Sex Hells: Polymorphous Perversity

Reminds me of the last Tube home.

Brazilian indie developer and professional psychotherapist Nicolau Chaud is fast becoming a favourite of RPS. And why not? The man pushes at boundaries like a mean cat in a small shoebox. He first came to our attention with Marvel Brothel, and his next game, a short story of torture and sadism entitled Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer, got Kieron so excited that he came out of retirement to do an exhaustive review.

This week, freelance journo Jordan Rivas has taken a look at Chaud’s upcoming game, Polymorphous Perversity. You can read the full blog post here, or examine my digest of the sexy Brazilian’s next big release after the jump. Urgh, I just succeeded in grossing myself out.

Not to be confused with Marvel Brothel and Dungeoneer, which were both games that featured sex and love, Polymorphous Perversity is a game about sex. It’s also a game that appears to lean more heavily on Chaud’s training as a psychotherapist.

“Polymorphous perversity” is, apparently, a concept coined by Freud, and refers to his theory that children don’t discriminate when it comes to deciding what body parts to use for sexual gratification, a habit they’re quickly educated out of and forget. The game itself tells the story of a “a young male with an unknown sexual disorder captured by some mysterious agency and thrown into a bizarre parallel reality where everything gravitates towards sex”. As a player, you’ll be exploring this world and learning “about all dimensions of human’s libido, every way in which a person can obtain sexual satisfaction, fetishes, paraphilias and perversions”. Which is nice, as it should help me understand Alec a little more.

There will also be a Horny Meter, shown in the top left as an elastic cock. “Many things make you horny,” explains Chaud. “If the meter grows too high, you die.” Which sounds familiar. Fortunately you’ll be able to reduce the monstrous length of your Horny Meter by having sex. Which again, sounds familiar.

On the off chance that you need any more persuading that you should probably play this when it comes out, Chaud says the game will “respond” to your performance and sexual preferences, and will allow the player to learn about their own sexuality. If that’s true, I kind of dread the future RPS comments thread to come out of this. No pun intended.


  1. vash47 says:

    Welp. I tried visiting those links but it seems I’m banned even though I’ve never been to that website.

    • Ondrej says:

      You must’ve been nasty in the pasty. Works here!

    • kentona says:

      We had to take down Marvel Brothel due to a takedown request from a lawyer from Marvel. We are an amateur site run by hobbyists in our spare time. We don’t exactly have a lawyer on retainer for situations like that.

    • BAReFOOt says:

      @ketona: Put up a torrent and host it on That’s what it was invented for: To circumvent the insanity. And they had more takedown requests than we both have hairs. Including whole governments going against them. Without a scratch and with 7% in state votes.
      You can put the link in here. But *linking* to torrents (on other sites too) is *not* illegal, no matter what some fake lawyer will tell you. (Also, who cares about *foreign* takedown notices??)

      It’s a war. Who doesn’t fight, is helping the enemy.

    • Bilbo says:

      That’s fairly silly. Do all wars work that way? Because if so I had better get to Afghanistan

  2. McDan says:

    Saw the headline, Immediately knew Quinns would be covering it.

    Also: there will probably either be no comments on the post telling us it’s out as we don’t know what to say/we don’t want to reveal what mosters we are. Or, there will be one person who says it, which the opens the door for the tide of filth…

  3. Mr_Hands says:

    This sounds incredible. More than incredible. I’m speechless.

    I can’t wait. Finally. I can fuck someone in the front.

    And in the game.

  4. JackShandy says:

    A game about sex that isn’t erotic. Seems a bit like making a game about manshoot without the murderboners.

  5. manveruppd says:

    By the way, Marvel Brothel doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Copyright trolling by Disney?

  6. Rich says:

    What the hell is the portrait of the talking character in the top screen supposed to be of?!?

    • Quintin Smith says:

      It’s a chubby girl facing the viewer and leaning to one side. See it? Her face is out of shot in the upper left.

      Chaud says that in the game all of those portrait boxes show the speaker’s body parts, rather than their face.

    • Soon says:

      Your Mom.


  7. karry says:

    Something…something hints that this psychotherapist is long due for some psychotherapy.

    • Tams80 says:

      But not by someone who prescribes to Freudian theories. Damn that man had sex on his mind.

    • Rii says:

      Not sure he was too far off the mark really. Dig down far enough and it seems near everything really does come down to sex.

