Let’s Speculate About Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 will feature sky, and men.
The guys over at VG247 have come up with a bunch of references to the as-yet-unannounced-but-nonetheless-likely third (or fourth, really) instance of the Far Cry series. It seems the game is definitely happening, despite Ubi’s lack of noise on the title. Also it’s worth noting that the key reference made by a developer working on the game says that the game will be a console shooter, but I would be profoundly surprised if it did not receive a Windows variant, too.

So, readers, let’s come up with our perfect Far Cry sequel. Assuming Far Cry 2 was the starting template, what would put in? What would you take out? I’d say: keep the size and scale of the maps from Far Cry 2, but add an inventory, and wandering AI, neutral AI. Actually, just make Stalker in the Dunia engine, in the Jungle, with vehicles. That would be just fine. Hell, that sounds like Boiling Point. But maybe a game like that made by a giant 200-man Ubi studio is what the world has been waiting for.


  1. KauhuK says:

    “Actually, just make Stalker in the Dunia engine, in the Jungle, with vehicles. That would be just fine.”

    I approve.

    • Spatula says:


      Award yourself some pie.

      Grand pie.

      NOT my pie though, for thou whost coverts my pie shall meet a firey death in the pits of hell itself (milton keynes).

    • Evil Otto says:


    • Stevostin says:

      Count me in.

    • Bostec says:

      You bastard! I live in milton keynes and I err probably concur. Good day to you.

    • Subject 706 says:

      Oh I approve. But it won’t happen. If anything the sequel will probably me more restricted.

    • triple omega says:

      – mutants
      + humans
      – jungle
      + tropical islands with jungle

      Also, remove the horrible respawning enemies from FC 2. They are the whole reason I stopped playing halfway through. Making your way through the same enemies at the same locations again and again isn’t my idea of fun.

      Bonuspoints for actually using the enormous maps and not just creating 10 minute long scenic rides.

    • roryok says:

      I initially hated those respawning checkpoints, but after a while I came to realise that without them the game would have been lots of very long, boring driving sequences. The checkpoints definitely needed work. I thought they should have operated more like the soldiers in the ceasefire zones – if you drive too fast, or act the bollocks they would attack. Also, they could have been alternately controlled by factions, so the faction you were working for would leave you be, but opposing side would attack on sight. This could have led to lovely encounters where assailants chased you from one checkpoint to an opposing one, sparking a fire fight with the opposition

      I’ve given a lot of thought to Far Cry 3, and here’s a few things I think would make it a fantastic game:


      Go back to the original. Africa was beautiful, but the islands of the pacific hold a magical place in my heart.

      Mission Management

      For most missions I’d have to bus to one corner of the map, then drive for 5 minutes, then blow up one truck, and then have to make my way the whole way back to the HQ to pick up another mission. Would have saved me a lot of time, and therefore given me more time to ENJOY the game, if could have had a phone which would receive SMS missions or something. Could even introduce an interesting mechanic of having to fit the mission briefing into 140 odd characters, leaving some open to interpretation. You could go pay the contractor a visit to clear up the details of the mission or press on in your own way.


      Better slot management
      I hated how I could only carry a sniper rifle in slot 4, when it was clearly the same shape as the assault rifle in slot 3. Go to a Halo/CoD style slot system, or even a full on STALKER style inventory

      Even more kinds of guns & weapons
      Go nuts. More importantly, distribute them all over the place. I want to be able to pick up exotic weapons, not just buy them.

      Better IEDs
      I want the ability to slap an IED on a vehicle and jump out of it. Rolling bomb! Dedicated melee button Let me hit someone with the butt of a jammed gun. extra points if I can flip it and use it like a baseball bat.

      Customized weapons
      I want to put scopes, grenade launchers, laser sights, silencers etc. on whatever I like.


      Outdoor friendlies
      In the intro we must pass 50 ordinary civilians, and drive through a checkpoint manned by soldiers who don’t fire on sight. Why can’t we have this in the game? All the civilians left in the country are huddled in a handful of buildings.

      Mercs are Mercs
      Wouldn’t it be nice if you could hire buddies to assist on missions? these are MERCENARIES, right? Why can’t I pay them to come do a tough mission with me? Why do I need to wait till I’m almost dead?

      Money makes the world go around
      Bribe people instead of killing; would be nice to pay a weapons shipment guy to deliver to my house instead of having to kill him. Maybe not an option every time but the odd here or there would be nice.


      Proper working stealth
      No more psychic enemies. If I kill a guy with a rifle from half a mile away it should take his buddies a few seconds to figure out where the shot came from.

