Fate Of The World Earth Day Bonuses

Quintin got rather excited about Fate Of The World, and you can read that excitement here. To celebrate Earth Day, which is some kind of general celebration of the planet we are hopelessly stranded on, the game is getting two new missions (one of which is mercifully stuffed between the introductory challenge and the hard-as-nails second one, thus making for a significantly more accessible game) and also a 33% discount. That’s going to last a week from day. You can get the game here. And you probably should. It’s great.


  1. Gunrun says:

    I was super disappointed in this game. Wasn’t enjoyable to me in the slightest. Very slow, very punishing, not much payoff for doing things. Theres a reason it doesn’t have a demo.

    • Anonymous Coward says:

      Exactly my opinion, its super unforgiving, consequences of your actions are unpredictable.
      But i have to add two more points that make this game super bad.
      First, the missions are always the same. Like the oil crysis mission, as soon as you reach the 2 degrees of warming mark the global markets collapse and a financial crysis breaks out. Its super hard to master at first because there is like nothing you can do to get it under control. All you can do is to try not loosing more than 8 countries until 2120. The only reason i managed to beat the mission was that the crysis would always break out at the two degrees mark no matter how much i tried to grow economies and such and i could prepare for it from the beginning.

      Second, the only real reward you get for anything is when you do black ops missions. I have to admit playing these cards werfe fun but i have lost every game in which i used black ops due to crimes against humanity. Seriously in one game i did ONE black ops mission and the game was lost two turns later..

      I know why rps was so excited about this game, i was too at first. But now i think they should make the oil crysis mission as a demo for the game so people can see how bad it really is.

    • amandachen says:

      Same here. About as fun as fiddling with figures in a complex spreadsheet.

    • Cinek says:

      As for economical crysis – it happens if you have too much commerce comparing to production and agriculture. if you won’t do anything – commerce will grow, everything else go down or keep steady. So just play “Grow industry” cards everywhere and from time to time “grow agriculture” and you’ll be able to delay it quite a bit (I never got a game without crisis though, yet I managed to make one with 2 very short crises).

      As for Black Ops cards – play only 2 of them. Than you will be 99,9% secure. It’s enough to make game easier while keeping your seat.

      Oh – and ALWAYS tobin-tax everything you possibly can. And check it often if situation changes and you can tobin regions again.

    • Archonsod says:

      I didn’t find it particularly hard myself. Of course, I read the in-game documentation and have a basic grasp of statistics sufficient to understand what the graphs were saying.

      The missions after the tutorial are hard yeah, but they’re supposed to be. Wouldn’t be much of a game if you could solve the world’s fuel and environmental problems on your first try.

    • Bullwinkle says:

      ‘Crisis’ doesn’t have a ‘y’ in it. Silly gamers.

    • Rii says:

      Hmm, apropos of nothing, I wonder what proportion of gamers actually know what a half-life is.

    • Caleb367 says:

      Odd, that’s exactly why I love it. While it still has room for polish – especially documentation, it’s largely inefficient and vague right now – it’s hard, it’s brutally unforgiving, and it makes sense. No artificial difficulty, no instant gratification, no pampering. And that’s a very welcome change from the zounds of stuff that tell you what to do by highlighting items or offering conveniently placed cover and supplies before each firefight.

      I’d add that this game is made for those maniacs who have Dwarf Fortress obsession, read 500-page manuals before starting an aircraft, go read on the ‘net how to use a Dragunov sniper scope.

    • stahlwerk says:

      @Rii, I bet most know the symbol for it, though. It’s an “A”, right?

    • Cinek says:

      Bullwinkle – hehe, yea, LOL :D it how it ends when you write all over again complains about this stupid game (I hate it, wasted 60$ for crap that STILL doesn’t have functional multiplayer)

      stahlwerk – :D it’s lambda man, not even close to A ;) hehe

    • Ayn Rand says:

      There was a bug that caused the global economy to completely shit itself when sea levels rose 2 (or was it 2.5?) meters. That’s fixed now.

      The global economic collapse that happens around 2070-2090 is caused by a global coal shortage. Since renewables are broken (which should be fixed in this patch), the only way to get around this crash is to pimp biofuels everywhere (banning 1st gen when 2nd gen is researched), and making sure everywhere except Russia, Japan, and Australia have coal free industry and electric cars.

    • Koozer says:

      Half-Life using the letter lambda always bugs me.

  2. Ondrej says:

    I’d buy it now when there’s a discount, maybe even without trying the (nonexistant) demo first, but I tried two browsers already and I can’t seem to click through to order a copy. Boo.

    • pauleyc says:

      Same for me. I guess there might be a deeper meaning to it, something like “the only winning move in Fate Of The World is not to play”.

      edit: IE works, FF and Chrome do not.

  3. ArcaneSaint says:

    When is the Steam version going to update? ’cause I just checked and I didn’t have the two new missions yet.

  4. Out Reach says:

    The earth day content isn’t out yet. I wouldn’t expect the sale to start till it’s out either. Game is good fun, and the people over at the FoTW steam forum have been waiting for the earth day update for a while :)

    Also game is meant to be hard.

    • magnus says:

      ‘The game is meant to be hard’, I must of missed that bit!

    • godkingemperor says:

      it’s ‘must have’ missed that, not ‘must of’

  5. Cinek says:

    The biggest problem with this game is the fact that it feels like a beta version.

    Bugs, lacks in descriptions, semi-finished interface, lacks of consequences for some things and very odd consequences for other things, etc. etc.
    I don’t know… maybe after 4 more patches it will be worth the price, but it isn’t now for sure. Good that developer releases patches which makes noticeable difference, bad that even after all of them game still is incomplete and doesn’t have any warning sign: “you buy Beta version”.

    • Archonsod says:

      The beta version did feel similar yes. But then that’s the point of a beta test. Can’t say I’ve encountered any of the problems you’re describing though. Even in the beta …

    • Cinek says:

      The point of beta test is to finish the game and release it afterwards – this one obviously isn’t finished. And I don’t get how someone could not see the problems with game unless he got stuck on second scenario, duh….

  6. hadesfury says:

    For those who are addict to steam : you can retrieve steam key when buying it from dev website link to forums.steampowered.com

  7. godkingemperor says:

    As for the game is cheap as shit what did you expect, Civ VI?

    Its a game funded by charities that seeks to makes a point about globalism and the way we consider our planet. No its not perfect, but thats not the point. I would say its very successful at what it tries to do, a very bleak and deconstructive computer game.

    Steam sales have real ruined you people to indie titles! Appreciate them for the message theyre trying to convey, dont measure them against the latest AAA titles.

    • Cinek says:

      Charities? This looks more like sponsored by “eco-terrorists” who want to justify extermination of China/India by this game, LOL

    • Basilicus says:

      It’s a long-standing fact that people who believe in global warming secretly want to eradicate central Asia. It goes back about 2,500 years to when Tibetans hunted the last of the sandworms, which up till then were the only known source of cold fusion. A sad day, really.

      I agree with godkingemperor. It’s a truly solid puzzler, but it’s more akin to the trial-and-error philosophy of a sidescroller than it is a Sim-style sandbox title. It’s a bleak game that’s nonetheless fascinating.

      P.S. Cinek, if you play the game and don’t take care of China, you’re boned. This game quite likes involving China in the future.

  8. Cronstintein says:

    Has anyone tried this on a crappy laptop yet? Is it functional?

    • The Dude says:

      It works, but be ready for the standard laptop behavior: ie, about ten minutes in the CPU side of your laptop will feel like Carla Gugino.