Dead On: Die2Nite Begins Season 2

You are now entering a zombie cynicism-free zone, OK?

How many of you guys have tried Die2Nite? It’s a free-to-play zombie survival browser game that sorts everybody into rinky-dink townships of some 30 or 40 people and then sees how long the lot of you can hold off the inevitable in real time, with the zombies attacking every night. It’s interesting for a couple of reasons- (1) It’s hilariously brutal. (2) It’s social. As I covered in my impressions piece, when another player breaks into your hovel and steals your sandwich, you will experience a rare, crystalline anger you have never felt before.

Better yet, the game’s just begun Season 2, with a collection of new features, including trained dogs and “extreme camping”. I get excited and provide details after the jump.

With Season 2, Die2Nite’s new features include:

  • Larger maps! That means there’s more to explore outside of your town, more loot to find and – most importantly – the chance to get pinned down by zombies when even further away from the town, meaning you’ll have to grovel even harder on your town’s personal forum that a couple of people should come out with some metal pipes and bags of water to save your idiot ass.
  • Extreme camping! Which basically means your character now has options and a chance to survive when spending the night outside of the town, which happens more often than you’d think because of Die2Nite’s “town gate” mechanic. Basically, while the zombies attack your defenses every night, if somebody leaves the town gate open (or rather, somebody forgets to close it) then the zombies just come wandering in through the front door, and your town becomes an all-you-can-eat buffet. You’re only brainless metaphorically, you see. Anyway, being able to spend two days or more outside of town means you can now travel further, and spending the night in the wild increases your chance of loot.
  • A new profession, the tamer! Professions are your reward for subscribing to Die2Nite- special skillsets that allow you to do things the chintzy players can’t. In the case of the tamer, you get a three-legged dog who “limps and drools excessively. And she barks. A lot.” The dog can carry lightweight items back to town if you’re in the wild, or you can give her heavy items if you dose her up with steroids. Which is crazy, obviously. Die2Nite’s the kind of game where you don’t waste good drugs on a dog.
  • More attention paid to shunned citizens! Shunned citizens are totally the best part of the game. They’re players who the rest of the town decide to cast out, and end up becoming their own, even-more-doomed faction. With season 2, shunned citizens will be able to scavenge objects from the town’s waste and hide objects out in the wild. Amazing.
  • Have I persuaded you to play it yet? Because I think I’ve persuaded myself to go back. I wonder if I still have my account…


  1. Nick says:

    I tried it and found it to be most unenjoyable.

    • Nick says:

      Well, don’t ask if you don’t want to know.

    • karry says:

      Tried it, didnt understand what was the point of the game. Never had much luck with these browser types.

    • Dhatz says:

      there is too much uncontrollable RL factors for people to survive more than 10 days.

    • TWeaK says:

      The thing that really pissed me off is that they’re essentailly drip-feeding the non-French crowd. The French version had all of those features (and more) before the beta of the English version even started. Then there’s also the draconian forum system: only Heroes (paid members) can post on the world forums, and there was a load of fuss about posting external links, as they might contain ‘spoilers’.

  2. frenz0rz says:

    Sounds like an interesting concept. Anyone got any positive things to say about it?

    • megazver says:

      It’s pretty fun. Interesting idea, too. I think we’ll see more of Die2Nite in newer online games, actually.

    • Tei says:

      The most positive thing to say about Die2Nite, is that is a game about talking with other humans being and making friends and alliances. This type of games can be played for hours or minutes, whatever you want to give to the game. Theres a lot of positive things to say about the game, really, but I choose this one.

    • Mr_Hands says:

      I had a terrific time in the beta. If you wind up in a talkative/engaged town, it can be a lot of fun. A thriving slice of anarchy. Yeah, there are griefers from time to time, but I find they tend to enhance the gameplay by offering an extra antagonist to the mix.

    • bobdisgea says:

      Play with friends. Make the game way more fun, at least for me. I love the game to death and have purchased hero time a few times. Give it a week or two, or at least a 10 day town before you say you hate it.

    • aerozol says:


    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      It actually gets quite tense, granted I only played one game, but our town was a dysfunctional wreck, so it was pretty much everyone for themselves, and you know, you’d steal your supplies from the local bank, and build your own little fortress.

      Good game, just the idea of having ‘points’ which regenerate after every couple of hours, which are required for every action sort of snuffed out my interest in the game, also the time when the zombie attack happens is awkward for me.

  3. Spoon says:

    I played a few towns worth of this in beta. It’s great fun when you are new and the idea is novel, but it just couldn’t hold my interest after a while. Oh, and the prices for hero status are silly.

