Crysis Some More: DLC Due In One Week

This isn't from the new maps. I just like it.

Remember Crysis 2? Eh? Bringing it back into our memories is the forthcoming release of a DLC pack of maps, for which the good folks at Trailer Making Inc. have made a trailer. Eyes down.

You’ve now got a rather grimy Park Avenue, the destruction of public transport in Transit, making things shipshape in Shipyard, and night time claustrophobia in Compound.

The pack is out in one Earth week.


  1. DSR says:

    How about you introduce lag free multiplayer without cheaters and aimbots?
    Chasing a man just to be killed by him and suddenly realizing(Thanks to kill cam) what he was the one who chased you(due to lag). And this is on server with 50-100 ms ping.
    Or maybe proper balance where people who join the match without full nanosuit upgrades aren’t getting one shot by invisible guy with 50 cal machine gun from mile away?

    Singleplayer was very enjoyable for me but multiplayer is just horrible. Even worse than Crysis 1 multiplayer.

    • Flaringo says:

      Balanced multiplayer FPS games probably died after Conter-Strike: Source was released, in my opinion. :( And even that was and is pretty poor. Lots of bugs and the net play performance has always been really bad (hit registration etc).

      Too bad there isn’t really a developer that cares about bringing out a balanced multiplayer FPS title that performs well, and that’s understandable when people just eat shit like perks, kill streaks and “RPG elements” right up.

      I guess games like Quake Live, Warsow and other similar titles live on, but I mean they are all essentially Quake 3, which is what, 12 years old now?

    • Cinek says:

      It’s not really an excuse, is it?

      I guess C2 mappacks won’t be popular – most likely those who will buy them won’t have any choice of opponents in multiplayer on them. Sorry, but Crysis 2 is waaaay too bugged right now for anyone to spend even a single cent on this game any more. We even don’t know if Crytek plans to fix all the major issues (Lag, Disconnections and Lack of anti-cheat mechanics after 3 patches being most urgent things) so what’s the point of spending any more cash on a game that equally well might never exit the beta version stage we all bought?

    • Jad says:

      Balanced multiplayer FPS games probably died after Conter-Strike: Source was released, in my opinion.

      Or at least certainly after COD4.

      It makes me sad to think that really good, competitive-out-of-the-box FPSes are essentially impossible to make any more, with all the focus on unlocks and achievements and leveling up.

      I find it kind of horrifying that EA has “more unlocks” as a positive bullet point for Battlefield 3, as I thought that the need to unlock class abilities for each class in BC2 was one of the stupidest design decisions I’ve ever seen. Seriously why can’t I play the game I bought without having to jump through arbitrary hoops?

      It’s interesting that you bring up Quake Live: I had a bunch of fun in there a year ago, even though most of the people on there had been playing the game for years and utterly dominated me. If that was further compounded by them all having various weapon and power-ups unlocked that I didn’t have, I would have quit immediately.

    • Kdansky says:

      Ahem, TF2. Though arguably, that is class based, and therefore quite a different beast. The last great MP-shooter I played was UT2004, which was really rather good.

      As for bugs: Bought Crysis 1 on Steam sale. Cannot continue, because of a bug that has been discussed in the forums in 2007 already. Don’t get your hopes up that C2 will get any fixes at all.

    • Flaringo says:

      “It’s interesting that you bring up Quake Live: I had a bunch of fun in there a year ago, even though most of the people on there had been playing the game for years and utterly dominated me. If that was further compounded by them all having various weapon and power-ups unlocked that I didn’t have, I would have quit immediately.”

      TRIPLE KILL! Press Q to activate QUAD DAMAGE!

  2. royaltyinexile says:

    Trailer notes that it’s ‘Available for download’ — Any word on pricing? Did I blink and miss it?

    Is it ‘a la Valve’, or is there any confirmation on cross platform pricing?

    A Million MSpoints, a tuppencce of halfpenny farthings? Four PlayStation Nipples?

  3. Terr says:

    A map pack? No, thanks.

  4. stahlwerk says:


    I haven’t played Crysis 2, but I’m a bit stumped about the player models… they seem kind of generic modern brown-soldier / grey-soldier. Don’t you get to wear “the suit” in multiplayer? Also, say what you will about Lost Planet 2, but there’s a game which offers a valuable lesson about faction distinction via clothing (ridiculous as it may be). Other games should take notes.