      More Vehicles
      It’s been said before, and it was addressed somewhat in the DLC, but there weren’t enough modes of transport in FC2. Only one (!) type of car, no pickup trucks, no vans, no flatbed trucks, no motorbikes (the quad doesn’t count), no bicycles, no inflatable speedboats, no jetskis… these could have all been in there without changing the fundamentals of the game.

      More Interaction
      While the game was immersive, in that you felt like you were really in Africa, your only outlet of interaction was shooting things, picking up guns, opening a very small subset of doors and driving 3 vehicles. You couldn’t pick up or mess with anything in a building except for Health packs and Weapons. In a town, you couldn’t talk to anyone who wasnt there to give you a mission etc. At the very least, I’d like to see a black market where I can buy and SELL weapons, first aid kits and other equipment.

      Playing dead
      Plenty of times I found myself surrounded by the bodies of guys I had just killed, when another patrol arrived shooting. If I could lie in the dirt next to the bodies until the patrol starts looking us over, that would have been wild.

      More chances to deploy ‘the element of surprise’; taking out the leg of a building on stilts, or sending a stampede of wildebeest in on top of your enemies would be nice

      Robots are the future
      Modern combat is all about drone warfare, so I’d like to see the cheap african improvised version – RC cars, planes and choppers with bombs strapped to them. It you could do this in Vice City back in 2002.

      If Far Cry 3 had all these things, I might never cheat on it with another game.

      I’ve had some more time to think about all I said, I think a lot of the mission management / buddy stuff would probably only work in the same setting – Africa. Going back to micronesia would have to be a different game altogether – more Rambo / Commando than anything else. Nearly every FPS is about a ‘lone warrior’ type, but the original Far Cry really made you feel like you were in an 80s action movie – up to the mutants at least.

      UPDATE 2:
      That first update broke all the formatting. Bah!

  2. Laxan says:

    More grenades rolling down hills.

  3. TheLordHimself says:

    Less almost instant respawning of incredibly aggressive enemies on guard posts. The combat was actually pretty fun in Far Cry 2 and it felt really brutal at times, particularly the animation on stealth knife kills. But damn, not every minute…

    • airtekh says:

      Yes, I would have this too. I would have liked to find some checkpoints empty to give the player a break once in a while.

      The only other thing which bugged me about FC2 was that the AI had no trouble seeing you when you were crouching in long grass; so a little work on the AI maybe.

      Ooh! Also put in the option for your buddies (or a coop player) to man the gun on your vehicle. I always found it annoying to keep stopping and switching to the gunner seat.

    • Ian says:

      I didn’t find the AI’s vision to be nearly as infallible as in a number of other games. STALKER, for example. It sometimes became too all-knowing if it knew you were about, even if you’d been out of sight for a short while they’d sometimes instantly spot you in the grass from ages away. But certainly in the sneaking-around-setting-up-my-attack bits I thought the grass worked largely as expected.

    • Premium User Badge

      Evil Timmy says:

      Yeah, the real problem I had with the insta-regen guard posts is, well, everything. They’re a jolting break from reality, they simply serve to hinder your progress and are occasionally a huge annoyance, and they take away the all-important feeling of player agency. The game is surprisingly realistic in some ways (the scenario and landscape) and oddly artificial in others. If they took a page from Elite/EVE and gave it a real working economy, and had in-game missions and events actually affect prices, faction’s supplies, and NPC reactions, they’d add so much depth to what felt a little hollow at times. It was a decent shooter with an excessive amount of driving, in a unique setting and with some interesting but ultimately half-executed ideas.

      Add in that layer of depth, though, and the world could really come alive. Coupled with a better-written storyline (c’mon, hasn’t Valve proved the value of this enough times?), all your smaller actions could really add up. As above, take out a faction guardpost, but instead have it require a certain amount of money to “rehire the mercenaries”, based on that faction’s income over time. Tie this into story and side missions, where attacks on a faction will weaken their money supply. Include neutral or shared resources, and force the player to make tough choices, like whether to fight off enemy forces at an airport control tower, where a friendly faction lieutenant’s unit is struggling, and may lose without his help, or at the hangar, where a refugee-smuggling plane he’s invested in is under threat, costing him a major source of income.

      And please, this time around, at least make the two sides somewhat distinct. The weak story, made weaker by long side-intermissions, plus all the betrayals and forced change-ups left me rarely knowing why I was shooting people other than they shot at me first or were hanging out by a waypoint.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Yup. Respawning was the only thing that annoyed me during the game. Fantastic game otherwise.

    • DSDan says:

      I would have enjoyed the game far more if when you cleared a guard post, it stayed clear or at least had a reduced presence. See The Saboteur for an example.

    • Urthman says:

      I never thought the AI was that much better at spotting me from a tower than I was at spotting them. I sniped a ton of dudes who looked like they were trying to be sneaky. If you just catch a glimpse of motion out of the corner of your eye, they’re dead.

