Brawl Busters To Get A Beta’ing

SkeinGlobe have announced a beta for their class-based online multiplayer third-person action game, Brawl Busters. You can sign up for a beta key by dropping your email into the main site. The game is a cartoony combat game with “crazy” characters and powers. Character classes include “the Slugger, the Firefighter, the Rocker, the Boxer and finally, the Blitzer.” It looks like all of these can be heavily customised for their appearance, and can get their weapons and abilities upgraded over time.

There’s a video below in which you can witness choice clips of pre-rendered action sequences, which are intended to illustrate the kind of game that Brawl Busters is going to be. They do that.


  1. Stevostin says:

    This actually looks cool. Will there be a football mode ?

  2. Hooi says:

    I have watched the two minute video clip, and taken note of the stylized designs and planned character classes. From these preliminary observations I have formed thoughts and opinions. I did that.

  3. MuscleHorse says:

    I believe you have an errant ‘s’ in your link to the beta sign-up, Jimjim.

  4. Gap Gen says:

    Looks fun. More games should take after TF2. Especially if this features, I dunno, a cat store or something.

  5. skyturnedred says:

    I am disappoint, if the game doesn’t look and play exactly like that trailer.

  6. Koozer says:

    Why is Tristana in prison?

  7. radomaj says:

    Not completely oversexed female characters. What.

    • Nevard says:

      I honestly can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or not.
      I mean they don’t have huge breasts but none of them are exactly modestly dressed or posed either

      It’s not black and white how do I form an opinion aaaaa

  8. lhzr says:

    You forgot to mention it’s f2p, Jim. Might save someone a couple of bytes of bandwidth.

  9. Hensler says:

    F2p? Then I’ll just wait for the release and not have to deal with beta issues…

  10. Hoaxfish says:

    The slugger and firefighter look related/twins.

  11. Vexing Vision says:

    I don’t get why they did a pre-rendered trailer of that. If that’s the moves in game, I’m sold. But if they were, the trailer wouldn’t need to be prerendered.

    Preemptively disappoint. Will check out gameplay footage once gameplay footage leaks from beta.

    /Edit: Just had a thought… but there MUST be easier ways for getting rid of the UI for recording a trailer. :P

  12. Oculardissonance says:

    Peaking around their site, the level of character customization looks great.

  13. roman2 says:

    Looks pretty melee/special abilty focussed… and kinda reminds me of MNC.

    • lamzor says:

      yep, it looks and feels like Monday Night Combat. game which was a bit of a disappointment for me.

  14. returntonull says:

    I am of course horribly and terribly confused. As this has been ‘out’ for over a year. Although I suppose PlanB went out of business and sold it off to someone else. (And then everyone acts like it’s brand new, yaaaaay)

    Anyway. For those of you who want more in-game footage. There’s the old PlanB trailer for the game here: link to

  15. Felixader says:

    I see i still like tomboyish girls.

  16. Olivaw says:

    Looks like Monday Night Combat crossed with… Dynasty Warriors?

    Okay. I guess I’m okay with that.

    Now is it any good?

  17. johnpeat says:

    3 months to the day – Closed Beta started yesterday and it’s – erm – it’s fun…

    I can’t actually tell you anything else without being naughty but if a more melee-focussed TF2-style online game sounds appealing, sign-up and try it yourself