Hitting A Wall: Ridge Racer Unbounded

Unbounded? Really? Is that even a word? I suppose language matters not a jot to muscle cars. What they care about is getting somewhere quickly. They hate to be late. Me too, frankly. One of my pet peeves.

Anyway, Ridge Racer “Unbounded” will be arriving on PC some time in 2012. In the meantime you can look at the latest teaser trailer, below. It shows a car driving through a wall which suggests… destructible scenery? Could this be the BFBC2 of racing games?


  1. FCA says:

    Unbounded is certainly a word, I use it all the time! Quoting from some stuff I wrote not too long ago:
    “An unbounded self-adjoint operator D”, “This means the spectrum is unbounded”.
    Very appropriate when doing things in functional analysis. Hopefully the game will be a bit easier to understand than that though…

    • Urthman says:

      “Unbounded? Really? Is that even a word?” — Somebody didn’t get very far in maths.

    • MrHairyLives says:

      Also: “a positive feeling which is very great and seems to have no limits”
      (link to dictionary.cambridge.org)
      Which probably means that I don’t feel not nearly unbounded enough none of the time. Fear my ununboundedness!

  2. Wedge says:

    The Namco property? On PC? Trying to be crashy street racing? Oh wait they outsourced this to Bugbear (Flatout series), everything makes sense now.

  3. wcaypahwat says:

    I dunno, but that logo just looks like the need for speed ones they were using a few years back.

  4. GreatUncleBaal says:

    If that’s going to be a game with hidden short-cuts in the form of destructible scenery, it’s a nice idea – but they’d better design that bloody well, or there will be a lot of teeth-grindingly annoying collisions with indestructible walls by players trying to shave a few more seconds.

  5. BloodPukeSalvation says:

    how awesome will this trailer be should the game have no destructible scenery upon release.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      I think it’s one of the lamest trailers I have ever seen. Like some 8th class school project that got a medium to bad grade.

      Washed-out graphics, weird shading, and why is the music so muted that I can barely hear it… while the first few drum hits were loud. And the “kicker”… cars can go trough walls? How? They don’t look armoured…

      All in all it’s not even worth a yawn…

  6. Taverius says:

    My interest is not unbounded, but present nonetheless.

  7. Sami H says:


  8. Pie21 says:

    It’s Ridge Racer!

    • stahlwerk says:


    • Dinger says:

      It’s terrible that some memes just take over the associated artifacts. I can’t see the words “Ridge Racer” without having the same reaction.

      And Skyrim? Isn’t that the fantasy game where the player is threatened by a giant, flying kitten?

    • Nick says:


  9. Mo says:

    Unbounded is totally a word, but it’s mostly used by math and computer science nerds, like myself. :)

  10. Oozo says:


  11. TonyB says:

    As it’s being made by Bugbear it’d be a surprise if it didn’t have destructible scenery in some form.

    Since I’ve been waiting for a new Flatout game since the last Flatout, the only way I could be more excited about this is if they got rid of that silly name from an old game series of little importance and replaced it with its True Name.

  12. AndrewC says:

    Some of the corners those cars are taking seem awfully unlikely you know.

  13. Xercies says:

    I wish someone would make a proper sequel to Ridge Racer Type 4, or remake Ridge Racer Type 4.

  14. Radiant says:

    Ridge Racer on the PSP was the first game I bought for the handheld and it’s pretty much been resident in the UMD slot since then.

    Ridge Racer on the PSP is fucking GLORIOUS.

    Is Flatout any good?
    Should I be worried?
    Will there be techno?

    • jon_hill987 says:

      The 3DS version is even better.

    • godgoo says:

      i really enjoyed flatout 2, but I have a strong bias towards driving games.

    • Radiant says:

      The 3DS?
      What’s the difference between the two?

      The only issue I had with RR on the PSP was that the racing was ridiculously easy.
      The challenge came from beating your own lap times.

    • RogB says:

      ridge racer on the 3ds is utterly appalling.

  15. Heliocentric says:

    Could this be the BFBC2 of racing games.
    You mean living in the long shadow of the true sequel?

  16. MD says:

    I really hope they make a Ridge Racer game for PC, rather than some other kind of racing game with the Ridge Racer name slapped over the top. The trailer actually looks fairly promising; though it obviously doesn’t tell us much, it does seem to show a nice RR-style unrealistic driving model.

  17. ArtyFishal says:

    Unbounded is definitely a word. It is also a very common mathematics term. You will find it in any basic calculus book. I’m a math student and I use it all the time. Its meaning is pretty self-evident.

  18. Matt says:

    I prefer Ridge Racer: Unbuttoned. Where’s that Japanese girl with the starting cards? Yowza!

  19. DeanLearner says:

    I liked the bit where the man dun saided peggy!

  20. cheap web hosting says:

    I got thrilled when I saw the teaser. I hope it will be good and impressive as its looks, since the GRID for me was a such disappointment.

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  21. rocketman71 says:

    “Could this be the BFBC2 of racing games?”

    Please, no. I don’t want the battlefield of ANYTHING.