      I kind of liked that you couldn’t run around squatting in knee-high grass and have it magically make you invisible.

  4. bigtoeohno says:

    Baddies on segways.

  5. Morlock says:

    Far Cry 2 was a terrible game which basically consisted of playing the same mission a 100 times. The setting looked good, but there was no real point, no gravity to it. Just let the franchise rest.

    • woodsey says:

      So if one game doesn’t live up to its potential, we should let the series die? Right then.

    • Morlock says:

      What is the potential of the Far Cry franchise? The first game was about open level shooting and vehicle use against mercs and mutants. It was a fun, well-designed game with a trashy plot. UbiSoft seems to have no interest to do a follow-up to that, so let’s look at part 2. Far Cry 2 was a repetitive open-level shooter with a bland story, boring characters, some good combat mechanics and a rudimentary friendship system. Is this enough to warrant a sequel? Is there a story you want to see continued? Do you long to return to some of the locations? Was the gameplay unique and good enough to experience it again with some improvements? My answer to all of these questions is “no”. There is much more potential in coming up with something new. Let it rest.

    • DarkFenix says:

      The series died the moment the original devs stopped working on it. Ubisoft are just trying see how long they can squeeze cash out of the rotting corpse before everyone notices. That said, the original devs have also proven they now have no idea how to make a decent game so I think this series was doomed regardless.

    • Urael says:

      I loved Far Cry. One of the best FPS experiences I had played until my beloved S.t.a.l.k.e.r appeared.

      I hated Far Cry 2 with the passion of a thousand suns. Pretty, with some nice ideas in it, but the horrible tangled mess of utterly retarded design just killed it. El_Muerko above sums it up nicely.

      Far Cry 3? We’ll see.

    • Zogtee says:

      The first game is an almost-classic. It did a lot of things right and only really fell apart during the last fourth, with the pointless Tri-Gen nonsense. Far Cry 2 was technically fine, but didn’t live up to anyone’s expectations and was crippled by a couple of insane design decisions. The first game warranted a sequel, but the sequel stopped the series dead in it’s tracks.

      We’ll see if they can bring some life back in it.

    • Arglebargle says:

      There were so many idiotic decisions made for Far Cry 2. The lead on the project even admitted that in Beta the respawn problem was identified, but ‘it was just too far along to do anything about it’. Redoing spawn rate was too difficult?? Sigh.

      The player characters had all these different backgrounds, that made absolutely no difference. Etc. It just goes on and on. So many botched decisions. The engine is great though, and I had a blast in the Avatar demo just sightseeing.

      Odds are not good on FC3, as the company obviously does not ‘get it.’

    • anduin1 says:

      I really really didn’t like 2. I thought it started off pretty good, the story could’ve unfolded half decently and then it just took a wild left turn and went off the cliff. FC 1 didnt have some marvelous plot but it was tolerable, the environments were interesting and the AI didn’t respawn on you after 2 minutes. The funnest part of the game was using the flame thrower to start huge wildfires and not complete missions.

  6. thessalian_pine says:

    Goddamn insta-respawn guard posts. Get rid of them first.
    And if there absolutely needs to be a buddy system then it should be done properly this time. Don’t force it on the player like FC2 did. If I want to play the campaign or any part of it without any NPCs in tow then please do let me.
    And about that oh-so mature and grown-up narrative…

  7. jimjames says:

    Man, its just so boring. It would be like polishing a blahblahblah, even the original Far Cry theme is kinda redundant, we have big open spaces to shoot things now its nothing new… Theres no way the guys upstairs will let there devs have any freedom to change the gameplay mechanics radically so I reckon any speculation would be pointless.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr No Fun

    • jimjames says:

      Awh, I feel like a right downer.

      What I meant to say is perhaps they should replace normal human enemy’s with the ANIMAL KINGDOM. Its the perfect setting right?

    • Laxan says:

      The Zebras rise up following the onslaught you brought to their population in Far Cry 2.

    • MattM says:

      Hey I left the wildlife alone in FC2. I only killed one gazelle by accident when it ran in front of my bumper.

  8. Teddy Leach says:

    I want an enormous war being waged all over the world (World War 3, if you will). I want to be able to go where I like and do what I like, while the battle rages on around me.

    And in the game.

  9. Pop says:


    being run when simply exploring
    “How are you still standing after an entire LMG clip?”
    “Wait, didn’t I just clear this check point?”

