Play: Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy

If you stay still you can see a woodpecker!
Because there’s a demo out. Granted, this thankless wargame won’t be for everyone, but for desktop generals with a bit of grit there are three demo-specific scenarios in there, as well as a not-quite functional version of the scenario editor, to show you how all that stuff works. Lovely AAR video below.


  1. Wilson says:

    Nice, I’ve been looking forward to trying this, even though I’m not a real grog. Will be interesting to see if I can get comfortable with it.

  2. wengart says:

    The mirrors appear to be getting hit pretty hard right now, but someone is currently putting up a torrent.

    link to

    ^ torrent thread

  3. President Weasel says:

    Colon Story: The Coloning

  4. Tony M says:

    I’m confused. Tim Stones AAR from a while back made it look like a turn based game, but this AAR makes it look like a real time (with pause) game.

    • DhulKarnain says:

      Well, if it’s anything like the Shock Force series from the same dev (and judging by the screens it looks to be made in the same engine, even the UI is pretty much the same) you can choose before the mission starts whether you want RT with pause or turn based gameplay.

    • Grape says:

      Non-turnbased looked really lame. I think the main gimmick for this game ought to be the STB (Simultaneous Turn-Based) gameplay. There aren’t many of those around. I’d even say it would be revolutionary, if it wasn’t for the fact that the first game in the series (which I’ve never played) came out ten years ago.

      Real-time, it looks like a weak-ish Theatre of War/Men of War -clone. You move squads around on the map, tell them to get into cover, and have them shoot at enemies. Those games are dime-a-dozen, these days. With popular games like World in Conflict, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War, that’s absolutely nothing special anymore.

      I just hope that new players don’t jump right to the real-time mode, see it as a forgettable clone of some other game, uninstall the demo and doesn’t try again. All this time having no idea that the STB-mode was the original mode for the games, and the one this game is built around.

    • Spooner says:

      The real problem, for me, with Shock Force, is that they never got the turn-based mode to work in multiplayer, but only real-time (yes, I really don’t understand why they’d put the effort into real-time before turn-based). Real-time works fine when you have a very small number of units to move, but for any of the larger operations (which is nearly all of them), you really need turns lest you get totally overwhelmed and it becomes a game of how fast you can use the interface, rather than one of tactics.

      That said, real-time does force you to operate more realistically in some ways. If you have 3 platoons at your disposal, your only real option is to use two for support and one for manoeuvre at any given time (though I’m not suggesting that as a significant advantage of that mode).

      I’m also hopeful that the simulation of WW2 combat is a bit better than modern was. I hated the fact that the Shock Force maps had a hard limit of 4kmx4km (and were mostly significantly smaller) but modern weapons meant that troops spawning on the edge of the map were often in range…urgh!

    • Grape says:

      The real problem, for me, with Shock Force, is that they never got the turn-based mode to work in multiplayer, but only real-time .

      Does anyone what the case is with this game?

    • morganic says:

      Turn-Based Multiplayer only works through play-by-email. I believe TCP/IP is only real-time. I may be wrong but that is my understanding.

  5. ShineDog says:


    It’s both.

    The traditional combat mission structure (if shock force changed this I don’t know, because I wasnt interested) gives you an orders phase, where you plot out what you want everyone to do, and an action phase, where they spend a minute doing it.

    It’s pretty nerve wracking, because sometimes things go disasterously wrong 10 seconds in and you are left watching your little guys acting on initiative. It’s fun.

  6. TC-27 says:

    Great news will give it a spin tonight.

    Patched up Shock Force was actually a very good game so I have high hopes for this.

  7. LazerBeast says:

    I still find myself going back and playing the first two games so I am very excited for this.

  8. mcol says:

    this is looking really good, Had a quick hour over lunch and really very impressed.

  9. TheBlobThing says:

    Would really like to buy this game too, but from their own website they only offer to let you download the product you paid for, for a year. I’m going to wait and see if Gamersgate gets a version, because I’ll be damned if I’m going to pay 60$ for a game I only get to rent a year.

    Oh yes, and they kindly offer re-activation for a nominal service fee of 5$ a pop. For an indie studio, they sure seem to be Ubi-evil.

    • Oriskany says:

      But if you pre-order and get the hard copy, or if you just back up the installation file, why would you be concerned about download insurance? Although your key comes with limited activations, you probably will never use them all, and if you do, just contact their support.