So This Is: A Battlefield 3 Trailer

This Battlefield 3 trailer is a fancily-edited-up selection of footage that we’ve seen before. Until the end, where there’s some stuff we haven’t seen before: base-jumping, jet-fighting, tank-battles, and a city on fire. It’s only a glimpse. “Glimpse” is a funny word.


  1. Commissar says:

    I have the weirdest boner right now

    • Orija says:

      A gpu dies every time someone posts a meme on RPS.

    • cncplyr2 says:

      :( I think it was my gpu

    • sneetch says:


      What a shame.

    • mogofogo says:

      I’d ship you my gtx260, but you’d still won’t be able to play this.
      Time to save up for a DX11 card.

    • Commissar says:


      Good thing it’s not a meme. I’m getting a new machine for this game anyway.

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      Yeah, this and Deus Ex 3 have convinced me to finally get a new rig. I’ve needed it pretty desperately for the past two years. Building it myself, I drool when I look at the specs I’ll have . . . and then I curl up in a corner crying about all that money I’ll be spending.

    • Shortwave says:

      DUDE.. I was just about to sign in to say THE EXACT SAME THING..
      WTF?! My boner is so weird!

  2. kyrieee says:

    One minute of recycled footage, then brief flashes of totally new stuff.
    Their marketing is a bit unusual

  3. Ricc says:

    According to the BF website the full trailer “unlocks” as soon as they get 1 million likes on Facebook. Glimpse! This is the state of current AAA PR. Drip feed glimpses until the game is out. :(

    Also, looks fantabulous.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Maybe I’m to old but these trailers are actively draining all of the excitement I have for this game based on its legacy.

      I feel like saying “show me a video of a tank getting winged by a rocket, the driver getting out sniping the rocket guy, getting back in RUNNING PEOPLE OVER then smashing through a wall before finishing off an apc which was already smoking. Then an attack helicopter wire guided rocket kills the tank but as the smoke clears you see the sniper fleeing, sniper stabs a jeeps driver and takes out the unaware mg gunner with a spray of pistol fire and steal the jeep.

      Isn’t that how everyone remembers battlefield?

    • Davee says:

      That sure is how I remember BF!

      But I’m totally split when it comes to my excitement of BF3.

      Graphics looks great and all; and DICE never fails to amaze with their sound engines. But I’m not terribly exited about BF3 – I want the big battles and the “Battlefield moments” as you so well described above to be un-scripted and with human players in multiplayer…

      I hope that this game is a step closer to BF 1942/BF2 in terms of scale and focus. A better-looking/sounding CoD isn’t enough for me. But I’ll probably end up buying it anyway due to not wanting to be left behind and if it has so much as an ounce of BF in it. I mean, it is the next big Battlefield game!


    • The Magic says:

      I always thought Battlefield was watching a guy run into a helicopter, flip it upside down and explode, before respawning and taking the jet into the wall.

    • Rii says:

      So … how many likes does it have so far?

      << Doesn't have Facebook.

    • DD says:

      @the magic

      I think it was more like they would take the jet, make a u-turn and crash into all the other players waiting for jets.

  4. Olero says:

    Glimpse. Glimpse. Glimpse.

    That’s probably what my ancient computer will show me when I’ll try to play this game. Half a frame per second. Because it does look pretty pretty! But how much of it is on rail, like the Homefront Codblops, moh games? For beauty isn’t everything, it’s the inside (gameplay) that counts!

  5. Recidivist says:

    Product not yet released.

  6. rivalin says:

    oh, that fighter cockpit!

    F**K YEAH

  7. deadstoned says:


  8. Psychopomp says:

    Yes, but how’s the netcode?

    • Dreamhacker says:

      I didn’t have any serious problems with the BC2 netcode, but…

      How’s the server browser?

  9. tsm1398 says:

    Singleplayer looks very much in the vein of your heavily scripted corridor (invisible or otherwise) shooters- can take or leave that, I’ve done the “herp-derp just an ordinary soldier in this ordinary Middle Eastern confli UH OH SHIT JUST GOT REAL” campaign thing before. It beats the pathetic excuse for a singleplayer mode that DICE used to throw on-top of their multiplayer offerings pre-Bad Company. The selling point on this one, for me at least, is how much of the huge scale of BF2’s multiplayer survives, to include the strategic layer of the Commander screen, etc. Also no jihadi jeep, no sale.

  10. Ogun says:

    Don’t like to use the term very often, but that looks awesome.

    If it can manage to be even half as much fun as Desert Combat (was never a massive fan of BF2) but with less fluttery infantry combat then I will be very happy.

  11. jimjames says:

    This is the coolest card collection RPG I have ever seen!


    • sneetch says:

      Heavily-armed fire-team! I choose you!

    • Sigma Draconis says:

      I’m aware you’re joking, but someone has probably considered adapting Battlefield into some kind of Collectible Card Game at this point.