  10. Serious J says:

    They can keep it console only considering that they couldn’t manage to fix the debilitating memory leak in FC2

  11. AndrewC says:

    I’d like it to be a perfectly viable option to go fishing. You can sell your fish in the towns for enough money for medicine/food, live out in a shack by the river that you can do up, maybe make some money doing wildlife photography. it would all involve faily simple (? maybe) additions to the mechanics, and it would provide a genuine game, with rewards and a purpose, that didn’t involve war. It’d be just going on around you – something you’d have to avoid because you don’t have a gun. Just gimme a choice about going for the big bucks by being an amoral mercenary killer.
    After that, I want spaceships and infinite worlds and accurately modelled genitals of both sexes, so maybe let’s just stick to the fishing for now.

  12. Persus-9 says:

    I vote for civilians who exist outside of cut-scenes and unpredictability!

    I really wanted to love Far Cry 2 and it was painful that it felt like someone who was working on it wanted to make the game I wanted to play but someone or some committee wouldn’t let them. They ended up trying to make a game about the horrors of war that was set in a war almost entirely without horrors because except for a few people in huts the entire world was populated by murderous foreign mercenaries who deserved everything they got. It was soul destroying to collect the Jackal tapes, some of which really didn’t pull their punches, and yet be placed in a game world where basically nothing very bad happened. I can only assume that they didn’t want to give people the chance to shoot the civilians but why not give you the option and if you shoot the civilians it would have added a whole lot to the whole “you’re a monster” think Jackal was trying to push on you. It wouldn’t have got the game an AO rating as MW2 proved so why didn’t they give you the option.

    Remember the opening cutscene where you’re being driven into town by the taxi driver and you bribe your way past the checkpoint? Why the hell couldn’t that happen the game? Checkpoints are just utterly dull if you know with absolute certainty that you’ll be shot on sight before they’ve even had a chance to get a look at your face. If it was a constant choice between trying to drive though without a fight and risk having the fight start when you’re slap bang in the middle of it or trying to go round or just taking it out then that would be fun and at times tense. The checkpoints shouldn’t have so often been at complete bottlenecks either. Okay putting your checkpoint at a bottleneck is smart but I’ve never encountered a real world landscape that had so few opportunities to stay off the roads.

    Okay, enough ranting. I just really liked so much about Far Cry 2 but it was so dumbed down compared to what it should have been. It should have been and was very open about wanting to be the game equivalent of Apocalypse Now but it ended up more like a Rambo movie.

    • Urthman says:

      I found it all too easy to imagine the consequences of destroying caches of antibiotics or shutting down water pipelines. I really didn’t need to watch a little cutscene of children dying or to walk into a village and hear civilians repeating a robotic loop of “My husband died of malaria because there was no medicine” canned dialogue.

  13. woodsey says:

    Neutral zones, more stuff to do, fix the respawning camps, write a plot that can hold itself up for longer than 5 minutes, improved buddy system, a map like the one in the second half of the game.

    The second (or 3rd, 4th, 5th, whatever it was) had good potential, but it was severely undercooked.

  14. SirKicksalot says:

    Add a healthy dose of Roland Emmerich and set it in the future. And in South Africa. With an abandoned and, uh, partially submerged Cape Town as half of the game world. With mechs and augmented reality. With orbital weapons under your control and the ability to control weather.

    • Stephen Roberts says:

      Any computer game set in Cape Town would look damn glorious. And offer a huge wealth of scenery variety. And comical accents! (And racial tension… Okay officer I’ll go quietly).

  15. DanPryce says:

    Anyone who played Far Cry 2 can tell you exactly what needs fixing about it. Guard posts are the main problem, but I also take issue with the weapon jamming and repetitive missions. Oh, and open shirts cannot protect a man against three shotgun rounds – let’s not make every random grunt a Terminator.
    I’d like a world that responds directly to you actions. If you blow up an oil depot, petrol stations around would have ‘No Petrol’ signs, for example. Little details like that that make me feel like I’m actually making a difference.
    And can I please have the silenced shotgun from the Fortunes Pack as standard. In fact – just make an Anton Chigurgh game kthanx. Call it No Country Far Old Cry or something.

  16. Moni says:

    Faster talking, and more funny accents.

    • Urthman says:

      The fast talking was a little bit silly, but I have to say it was tons less annoying than the usual over-acted tough-guy brodude dialogue you get in most FPS games.

      And damn was it refreshing to have women characters who weren’t wearing stupidly sexualized clothes, were not TV-star attractive, and who weren’t there to flirt with or be love interests for the main character.

    • henben says:

      The incidental enemy dialogue was genius, especially when they started panicking.

  17. kikito says:

    Ridable Horses.
    Ridable Elephants.
    Ridable Dinosaurs.
    Mutant plants.
    Grapping hook.
    Jetpacks. Enemies can grab them too.
    Melee weapons & unarmed fight.
    Rambo’s explosive arrows. Camouflage.
    Pre-apocaliptic destructible environments. Until I arrive. With my explosive arrows.

