More Sword D’œuvres: The Making Of Hunted

I bet they left lots on the cutting room floor.

Oof, there’s some glossy production on the two “making of” videos of Hunted: The Demon’s Forge you’ll find beneath the jump, including Lucy Lawless doing a piece to camera on what “the great thing about Hunted” is. Disappointingly, she doesn’t go on to say that Lucy Lawless is the great thing about Hunted. I bet she’s reading this and kicking herself.

Bethesda really are pumping the handles of the hype machine as hard as they can for this one, aren’t they? Alec and I have both played it now, and it’s hard to take away any impression more dramatic that “S’alright!” For my money, the fighting didn’t feel anywhere near tight or tactile enough, but we’ll find out for sure when it lands at the end of May.


  1. squareking says:

    This headline and the line “putting the cart before ography” are why I keep coming back here.

  2. Easydog says:

    This looks brainless and very cliche. Mind you that’s not the worst thing for an action game to be, I just hope the co-op is as good as they say. With their useless nonsense hype-speak.

  3. phenom_x8 says:

    My sister was Xena The Warrior Princess big fans back then (Esp. Lucy Lawless). Nice to see her back, maybe I will show her Lucy’s voice in this game when it’s released! Aiye ye ye ye ye aa…….

    • dadioflex says:

      They started showing Xena from the start on the Horror channel this week. I DVRed it and watched the first episode. It was still kinda goofy, kinda funny, but after seeing Lucy Lawless in Spartacus (best TV of the last few years purely down to John Hanna), it just isn’t the same.

    • Spider Jerusalem says:

      Because she has her shirt on?

  4. zergrush says:

    The only thing that would sell this game to me would be a decent combat system ( decent being movements with proper weight and generally skill-based play, akin to Blade of Darkness or Monster Hunter ).

  5. Jad says:

    Its sad, because this game looks fairly good to me and if I had unlimited time, I’m sure I would enjoy playing it. However, I barely have time to play “really good” games these days (still haven’t finished Portal 2!), so “fairly good” usually means I buy it for $10 on a Steam sale a year later, play 30 minutes, say “I should play more of this when I have time”, and then never return. There are so many games in my Steam backlog that this has happened too and I feel bad for them.

    To these games: Its me, not you …

  6. Eddeman says:

    I think I’ll make a friend of mine get this on the full circle box, to be enjoyed from the couch while moderately intoxicated. Or get it on PC and drag my machine to his place, but it weighs like 25kg so not looking forward to that.

  7. Tacroy says:

    Meh. I liked it better when they called it Skullkickers, and it was a comic.