The Next Big Thing Has A Demo

What's this?
I have no idea whether The Next Big Thing will be the next big thing for adventure games, because I haven’t had time to play the demo of the game. You might have time, eh? You might even have the inclination. If that’s the case you’ll be pleased to hear that Pendulo Studios’ new game features lots of Hollywood-based hilarity, and the demo kicks that off as “Liz stubmles (sic) upon some suspicious activity. She witnesses the famous Hollywood monster actor Big Albert breaking into the office of his boss, Fitz Randolph, who also happens to be the biggest horror movie producer in the biz.” Gosh!



  1. patricij says:


  2. Teddy Leach says:

    I stubmle everywhere I go.

  3. Richard Beer says:

    This reminds me of a murder-mystery dinner I once had (typos and all). In short, I think you may need to be seriously pissed before it becomes entertaining.

  4. Giant, fussy whingebag says:

    I actually enjoyed the Runaway games, despite them being terribly derivative and probably quite bad… So I’ll give this a go.

    • TheSquarePear says:

      Me too.
      The series has the most varied characters I have seen e.g. singing waiters, loner biologist and bonkers scientist. I loved the spoof of Close Encounters …
      Shame that the third one was kind of underproduced (ok story, great characters but the art/engine was a little lacking) after the second one was kind of overexposed considering that adventure games are niche in all but France.
      Why has the third one just appeared on Steam now? Its been out for a while on amazon uk at least thats where I got it.
      Nice to see they’ve got a full pack on Steam though.

  5. pakoito says:

    It’s Hollywood Monsters 2. Hollywood Monsters was one of the best point-and-click adventures back in the day, it should be adressed in the post:

    OST: link to

    INTRO (spanish): link to

    TRAILER: link to

    • Sergey Galyonkin says:

      Thank you, dear sir!

      You’ve pushed me into depths of abandonware and spanish tutors!

    • pakoito says:

      Yeah I couldn’t find the stuff in english. I’m not even sure the game was released in that language in fact.

      EDIT: Wikipedia says it did.

    • Acorino says:

      Wikipedia is wrong then. It never was.

  6. A-Scale says:

    What happened to the scout’s head?

    • Rowsdower says:


      Whenever I see that photo all I fall into a momentary laps of thinking that its TF2’s scout having a wash.

  7. Wallace says:

    The backgrounds look nice, but- and maybe there’s something lost in translation here- but a lot of the dialogue seems a bit awkward, when it isn’t drowning under exposition. Plus Liz’s idiosyncrasies- because she’s set up as the wacky one- seem a bit much.

  8. stahlwerk says:

    Alt-F4? That’s no way to treat an innocent, non-suspecting executable!

  9. Sergey Galyonkin says:

    I’ve just played this demo. Nothing extraordinary: more polished, better served, but still a Pendulo’s game. If you liked Runaway, you’ll like this as well, if not – don’t bother.

    Also, it is really short, like 15 minutes or so.

    • patricij says:

      No way I’m downloading a demo for fifteen bloody minutes…uurgh

  10. Daz says:

    The guy in the pic looks like the medic from tf2, just sayin’ ;)

  11. lowprices says:

    I loved Runaway. Camp, tasteless, full of offensive stereotypes and dumb as fuck. Please tell me this is as entertainingly bad.

    • TheSquarePear says:

      Runaway might be dumb as fuck (it probably is) but consider the average level of intelligence outside adventure games. Where does the average FPS such as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Crysis place on your Video Game Intelligence scale?
      To pick a completely different genre try Fallout 3 which was about as intelligent as cardboard.