    • DanPryce says:

      Actually, Rambo is EXACTLY what a Far Cry should be like.

    • gganate says:

      Dinosaurs and exploding arrows. The newest Turok game had both and it still sucked. How do you mess that up?

    • Urthman says:

      I kind of like that Far Cry 2 had zero sci-fi and fantasy elements.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      I believe the highest concentration of those can be found in World of Warcraft. Lots of toilet quests, especially.

  18. Anthile says:

    White Gold in AAA.

  19. soulblur says:

    I loved Far Cry 2. One of my favourite games, actually.

    Keep it in the savannah. How many other games set things in Africa? Not very many. The savannah is good. Jungle, less good, but still OK.

    Aggressive animals. Animals that hunt other animals. Crocodiles. Hippos.
    More consequences would be good. Certainly a more mutually exclusive, branching style of story. More like Deus Ex.
    Co-op play.
    Also, being less of a loner, and more part of a faction.

    Would non-automatically stocked safe houses be more or less fun? I’m not sure.
    Be able to pay to upgrade vehicles.
    More survival-focussed (water, food, avoiding the hottest periods of the day), less malaria focussed.

    Definitely keep the open world, the beautiful setting, the openess to approach.

    • gganate says:

      Yeah, how come I couldn’t murder a hippo with a machine gun? Or take out a pride of lions with a flamethrower? I really just want to further endanger endangered species.

    • soulblur says:

      Hey, buy Far Cry 3, get Safari Hunt for free. Sounds like a deal to me. In the lines of Red Dead Redemption, you could even make wiping out the lions an achievement.

  20. Chaz says:

    I really enjoyed Farcry 2, but yes neutral NPC’s are needed for sure, it really did get a bit tiring when pretty much every bugger outside of the safe zones just shot at you on sight. They could have done a really good RPG FPS, and there were hints of it in there, like buying upgardes with the diamonds and the side missions, but I guess they were trying not to stray too far from the first game in terms of it really just being a straight forward uncomplicated shooter.

    Top marks for the shooty stuff though. The combat mechanics really hit the nail right on the head for me as it felt good and satisfying. Oh and I think the fire effects also deserve a special mention, it could be a double edged sword but seeing a place go up in flames after a gun fight had accidentally sparked off a fire was always a joy to watch, even if that precious ammo cache you were after went up with it.

    For the next one though I think a Boiling Point type game made by a big dev with decent funds would be a winner and would be just the sort of game I’d love to play. More neutral NPC’s, an inventory system, more variety in the side missions, bribery and corruption, a home base you can do up and improve, make fixing up your vehicles a bit more involved than just whipping out a magic wrench.

  21. drdss says:

    The reason I didn’t bother to finish FC2 despite loving all the other Crytec games is the same reason I finished the GTA 3s and not 4 – when you start making games too sandbox-y and “realistic”, you seem to spend more time getting to the fun stuff than doing the fun stuff itself. Whether it’s the commute – going down the same roads, killing the same guards, and driving a long-ass time – or having to continually visit/phone your buddies(/paymasters/whatever), it gets more and more like what I play games to escape from.

    So yeah, maybe set it somewhere with a quicker public transport system*, and without the requirement to stop and check in with NPCs. Or make it slightly more linear and on a tropical island…

    (* Yes, FC2 had buses. That you had to drive to find.)

  22. Casimir Effect says:

    I always thought it’d be great if the two maps were available from the start but while one of them was all African wilderness the other contained a large city. I’d love some Black Hawk Down style gunfights in a Mogadishu-esque city

  23. hturan says:

    Clint Hocking.

    • Fredie007 says:

      Let’s hope his legacy shows in this new Far Cry. If not, there’s still the project he’s working on at Lucasarts to look forward to.

    • disperse says:

      Warren Spector.

      Your turn.

  24. Flint says:

    Add some content, instead of just 3-4 vaguely different mission types (most consisting of “shoot randomly assigned generic hostile NPC #254545 at respawning enemy location Y) that are repeated over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again until plot randomly kicks in, moves you elsewhere and makes you start everything from practically square one again so you can repeat those same 3-4 vaguely different missions over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.
    I liked FC2 as an idea and the shooting in it was rather nicely done but that can’t redeem such insanely monotonous gameplay

  25. diebroken says:

    All I can say is that it better be set in space…

  26. Jonas says:

    Oh man, Boiling Point made by people with money and experience would be so great. I’ll have a double helping of that, please!

  27. SuperNashwanPower says:

    If its going to be a console shooter, why would they make a totally different, more open / detailed PC version? Isn’t it the norm now to just make the cash out of the console market and port to PC?