  4. Maldomel says:

    I thought this was a french game called ‘Hordes’ (a much better title than Die2Nite anyway).
    I played a bit, it was fun, but most towns you go to are bound to failure pretty quickly because of bad teamwork and annoying anarchists with one purpose: to mess up the city by stealing (important) stuff, telling shit to everyone and still to be the last one standing.

    Otherwise it’s entertaining.

    • bobdisgea says:

      The french version is hordes, english is die2nite, and then there is a german version…can never remember the name. But hordes is the longest running and has the most features.

  5. fallingmagpie says:

    ‘…when another player breaks into your hovel and steals your sandwich, you will experience a rare, crystalline anger you have never felt before.’


  6. noom says:

    I enjoyed playing through a couple of towns, but my interest waned and I forgot to return to the town one night, resulting in my death in what was actually a pretty fantastic town. I may have kept playing, but the attacks happening at 11pm GMT meant I was staying up way past my bedtime for the busiest and most interesting period of the game. Eventually it started feeling more like a chore than a game, and subsequently didn’t seem worth it in the long run.

    I’d still definitely recommend it, though I would suggest a bit of reading prior to leaping straight in; it’s not the most noob-friendly of games.

  7. Ovno says:

    I loved it but the real time nature of it detracted from work a little, even though you don’t actually have to check it all the time.

    • bob_d says:

      I tried it, being careful to bring my character back to town before logging out. I came back 48 hours later to discover the character had already died of thirst. At that point I realized the game was a needy child who was going to demand more of my attention than I was willing to give.

  8. gorgol says:

    Looks great but when I try to register it tells me that I need a sponsor’s name…

  9. The Pink Ninja says:

    I enjoyed it somewhat but once I had gotten over 100 points and could live in the veteran towns there was no further goal for me. I score more points in that first expert town than I had in all the previous ones combined, probably lived longer too.

    After that the only goal would be to be in a town that makes it onto the top thirty but I would have to play for three weeks just to see if it was even possible.

    I’ll check out season two now though I guess.

  10. Tei says:

    My last town managed to live to day 20.

    I got lot of luck with my towns, meeting really cool people.. .even some RPS readers.

    The phrase “In a zombie apocalypse …get your friends” is very very very true. Things are different, radically different, when you have cool people around. And this is my favorite thing about Die2Nite. It let you fantasize how different could have been your life with different friends, different parents, that stuff.

    Like all other webgames, to be really competitive you have to give more of your life to what a game deserve. I remember my life rotating around the zombie attack time. Depending of the person, this is a really bad thing. A game sould not controll your life. But die2nite is a good game, It give to you more than what to you give to it. Like a good book, that wen you have finished it, you feel energized.

  11. Merelia says:

    I kinda stopped playing this after I constantly got into these super successful towns which made the game really boring for me. One of the towns I was in even got onto the top of the list for a few days.

    I might get back to it just to see with how much nonsense and sabotage I can get away with before being shunned. I’ve never been shunned I wonder how that works.

  12. endintears says:

    What is wrong with you people?

    This is the best MMO since Ultima Online.

    • James says:

      It’s good, if not without its flaws (people, which are paradoxically also its strength).

      Your ranking standard is very odd, you realize.

  13. JonClaw says:

    This game’s community sucks large balls. Far too many griefers.

  14. The Innocent says:

    It’s a great game. I’ve been playing since the beta, and the thing to really recommend it is the whole put-in-what-you-want concept. About half the towns I play five minutes per day, and the other half I get more involved and form expeditions and alliances. So long as you get into the social aspect, it can have surprising depth in the debates and tensions that come along with it.

    And yeah, there are griefers. It thins out quite a bit once you get enough “soul points” to go to non-newb towns though.

  15. edrick says:

    The game is good, BUT ONLY if playing with people you know. If you play with randoms, be prepared for lots and lots of griefing.

  16. conqueso says:

    If anyone wants to start a coalition with me, I’m game. I’m active around the PST (-8) timezone. My account is “ConQueso” . I’ve read the wiki and use the external map viewer to update zones. I’m just tired of playing in AFK towns and with people that don’t read the forums.

  17. Thants says:

    It’s a fun game. I feel like it was better during the beta though, at least people had to care enough to scrounge up an invite. There’s not much you can do as a town when a quarter of you get killed in the first night or never even log in after they join.

  18. mooken says:

    I had three 20+ day towns during Season 1, running with 3-4 other very smart players, and generally getting lucky with other citizens.
    I find that starting a new town immediately after the attack will put you with other eager players, rather than the casual “oh, what’s this then?” players who don’t participate in the forums.
    The town forums are the most crucial part of the game. If you’re not participating in the forums, or at least reading the big announcements on what items to build, you’re not doing it right.
    The external map viewer tool is invaluable, but in my current town of 100~200 Soul Point players, maybe less than half the players use the tool.
    I wish they would cut the Hero Mode prices, they’re still a bit expensive.