    • jimjames says:


  12. Crescend says:

    I’m getting increasingly pessimistic with reviews praising how good games look. They look fabulous on screenshots and trailers, but the actual gameplay turns out to be a corridor shooter dragged by the ear and still way too short to justify the cost. I just hope BF3 can avoid that..

    • Greg Wild says:

      Not really bothered if the singleplayer is a corridor shooter here. BF has always been about the multiplayer.

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      This. I’ll be happy with a nice purty looking SP, but the legacy is in the MP, and I think that that is what most people will really care about. tbh.

      I just hope the whole thing hasn’t rubbed up against CODBLOPS too much, I don’t want any of that wearing off on this, especially in MP.

    • Hallgrim says:

      Yeah I hate it when people talk about how good games look. Unless they look TRULY NEXT GEN and FUCKING FANTASTIC. Then I’m ok with it.

    • Tuco says:

      They can even purge single player out of the game, for what I care.

  13. Tams80 says:

    I was really enjoying it until the music changed =(. It was still brilliant, but the first half was so much more atmospheric.

    • Longrat says:

      Really? And there I was thinking “Oh great, another sad song trailer about war.” You’d think that if war was so sad and tragic, people would stop doing it all the time!

    • razgon says:

      “You’d think that if war was so sad and tragic, people would stop doing it all the time!”

      You are not serious about this, are you? War is godd*mn sad and tragic – Its playing at war that’s fun!

      Anyways, BF hasn’ let me down yet – even the watered down Bad company games were immensely fun, and BF3 can’t get here soon enough.

      I am speaking of Multiplayer only of course – why they felt the need to add a singleplayer campaign at all eludes me.

    • Orija says:

      Meh, already seen this shit.
      Meh music is music.
      Mediocre adrenaline music is meh.
      Meh, meh and mehs all over.
      New footage is meh.
      Tank footage is meh.
      OMFG! Jet cockpit, shit this is it!
      *Streak on the streets crying and shouting.*

  14. Joe Maley says:

    I wish they actually had cool music like that in the game, turning off the sound makes the trailer a lot more boring.

  15. Mimus says:

    Looks great, the river in that first shot appears to be flowing sideways though…

  16. Dakia says:

    Can’t wait for MP details to start coming out. SP looks great, but the MP will make or break this game, in my opinion.

    • Bilbo says:

      You’ll be able to run around shooting at other players with guns whilst trying not to let them shoot you with their guns. Revolutionary. World keeps on a-turnin’.

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      That’s bit simplistic, no? I mean, I’m as sick of ‘Modern Warfare’ alikes as the next non-Xboxer, but Battlfield was always a far more interesting game than COD. There is room for some very interesting things in this game. Commander screens, jets, immense levels. It’s not going to be the really bland multi-player that CODMW2/BLOPS is. Battlefield was always less about the action movieness and more about tactics and thinking on your feet.

      That being said, I REALLY hope I don’t have to eat my own shoe over this.

    • Bilbo says:

      I’m with you Hamster, it’s just that I’ve seen no real development in depth in the Battlefield series since 2, and what I HAVE seen is a lot of form-over-function look-how-pretty-the-weapon-models-are-and-how-loud-the-explosions-are sort of stuff. Which is great, but it’s COD’s territory as you say, and I’d rather the desperate struggle for visual fidelity took the back seat to depth of gameplay, which I’m not remotely convinced from this we’re going to see. Sure, there’s a tank and a jet in the trailer, but even the COD games manage that level of diversity, and we’ve currently no reason at all to suspect that any of the building-collapsey excitement is anything other than a scripted single-player setpiece.

      Really I’m just worried that Battlefield isn’t that game anymore, and that in their eagerness to get a slice of the COD pie they’ve chucked any pretensions of evolving interactivity out the bathroom window.

    • Davee says:

      Hear, hear BIlbo. I agree with you 100%.

  17. Furius says:

    Machine guns as drums. Why has no one thought of that before?

  18. Bilbo says:

    Can’t watch this trailer without expecting the two guys from Bad Co to show up and start taking the piss out of everything.

  19. itsallcrap says:

    Nobody else here seems to be anywhere near as astounded by the graphics as I am.

    Am I so out of touch? Do all games look like this now? It’s certainly a big leap from BF:BC2 and that’s not exactly ancient…

    • DeathHamsterDude says:

      No, we are. It’s just that we’ve been going on about the graphics the last three times a trailer’s been posted. The graphics are the best I’ve ever seen, now I just want a game that lives up to that high standard in other areas.

    • Giaddon says:

      BFBC2 never had the best graphics, it was all about performance (as a multiplayer shooter should be). This looks about Crysis 2 or Metro 2033 level to me.