    Personally I think STALKER in the Savannah sounds awesome, with some sort of bizarre From Dusk til Dawn, one moment its this then it isnt, sudden twist type sci-fi moment (except not vampires. Ok maybe vampires, as long as they can’t float). Like you suddenly find out the whole jungle area is like The Prisoner and you are being watched over by, I dunno … a reincarnation of Herman Goerring. Or Lord Lucan.

    The Prisoner, set in the jungle, mixed with STALKER and including Lord Lucan. Thank you.

  28. trooperdx3117 says:

    Stealth that actually works, enemies that dont take 50 bajillion bullets to take down and some neutral ai characters would be nice too

  29. Tomski says:

    Mod Tools!

    Whatever state this comes out in, at least let the mod scene fix it this time please.

  30. El_MUERkO says:

    I’ve raged about Far Cry 2 before, it was so obviously meant to be a more intelligent game but some muppet made the decision to ‘make in more actiony’, ‘dumb it down for the kids’ or whatever their rational was.

    From the opening speech from your target that makes you doubt your purpose. The storyline based around Heart of Darkness. The setting, the engine, the fire mechanic, it was a game that could have been awesome.

    But no someone made the decision to turn every NPC in the game into a psychopath bent on your destruction and to remove all the pauses for breath from the dialogue because ‘shooting is r fun’. In the intro you talk your way through a checkpoint, to me that’s foreshadowing, your character will be expected to do the same. Instead as soon as you appear on the horizon they go apeshit and try to kill you.

    Someone made the call to lobotomise Far Cry 2, if they’re still working on it’s sequel then there’s no hope for it.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      I remember purchasing Far Cry 2 and tossing it aside after some 3 hours into the game. Thing is, a couple of months later, I came back to it because quite frankly I just wanted to play a shooter. It was a revealing experience.

      It turns out, if I didn’t want to take the game too seriously and was just after some mindless fun with no complex plots, no life-changing dialogs and with inconsequential moral choices, Far Cry 2 was was damn hot shooter.

      And boy, did I have fun for the next couple of weeks!

  31. Dominic White says:

    Far Cry 2 was one of my favourite games when it came out. I actually got hate-mail and (never before, never since) shouted at, to my face, that I was a terrible person because I wasn’t INTERNET FURIOUS about it ALL THE TIME.

    It’s one of those bizarre games that got great reviews, sold equally well, and you can’t even mention it on the internet without getting lynched.

    So, yeah. More of the same, please, but with some proper factional warfare, maybe some kind of visible reinforcement system instead of passive respawning (having patrols working their way across the map from faction HQs to reinforce areas you’ve cleared out would make sense), and perhaps some more friendly NPCs, but otherwise, more of the same please.

    Having a reinforcement system + an expanded Buddy system would work great. You could assign your teammates to stalling/stopping reinforcements from arriving to cover your escape after completing a mission. Wouldn’t require much in the way of UI tweaking – just a simple command system applied to the map.

    Fingers crossed they don’t let you clear out the entire map. I’ve played a few games that let you do that. It gets boring very fast when you’ve turned it from a shooter into a sightseeing trip.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:


      erm, anyway, I couldn’t disagree more, I found the long drives to and from objectives boring, and coupled with the always respawning checkpoint enemies just downright frustrating, the repairing animation on fixing the cars made me gag, and so did the shooting mechanics, I mean, Stalker made you fear the guns, the sounded good, had plenty of oomph, and could actually kill a man in 2-3 shots pretty damn quick.

      I found the shooting & driving was too arcade-like and (on windows 7 it keeps crashing on me >.<) and I just find it hard work.

      I don't know maybe just not my type of game.

      Also I think they could improve it in a lot of ways, it could be a great shooter, I just think they shot themselves in the foot with some design choices. (I count FC2 as one of my biggest wastes of money – And I've wasted a bit)

    • choconutjoe says:

      You’re not the only one. I still like a lot about Far Cry 2, despite its failings.

      Looking at how the shooter market has changed over the last few years, I sneakily suspect that many of the people who raged about Far Cry 2’s fairly minor flaws would now give their right arm for a AAA shooter that attempts anything like the degree of openness of emergent gameplay found in Far Cry 2. Retrospectively, it almost seems like we didn’t know how good we had it.

    • Urthman says:

      I think expectations going into the game make all the difference.

      I played it long after it came out and I had already heard, “This game looks like a story-heavy action-RPG but it’s really just Doom with amazing graphics, really fun fire physics, and lots of driving.” I said, “That sounds totally fun!” and sure enough, it was. My only disappointment was that I couldn’t carry 10 weapons at once.