    Oh, right, the Season 2 Changes:
    1 – The larger map has very very big implications. In Season 1, maps were around 14×14, so on average, on a reasonably-centered town, you could get to about 80% of the map with your water + food ration. Each map had 10 buildings to explore, so you could reasonably expect to find/explore 8 buildings or so. In Season 2, maps are now 25×25, and I’ve not found more than 4-5 buildings within walking distance.
    2 – Camping! I’ve gone camping a few nights now, and they’re a great way to save Action Points. Rather than wasting Action Points to run back to the town before the attack, and running back out to the desert immediately after, you now have the option of camping overnight during the attack and hoping that your uncouth stench fools the zombies into thinking you’re one of them, instead of nibbling on your noggin.
    3 – The Tamer class is only available for paying users, but I can see how they can be very useful, saving you a good bundle of Action Points to send items back to town.
    4 – I’ve yet to try out the shunned features, but I imagine there might now be value to have a few intentionally shunned players in your town?

    The game has a very steep learning curve. Use the town forums and the world forums. Read the help section for a tutorial. Read the wiki. Read lots. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve found the game immensely rewarding. I’ve got a yank, a romanian, and a fellow canadian playing with me town-in-town-out now. I’ve run across players that relied on google translate to amusing results.

    And on that note, I need to get back to my town before the attack!!

    • conqueso says:

      Here’s the link to the map viewer.

      link to

      Make sure to change your settings to “Authorize External applications” in your settings. Do your best to click “Update current zone” as you enter and/or leave EACH zone! It’s awesome since it gives more information than the in-game map such as time of update, every item on the floor, and exact zombie count (if scouted). If anyone wants to play with a fairly active and forum-reading individual, hit me up for a coalition as “ConQueso”

    • bobdisgea says:

      The building placement is very different. We have ours fairly distributed around us and all are with in 18ap walks so its pretty great.

  19. bobdisgea says:

    I love die2nite <3 so glad rps is featuring it. I was in the 3rd place town for season 1. I cannot say enough good things about the game. If anyone here ever needs any help message me on the map app and ill get back within the day most likely.

    Also if you are just starting: play with some friends. The game is boring without friends.

  20. Kaltano says:

    I Played 2 games of it, at first I was intrigued by the idea of being able to steal and other antisocial stuff, but the way it’s implemented doesn’t add any value. It’s just allowed greifing. With the point of the game being to last as long as possible, even scored and rewarded that way, usually the only thing someone playing a “rogue” can do is hasten his own death. Though I do have to admit other people’s reactions to the griefers were pretty amusing, positing in the town forums as if they were talking about evil comic book villains rather than just some one on the internet who has fun by bothering others.

  21. TheBeefiest says:

    This game inspired so many hopes and dreams into me about this type of game. But after a love hate relationship with it I have decided it has totally failed.

    The idea is sound: conflicting social interaction in a video game, but the idea that you just throw in a forum and expect people to use it is not a success (much like how adding voice communication in an fps will make a game about “teamwork”) We need real GAMEPLAY MECHANICS to make everyone participate, buttons to push, sliders to slide, things to vote and rank and rate. Not just a forum.

    Also for me to ever enjoy this they need to have the option to join a town where the day ends when I want it to end (4pm i am at work everyday, so the game is unplayable for me)

    • Torgen says:

      There’s voting on the Free Upgrade of the Day, there’s voting to banish griefers (though “banishment/shunning” had little to no effect when I played, since they were still allowed in town to get water and to sleep.)

      Since you are constrained by action points instead of time, it’s simple to get done what you want and just make sure you’re inside when the gates close. Aside from auto-searching out in the wastes, you can play your APs in a couple minutes and be done for the day. There’s always need for people to be building stuff and not traipsing through the desert in any case.

      I got bored and quit, however, because our coalition was so good that it came down to “does the random placement of ruins outside town screw us or not.” That, and “will we find enough nuts and bolts?” Not having nuts and bolts killed a fair number of the towns I was in.

  22. xfxian says:

    PROTIP: If you aim to make friends fast in this game, you should build a hovel right away when the game starts to support your town!

    • Torgen says:

      TROLLTIP you mean.

      What a shame.

    • Dhatz says:

      TROLLTIP right away, the experienced players always endorse building a tent from the start.

  23. serioustiger says:

    It might be me being just drunk and/or weird, it wouldn’t be the first time for either, but…any game that calls its second season “Rise of the Labradoodle” has got to be worth a look…


  24. Carra says:

    I’m really enjoying the game. It’s great to see a new concept which isn’t just another farmville or travian clone.

    Too bad that they ask €12 a month to be a full member. I could buy a WoW account for that money. Ask me ~€2 and I might just play it for a few months as a full member.