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      You very much get to wear the suit in MP. It’s even advertised.

    • Cinek says:

      Yep. It’s the Nanosuit 1.5, while in Single Player you play in Nanosuit 2.0

  5. StranaMente says:

    After a while, having seen that they didn’t anything for the cloning and blurring effect for moving things in multiplayer (which is everything) I gave up and deleted it.
    It was nauseating beyond the bereable.

    • BlazeL says:

      I have never experienced something like this before, but this game makes me phisically sick.

      After i experimented with the community made tools, and disabled motion blur and a whole lot of unimportant but annoying visual effects, i was able to play and finish the single player campaign. Too bad these tweaks doesn’t have any effects on the multiplayer portion of the game.

      I wanted to love this one, but sadly i’m with you and i have uninstalled it after finishing the campaign.

  6. StingingVelvet says:

    I’m not one of those rabidly anti-DLC people, but paying for map packs still bugs me. It just so goes against what I grew up with, when we got free maps in patches all the time and mod tools for endless community maps. I just can’t make the leap to paying for them.

    Singleplayer stuff is fine, a lot of DLC in that area is good stuff and we never got buckets of free singleplayer content from devs, while singleplayer mods are often, no offense to modders, crappy.

    • CMaster says:

      We really didn’t use to get free maps and so on “all the time” – it was mostly restricted to a few, successful companies who by and large still do it.
      That said, I do think splitting the community like this is a bad thing. If you’re CoD, you can probably get away with it, being sure there are enough die-hards who will pay, and that they’ll drag a few who don’t want to pay, but find they keep getting booted on map change to buy it anyway. If you don’t have a really thriving community, you risk making nobody play the game any more at all.

    • subedii says:

      Yeah what CMaster said. Map packs and things direct from the devs weren’t typically too common, but splitting the playerbase is always a bad thing.

      That’s why I really appreciate the way companies like Relic or Valve do it. The multiplayer support means that the maps and game modes are all released for free. Any additional paid DLC is purely cosmetic. Playerbase remains unsplit, and those people that want to stand out by looking like their favourite Space Marine chapter can do so.

      Heck, with CoH, and DoW2 until Retribution released, it didn’t even matter what race expansion packs you had. Everyone could still play together, you just had access to different races. The only reason that changed with Retribution was because they removed GFWL and so changed the multiplayer architecture, but even then as a result, they gave all players access to all the multiplayer content by default.

      I really do love the way that Relic have handled their multiplayer communities to date.

    • CMaster says:

      Agreed, Relic are a fantastic example, I feel. They create new content for players who are prepared to pay for it, but don’t cut out existing players. (Although Tales of Valour was a pretty poor value expansion). That said, I wonder if this is somewhat a virtue of necessity – Relic games have decent, but not huge MP communities. If they split them, they may find them whithering and dieing, which is never a good thing for the developer.

    • Groove says:

      Yeah, I entirely understand.

      I see DLC in the title, but people are talking about a pack of 4 maps….what? And they”re charging money for 4 maps? FOUR? I can not even begin to understand why people would pay more than the price of an indie game for four maps.




    • subedii says:

      @ CMaster:

      True, I doubt that Starcraft 2 is going to have any community problems when the next part comes out, people are just going to switch over. But it’s still a smart move by Relic regardless.

      It doesn’t mean too much with Retribution admittedly, since the multiplayer architecture’s changed and people on DoW2 / CR can’t play. But even there, it wouldn’t have been difficult fort Relic to say “OK, you can only play IG with Retribution unless you own the previous two packs”, just as they’ve done with previous titles. The fact that they just made it a clean break and gave everyone access to everything from the start, it’s definitely a sentiment I can appreciate.

      On the flipside, I strongly suspect that Crysis 2 just isn’t a hot enough title to fragment the playerbase and still maintain a good multiplayer community. At least PC-side,

      @ Groove: Much with most other FPS’s these days, EA just saw the money that CoD was raking in and decided they HAD to adopt that model. MW2’s map packs sold boat-loads IIRC. Personally I’m pretty sceptical that EA will see similar results here.