    • Ghost of Grey Cap says:

      Meh- I find (after only six months studying psychology, so I’m not an expert) that people who built on Freud’s ideas make more sense than the original work. Erik H. Erikson, for example. There’s a lot that influences your developement in a profound way that *isn’t* sexual.
      Also, Freud thought that [oversimplification ahead] everything boiled down to *fantasies* about sex. Important difference…

    • Bhazor says:

      Well you ever see Freud’s mum? Phwoar. Know what I mean? Huh?

    • sinister agent says:

      That’s the impression I’ve always had about Freud, to be honest. Fascinating, massively influential ideas, but his work in itself is often a bit wonky if taken in isolation. What it paved the way for, though, is much less suspect.

      Which isn’t a criticism of Freud as such – nobody can get it all right, after all.

  8. chargen says:

    These screenshots are doing nothing for my horny meter.

  9. Inigo says:

    got Kieron so excited that he came

    Sometimes I just love line breaks.

    • McDan says:

      Just noticed that as well, brilliant. If it wasn’t done on purpose that is excellent.

  10. Teddy Leach says:

    What the bloody nora.

  11. Big Murray says:

    Wait til the Daily Mail get hold of this.

  12. Tulse says:

    This looks very promising already. Marvel Brothel was fun but ultimately quite limited, and while I thought that Dungeoneer was a step forward I gave up on it relatively quickly because the dungeon section was quite difficult and not nearly enjoyable enough to justify the repetition in continual restarting.

    I’m excited that this seems to have a distinct and consistent visual style – the colourful, creepy screenshots make me think Space Funeral-meets-ero guro manga. Chaud’s other games have more of a cut-and-paste feel to them, although gameplay-wise and structure-wise he’s obviously still restricted by RPG Maker (the ‘battle’ system in particular). I think that basing the game on classic psychoanalytical concepts and having stated goals in mind for the game could really help to elevate what he’ll eventually achieve with it. That, and his responses to the knee-jerk criticisms he’s already had are encouraging because he clearly knows what he’s doing and why.

    • Hallgrim says:

      “I gave up on it relatively quickly because the dungeon section was quite difficult and not nearly enjoyable enough to justify the repetition in continual restarting.”

      Eww. I don’t think you were *supposed* to enjoy the creepy dungeon sections.

    • Tulse says:

      Whether I’m forcing victims through a torture maze or guiding lost ducklings through a magical happy forest, the game still has to make we want to play through it and achieve a win to be successful. There’s a difference between game mechanics and the aesthetic/thematic situation layered on top of them.

    • kentona says:

      Fun Fact: calunio (a.k.a. Chaud) built the dungeon system based on a little minigame I made called My Pet Zombie (wherein you laid down tiles like springboards and directional tiles to guide a mindless zombie back to his grave). He told me he liked the gameplay concept and asked me to help him out a little reworking it for a new game he was making. I did so.
      A few weeks later Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer came out and I was like “…What have I done?”

    • Bhazor says:

      I’d always assumed the dungeon sequence was based on the Trapt games.

  13. Rii says:

    I am intrigued by the prospect of learning more about my sexuality.

    …. what?

  14. noom says:

    I wonder if this will cater to my ear fetishising

  15. WMain00 says:

    Freud’s theories have long since been debunked.

  16. Mario Figueiredo says:

    Chaud says the game will “respond” to your performance and sexual preferences, and will allow the player to learn about their own sexuality.

    Oh, so there’s a point to all this?

    Anyways, I’m skeptical of the ability of a game to achieve that. Much less one done by some freshly out-of-school psychotherapist that reduces everything to a horny meter.

    • Quintin Smith says:

      It says right there in the blog post I link to that he’s been studying psychology for more than ten years.

      On the other hand, technically he’s not even out of school. :)

    • Rii says:

      I used to think that I was a wet blanket. Then I encountered Mario.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Oh, so I had to like it for you? Darn, sorry. Bet you wanted to multiplay… :(

      Yup. I somehow skipped that bit of the blog post. I went on searching for information about him (which is admittedly scarce) and found out he’s on his late 20s. A beautiful age, no doubt, but hard to consider… ermm… proficient enough. I think he does a good job at confronting language and behavior barriers concerning sex. But to pretend this will teach anyone about their sexuality… sometimes annoys me that I’m always being forced to confront my cynicism, but that just feels more like a tag line (a sales picth) than anything to be taken seriously.

    • Acosta says:

      Yeah, only 110 year old people have the necessary experience to share their ideas with the rest of humankind, we wouldn’t want any youngster to take himself too seriously.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Wow, that’s quite a stretch from what I was meant to be saying. But I forgive you, it’s not that I explained it.

