Heroes Of Newerth Is Free For A Bit

What does this image say to you? It says THIS IS A VIDEOGAME. AoE motherfukka, AOE.
From today until the 22nd, to be precise. It’s all to celebrate one year since the game’s launch. A bit like a birthday, only a for a game, which had a long beta. This means that you can pay the hero-based multi-player teamplay combat arena thinga-game (did we ever actually ever get past the “DOTA-clone” name for these? Was it a MOBA? I am so tired) for nil pennies! I know how excited that makes you, so don’t just sit there vibrating, go take a look at the website, where details of registration and downloads can be found, understood, and executed.

I played this a bunch last year. It was tough. I am a nood.


  1. Valvarexart says:

    A nood it is

  2. Antsy says:

    “OMG UNINSTALL NOOD!!11!!” etc.

    Free for a week.

  3. Fringe says:

    A total nood

    • Kdansky says:

      Day9 references on my RPS?
      Also, Bloodline Champions is similarly free, with all classes unlocked until the somethingth. You also get extra free stuff if you join via “invite a friend”. I’ll gladly offer a link* for the curious:
      link to bloodlinechampions.com

      *Of course the inviter also gets stuff. So if you hate me, ask someone else to invite you. I don’t care so much about the stuff than about more players in the game.

  4. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    “so don’t just sitting there vibrating.”

    Has to be some of the better use of words in a sentence I have read all day

    • icupnimpn2 says:

      Well that takes care of the words in sentences category. Can’t wait for your punctuation of the day award to be unveiled.

    • notjasonlee says:

      maybe there will be a semi-colon! sigh, who am i kidding?

  5. Dowson says:

    I’d probably be interested in these games more if they expanded past the 1 map 1 goal thing.
    Like including other game modes like Deathmatches or Capture the Flag, doesn’t seem like a too absurd idea.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      Isn’t the whole point of cloning something, to make it exactly the same as the thing being cloned? Or am I missing something..

      Bed time.

    • salejemaster says:


    • P4p3Rc1iP says:

      “Isn’t the whole point of cloning something, to make it exactly the same as the thing being cloned? Or am I missing something..”

      Except that DOTA did offer multiple game modes (or well, there were different versions of DOTA with different game modes)

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      I find the whole DotA clone phenomenon utterly bizarre. It’s either the initial fumblings as an entirely new genre is created (cf. DOOM and its clones), or it’s a whole lot of people inexplicably competing for a pretty small niche.

    • Kdansky says:

      Ahem, try Bloodline Champions. CTF, Team Deathmatch, Capture Points.

    • Xocrates says:

      @TillEulenspiegel: I think it started as an attempt at a new genre, but quickly settled into people fighting for a “small” niche.

      Games like Demigod (regardless of quality) and, to a lesser extent, Bloodline Champions show that it could work as a genre, but most developers seem happy cloning Dota outright.

    • NightKid says:

      Deathmatch? You don’t get flamed enough for dying more than once already?

  6. Koozer says:

    Just imagining the rage of regular players against he influx of new people warms my heart.

    • LukeAllstar says:

      players with a trial (free) account can’t play matchmaking as far as i know, so the regular players won’t play with them anyway, at least not if they don’t play nostats-public games to “stomp” some of those newer players or for other reasons

      even if they could play matchmaking, they would be matched against noobs
      only problem i see would be smurf accounts rolling over some pub games

  7. KikiJiki says:

    Big Noop

  8. arccos says:

    Do they have a matchmaking system that tries to match players based on skill, ala League of Legends? I might play if so.

    • lamzor says:

      yes, it has matchmaking system. it works very well. it also has antileaver system which works also very well. i had almost no leaver in my ~200beta games and ~100 games in released version.
      casual mode is forgiving for new players, it is also played by “noobs” or new players. all in all i like it more than LoL.
      community in HoN is .. well not THAT bad i guess.
      also make sure to check official mods for the game(on forums). it has at least 10-15 really good mods(and 100s of other mods). lasthit, visible spell radiuses, spell timers, modified UIs etc etc.
      many of mods are integrated to the game as the patches are released.
      the thing i like most about HoN is that you can buy only skins and other useless things for coins(which can be won or purchased for money). there wasnt single unfair advantage which could be bought when i last played HoN(about 2-3months ago).
      if you like team based games like dota/LoL, make sure to give it a try. many heroes and items are direct ports from dota – it helps to get mod which displays old – dota items/heroes names.

