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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Maximum Savings

You ready for some heavily discounted downloads? Me too! The various digital distributors are clamoring your your business as usual this weekend, so here’s your guide to finding the best deals across all outlets. is the spiritual home of cut price gaming on the internet. Lets delve into this week’s bargain bucket, and see what we find.
Super Street Fighter 4 [Arcade Edition] – £18.30/€20.93/$29.96
Apply coupon “SIZZLE”.
Capcom’s utterly insane “We’re not releasing the PC version of Super Street Fighter 4 that we have already made because some people might pirate it” stance has lost them at least one sale on this. Perhaps I’ll just pirate it on either of the consoles that they’re releasing it on which also support piracy. I’m not refusing to buy this out of bitterness though, it’s just that I have already bought the console toy version of Super Street Fighter 4, and I don’t think it’s worth paying for twice. If you’ve not yet bought one of the previous versions of this, then Arcade Edition is the most definitive version yet. It might be worth holding off for the inevitable Tournament Edition though.

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings [Digital Premium] – £20.60/€23.56/$33.71
Apply coupon “SIZZLE”.
Excitement has been gradually building for this one, as early reports indicate it could be something quite special. Alec listified some of the reasons to pay attention to CD Projekt’s ambitious sequel here, and there’s Alec and Jim flavoured previews here and here. I was a little apathetic about Assassins of Kings at first, since the first one didn’t particularly grab me, but I’m coming round to it more now. I’m a sucker for meaty combat in RPGs, and the “click to wave sword at enemy until they fall over” combat of the first didn’t really keep my interest.

Frozen Synapse x2 – £11.89/€13.29/$18.19
Apply coupon “STANCHER”.
This is two copies of the game, which (optionally) registers on Steam. You get instant access to the most recent WIP build.
Mode 7 successfully made all of the other press releases look rubbish when they announced the release of the single player campaign the other day. But is their click-killing as good as their copy? I’d say so. I’ve spent a little bit of time with the beta, whilst I’ve been getting routinely trounced every game, the ingredients for a top notch strategy thing are all there, I just think I need the comforting embrace of single player campaign to help me learn the ropes. A release date announcement is waiting just around the corner, most likely with a shotgun.

All of the Mens of War for cheap.
You can get the Collector’s pack with all three games, or get any of them at an individual discount too. Here’s wot Jim thinks of the latest entry in the series, Assault Squad:

what Assault Squad does do is transform and reinvigorate Men Of War as a multi-player game, as well as set itself in stone as one of the greatest and grandest co-op games available. It’s precisely this kind of overwrought game that only the PC can do, and I feel thrilled and delighted that it exists. You should too.

More RPS coverage here.

Deal of the week
Crysis – £2.49/€3.74/$7.49
I’ve actually been playing this on my badass new PC this week. It’s a bit pretty, but everyone talks about that. It’s also nuts. There was this one time where I needed to get past an output with 10-15 hostiles milling about, but I didn’t have much ammo. I tried to use the cloak to get past undetected, but I realised I was going run out of energy before I could get to a hiding spot, and had 3/4 enemies in close range. “Cloak Disengaged..Maximum Speed” says the sexy suit voice as I sprinted to put some distance between me and the nasties in my immediate vicinity. I lobbed a grenade their way, but this attracted the attention of the rest of the guards. I went for cover behind a truck at the edge of the outpost, and big group of guard headed my way. They crowded behind the truck, so I backed up and unloaded my last pistol clip into it’s fuel tank, and got rewarded by a massive explosion, taking out most of the guards. That’s fairly typical of the freedom of expression you get in choosing how you want to make the baddies die, and whilst the graphical fidelity is absolutely worth applauding, Crysis is more than just a pretty face. It’s a bit of a shame that the environments in the sequel were mostly corridors, wider corridors and self contained arenas. You’ve got til 6pm UK time to get this.

Dirt 3 – £20.21/€23.10/$33.07. Apply coupon “SCORCHIO25”.
Arcania: Gothic 4 – £6.10/€6.98/$9.99
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light – £3.98/€5.98/$5.98. Registers on Steam.
Tomb Raider: Anniversary – £4/€6/$6
Tomb Raider: Underworld – £5.98/€7.98/$7.98
Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templar’s [Directors Cut] – £2.50/€2.50/$2.50
Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror: Remastered – £1.98/€2.48/$2.98
The Oddbox is supposed to be on sale for £6.49/€7.49/$7.49 at Get Games, but it’s still full price at checkout atm. I’ll keep an eye on it, because that’s a great price.
Games For Windows Deal of the week: Fuel for two and half times more than the regular Steam price.

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