Rather Helpful: Shogun 2 Multiplayer Tutorials

It's really a circus sim.

Creative Assembly have released a second multiplayer tutorial video for Shogun 2. What’s that you say? You don’t remember our posting the first one? That doesn’t sound like us at all. But just to stop you from complaining, both are below. Warning: they can veer toward ‘wacky’.

It’s a good idea, as multiplaying something as complex as a Total War game can be a tad daunting. But this is a friendly voice talking you through it all.

Here’s the first part:

And here’s the second:


  1. Nullkigan says:

    Unfortunately the game is unwinnable right now as disconnecting will give you a win.

    CA tried to fix things by making it so people who pulled the plug just before the end of the battle only had a 50% chance of winning but I’ve lost every single time my opponent did that over the past week or two so someone appears to have figured out a way around that (or I am exceptionally unlucky).

    This is coupled with a terrible matchmaking system that will see you, the new player, matched up against a level 10 guy like me. Even thought his general costs as much as two to four of your starting units, and even if he doesn’t bring any of the units you haven’t unlocked yet, the bonuses he gets from retainers and a high level general mean you can’t beat him in most circumstances.

    If CA manage to eventually fix these issues and do a bit more balancing against campers, the game will go back to being incredibly fun. The AI really can’t compare to other players.

    • b_baxter says:

      Agreed. When it works it’s awesome, from the tense stalemates to the fast sweeping battles (bloody cavalry armies), but far too many games where I’ve edged an opponent out …. and they’ve ragequitted.

      I could accept the shonky multiplayer browser and random disconnects if it wasn’t for that.

    • Wilson says:

      Is this he same as ‘drop-hacking’? I’ve read about that in Company of Heroes, and I think they put a system in where when there’s a disconnect in a match, a ‘dispute’ happens, the game looks at which player has had least disputes and awards them the win. Dunno how well it worked though. I’ve never had it happen to me when playing CoH, but I don’t play much.

      It’s really pathetic that people do stuff like this. I don’t understand it at all.

  2. Cinnamon says:

    They quickly went over the different options for getting a fight. When they say that matchmaking matches you with someone of the same skill level it’s what can be called a filthy lie. A new player is going to find themselves matched up mostly against people who have an overwhelming advantage in terms of experience and elite veteran units. Veteran units are more carrot than stick in terms of benefit vs increased cost, if levelled up correctly, and a player with only starter units will struggle. This gets more pronounced as the game goes on and budgets increase to the point where even high level players might just feel like quitting if they get matched against a higher level player who likely has better veterans. If you fight battle list games against friends then you don’t get the clan tokens or get ranked on the ladders but you also get the option, which isn’t shown, of playing classic battles which unlock all the units from the start and have the same unit balance as the single player mode.

    • Gormongous says:

      Yeah, I have about a fifty-fifty record on there. I don’t meant to toot my own horn, but when matched with a four- or five-star general like my avatar, it’s always a win, and when I’m matched with a ten-star bastard named “Oda Nobunaga” who fields two units of veteran Great Guard and a mangonel, I always lose.

      The online is damn fun, but the matchmaking is worse than soliciting an Age of Kings on Gamespy ten years ago.

  3. SpakAttack says:

    How about they fix the AWFUL BUGS rather than posting tutorials on how to play a game that is broken atm?

    • JayTee says:

      Maybe I’m nuts, but I imagine Mr PR is different to Mr Programmer so they are probably capable of doing both.

      FWIW the next patch allegedly fixes ‘over 500 bugs’. That’s a lot of bugs, both fixed and generally in the game to begin with.

  4. Eightball says:

    Boo, hiss CA! (trad.)

  5. Mark says:

    In a lot of ways the game is much better designed than previous ones; however, having a levelling up system where you unlock significantly better units is a critical mistake. It’s so obvious, I feel, I don’t know how they thought that it could work. Were they really that naive to believe the matchmaking would solve the problem? :(

  6. Pinky G says:

    Well done creative assembly! Fantastic advertising.
    You are presenting it clearly and with just the right amount of comedy whilst also not being too in depth as to overwhelm. Really well done. I laughed several times aswell so thanks for that!

  7. zal says:

    co-op’s where the fun’s at, forget that versus stuff. just finished my third runthrough at about 7am, and discovered for those diplo/trade empires the best way to stay afloat after realm-divide is vassals they’ll keep right on trading and won’t go traitor on you. you can even fight proxy wars with them! hooray proxy wars! I’m still scratching my head as to how the co-op can be so so awesome and eat 12 hours of my time before I even realize its daylight again but the versus is such a shambles. Its like half their team is devoted to making a game and the other half is payed to sabotage it.