MOWAS Updated, Arrival Of DLC

Paddington Station! What have they done to you?
Men Of War: Assault Squad has had another patch, which fixes up some balancing issues and adds a couple of new vehicles. You can get the patch here if you need to. There’s also some paid-fo downloadable content now available, which is a pack of five new maps for assault zones multiplayer mode. Sigh. I love this game.


  1. GenBanks says:

    Maybe MoW will satisfy my WW2 rts itch until CoH implements some of the COHO matchmaking features…

    • P7uen says:

      Can we ban all* acronyms so that I can stop feeling old and curmudgeonly when I read my internet?

      *except CODBLOPS

    • Calneon says:

      Men Of War
      World War Two
      Real Time Strategy
      Company Of Heroes
      Company Of Heroes Online

  2. mcol says:

    I recently completed CoH and all its expansions etc. So eagerly unwrapped this to make a start….but was left cold. So far one of my most disappointing game purchases of the year.
    My problem, I think, is no coop companion. Even so, there is just too much fiddly faff. I expect my tiny men to have a modicum of intelligence at least.

    Also, its nails hard.

    • Luomu says:

      Drop by the Steam chatroom and you will certainly find coop company.

    • wrath says:

      @mcol so basically you’re critising the game because you can’t micro? Actually I tend to find they’re smarter than their CoH counterparts. They throw grenades, and even AT grenades when you’re not looking. They stay behind cover, which is more than I can say for CoH. Oh, and they don’t freeze up under machine gun fire, that’s just stupid.

      It just seems to me is that what you want is an entirely arbitrary game, with only loose, rough real world grounding and very few tactical and strategical options that is to say, Company of Heroes.

    • Wilson says:

      You can’t compare CoH and MoW, they’re too different. There are only superficial similarities between them (they’re both WW2 RTS games).

      @mcol – If you keep at it, I find the fiddly faff becomes less of a problem as you get used to it.
      @wrath – If he likes CoH, micro can’t be too much of an issue. Also, I take issue with your suggestions that there’s no tactics or strategy in CoH. But I guess you don’t like that game (which is fair enough, each to their own).

    • mcol says:

      Thanks, I’ll look into the steam group.
      To be fair (to myself!), I deliberately made no effort to compare the two games, I think they’re both great.
      I just haven’t got a grip of MoW yet, it all too often seems to get overwhelming, and I sit frozen watching a teeming mass of solider butchery on my screen, before realising half my men have no ammo and it’s my job to find it for them ;o)

    • wrath says:

      Fair, my comments were out of line.
      On MoW:AS, you have to understand that this is a stand alone expansion, and a multiplayer focused one at that. I’m not sure how well the Skirmish balances for singleplayer, but it is designed to be co-op. Its a little light on the tutorials, and I wouldn’t call it an entry level game.

      More importantly, mcol seems to be very much into single player experiences. As such, I would highly recommend looking elsewhere in the franchise. In particular Men of War, but especially Men of War: Red Tide. Red Tide being a single player only game.

      Failing that I recommend going to GameReplays’ Men of War section, and Tychocelchuuu’s channel on YouTube
      link to
      link to

      It seems to me, your biggest problem is a lack of understanding. Its actually not that fiddly once you figure it all out. Also look into “direct control”.

      As a side: both direct control and the Michael Whittman campaign were stolen from or done first in the Men of War franchise, except without the nonsense and extraneous RPG features. (I think you have to look to Soldiers: Heroes of WW2 for the Whittman campaign.)

  3. El_MUERkO says:

    i’ve been playing it a lot but i’ve not touched the multiplayer yet, i have a feeling i’ll get crucified by everyone online :(

    • Felixader says:

      That’s the exact reason that kept me from playing Strategy games online, SINCE EVER.

  4. GraveyardJimmy says:

    DMS Instinct said this on the official forums:

    “As for the DLCs, they will be entirely different sort of skirmishes, they use the fundamental basis but the mission objectives, layout, size of maps etc. will be very very different to what you have in the base game. I’m very much aware of the fact that people want to have something really new for the money they spend on the game after its release.”

    I wonder how just maps fit into this category? I love this game and regularly play with the RPS gang, but am a little disappointed by this, I was expecting something more than a map pack (despite being over 50% the price of CoDs packs). Maybe I will wait for a steam sale, the 3v3s desperately need a new map.

    • Heliosicle says:

      Think they said their strategy was updates will contain vehicles and stuff supported by the release of map packs.
      And there really does need to be more 3v3 maps.

    • laikapants says:

      Heliosicle speaks the truth. This was the subject of Jim’s final question to DMS in their interview last month. Here’s the link (link to and here’s the text if you don’t want to click over:

      “RPS: There’s a big DLC button on the main menu, but currently no DLC to be had – what plans do you have for that?

      Kramer: We are trying a very interesting DLC scheme, perhaps unique at this point, as other developers haven’t used this model yet. My personal belief is that everyone will benefit from a better game, so instead of selling new units, or new features or factions, we are going to sell new skirmishes and multiplayer map packs, but give away all the other content that is produced during that period for free. For instance, new vehicles or multiplayer features that are developed will be added into patches to improve the game and provide a more interesting and richer gaming experience. The system is simple; we continue developing the game while players support us through buying DLC. In the end they get new skirmishes and multiplayer content, as well as improvements on the game. The current patch is an example of this. Since we have no plans for another expansion for Men of War, we are really focused on providing continued support for this title. So while the DLC may add multiplayer maps and skirmishes, players are actually receiving a free add-on for the game from all the other content that is bundled with the patches.

      Regarding the new skirmishes, they will be unlike any of the ones currently included in the game. They use the same basic concept but their mission objectives, units etc. will vary a lot from the ones you saw in the game so far. Today I’m going to reveal that we are currently working on defense based skirmishes, reminiscent of many of the missions in Men of War, while still providing all the new features and gameplay enhancements skirmish brings to the game. A massively action loaded package!”

  5. Calneon says:

    What’s the difference between Men Of War, Red Tide, and Assault squad? I have MoW but never really got into it, though I did enjoy playing online. To me, Red Tide and Assault squad look like expansion packs with new campaigns and units, like the expansion packs for CoH. However they are being marketed as sequels, does this mean the gameplay and graphics has been changed as well? I don’t really want to spend £25 if it is just like MoW with some new units.

    • Luomu says:

      Red Tide is a standalone single player game/expansion on the MOW engine. Assault Squad is a multiplayer-centric version of MOW with more virtual toy soldiers and different game modes. There is no campaign. AS is what we play these days (coop skirmish and TvT).

      Trivia: MOW itself is a repackaged compilation of two expansion packs for Faces of War/Outfront 2 that were only published separately in CIS countries.

  6. roethle says:

    Need an update on MOW Vietnam already.

  7. Rinox says:

    Although I love MoW: AS, I only really play it in skirmish co-op. So I’ll pass on this DLC.