of foibles to call it upon that aren’t just pitfalls of the entire MMORPG genre.

      My opinion however? Yeah yeah, it’s fine, whatever, makes a decent distraction now that WoW’s gutted their game of casual end-game content, but what I really want is the next-generation MMORPG!

    • Danarchist says:

      Like I said above it is allot of same old same old. But it’s new same old so I will give it a go till something that breaks out of the wagon rut MMO’s are stuck in right now comes along.

      Honestly if they would just updated the graphics to some of the original games (asherons call, anarchy online, daoc etc) I would happily go back to them and leave these new “leveling on rails” games behind in a blink. I tried to play asherons call again recently but the graphics are damn near 8-bit but without the charm. I used to play mud’s happily without any graphics, funny how the years and eye candy changes us eh?

    • Jumwa says:

      I’ve always been a “graphics don’t matter” kinda guy, but… yes. Even nostalgia goggles don’t save some of the old titles anymore. Not for me anyhow.

  15. DrH0rrible says:

    Am I the only who found strange the fact that it was shooting with a staff?

  16. Dawngreeter says:

    The Simpsons did it.

  17. pipman3000 says:

    fuck the outfit.

    whoever designed it is a virgin and a nerd..

  18. Joshua says:

    Why’s bioware the only game developer who gives their females actually decent armors?

    (Or atleast, the only one i’ve ever seen doing it in a fantasy setting…)

  19. Ezhar says:

    I’m enjoying Rift very much. The soul system is really fun to play with and the extreme number of possible specs (and lack of theorycrafters so far) means there isn’t the One Spec per calling that you must have or else you’re a fucking retard and should go back to minesweeper (which is the current state of things in WoW, in case you never played that).

    Also, there’s more to do, thanks to the Rifts and invasions – even if you can’t find a group or don’t have the time for a full dungeon run, you can get good loot and have fun doing so by joining those events, which are designed so you can jump in and out at any time and scale by number of players/skill (the rifts have bonus stages which only appear when you can get through the first few stages fast enough).

    My positive opinion may be helped by the fact that the community seems much nicer, but maybe that’s just the server I’m on. And I consider the absence of a “LFG tool” a good thing – you get to know people on your server and make friends instead of being thrown in a group of random tossers that leave on the first wipe.