    • CMaster says:

      Don’t underestimate the expense of producing these maps either.
      Sure, a multiplayer map used to be a week or two’s work for a single developer. These days it’s probably more like a month for a team of 2-4, with additional calls put in to QA and Art. It’s quite simply expensive to produce this kind of thing compared to the days of Quake. Of course, the consumer prices still tend to be frankly ridiculous.

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      Hmm. Why are people automatically assuming that they have to pay for this map pack? The trailer did say something about available for download at certain date, but nothing about purchase and all.

      Is it somehow common practice to charge for map packs? as far as I know, only Activision does it with CoD.

    • Outsider says:

      I wouldn’t underestimate the time and expense of making a map pack if all the maps weren’t copy/pasted areas from the single player campaign with some slight tweaks in setup.
      I agree with the splitting of the playerbase, as others have mentioned, and I’m ambivilent at best with a DLC release of multiplayer maps. I really am not excited to see them taking a page out of the Call of Duty book of tiny but expensive map pack DLCs.

    • Delusibeta says:

      @Joshua: People are assuming this will have a price precisely because they didn’t say otherwise. Paying for maps is extremely common for FPSes on consoles, although Call of Duty was first in making PC gamers pay. Given how much Crysis 2’s multiplayer is influenced by Call of Duty’s, it’s not a hard jump to make.

  7. Ravenger says:

    Is this the DLC that makes it as good as Crysis and Warhead? I guess not. I’ll pass then.

    • Cinek says:

      There won’t be such. So you’d better abandonn Crysis 2 entirely.
      Maybe, maybe if it won’t be released on Consoles (which is close to impossible), the Crysis 3 will raise to this quality level….

  8. Ergates_Antius says:

    I hope there is a future Crysis update featuring water. Then we can have a “Crysis me a river” headline.

  9. Snuffy the Evil says:

    Insult their mothers in THE FOUNDRY

    Scoff lightly in LADY LIBERTY

    Emancipate their organs at GROUND ZERO

  10. Bankei says:

    Adding maps to a game that has so many problems seems rather futile.

    The MP is absolutely atrocious, stay away from this one!

  11. Calneon says:

    I’ve been playing Crysis 1 after I bought it in the sale a few days ago. My god it looks so much better than this…

  12. Axyl says:

    Yet still no word on the DX11 patch? FFS Crytek, sort it out.

  13. karthink says:

    I get the feeling air stomp was created just for the trailers. Sure doesn’t work in the game.

  14. felisc says:

    crytek really master bad taste in their trailers.

    • Rii says:

      Are you referring to the ‘available for download … on PS3’ thing or something else?

  15. MythArcana says:

    At least they waited a bit to spring the DLC on everyone. Most release their DLC 14 seconds after the game is released…like it would have killed them to implement it within the core game. Honestly, I want to go back to the expansion days and simply leave DLC as free content in update patches. It’s all getting way too crazy this capitalism thing.

  16. Zyrusticae says:

    Paid map packs can all go to hell.

    Fractures the community and the bang-for-the-buck is seriously suspect in every case. Sigh.

  17. Tunips says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the MP demo, and that convinced me to buy it. CoD-ish shootering with some genuinely novel changes. Since getting the full version, haven’t managed to connect to a single game. Wake me when mod tools come out, or there’s some good new SP content. That I quite enjoyed. (After a fair bit of fiddling)

  18. Shockeh says:

    You know, I actually really liked Crysis 2. But seeing as, 2 months in, I’m one of the people who still can’t use their account, log in with it, or use their email address, (I’ve got a screenshot where the same page says there’s no account under my email, whilst simultaneously on the same screen saying it’s in use!) or basically play the game without making an entirely new account on a new email address, I’m feeling a little cynical about the possibility of giving them money for maps.

    Although I did have this great conversation with an EA rep, via their online chat function….
    Alan: Ok. then I would suggest you to please wait for some time. actually there is some issues going with mycrysis database that is why you are getting this error message.

    Shockeh: Can you be a little more definitive on ‘some time’? Otherwise, it’s basically ‘You may be able to play this game, at some point, in the future, maybe, wait & see’ which isn’ particularily helpful. I know you may not know, but it doesn’t really resolve the issue or provide any timescale on when it may be resolved.