      So, here’s your little FYI: I doubt his credentials as someone capable of designing a game that teaches anyone about their sexuality; Both as a psychologist and as a game designer. His age doesn’t help either because, you know, on complex matters age does matter. Wisdom and actually hands-on experience is the driving force on too many a profession.

      It’s also a little bit hard to swallow (no pun intended) when he admits the game isn’t to be taken seriously.

      As a side note (possible off-topic): I’m always very skeptical of any game announced as having some sort of educational content. Not because I wish them to fail, or because I’m ill-willed. Simply because it’s a field that interests me greatly (education, that is). So don’t get all uptight. To me, this marriage between games and education is no funny business and something actually worth every ounce of your critical brain. Personally, I think that the best way to achieve that is to create the framework and let users put in the content (a bit like that teacher and Minecraft that was discussed some days ago here in RPS). I’m not much into easy thin claims of educational value with very little substance and arguable results.

    • aerozol says:

      I think you’re being too sceptical.
      These games usually just give you a story in the hope that you will take something from it. Games like Striptease (Stephen Lavelle), or Execution (Jesse Venbrux) take a few minutes (or seconds) to play, but can give you a very interesting experience. I’m guessing this will be similar.
      And, to be honest, you’re butchering the word ‘educational’, and you should stop it. If you don’t find it ‘educational’, that’s not anyone elses problem. (I see that calunio addressed this below)

  17. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Oh yeah, totally turned on.

  18. Acosta says:

    “bizarre parallel reality where everything gravitates towards sex”

    You don’t need any fancy plane traveling for that.

  19. geldonyetich says:

    “Welcome to Rock Paper Shotgun, reflecting the cutting edge of PC Gaming.”
    “Awesome! I love the PC, it’s my primary gaming platform. What have you got for us today?”
    “Well, today we’re going to look at the fevered masturbatory dreams that some Brazilian pop therapist threw together in RPG maker.”
    “That’s really quite excellent! God, I wonder what people see in those other platforms.”
    “You’re damn right. After this, lets break out MS Paint and make an erotic Minecraft texture pack while our Call of Duty torrent finishes up.”

    • steggieav says:

      How dare you, sir! All my erotic Minecraft texture packs are created with Photoshop

  20. mattjb says:

    See, when I first heard the term “cybersex” back in the mid-90’s, I thought it involved humping the monitor until an orgasm happened.

  21. Jordan Rivas says:

    @mario Trust me, I’ve found myself skeptical of Nicolau’s work as much as anyone. Whenever I’ve had the chance to quiz him on his process and reasoning, he always kind of strikes a balance between not taking things too seriously and pondering unprobed areas of certain ideas with a tad more intent than most people would.

    I can’t put words in the man’s mouth, but I don’t think he sees himself or his games as “teaching” so much as he sees them as ways to experiment and try new ideas. He’s not afraid to just try ideas, no matter how unusual — obviously.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      With that I can live with. No doubt. Just not the educational bit. I think he, or anyone making the claim for him, can drop that.

      I was, for instance, pleasantly surprised at how he shakes conventions. And that type of experimentalism always tends to get my “thumbs up” when done with purpose and for good reason. That’s the area where I definitely think he makes a good contribution — although I would have loved if he had taken Beautiful Escape a little further… or “deeper”, is a better word.

      I suppose that’s a form of education, for sure. Many of our inadequacies exist well protected behind a strong wall of preconceptions, that need to first be dealt with, before one can get to the actual problem. So in a sense he does provide an educational contribution of sorts. At least, we are confronted with what unsettles us. And I don’t think he does that for the lulz, definitely not. But that’s it. He wants to shake us and possibly question ourselves. Not educate us or letting us learn anything about ourselves that we don’t know already. Or so I hope. Because a game is really a dangerous medium for that type of revelation.

  22. WJonathan says:

    When I vomit in my own mouth, have I won the game?

  23. calunio says:

    I may have expressed myself wrong, I said the CHARACTER will learn more about his own sexuality, not the player. But who knows? I’m making a blog for the game (link to, I’ll post updates and ask for help at some issues, so hopefully people will keep in touch and become followers.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      I was actually a bit surprised to not see anything about it on your usual blog (which I tend to visit somewhat regularly… well, once every full moon-regularly). But now I understand why.

      Oh, and thanks for that clarification. Makes a lot more sense to me.

  24. Hypocee says:

    So, no female player characters?

  25. Hastur says:

    Q: How many Freudians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    A: Two: one to screw in the lightbulb, the other to hold the penis–er, ladder.

  26. Hastur says:

    Dear RPS-o-tron: I’m not spam, I’m just trying to tell a joke!

  27. Unaco says:

    Ban this sick filth!