Twoer Defence: The Two Worlds 2 Spin-Off


Aaargh! I love tower defence games and I quite like Two Worlds 2 (even though they wouldn’t send me review code), but I have both Portal 2 to finish and Witcher 2 preview code on my PC. No time! Nooooo tiiiiiime! Maybe you have time. Tell me you do. If you do, you should try the bizarre Two Worlds 2 spin-off game Castle Defense, for which you slip into the shoes of TW2 arch-nasty Gandohar as he smacks down rebellion. The game’s not out until May 17, but there’s a demo now.

Amazingly, they haven’t called it Twoer Defense, but that’s because they’re not as clever as me. Try it here.


  1. TillEulenspiegel says:

    It starts up in windowed mode. I love it already.

    After five minutes, this looks genuinely decent. Lots of potential for strategy that’s nothing like typical tower defence maze-building nonsense.

  2. leeder krenon says:

    i heard they considered this name but dropped it because it sounded “too Scottish”.

  3. DrGonzo says:

    Alas it seems there is no Android version of this coming out, which is quite disappointing. Having recently got an Android phone, I’m disappointed with the lack of games for it. It has a huge install base, and a strange lack of software for it considering how popular it is.

    • dadioflex says:

      iPod/iPad rule when it comes to games pretty much. But just try and view a cam girl site on your iPhone and see how hard it is. Not very! Hard, that is.

    • trjp says:

      There’s a great game called Cosmic Crash on Android – developed by someone both handsome AND modest

      link to

      *coughs* – it’s free – *coughs*

    • WingNutZA says:

      Try Mini Squadron for Android… nice little arcade flyer.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      There are a couple problems with games on Android. The first is a simple lack of good games – this is being resolved fairly quickly. A lot of the big names on iOS are already there. Game Dev Story is good fun.

      The second problem is the Market. It’s really excruciatingly awful at, y’know, selling stuff. It’s hard to browse around, and the game categories they’ve chosen are inexplicably bizarre. Google needs to fix this. I swear Robo Defense has been the top paid game ever since I bought my Android phone a year ago.

    • Protagoras says:

      Working in the field, I ain’t gonna toot the horn of my own company (we make a platform for making android/j2me/ games). But let me tell ya, if I’m reading market right, q3-q4 2011 we’re gonna see an insane increase in apps and games for android, as well as a huge amount of stores for selling them.

      Give it another quarter or two for stabilization, and android will overtake apple as the choice platform for on the go gaming. You might even see more crying by nintendo – I wouldn’t be surprised if they drop their non console offers entirely. But that besides the point.

      TL;DR – in about 2-3 quarters android should finally blossom to the beautiful flower that it should rightfully be. And if god is righteous, apple will die. but they won’t, the blimey bastards…

    • Oozo says:

      Well, the Market – it’s not a big problem for myself, since with all that shovelware, I wouldn’t buy a game without having read about it somewhere else before. But I agree that it has to get better.

      As for the lack of games, though: Contrary to the iPhone, you always have the option to install emulators, which magically solves all those problems. Since I don’t have a keypad, I stay far from the more action-based games, but in the NES and SNES-library alone, there are more than enough games that are not inferior to a good chunk of the modern mobile-games, IMHO.

    • trjp says:

      Android isn’t going to catch-up iOS as a gaming platform anytime soon – it’s not about the Market, it’s about getting the online gaming community to accept that Android is a viable platform and cover it.

      Right now none of the major gaming sites really consider Android. iOS has covered that hurdle with sites of it’s own and games appearing on major sites in their own right but Android coverage remains mostly of the “iOS game xxx coming to Android” variety.

      This is why the same games dominate the “Most Popular” section – they got there and there’s no way to overtake them because they’re the only things sites ever talk about.

      I have to admit I’m not sure I’ll bother producing another Android title – I’ve already changed to a development setup which allows me to target PC and iOS as well – it’s just far too hard getting people to find your work right now…

    • hi5! says:

      Gun Bros (Shooter), Jet Car Stunts (Racing), Cordy (Platformer), Dungeon Defender (Tower Defense), PewPew1 and PewPew2 (Space Shooter), Guerilla Bob (Shooter), Shadow Era (Card), Pocket Legends (MMORPG), Zenonia (RPG).

      Not to mention, SNESoid, Gameboid, etc. Zodttd also has a PS emulator available on his website.

      These are all great games on Android. Some of the better games from iOS is making its way to Android.

  4. Jesse L says:

    Twoer Defence, AHAHAHAH

    • Jesse L says:

      That came out kind of sarcastic, but I mean it sincerely. That’s funny.

  5. Witrim says:

    Was pretty good. Got to lvl 19.

  6. FalseMyrmidon says:

    The lack of tooltips for all the buttons is weird. I don’t know what any of these buttons do.

  7. Komodo says:

    Completed the demo and it seemed pretty easy but quite enjoyable. Never once had to use the hide feature or cast a spell. Some more information on each class would’ve been nice, had to figure out healer and archer/mage range by trial and error.

  8. Trousers says:

    I bought Starcraft 2 mostly for the user made TD maps (and have been very disappointed in the lack of quality/quantity) . I honestly don’t understand why barely anyone is trying to capitalize on people like me who will buy any decent looking TD game that comes out. Defense Grid was like Christmas for me, even though it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.

    <3 Elf TD from WC3

  9. Bilbo says:

    Rather good, this. These TD games are always stupidly addictive.

  10. Navagon says:

    But is it better than Sanctum? Discerning minds wish to know!

  11. SpakAttack says:

    Not impressed.