Brink: Release, RPS Servers, Bugs

Brink is out now in the US and apparently out in the UK tomorrow. We’ve spent the last couple of days playing it, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for our full critical verdict. Nevertheless I thought I’d say a few things tonight, including venting my frustration with a critical bug, and providing you with our server details for US and UK-based Brink servers. Read on for a mixed bag of information!

Quick thoughts on Brink: I like it, but it’s flawed. The teamplay is really rewarding, the slidey stuff is great (if a bit random), the character creation and progression works okay, and the general look and feel of the game is largely what I wanted and expected. On the other hand, it’s a bit disappointing. The maps are often dominated by a couple of chokepoints, a situation which is exacerbated by the corridor-based nature of the whole thing. The selection of weapons too is a bit… well, we’re going to talk about all this tomorrow. In short: it’s not a bad game, but so far it’s not a great game, either. I’m getting into it, though. I know exactly the kind of gamer who is going to get a kick out of this, because they’re kind of PC gamers I’ve been socialising with for years. I think even some of them will struggle to get past some of the issues herein, however.

BUGS: There are some minor bugs in there, but nothing that seems to really hurt play. IF YOU CAN PLAY. The most significant bug so far seems to be people simply not being able to get into the game. Threads like this one seem to reveal a gamut of bugs, some of which are driver-based, but others which – and I am extrapolating from my own experience of being locked out of the game here – seem to be from some kind of file corruption. The upshot of this is that some amount of people (impossible to tell how many) can’t get into the game to play. I’d imagine it’s a pretty small number, but it is there. This is, of course, a pretty awkward situation for the game to be in, and is probably going to take weeks to iron out. Not good.

SERVERS: If you do have the game, or are getting it, then why not play with RPS chums? Look for Rock, Paper, Shotgun servers both UK and US on the server browser. They’re set to objective for now. Here are the IPs, in case that is any use:


Servers supplied by the ever-helpful Multiplay.

I’ll hopefully see you online… Or you can wait for our thoughts tomorrow.


  1. Ogun says:

    I like it, and haven’t immediately dismissed it for not being BFBC2, which is always a good sign.
    Was worried about it not running on my gfx card (ati hd 5700) or having some other showstopper technical issue, but it seems fine so far :)

    First impressions:
    No vehicles, which is great because they were the crappest thing in ET:QW, but it does have the same guided teamplay from QW/ET:QW which is what I bought it for. Hopefully all the negative press won’t stop some sort of playerbase building up.

    You can customise your character. This is a pretty, well-implemented feature – but who in their right mind gives a monkeys about character customisation in a game like this? It means it takes a fraction of a second longer than it should to tell friend from foe. Obviously there’s commercial value in character prettification, but it brings nothing to the game.

    The 16-player cap is a little disappointing. I know there’s a long chain about that already, but the people who play these games like to clan up and those clans typically contain more than 8 members who might want to play together. I haven’t seen enough of the maps to know if they’d even cope with more players, but the low cap does make it more of a niche niche game than a niche game.

    The art direction/style is a refreshing change from brown on brown but the little ‘Assassins Creed’ twiddles in the sound/music are irritating.

    Dedicated servers :)

  2. Joseph says:

    Brink is SUPER FANTASTIC, fuck the haters. The game is unique, stylish, skill based, and teamplay based. It plays like Wolfenstien ET. It is good. I play as d:3_[catguy]

  3. YourMessageHere says:

    Brink has vanished from Steam, leaving only some trailers. What is occur?

    • Chizu says:

      Yeah, I am not sure whats happening there. After it came out in the US, it vanished from the UK front pages, only accessable by searching for it/linking to it specifically, but the store page actually worked.
      The MINUTE the game released here it switched to being unavailable in its entirety.
      I don’t know if the kerfuffle with cd keys that went on over at D2D perhaps affected their supply so steam temporarly removed it or what.

      Most perplexing either way.

  4. Chizu says:

    I’m having an okay time with this so far.
    I unlocked the 2 body types and got myself the chaingun so I can heavy engy it up.

    Biggest issues I have so far is teh bug on the one stage that says “Hangar 18” on its load screen.
    It seems I and most of the people I was playing with today, suffer total sound failure on that stage, and have to play it in silence after a few minutes.

    The other is despite my framerate being smooth even with everything at max, when I am running, the movement feels jerky and uneven.
    Like a mini lagspike or something, only its constant when running.

    Oh, and for all they made of it, I am not finding the whole SMART thing to be particularly usefully implemented.
    It works, and there are places where its fun to do, but so far the levels have just had a lack of good places to use it, aside from vaulting walls and boxes.
    I expected more vertical play in the levels, so people could be on several levels depending on where they climbed
    And there are some horrible choke points, and one map where we couldn’t even get out of the spawn area, because the other team had the way out totally blocked.

  5. Strangera says:

    Good! Se ya on the UK battlefield lads!

  6. Davie says:

    So I did get a chance to see it in action today, on my friend’s ECKSBAWKS, and honestly, most of the problems I encountered–spastic aiming and a bizarre control setup–seem like they would be non-issues on the PC version, things that a little key mapping and sensitivity fiddling would easily fix.

    Granted, I only played for fifteen minutes, but it seems, overall, pretty solid.

  7. GHudston says:

    I’m one of the people having some serious issues (curse my Mac Pro limiting me to ati cards!) the game has some serious texture gridding and just looks awful. The performance isn’t great either…

    It’s a shame because the game looks like one hell of a lok of fun and when the textures do work (i.e. on the character selection screen) it looks very, very slick. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long for a patch, for both my sake and the sake of Brink itself. I hope this botched launch doesn’t kill it…

  8. TheChillburger says:

    Having played it online over the past few days, I find it to be a very enjoyable alternative to my regular TF2ing. The core gameplay is very strong, and the choke point issue can be worked around with a good team. The server browser is a bit laggy, but I haven’t really experienced the bugs about not being able to join a game. The biggest frustration I have is that 95% of the players just play the game like Black Ops, but I’m hoping that works itself out.

  9. abraxas says:

    Nothing to see here! Moved to another Brink related post!

  10. ghiest says:

    Probably would have bought it but they have pulled it entirely from steam (even the videos …) with not a word (at least for the UK guys). So I just can’t be bothered going out to buy it.