      Also, re: performance, I wouldn’t be surprised if the multiplayer and singleplayer ran on different builds: Medal of Honor had different singleplayer and multiplayer engines, if I recall correctly. Hard to imagine a multiplayer game looking that good and running smoothly.

  20. the_fanciest_of_pants says:

    Look what we all need to see is a few SPECIFIC multiplayer scenarios:

    1) Footage of 3 guys waiting on a runway, waiting for aircraft to spawn and then madly dashing at a fresh Jet mashing “E”.

    2) A guy taking off with an aircraft (not waiting for passengers/gunners), flying around behind an enemy base and ditching, only to be killed by a tank as soon as he hits the ground.

    3) Someone planting C4 outside the door of a building, then running inside and lying in the corner till a tank drives by

    4) A sniper taking potshots at a dude who is so impractically far away that he has no hope in hell of hitting him, let alone killing him. For the entire round.

    THEN and only then can we all rest easy, knowing that BF3 is a proper Battlefield game.

    • Davee says:

      I’d like to see DICE try to tackle the gameplay problems rather than running away from them by making a different, smaller-scoped, game.

      If anyone, shouldn’t the makers of this here type of large-scale FPS/vehicular combat (that BF used to be about) be the ones to perfect it?

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      I’ll have you know that I am that sniper, and occasionally I get one, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

    • Arachnyd says:

      Very good, but I remember scenario #1 as three guys waiting on a helipad for the chopper to spawn, one guy jacks it, takes off with me as the gunner and immediately banks into a hill and kills me.

  21. eulescu1 says:

    meh crysis 2 looks better . rage also . don’t know why everyone is feeding the graphics hype. it’s just another dumb -ass military shooter (AMERICA DOMINATE!!! i am crying tears) made especially to mine the cod blops market : 14-year olds with xbox , chips and coke sitting on their arse.
    please valve and id .. release a good single player shooter already .( l4d doesn’t count)

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      id Haven’t released a good shooter for ages imho, I think they forgot how to do it.

  22. Warduke says:

    Who ever bought Battlefield for the single player campaign?? I wish they’d just dump it and focus solely on multiplayer..

  23. MajorManiac says:

    Whenever I see a battlefield trailer I always hear this:
    link to

    PS. Sounds better with original muted. Not sure how to do that in link.

  24. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    I think I just had an orgasm in my eyes. That was/is (It hasn’t changed much from the other trailers has it?) a very beautiful looking game. I just hope my rig can run it fairly high, if not I might need another upgrade already!!! :'<

    Also The addition of SP is nice, I want to see some MP footage too though But again, It's already swooned me. (I think that's how you use that word..)

  25. Jimbo says:

    That was one ferocious glimpse.

  26. Rii says:

    Hot sex.

  27. Aero says:

    Meh. I really don’t like all the focus on graphics, make the gameplay fun and original. I had more fun on battlefield 1942 than I have on any BF game since.

  28. Spider Jerusalem says:




  29. Makariel says:

    slowmo, music, mhm, mhm…
    shooty shooty, mhm, mhm…
    collapsing building, hm…
    tanks, tanks, hm!

  30. Muzman says:

    No Pazuzu glimpses, I note. Bargain bin!
    (unless that’s the giant form of the demon the guys are inexplicably jumping off of near the end there. Hey, by the time I get a new card it’ll be in the bargain bin anyway)
    Also: do stop this lame copycat thing of mopey introspective music over war game footage please. Jesus. The hubris of Gears doing it in the first place was frankly staggering. At least they’ve got “Hey, it’s kitchy! *jazzhands*” as an excuse.

  31. TheSquarePear says:

    I had almost lost hope in the RPS comment section!

    As for Battlefield… No. 2 was ruined by jets and while BF2142 improved in some ways the other games shouldn’t be called Battlefield but Super Spec Ops Kills Entire Armies or maybe Delta Force?

  32. Bluebreaker says:

    I must be a strange kind of animal. Because I don’t get excited by boring, already seen videos.

  33. Apocalypse 31 says:

    I have such low hopes for this game.

    We havent seen any Multiplayer related content yet, just over-scripted linear single player.

    I’m sure there’s a reason why – BECAUSE ITS GOING TO BE EXACTLY LIKE BAD COMPANY.

  34. dsi1 says:

    That cockpit looks amazing, too bad it’s probably SP and not MP.

  35. Thiefsie says:

    How the hell do Dice consistently out-do battle sound design on all of their games compared to everyone else? Fidelity was great in the Looking Glass games, but actual quality and fidelity together has not been matched by BF2, BC2, and the only game that I recall that comes somewhat close is VietCong, and perhaps HL2 but that has it’s own problems.

    Amazing – loving the music style too which is great for a change from the me-too orchestral drama being flogged to death these days.

    Can’t wait to see what BF3 is really like, but yep – definitely in it for the multiplayer more than anything else. Jets!