Global Agenda Is Free From… Now

A man shooting in a game.

As Quintin mentioned was about to happen last week, Global Agenda is now free to play. Which it sort of was before. But now it’s all free to play, even if you didn’t buy the box. What they’ve done here, right, is called it, okay, “Free Agent”. See, because it’s a game that’s ostensibly about spies (except it really isn’t) and it’s free, see? Geddit?! No, me neither.

Of course, you can still spend money if you want to. Developers Hi-Rez say,

“Optional purchases at the Global Agenda web-store allow players to progress more quickly through the game, accelerating xp, credits, tokens, and loot.”

Their self-confidence that their elf-free, shooter-focused MMO is the answer to all things continues, COO Todd Harris now praising his game above all other F2P releases, says,

“To a free-to-play audience tired of click and wait fantasy MMOs, or unbalanced pay to win shooters, we think that the advanced sci-fi visuals and balanced combat of Global Agenda: Free Agent will be very refreshing. We’ve seen a very positive response from our announcement and have invested in server capacity to handle the increased demand.”

There’s more than just becoming free in the 1.4 patch. Here’s the rest of it:

– New revised skill trees for Recon, Assault, Robotics and Medic classes to encourage specialization and build diversity.
– New repeatable missions from Operative Vanik and Ava Lockhart in Dome City
– New end-game content, Dome Defense, added as a Raid challenge for players level 40 and above. Dome Defense requires a highly skilled and coordinated team to maintain the health of the hero NPC Dalton Bancroft while defending Dome City from waves of Recursive Colony robots
– Mercenary PvP matches for players level 30 and above now grant separate and better rewards. Increased drop rates for – Epic items as well as increased drop of Crescent Jetpack. New Tier-5 Dyes now drop from 30+ Merc PvP
PvP game-type Demolition has been re-implemented as Acquisition in which one team must capture a robot from the enemy and take it back to their base; our Global Agenda version of the class Capture the Flag game-type
– Many PvP and PvE instance maps have been adjusted to fix exploits and promote more varied and balanced gameplay.


  1. Loix says:

    I guess I need to check this out…

  2. hocevar says:

    Damn, and I paid the ful $50 on pre-order, actually I think it was $35 since I got it in the 4-pack on Steam…

    And I think I didn’t even played more than an hour on it lol

  3. darthmajor says:

    I barely could play through the tutorial, the gameplay felt…off :(

    Graphics are pretty terrible too but that would be ok, it just felt horrible as a game to me, sad to see another f2p game that i can’t play. WTB vindictus in europe! >_>

  4. NieArch says:

    Good to see they still are doing something with this game.

  5. mkultra says:

    Todd Harris is more full of shit than George Bush Jr.’s speech writer.

  6. Dajs says:

    That “new repeatable missions” made me cringe a bit… reminded me of the repeatable quests in Aion… something I really couldn’t stomach. I really hope it’s not the “kill 20 wraiths for minimal reward” type, what I’m looking for is kind of the original Unreal Tournament mission mode, that was tasty.

  7. Terics says:

    The price is lowered on steam. Ill at least try it out.

  8. Duality says:

    I purchased this a while ago in a sale. Pretty good fun, although not of the quality I expected. Reinstalling now though, interested to see if being free2play brings in more people.

    • Daz says:

      From what I can tell it has, all the wrong sort of people :P

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      This is my problem with F2P. Spammers, idiot children, scum of the earth, and normal people all get lumped into exactly the same category.

      I wish more MMOs would adopt the Guild Wars model. That initial investment ensures a slightly higher class of player, makes banning much more effective, and implies that your game is actually worth paying for.

      I don’t play any F2P stuff. But I *would* buy and sample MMOs for €20-30, just as I buy single-player games, as long as there’s a reasonable chance they’ll exist for more than a year or so.

    • Camerooni says:

      I wish more MMOs would adopt the Guild Wars model. That initial investment ensures a slightly higher class of player, makes banning much more effective, and implies that your game is actually worth paying for.

      Lol.. this game ‘did’ have the Guildwars model. It was a buy the box and play online for free deal.. I guess they didn’t have a clear path for additional upgrade/scenario packs and decided going free to play with milkable consumable’s would be their best path forward..?

      (Editing to try to fix my inability to adequately quote..)

    • hocevar says:

      Not exactly, you could play it online for free but there was a subcription model. You’d need to pay $13 bucks a month to acess the end-game content.

      Then some months ago they made it so everyone could use that without paying aditional fees.

    • Kryopsis says:

      When Global Agenda came out, there was a period when everyone had access to ‘premium’ content. The subscription service never actually launched.

  9. tanith says:

    Good game. Really like playing it.
    Really nice shooter. Not as fast as Quake, Warsow or other fast first person shooters but definitely much more fun than things like CS, TF or COD.

  10. Alexander Norris says:

    Wasn’t this on sale about two weeks ago? It’s a little dickish to have a sale then immediately make the game free…

    • Kryopsis says:

      Presumably those people automatically get the $20 upgrade to Elite Agent.

    • Thunderkor says:

      They’ve said that those who purchased the game previously get the upgrade to Elite status.

      I haven’t played as much as I’d like since I picked it up a few weeks ago. No lack of interest in he game, I just have so many games to play and only so much time.

    • hocevar says:

      Nice, gonna get me some elite agent status then huh heh

      Going to give it a try again I think

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Ah, cool. Okay, that’s quite nice then.

  11. Om says:

    “Free Agent” is a football joke

    Or at least it is to me. Maybe I should stop playing FM now? What do you think Jose?

  12. Dominic White says:

    Okay, it’s fact-dump time:

    Free players basically get access to all the game modes, but with various limitations and slower levelling. People with paid accounts get a bunch of perks and level faster.

    THIS IS NOT AN MMO. It’s a team-based shooter, somewhere between Tribes 1 and Team Fortress 2 in style, with a focus on team combat. Go solo, and you might not even do enough damage to bring down a single opponent. Survivability is very high in this, and even a rocket launcher needs to land a good couple of hits to kill.

    The MMO-ish zone you start in with the quests and such? That’s the ONLY ONE, and it’s over in about 4-6 hours of play. It’s designed to ease in players looking for something MMO-ish, but it’s only a tiny fraction of the game. From there, the gameplay is all standalone PvP gameplay with the occasional PvE assault-or-defense mission which rewards XP and loot.

    Again, this is not an MMO. It may have some of the trappings, but if you go in expecting quests, endgames, characters, dialogue, more than a couple dozen players in any given area, etc, you WILL be disappointed. It’s a fine game, but it’s not what most people expect, and this turns them off very quickly.

    Don’t be a tool. Go in expecting a team-based online shooter with a pile of content and an interesting custom class system.

  13. Auzy says:

    Pretty fun game and considering you have NOTHING to lose (except time) its worth a shot. I picked it up for $7.50 a while back and I don’t regret it. However those expecting 1 shot kills and unreal like game play should look elsewhere, its more of a struggle between two teams. A lot depends on team play and being organized. PvE on the other hand is kinda bleh… but compared to most MMO’s its pretty fun.

    And the graphics look nice as well, I run a solid 40 fps during combat and 60 when out. No latency issues on my crappy dsl line.

    Good if your burnt out on most games too…..

  14. Predalienator says:

    Gotta try this out

  15. Kdansky says:

    I’ve played it during a free weekend. It was boring. It’s 10% shooter, 90% WoW, except with more grind. Kill 10 bandits. Also, TF2 characters have more variety than the GA classes. And they only get three weapons, but at least those are not on a 2 minute cooldown.

  16. kharnevil says:

    You couldn’t pay me to play this