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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Accessible Package

Get your pocket money at the ready kids, here’s this weeks selection of cheap games to play on your magical pixel boxes. I’ve spent all morning scouring the internet for the best deals, and here’s the results of my comprehensive research. If cheap games every Saturday isn’t enough for you, then I keep SavyGamer updated throughout the week. Here’s the bargains:Mount & Blade Complete – £13.99/€15.99/$19.99
This includes both the previously released M&B and M&B: Warband, but also the soon to be released “With Fire & Sword”. That’s less than a fiver each, and stonking good value if you ask me, although to some degree Warband makes the original obsolete (aside from those sweet, sweet mods which are not cross compatible). Jim had a natter with producer Mikail Yazbeck the other day, and there’s a tonne of other RPS coverage here. The Mount & Blade series is particularly special, I think, because it’s one of the great examples of indies beating the big studios at their own game. Thwack goes the spear. If you’re only interested in With Fire and Sword, there’s a cheaper price for it here:

15% off a £15 spend at
Apply coupon “ROYALFLUSH”.
This is a UK only offer, I think it’s a thank you for having produced the Sex Pistols. However, just because the offer is only on the UK web site doesn’t mean other people can’t use it, you just have to pick games that are available to buy in your region from the UK site. Confused? Me too, but I reckon we can muddle through. Here’s a list of some of the games that are already cheap on the UK site, made even cheaper by this coupon, and I have sorted them by region availability.
Available Worldwide:
Anomaly Warzone Earth – £6.95
Singularity – £9.98
Dirt 3 – £26.95
Alien Shooter – £1.20
Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded – £1.20
Alien Shooter 2: Conscription – £1.39
Alien Hallway – £1.39
Blur – £9.98

Worldwide except for France:
Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword – £8.95

UK, North America & Mexico only:
Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines – £7.50

Most of Europe, parts of South America, parts of Asia & South Africa:
Fable 3 – £26.95

Sol Survivor – £3.99/€4.49/$4.99
Here’s Jim’s take on this Tower Defence from last year:

Sol Survivor’s neatest trick, however, is that it’s also a multiplayer tower defence game. You can play versus, with teams of up to four aside taking it in turns to deploy the “creeps” into the level and try and defeat the defenders, or you can play co-operatively through the campaign with one player building turrets and the other calling in the support. I’m not entirely convinced of the appeal of that – I’m happy with it being a single-player experience – but I’m sure there are some folks out there who will get a kick out of it.

You might want to split the also discounted 4-Pack (£2.99/€3.37/$3.75 each) with some comrades if you want to take advantage of those multiplayer modes.

JoWood Pack – £14.71/€/$24.37
JoWood filed for bankruptcy not too long ago, but that hasn’t stopped their games from being both good and old, it would seem. If you get this whole pack, you get 75% off, but everything is individually discounted by 60% too. I’ve only played Painkiller from these, and it wasn’t really my bag, although some of the weapons are brilliant. Do any of these games stand out as must haves for you? I quite enjoyed Gothic 3 for a little while, but then I had to stop playing games and do silly Uni work. I hear the second is many people’s favourite too.
Includes (and individual prices):
Alien Nations – £1.44/€1.61/$2.39
Aquanox – £1.44/€1.61/$2.39
Aquanox 2: Revelation – £1.44/€1.61/$2.39
Chaser – £1.44/€1.61/$2.39
Dark Fall: The Journal – £1.44/€1.61/$2.39
Dark Fall 2: Lights Out – £1.44/€1.61/$2.39
Gothic 2 [Gold Edition] – £2.41/€2.70/$3.99
The Guild [Gold Edition] – £2.41/€2.70/$3.99
The Nations [Gold Edition] – £1.44/€1.61/$2.39
Neighbours from Hell Compilation – £2.41/€2.70/$3.99
Painkiller [Black Edition] – £2.41/€2.70/$3.99
Panzer Elite [Special Edition] – £1.44/€1.61/$2.39
Spellforce Platinum – £2.41/€2.70/$3.99

Deal of the week
Cargo – £8.99/similar price in other currencies
Apply coupon “SURVEY2010”.
The clever clogs over at Ice Pick Lodge have done it again, according to the sage words of Mr Smith. This is wot he thought:

What’s on offer here is more of Ice-Pick’s profoundly strange and creative work, but in an accessible package that anybody should be able to see to the end. Whether you’ll have fun (or even “fun”) or not I couldn’t say for sure, but if you’re in the market for some deep strange, Cargo should certainly be able to provide.

I’m not sure if lopping a third off your game when it’s only been out for a week and a bit is the best way to encourage early adopters, but this is the Bargain Bucket, not the Maintaining MSRP Mop, so get buying I say.

Also of note:
30% off EA shooters
Arsenal of Democracy -£2.96/similar price in other currencies. Apply coupon “SURVEY2010”.
Tropico Reloaded – £2.38/€2.38/$2.38
Tropico 3 – £5.08/€5.08/$5.08

You can always rely on to get you the cheapest games.

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