Snikt! Marvel Universe Free-To-Play

The chaps over at PC Gamer US went to along to see Marvel and Gazillion talk about the Marvel Universe MMO. It’s going to be free-to-play and will allow you to play actual Marvel characters. “Some of the characters you will play as are: Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Hulk, Thor, Spiderman, Nova, and Squirrel Girl.” Brian Michael Bendis will be writing for the game, but also you’ll apparently “play through existing stories that are told in the comic books.” Which means – potentially, I am speculating without checking the facts here – you could end up playing missions based on scripts penned by our own Kieron Gillen. Interesting! The game is being developed by Secret Identity, a part of Gazillion set up specifically for the project.

More details here.


  1. Miker says:

    Is it just me, or does Wolverine look a tad bit like our esteemed John Walker in that picture?

    Also, Squirrel Girl? Browser-based? Mid-late 2012? Hmm…

  2. DeepSleeper says:

    The people who made Lego Universe so very bad.
    I see why they want to hide the identity of the developers.

  3. Thirith says:

    Thanks for posting that pic! I love those moments in Whedon’s X-Men run… And the ending, for different but entirely Whedony reasons.

  4. ran93r says:

    I haven’t played a hero MMO that I liked, I don’t think this is going to fill that gap, especially with Gazillion at the helm but I can’t help but be moderately excited. Marvel have a great range of characters to populate a game with, it’s a shame something like this isn’t getting picked up by a larger dev and just having money thrown at it for a few years.

    • Matt says:

      It’s been in development since mid-2009, so it is pretty much “having money thrown at it for a few years.”

  5. Inigo says:

    Squirrel Girl

    Game is broken.

  6. Temple to Tei says:

    If Keeron Gillun reviews the game arc based on the comic arc that he wrote would that break the universe by being too meta?

  7. Choca says:

    Ok, so I don’t need to have any expectations for this. Good to know, i guess.

  8. Stense says:

    Hopefully there will be copious amounts of mission time spent with the the all powerful Squid-Boy as your sidekick.

  9. Spacewalk says:

    Why does Wolverine need scissors?

  10. Kieron Gillen says:

    Phew. I’m glad this is announced so I can strike one more secret thing I know about that I can’t talk about off the list.


  11. zergrush says:

    John Cassaday is amazing.

  12. Foosnark says:

    I can’t get past the “hundreds of Wolverines” thing sitting next to “this is canon.”

    Every MMO ever has been full of kids trying to be Wolverine or Iron Man or Hulk or Drizzt or xx~Dritzzzt~xx. I guess this is their game.

  13. tossrStu says:

    You know what Gillen-related game I’d like to play? “NEVER ON A SUNDAY”, a rhythm action game like DDR or Ouendan but with an no-boy-singers soundtrack. ooooooooOOOOOOH ATOMIC!

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      When you press play there would be a 50:50 chance on you being allowed in. Also, when you select songs, it will ignore what you want and play what it wants to.


  14. Wulf says:

    Well done, Jim. You got my first WTF? out of me today. And that includes college friends who’ve been trying to do it with various links of a psychologically scarring nature.

    I’m impressed.


    I also want to know where that image came from.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Joss Whedon/John Cassady’s run on Astonishing X-men. Four trades. Well worth picking up. It’s what I normally suggest as an entrance point to modern X-men.

      And – er – the story I’m currently doing in Uncanny X-men is a direct sequel to it.


    • Wulf says:

      So noted. I… admit, I kind of lost interest in the X-Men after Grant Morrison took it to such an amazing high, changed everything, and then it got retconned by a subpar author whom I’ve never had much fondness for in the very next issue after he left.

      I believe Whedon’s run came a bit after that, but I just couldn’t get back into the X-Men then because I wasn’t sure what I’d get, or how disappointed I’d be. But I’m over that now, so I’ll likely pick this series up, and yours (hopefully both will be available as TPBs as I hate tracking down single issues), it has to be better than what Mr. Subpar Author was writing, whatever his name was again. Least memorable comic writer ever. Even his name was boring, that’s all I remembered about him.

    • Stense says:

      I didn’t realise you were on Uncanny X-men now. I did kind of loose interest in that series after Rise and fall of the something empire (can’t remember full title, but it was all peow peow space battles and stuff, but not as interesting in my opinion as that may suggest) and Messiah Complex.

    • fearghaill says:

      I have to admit, I was slightly giddy when I started reading S.W.O.R.D. and it seemed to be picking up right where Whedon’s Astonishing left off, and more than slightly giddy when I picked up Uncanny a couple weeks ago and realized you had found a way to continue S.W.O.R.D. in spirit.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Fearghaill: It’s funny how things turn out.

      Stense: The Rise And Fall Of The Shiar Empire, from Mr Brubaker’s run. I took over solo on the 534.1 issue and have done two ones since. They were all out in April. The .1 was written as a clean entry point into where the X-men are in 2011, if the urge does strike you.

      Wulf: Morrison’s run really was splendid.