  25. MrPants says:

    Myself and a few mates played during the beta on your recommendation. The concept and basics are of course a genius of social engineering. It was a mixed bag (particularly the tendency for a town to collapse literally overnight when things didn’t go well and colleagues lost the will to carry on) and frequently too full of hate for anyone who dared take initiative rather than toeing the line.

    But we generally enjoyed it, learned the ropes, had some great successes (always fleeting as the Z numbers rose sharply) and by the end of beta were keenly anticipating launch and the opportunity to play the hero classes. That was the point where the samey and very limited peon mechanics would be opened up to the fun of special abilities and some power to truly contribute.

    And the kimono opened, to display an unkempt tangle of 12 euros. That, in today’s currency, is worth over 16 mighty antipodean dollars; more than 17 globo-currency dollars. Per month. For a game with threadbare mechanics and assets, whose graphics are overshadowed by Tom Francis’s efforts on the occasional evening crouched over his counting box in a cellar. A game which in the best of circumstances allows about 10 minutes of actual gameplay, with all other participation limited to bickering in chat. Did they bother to glance around the intertron for a couple of minutes to see what else that much cash will buy for a consumer?

    To a man, we walked into the desolate waste, to meet our fate unencumbered.

  26. inawarminister says:

    Hello, first time poster here.

    I just want to ask, is there a RPS town or something similar? Because I’d think playing it with fellow RPS-ers would be a much better experience than playing with random Internet griefers and all.

    • Masked Dave says:

      Unfortunately that’s not how it works. Towns are dynamically created and new players randomly assigned. May sound rubbish, but towns rarely last more than a week before being destroyed.

    • Dhatz says:

      I did meet several RPSers in every town around time it was first mentioned here.

    • nemolom says:

      There is a way to make sure you end up with the people you want: If you are in a coalition with a hero – every available player in that coalition will join whatever town the hero joins. If you’re in a so called meta coalition you can use this to “make the town your own”.

    • Nocode says:

      Yup, nemolom is correct.

      I’m in a meta with 6 coalitions, we’ve got about 29 people and coordinate via an external forum and IRC.

      It makes life a lot easier being in a town with people you know and get on with, and means that if you do get griefers etc you can exact swift vengeance on them to get them shunned and if necessary hung :)

  27. nemolom says:

    This is about the only game I play at the moment and I really like it. Not easy to master, and you’re very dependent on cooperation to survive. If you don’t find good people to cooperate with you’ll likely get bored fast. Some acceptance of the quirks and bad habits of other people are required to enjoy it.

    • Nocode says:

      In a coalition? Interested in joining a meta?

    • conqueso says:

      Nocode, I’d be interested in joining a meta coalition. I’m online quite a bit, I know how to use the external map viewer, I’m active on the forums, and I read the wiki way too much. If you don’t want to post the link to your forums here, you can email it to me at “kso_gaseous (at)” if you have room in the coalition. My in-game name is “ConQueso”. Thanks.

    • Nocode says:

      @conqueso: Just sent you an invite and email.

    • Abbas says:

      Add me too “TheBunter” in game name.

    • kalkyrie says:

      Add me too if you would. Name of ‘ertaisoul’. I’m currently in the same town as TheBunter. Who is having his leg chewed off and needing rescue, while I’m out of AP … *whoops*

    • Nocode says:

      @Abbas/kalkyrie: I’ve got another coalition member (strepsils) to send you invites to his new coalition that he has setup. He’s had to setup the 7th coalition in the meta because there’s no free spots in the other six.

      Therefore, please accept the invite then he can share details of the external meta forum with you through the coalition chat.

      We’re currently coming to the end of our town, I died last night (on day 20) but there’s about 10 that survived and they’re all going camping today to see if they can extend the life of the town for 1-2 days to get more soul points. Therefore, just to set your expectations that we’ll plan to join a new town in the next 1-2 days so you will need to be ready (i.e. not in a town, and marked as ‘available’ within the coalition window).

      Anyways, you guys can chat with strepsils via the coalition chat and he can fill you in.

  28. Ian says:

    I liked it, but only liked it much for the month I tried giving them money for it to see if it made much difference. And the difference isn’t so much the professions, it’s the players. You can get into the towns only for the more experienced or the paying and, certainly at the time I tried it, they were significantrly less full-to-the-scuppers with trolls and arseholes.

  29. DrZooker says:

    Hey guys, im looking for a coalition. Can you invite me? contact me at pr3montc (-at-) gmail (-dot-) com

    My ingame name is DrZooker

  30. epoq says:

    Season 4 has just started guys! There are now 7 professions, a new building exploration feature in the World Beyond, and NO META CAP. Get back in there and give it another go – you won’t be disappointed! Die2Nite