    • SuperNashwanPower says:

      @ urthman hell yeah I think a LOT of things affect a game experience. I have played many titles that I hated or found annoying first time out, then found completely different the next time I played. Almost to the point of feeling like different games, and far Cry 2 was one of those. Maybe there had been a patch, or maybe I was just doing something different, but the second time out the enemies seemed less omnipotent and clairvoyant, and I could actually use stealth. i think that was because I realised stealth only worked well at night perhaps – daytime was a nightmare still (yeah there are the elite “I completed it in 4 minutes on EFFING HARD PLATINUM JESUS setting whilst suffering from temporary blindness” type gamers out there that will tell you they could do it in the day. You know, THOSE guys. But I am not they)

    • Dominic White says:

      Stealth worked fine during daylight hours in FC2 – you just had to remember that enemies pay a lot more attention once alerted, and *will* spot you unless you’re very well hidden and/or quite far away. If you can sneak away and put something solid between you and your enemy, they’ll go scout out the last place you were seen, but they’re not omniscient in the slightest.

    • Arglebargle says:

      It’s perfetly fine to like games that are not done well. Hell, I still have MOO3 on my computer. If what they do is enjoyable to you, that’s great.

      But, it doesn’t mean that those same games are not filled with problems, bad design decisions, awful functionality, or developer brainstones of mega proportion.

      I know I was cranky that the game was not as advertised. Though I bought it ultra cheap, so it was only mini-cranky.

  32. HermitUK says:

    They need to work on making the game world more believable and less like a hornet’s nest. I lost interest in FC2 after a few hours – They created a great looking world but I never really connected with it in any meaningful way.

    The way the game introduced the buddy mechanic is a perfect example of how they undermined that sense of an actual world you got from the intro. The mechanic itself I thought was a good idea, and made sense from your character’s perspective – find some locals and make use of them to get you closer to your eventual goal. This should have been a key part of the early stages of the game – meeting people, helping them or bribing them in order to get them on your side. Instead, early on the game just goes “This is your buddy now”, and that’s it.

    Not only does that fail to create any connection at first between player and “buddy”, but it also undermines your new friend as a character. If you’d had to work to gain their trust it conveys the sense that these NPCs have their own agendas and personalities to the player – instead, by just suddenly introducing it as a gameplay element the player’s initial impression is that this character is little more than a walking medkit for when things go south. Granted, that impression may shift if you play the game longer than I did, but that initial impression stuck with me. I want NPCs that I can’t be sure I can trust, and some explanation for why said NPC is more than happy to wander into the line of fire to save me.

    On the gameplay side of things, Co-op would be a worthy inclusion. If each player had the opportunity to create their own bounty hunter you could allow for drop in/drop out play sessions with mates. The shooter sandbox nature of FC2 would lend itself perfectly to co-op shenanigans.

  33. Premium User Badge

    Joshua says:

    Aside from takinga few lessons from Stalker (especially concerning the humans), I think Far Cry could also do a lot with the political issues surrounding Africa. There was some talk of it in FC2, but it could do more with Heart of Darkness.

    To specify: There does not appear to be an actual war going on. There is no siding with the NPC’s, as they apperently are all out to murder you (and only you).

  34. thegooseking says:

    Hell, that sounds like Boiling Point. But maybe a game like that made by a giant 200-man Ubi studio is what the world has been waiting for.

    That’s pretty much all I want. Boiling Point, but done right this time.

  35. jackflash says:


  36. gganate says:

    Far Cry 2 was a beautiful game, with an intriguing premise and setting. Yet it wasn’t very fun. All those respawning check points, the missions that had you trekking across half the map to shoot three people, the lack of interesting characters (why did the Jackal spit his dialogue so quickly?) doomed it. I would like a fun version. Stalker-influenced would be great.

    Did anyone have problems discerning details in that engine? For some reason I always had trouble picking out enemies.

  37. choconutjoe says:

    Assuming Far Cry 2 was the starting template, what would put in?

    As much as it pains me to be so cynical, I’d be impressed if they did actually use Far Cry 1 or 2 as the starting template, rather than CoD. If Crytek couldn’t manage it, I’m reluctant to think Ubisoft can.

  38. mpk says:

    Not being the most hated person in the game world would be nice. I mean, i’m used to being shot at in manshoot games, but in Far Cry 2 it was actually upsetting how many people would attempt to murder you on sight.

    Also, since it’s ubi, drm that doesnt involve multiple hoops to jump through. I dont mind limited activations – i’ve had fc2 installed since release – but i dont want the always on thing.

  39. Juiceman says:

    I would love it if they went back to Africa. Far Cry 2’s setting was beautiful, and those grass fires were awesome to mess around with.

