Panzer Command: Ostfront Has A Demo

Some tanks, out for a stroll.
Hello. Do you like commanding Panzers? I bet you do. And you’re in luck, because tankcentric wargame Panzer Command has a demo out for Ostfront, its new iteration based on the full breadth of landwar action on World War II’s Eastern Front. As I understand it, there’s a significant amount of commanding Panzers involved, as you can see by watching the trailer which I’ve posted below. The full version of Ostfront includes previously released Kharkov and Winterstorm releases, making up ten preset historical campaigns and fourteen randomly generated scenarios. That’s a lot of tank commanding, yes sir.


  1. lunarplasma says:

    Tanks for the heads-up!

  2. Arglebargle says:

    That makes this a tank shoot, right?

  3. Reefpirate says:

    There is no other way out!

  4. tomeoftom says:


  5. Rev_Sudasana says:

    I wish he could sound a little more excited.

  6. notjasonlee says:

    that looks incredibly bad. in a good way.

    ok, no. in a bad way.

  7. syntax says:

    Those running animations were _horrible_!
    There was a game I found a while ago on Reddit, that had some very interesting tech for bullet penetration and damage. In one demo, the dev showed a shot passing through a tank, damaging different armor plates and killing the gunner. Very cool to see. Does anyone remember the name of this game?

  8. neofit says:

    Runing animations? This is not a CoD nor a Men of War thingy, this is a Combat Mission type of game.

    The first one had a good concept, with a major flaw: limited number of turns. Like taking an enemy defensive position in 13 instead of 18 minutes, while losing half your Tigers, is always worth it, like it was an everyday Wehrmacht tactic. I think I remember the devs saying one would have to buy the expansion to have this stupid limit removed from the original, then I lost interest in their products.

  9. patricij says:


    • tomeoftom says:

      I have developed a tank that operates another, bigger, tank – which itself shoots tanks. I think the enemy will be displeased.

  10. Shadrach says:

    While I’m a bit excited about this, I can’t help but compare the graphics of this to the (more than?) 10 years old “Combat Mission Barbarossa to Berlin”.

    And it seems to me they are abstracting infrantry squads just like CMBB, which I really don’t like. Now in the day of powerful machines, do they really have to cater eternally to the “I play wargames so I don’t care about graphics” guys with their 10 years old computers? Or has it taken so long to develop they are so far behind current tech?

    • Zephro says:

      Huh? Have you seen the graphics of the Combat Mission games? The explosions are just 2D sprites. This looks far better. Also most these games are only made by a couple of guys, I think Combat Mission had like 2-3 programmers, graphics are low priority with all the other work.

      Also the graphics aren’t really that important anyway.

    • Shadrach says:

      Sure, fair enough, and gfx aren’t all that important to me either, being a long-time wargamer. I just wished they’d given it a bit more attention is all, while its not that important its easy to be swayed by a lovely looking game as Combat Mission Normandy.

  11. Zephro says:

    Gah the download never blasted works >.<

  12. Gooring says:

    I tried out the tutorial mission and quite liked it, but what was horribly annoying was that as soon as my infantry got suppressed by an artillery barrage while riding in a halftrack they’d promptly bail out of the moving vehicle. The halftrack didn’t stop though but just kept going leaving my infantry far behind the rest of my units which they’d have to try to catch up with on foot.

  13. Spinoza says:

    Great month for wargames.