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The RPS Bargain Bucket: It's Obvious!

Welcome to you weekly dose of download discounts, cheap games scoured from all of the internet, and brought to you in convenient list form. This week’s all about the hot preorders, and the thorny topic of region pricing bollocks rears it’s ugly head again. If you want to know when all the games are cheap all of the time, get yourself over, and read on for this week’s Bargain Bucket.The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings [Digital Premium Edition] – £20.41/€23.17/$33.71
Apply coupon “BUNNY”.
Direct2Drive are a funny old lot, they’re not averse to putting out some great deals, but they’re one of the worse digital distributions outlets for region pricing disparity. Often their best deals aren’t available to certain regions, and this weekend they have a storewide 25% off everything on the USA/UK site, but nothing on the EU one. Luckily some games are available worldwide from the USA store, and one such game is this rather cheap preorder for The Witcher 2. Jim got his hands all over a preview build of this last week, and it looks proper good.

Civilisation 5 – £12.15/€13.79/$20.07
Apply coupon “RABBIT”.
Registers on Steam.
Much like the above pricing nonsense, but this time the UK version is cheaper than either D2D USA or D2D EU. If you are in one of the countries that is not allowed to buy Civ5 at this price, you can always try to get someone else to buy it for you, and give you the serial to plug into Steam. This the cheapest I’ve ever seen this apart from that time is was available for ~£2 for about 15 minutes. Alec seemed a little on the disappointed side with this when he told us wot the thought about this, but whatever way you cut it, it’s still Civ. This offer is for today only, I think you’ve got less than 12 hours left on it in fact.

Opperation Flashpoint: Red River – £22.46/€25.50/$37.46
Apply coupon “RABBIT”.
My final pick of the deals using D2D’s 25% off coupons. There are loads of other good deals too, I’ve just picked these as being some of the best. Those crazy folk over at Codemasters have delayed the USA release date to June 7th “subject to change”, despite being already available in the UK and Europe. I wonder if torrent sites will show the same inability to share data internationally in a prompt manner. Quinns played a bit of this last month. Sounds alright to me.

Fate of the World – £6.68/€6.68/$8.03 (Direct from the developers), £6.69/€6.69/$6.69 (Steam)
Take your pick which way to buy it, the price is roughly the same (except in dollars). Quinns had this to say about it:

Fate of the World is, as an educational videogame, a masterpiece. I feel confident saying that now. The game’s structure of simply playing cards and seeing what happens next is a brilliant idea, executed wonderfully, and it’s brilliant because it’s so galling. The game sets out such a clear, crisp objective- stopping climate change- gives you a selection of wonderful policies to play with, and asks you if you know how to save the world. You do, of course. It’s obvious. It’s this policy, and that policy, and maybe this one too.

Sounds right up my street actually, I might give it a go.

Deal of the week
A load of EA games for cheap.
EA have lopped 50% off all of their PC downloads (excluding preorders), and there is currently a voucher for £10 off when you spend £25 or more. Get the coupon here (none of your information except email address needs to be accurate). You could get Dragon Age [Ultimate Edition], Dragon Age 2, and the free copy of Mass Effect 2 from DA2, for a total of £19.98. You could get Need for Speed: Shift 1 + 2 and Burnout Paradise for £17.47, or you could get Mirror’s Edge, Dead Space, Mass Effect, Shank & Crysis for £17.45. I’ve been unable to test this myself, but I gather that this sale is on in at least some other countries, so please share in comments if you can access these deals from where you are. Here’s the list of the highlights:

Dragon Age: Origins [Ultimate Edition] – £12.49
Dragon Age 2 & Mass Effect 2, PC – £17.49
Bulletstorm, PC – £17.49
Crysis, PC – £7.49
Crysis 2, PC – £17.49
Need for Speed: Shift, PC – £7.49
Need for Speed: Shift 2: Unleashed, PC – £17.49
Mass Effect, PC – £4.99
Mass Effect 2, PC – £9.99
Mass Effect 2 [Digital Deluxe Edition], PC – £12.49
Dead Space, PC – £4.99
Dead Space 2, PC – £17.49
Battlefield: Bad Company 2, PC – £9.99
Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam, PC – £4.99
The Sims Medieval, PC – £19.99
Bulletstorm, PC – £17.49
The Sims 3, PC – £14.99
Spore, PC – £9.99
The Saboteur, PC – £4.99
Shank, PC – £4.99
Mirror’s Edge, PC – £4.99
Burnout Paradise [The Ultimate Box], PC – £2.49

Buy Mirror’s Edge.

Also of note:
GamersGate Easter Sale
Six Good old Ubisoft games for cheap.

And for more cheap games all of the time, go to

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