Lord Of The Rings Euro On The Move

I'm three years old.

Lord Of The Rings Online is to be entirely taken over by Turbine, Eurogamer reports. Until now the European servers have been in the hands of Codemasters, who seem to cling on to existence via their Codies Online Gaming hosting MMOs. But from the 1st June, the developers will be operating all their servers worldwide. Why tell you? Because if you’re a player you’re going to need to migrate your account across to the new owners. All the servers will remain, so there’s no cause for disruption. But you will need to make the account move, which will of course be free. There’s an FAQ for those who have further questions about the whole business. LOTRO is of course now free to play, which makes the need to re-enter your billing details the sort of thing that makes my brain hurt.


  1. Creeping Death says:

    “LOTRO is of course now free to play, which makes the need to re-enter your billing details the sort of thing that makes my brain hurt.”

    Try playing free LotRO? It’s severely limited, even fast travel requires coughing up cash. It’s basically a glorified demo, gameplay up to level 20ish.

    • John P says:

      Yeah basically an extended trial, and then you need to pay money to unlock stuff, or just get a normal monthly subscription.

    • darthmajor says:

      This. Lotro is not free to play, there are some perfectly playable mmos out there, lotro is not one of them. It makes me angry that people are hailing it as the leading F2P mmo.
      Also, it’s a horible piece of crap, but that’s just my opinion…

    • iniudan says:

      Actually you can unlock the game for free, just require a bit of grinding of deed, for you receive free point while doing them, then just buy quest pack with them has to get new zone to go to. (point are account based, so any character on any server put them into a common pool)
      Has for fast travel, you don’t need to fork real life cash for it, if you hand cash for it it is to unlock destination, which you can unlock manually just by traveling there on foot first.

    • Chiller says:

      As a previous subscriber, I have been playing the end-level game without paying ever since LOTRO has become free-ish. It is much harder for new players, however. The best way to do it is level your char to about 20 (or, if you are completely new, a bit more, or maybe try a few different classes), then buy a single month of subscription, and not renew it. You should be fine afterwards.

      Also (and I think THIS IS KIND OF IMPORTANT): you never HAVE TO “cough up cash” to do anything. All transactions are in Turbine Points (TP), and you can earn those just by playing the game, rather than buying them with real-life money.

    • TXinTXe says:

      IT’s free till lvl 30 more or less. And that’s like about 100 hours worth of play. If you grind some deeds in the early lvls, then you should be able to unlock the next zone to lvl another 10 levels or so totally free. And finally, if you do this with two characters, then you probably could reach lvl 50 without paying a single penny, and that’s a hell of a lot of hours of play, including some raids in the game and a lot of instances.

    • Betamax says:

      I disagree. I’m a on and off subscriber who has been loving the more to free to play and it has barely affected my levelling. It seems they designed it to allow players who have subscribed before and utilized the games various features to benefit more than a standard F2P-er as I have access to a number of things F2P players and even Premium players have to pay for (such as the lack of a money cap). This is apparently down to my having reached x or done y before the change.

      There are a few ways in which it is made more difficult such as: no rest xp, have to buy riding skill now, miss out on a couple of alts, have to buy quest packs but on the whole I find it allows me to play it a lot more than I would otherwise when I would normally unsub to play other games for a month or two/get on with real life. Plus in the case of the quest packs I have bought 80% of them when they have been on deal (which is often) using points both earnt in game, given to me for being a previous subscriber, and points earned for subbing for a month. That plus the fact I already had Moria and Mirkwood means I can happily level any character to max level for ‘free’.

      Oh and the amount of new players has been a huge improvement on my server, there are some extra idiots around but the majority have been your typical helpful or otherwise fun to play with LotRO types/

  2. Dominic White says:

    They’ve already managed to balls things up, and the transfer hasn’t even begun. Apparenlty if you already have a Turbine account (I do, after they migrated D&D Online), you can’t use it again to migrate a LOTRO account to. Whut?

    Maybe I’m reading it wrong, but that’s what they seem to be saying.

  3. Zaboomafoozarg says:

    This is moist exciting, I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with Codemasters.

    • Dozer says:

      “moist exciting” = exciting enough to make you… moist?


  4. Sinnorfin says:

    Being Negative: Lotro is the most dissappointing MMO i’ve ever tried.. sorry for being vulgar but,

    They got hold of a license for a most fantastic game environment, they soaked it in World of warcraft’s piss, and wiped their asses with it till it was full of sh*t…Good job!

  5. tomeoftom says:

    Mr. Walker, I don’t play MMOs like this; stop thrusting this stuff in my face.

    I’m obviously also three years old.

  6. Daave says:

    I never even got free to play working. I had a level 60 guardian but some password shenanigans stopped me from being able to log into my account and troubleshooting failed. I’ll just wait for Guild Wars 2, a proper free to play game!

  7. Droniac says:

    About damn time. Codemasters completely messed up the European version and from the FAQ it sounds like Turbine is about to set things right. No more stripped-down version for Europeans is a very good thing. We’ll finally get to play the full version!

    • Jahandar says:

      Awesome. I didn’t realize you guys had it so bad, but I’m glad you all will be joining us on the Turbine side of things.

    • zeekthegeek says:

      Yah, Codemasters were horrible with this. I’m just hearing from the good side but I hear things like MONTHS of delays over what the NA servers are getting. You’d think a company as big as Codemasters could be competent enough to host servers for someone else’s game.

  8. Chesterton says:

    I played the LotRO beta years ago…and promptly moved to WoW for many years. A few months ago, I shrugged off WoW in order to free up time & money.

    Over the weekend though, I had the MMO itch, so I tried LotRO and was very pleasantly surprised. I’ve had a lot of fun running around the Shire with my Hobbit Bard. I realize I’m fairly low-level…but the push to buy Turbine Points isn’t constantly in-your-face and annoying. It is VERY nice to pick up & play when I have the MMO desire and not have to shell out $15 or feel guilty if I’m not playing.

  9. Dr_Nick says:

    I found out about this when it was a PSN exclusive, lost interest once it became a 360 exclusive and now I’m not sure about it.

  10. kennycrown says:

    The best way to do it is level your char to about 20 (or, if you are completely new, a bit more, or maybe try a few different classes), then buy a single month of subscription, and not renew it.