Need For Speed World Expands, A Bit

Fast cars are the best way to impress your friends.
Free-to-play (or as EA would have it Play4Free) racing game Need For Speed World has expanded like a trucker who ate too much at the drive-in. Actually they’d probably not like that analogy. Let’s say it has expanded slightly, like the broad shoulders of a semi-professional wrestler who has just moved onto a really high-protein diet. Either way, it has added a new game mode: Team Escape mode. This allows a group of you to use new power ups (Team Emergency Evade, and Team Slingshot, which both sound like teams I’ve belonged to at some point in my life) to evade police pursuers as a group. There’s also a bunch of new customization options for to pimp your ride most impressively. So that sounds like a fun time…

Is anyone playing this?


  1. NieArch says:

    Nope, stopped playing this when new Hot Pursuit came out.

    • er910 says:

      I play it from time to time. However, non of my friends play and it takes to long to level up to get to the cool stuff. When I finish my new PC, I will get Hot Pursuit and not play this again.

  2. ShineDog says:

    I played it, wanted to like it. Didn’t

    The thing:

    Remember most wanted? Carbon? Remember how those games, while pretty average, had pretty fun, drifty handling? (Particularly carbon, MW needed you to tinker with your settings a bit to get there, but yeah.)

    Well, that’s gone. You’ve got most of the (perfectly enjoyable) cities from MW and Carbon, all the cars, the cop chases are present and correct, it should be a perfectly fun timewaster.

    But the cars are all the same. Every one is glued to the road absolutely. It’s almost impossible to make the back end step out in even the growliest muscle car, you’ll barely ever slide, all that stops you cornering full tilt is the maximum turn rate of your car, and so races are devoid of skill or flair, just people avoiding traffic and the fastest car winning out.

    All it would need is Carbons handling, and the game would be good fun, it’s a scientific fact that 4 people going round a corner sideways together is a laugh, it’s just that right now you can’t.

  3. Navagon says:

    This is still going? I thought it bombed like an XB-42?

  4. rapchee says:

    i played it for a while, but it got boring, and it was lagging, so i was chasing/chased by cops most of the times. so now this update sounds interesting.

  5. nonameguy says:

    Old news. covered this 3 weeks ago.

    • zomglazerz says:

      Thank God for your internet gaming news vigilance, good sir. Where would blog based journalism be without nonameguy’s calm hand on the tiller of the H.M.S. “How is this news”?

  6. Tams80 says:

    I played it and it lagged, but importantly there was hardly anyone to race. People just “stood” around doing nothing. Maybe I was playing it wrong and maybe it has changed, but either way there was nothing really that special about it.

  7. The Infamous Woodchuck says:

    hell, i dont even know this is free.
    guess racing isnt my thing…yet