Sinister Existence: Daggerdale Details Story

Spell of BROCCOLI!

What we’ve seen of Daggerdale so far hasn’t quite gripped us, but there’s a new trailer out today that sports a bit more than some rare bare looking combat. It does, in fact, have a story, and this one introduces it. It’s something to do with a bad man who likes showing off his right nipple.

The game’s site doesn’t seem to have room to mention that it’s also coming out on PC, but we’re assured it is. And there are still no flipping screenshots, other than the scraps on their… Facebook page. Guys?

“Daggerdale” remains an awful lot of fun to say out loud.


  1. Martha Stuart says:

    All i want to know is does it cause Rape? and are there hats?

  2. Creeping Death says:

    The right nipple? Why… everyone knows that’s the EVIL nipple!

    • Kaira- says:

      Well, he is the bad guy, isn’t he?

      I can see it already – a legendary quest to severe the Ancient Nipple of Evil.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      I always thought the evil one was the third one, I mean, at least the left nipple has an equal opposite, but the third is just sitting there alone, plotting, scheming. Evil little bastard.

  3. jti says:

    Looks sad.

    • McDan says:

      Did you just call something on this site sad? As in sad and nerdy?

  4. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Mmmm, No thanks, I’ll keep my money from the looks of that trailer, Never really been a fan of D&D formula, I mean, I bought NWN 2, and played a bit, but it didn’t drag me into it, didn’t find it as enthralling as Diablo 2 etc, maybe just different type of RPG altogether =/ oh well, plenty of other good games coming out :>

    • Kaira- says:

      From what I’ve understood, this should be more like Diablo than traditional D&D-games, meaning this is more like Dark Alliance than Baldur’s Gate or NeverWinter Nights.

  5. rivalin says:

    Loved Dark Alliance, great story and sense of going on a proper quest, hopefully this will be able to capture a little of that.

  6. Wizardry says:

    So when is the next turn-based D&D game coming out for the PC? These action games just look embarrassing.

    • Nick says:

      Knights of the Chalice sequel probably..

    • Wizardry says:

      Yep. I’m looking forward to it. But I meant an actual D&D licensed game rather than an OGL game. So basically, a big budget turn-based D&D CRPG marketed at people who hate turn-based games and don’t know what D&D is.

    • lowprices says:

      A big budget, PC only, turn based RPG? Probably some time around 20Never.

      I don’t think publishers believe the words “PC only” and “turn based” combine to create Big Money, so they’re unlikely to throw a big budget at anybody developing one.

    • Wizardry says:

      My point.

  7. Mario Figueiredo says:

    Two unrelated annoyances:

    – For 35 seconds, nothing of any use is seen in this 1 minute trailer. I wished they stopped doing that and produce more meaningful trailers.

    – It seems it will be another game in which Dwarves are pictured as malformed midgets. It’s a very fast shot, we only see his back while he’s running; but boy, is that dwarf short or what? My favorite race keeps getting the finger from game artists.

    And one curiosity:

    – Why so many things in fantasy are “dagger this or dagger that” when in fact that’s the most unappreciated weapon of all (including by game designers).

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      Why dwarves? my god, do I hate them with a passion, all short, stumpy and covered in facial hair (even the women)

      Also Daggers are much nicer than swords! I have a few stilettos lying around the house, they are awesome display pieces!

      But I agree, half of that trailer was nothing/meaningless.

      And a fairly ‘beige’ name.

    • GT3000 says:

      Is it me or should there be a a proper ordinance to just collapse all Dwarven mines. They all house unspeakable horrors, be gone with the things. Get some nice HUD housing in there or for the britishers, some proper council flats.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Bloody treehuggers. I hate them!

  8. Dajs says:

    I might have been spoiled by Guild Wars 2 footage, but the giant creatures in this short video don’t seem to have much “weight” or “punch” to them. I mean look at the golem part of the vid. The golem jumps in slow motion and crashes down, but nothing other than an audible “thud” tells us how hard he hit the ground. Plus, the characters effortlessly dart in the other direction without much semblance of being shaken by the event.

    Wasn’t D&D about storytelling and immersion? Where did it go? I miss it.

  9. Mr_Hands says:

    Waiting on The Elder Scrolls: Daggerdale Extremes.

  10. Schaulustiger says:

    Haven’t heard of Spell of Broccoli yet. Must be a 4th ed. spell.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Broccoli is faily low level, it just keeps the kids away. Turnip, on the other hand…

  11. Outsider says:

    Wow, that was one acrobatic earth elemental. Who knew 300,000 lbs of solid earth and stone could be so lithe.

  12. Torgen says:

    I can’t help but immediately think this is a Ducktales Disney game when I read the name Daggerdale.

  13. razgon says:

    So – whats the deal with this? They are releasing a game under the D&D licensed name for some reason, right? Why? Fans of the old DnD pen and paper games couldn’t care less about this action rpg I’m sure (or at least, its not related to how they used to play DnD) , so why the use of the name? Newer generations probably only know D&D from the MMO I guess – is that what they are trying to associate themselves with?

    It just makes no sense at all.

  14. gwathdring says:

    That is one of the more ridiculous names for a villain I’ve come across in a video game. All fear the mighty Resliss! Or Rezliss. Or more likely Recsclitxxstzz.

    • Wulf says:

      “All fear the mighty Restless! I’m grumpy because I have insomnia, and if I’m grumpy then you get to be, too!”

  15. sokkur says:

    Did I term or dose this game have minions that you can control?

  16. Wulf says:

    I still find myself wishing that this was Neverwinter. Alas, Cryptic haven’t started releasing much information on that, yet.

  17. Sardaukar says:

    I keep reading this as Daggerfall and getting flashbacks of being woken by werewolves in obscenely labyrinthine dungeons.

  18. jbrians says:

    Good god, that looks just horrific.
    I will never understand why publishers and Hasbro think this kind of thing is a good use of the D&D license.

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