Ace Of Space: Sanctum Gets New Level

Die die die die DIE DIE DIE DIE NO. NO. NO. DAMMIT.

I’m a fan of indie tower defence FPS Sanctum, what with it ticking off the four Quinns food groups (dramatic, interesting, full of personality and cheap), and you can even hear me talking about it a bit too fast on the latest Three Moves Ahead podcast. I am, therefore, glad to announce that the developers have rolled out the first of the promised free content updates for the game (now patched into the game automagically via Steam), introducing a new level, Glade, and a handful of new UI improvements . Bringing the game’s total level count to, uh, four. But seriously, don’t worry about that. According to Steam, I’ve spent more time playing Sanctum than I have Portal 2. An old trailer follows…

I’m telling you! It’s good. Get the demo, although do so knowing that after the first level the number of enemy and turret types triples.


  1. Gehrschrein says:

    RPS, I will never forgive you for that Fallout: NV Wot I Think!

    • DrazharLn says:

      I don’t see how that’s particularly relevant, actually.

    • Hallgrim says:

      Gehrschrein: Forgiving enough to stay, not forgiving enough to shut up about it. Surely this sounds familiar to other married men?

    • Saiwyn says:

      Holy balls Hallgrim, you just made my year. This is one of those almost indefinable things about marriage that you just can’t explain to single people.

      You are my hero for the day.


      Enrique Iglesias style.

  2. ComradePenguin says:

    Is there any particular reason developers don’t put their demos on Steam even if one is available. Seems they would miss a lot of business. I understand in this case it may be the demo is rather out of date but I’d have thought one instead of none would still be better.

    Also I very much enjoyed the podcast. Always thought elements of tower defence can spice up a game and give it a hint of strategy. I really like those elements in Monday Night Combat though most players sadly seem to ignore them.

    • trjp says:

      I’m assuming the demo is pretty unrepresentative of the final game (it was a “what can you do with Unreal Engine in a short time” thing??)

      I assume that because the demo was shite and people seem to like the final game so…

    • Rii says:

      I’m intrigued by this game, particularly on account of the unusually clean (by FPS standards) visual presentation, but yeah I’m not willing to part with cash sight unseen. I can’t be bothered pirating it, and an unrepresentative demo is worse than no demo at all.

      Devs: giev (new) demo!

    • PyrosAnonymous says:

      The new proper demo should be coming out tonight, once Valve approves it for steam
      link to

      EDIT: New demo is out now
      link to

    • Dyst says:

      The demo that is already out is more a demo for the UDK than for the game itself. I really didn’t like what I played of the UDK demo but I pirated the full release, loved it and bought it today. It’s really good and well worth the money.

    • Rii says:

      Thanks for the heads-up Pyros.

  3. timjon says:

    I was pretty interested in this – but the comments on the Steam forum indicate that it has a very restrictive FOV, which isn’t changeable (ie – no console or ini file tweaks possible). Is that still the case? Console-style fov settings just feel way too claustrophobic to me, and it’s not like I have a shortage of games to play at the moment…

    • Gehrschrein says:

      I’ve played a bit and I must say the FOV hasn’t been a bother.
      I’m the kind of guy who goes berserk at default FOVs smaller than 90 degrees and usually spend my first few minutes frantically looking for a way to change it.

      I haven’t done that with Sanctum.

  4. Alex Bakke says:

    What about the key Quinns mineral group?

    • BooleanBob says:

      Ah yes, if I recall, it includes ores of tightanium, stron(g)tium… and iron (part of the rare minerals sub-group).

  5. MuscleHorse says:

    Quins, may be worth mentioning that they …. mention on their blog that an updated demo is incoming shortly.

    This is a fantastic little game easily worth the price of admission, go buy.

  6. Tuan says:

    I would recommend anyone who likes FPS and Tower Defense pick this up. I spent waaaaay too long this last weekend playing it… looking forward to trying it co-op!

  7. skraeling says:

    I don’t like tower defense games, but I’m commenting because there are only thirteen other comments and that makes me feel safe.

  8. geldonyetich says:

    Building a reputation for releasing regular free DLC: that’s how you get the respect of a lot of customers.

  9. beatbox32 says:

    Love this game. Looking forward to how this concept evolves.