  40. Text_Fish says:

    Script full of political intrigue and espionage, to be written by John le Carre please.

  41. Sunjammer says:

    I loved the first third of FC2. That world was incredibly immersive. Until the infinite africans with rocket launchers.

    To be perfectly honest it blows me away that Ubisoft stuck with this vision; If they could release an optional patch that tuned the AI to be less *ridiculous* then the game would have been wonderful.

  42. henben says:

    I’d set the new one in a thinly-fictionalised version of Georgia – with the factions being Russian-influenced separatists and loyalists. Some rolling green landscapes, mountain regions with snowmobiles, bears, wolves, abandoned suitcase nukes and underground bunkers. Makes a change from Africa but keeps the gritty feel.

    I loved the emergent shootouts of the first one, but it was badly structured. You spent too much time going back and forth between towns and mission sites, instead of being free to explore the world. That was the real problem with the respawning checkpoints – clearing one was fun in itself, but it came to feel like a chore because it was in the way of where you really wanted to be, and you knew you’d probably have to clear the same one again on the way back.

    I’d fix that by having mission start points spread evenly through the map rather than in a town, with no indication of where they are. Finding a mission would start off with exploring the world – you’d look for a column of smoke over the hill, or search a rusting tank to find documents, or talk to the inhabitants of a concealed bunker. Then when you completed a mission, you could just go to another interesting area instead of needing to go back to town.

    They also need to give you AI gunners for the vehicles, so you’re not at a huge disadvantage when an enemy jeep comes round the corner. And online co-op.

  43. Donjonson says:

    The setting of Far Cry 2 was obviously the best thing about it, apart from that it was quite dull… I wanted to really like it and I played it all the way through, but NOTHING HAPPENS!!!

    I wanted to explore the beautiful landscape and I suppose I did quite a bit, but there was no point.. there was nothing to discover…. I wanted to enjoy the freedom to ambush all these mercenaries and I definitely did most of the time, but it just became so boring to have to do it over and over again, attacking the same people.. why were there no other kinds of enemies? Why were there no other people, surely normal people live in this beautiful place???

    Why was there so little wildlife? It’s a game, set in this stunning landscape, somewhere in Africa, why were there no Rhinos, Alligators, Elephants, Cheetahs, Leopards, Hippos or Lions????!!! WE DON’T NEED MUTANTS!! These are all beautiful, dangerous predators, that actually exist in REAL LIFE! Why were they not there posing a threat? Or included in the vast, realistic story that wasn’t there? Being payed to protect some area where poachers are hunting for ivory? Or BEING the poacher and evaded the armed protectors. WHERE WAS THE STORY?!?!?! I’m so upset about Far Cry 2 ….. it could have been something magnificent….

    If GODDAMNED Ubisoft would release an SDK then a lot of the annoying problems could be fixed and we might have something more interesting to do, in the setting they created….. AAAGGGGHHHHHHH

  44. Semenax says:

    Cant wait till i have far cry 3 in my hands. I hope the PSN will be fixed then :p

  45. skinlo says:

    I’m still working my way through Farcry 2 after getting it for £5 from Steam. I actually enjoy it when I play it, but it can get quite repetitive, which is why I play it in bursts. I’ll probably get round to finishing it this summer.

  46. HermitUK says:

    All this talk of Far Cry 2 has reminded me of Tom Francis’ extensive FC2 musings back in the day: link to pentadact.com

    I agree with a lot of his points, good and bad. And Clint Hocking turning up in the comments to explain some design decisions (the fact that by the time they realised respawning checkpoints was going to put players off it was too late to fix it effectively, for example) was a neat addition. Do read it.

    And heck, I’m now tempted to reinstall it and see if I can keep going for more than the first few hours.

  47. 12kill4 says:

    If far cry 1 was The Island of Doctor Moreau, and far cry 2 was Heart of Darkness, I would like far cry 3 to be Andre Malraux’s ‘Man’s Fate’. (Maybe with a bit of Bourne Supremacy [the book not the movie, though I do love the fuck out of those movies…])

  48. fallingmagpie says:

    Just Cause 3 instead?

  49. RagingLion says:

    I really loved Far Cry 2 so I would like a lot of the same to be kept. Africa again would be fine since there was a lot of variety in the environments and I haven’t had my fill of it yet. Keep all the potential for emergent gameplay and player freedom about how to approach situations. I’d like a greater ability to effect the world permanently like you did in Far Cry 2 by blowing up a dam/water pipeline and creating a new river and flooding an area you’d previously visited. I would quite like the world to change around me based on the decisions of other people and factions as well – greater dynamism and realism basically. More fully fleshed out towns and non-aggressive people would be great as well if possible.