    • The Promised Landt says:

      Like lamzor says, the matchmaking system works okay.

      Unlike lamzor says, the community really is /that/ bad.

    • lamzor says:

      well, is there any good and friendly MOBA community? i played LoL for a while, cannot comment on that. my main problem with LoL is that playing and money gives you big advantage. DotA and HoN is fair to everyone.

    • Blaq says:

      “my main problem with LoL is that playing and money gives you big advantage. DotA and HoN is fair to everyone.”

      I have to disagree with the argument that money gives any kind of real advantage. I haven’t played any HoN but I’m quite into LoL. The only advantage the paying customers get in LoL is that they have more freedom in choosing which champ to play and they don’t need to wait to earn enough points to buy runes/champs. Everything except for champion skins and XP/IP gain boosts can be bought without spending a dime and those don’t really influence the gameplay.

      Regarding time spent playing giving players an advantage, it is true. There’s the leveling system. But the matchmaking means that most of the time you’ll be facing enemies near your level.

      As for the article, I find the typo (or is it) saying that you can pay HoN quite ironic. :D
      And I’m boycotting the MOBA abbreviation, because it sounds stupid and Riot are trying too hard. DotA-likes or DotA games for me.

      Oh and having no previous DotA experience I was quite shocked by the nastiness in the LoL community. I’d probably get a heart attacked if I tried playing HoN. :o

    • lamzor says:

      as you said, players burning a lot of cash get advantages(faster exping, more heroes to play, more runes – each hero is better). same in every “free” to play MMO or any other “free” to play game.
      i have few friends playing LoL somewhat hardcore and they all burn a lot of cash.
      i find free to play games a lot more expensive than conventional games.

    • The Promised Landt says:

      Let’s list the things people can burn cash on in LoL:
      – skins: purely cosmetic, no advantage whatsoever
      – faster leveling: since you get paired against players near your level, this one actually puts you at a disadvantage since someone without the xp boost will have played more games than you to get to the same level
      – runes: you’re much more limited by your level (which governs the number of runes you can equip) than by the price of the runes themselves, especially before level 20
      – champions: yes, you can buy them with real cash, or you can just try them out when they’re free and buy the ones you like with IP. It’s not like the free heroes are bad and you need to pay to play the good ones

      So I’m happy your friends are burning a lot of cash on LoL, because that means I can have ~800 games played and the only money I spent was $5 for one skin.

    • foobar88 says:

      Pretty sure you cannot buy runes with RP (real money). So there really is no competitive advantage to spending money on the game beyond having a wider choice of champions at your disposal for any given match. I’ve played about 800 games over the course of a year (with about a 6-month hiatus in there), have about 50 champions, and have spent $80 on the game.

      However, I find it odd that people complain about the fact that people can buy things in the game. As we have detailed, buying things with real money confers only a minimal competitive advantage. But, believe it or not, the game is a BUSINESS, which is operated by PROFESSIONALS who deliver a quality product. Of course they cannot offer everything for free- they need to stay in business. Moreover, I am much more amenable to a business model that lets me try out a game for free – and continue playing it for free – rather than having to fork out cash up-front to play a game that I may well abandon after trying it a few times, as I have with innumerable other games.

      I freely chose to spend $80 dollars on the game because I thoroughly enjoy it and want to support the developers and encourage the business model.

    • Blaq says:

      What The Promised Landt said. None of the things you listed give any sort of real advantage when it comes to the gameplay.

      Faster leveling might give a bit of an advantage in the metagame – summoner leveling, but none outside the game (it doesn’t affect the leveling of the champs), since most of the time you will be playing against and with people of the same level.

      The runes you buy with real money aren’t any better than the ones you buy with IP. Spending money is a shortcut in terms of time spent playing and possibly flexibility (outside of the actual gameplay), which mostly won’t come into play until you’re level 30 and playing your ranked games.

      There might be problems with champion balance (you won’t convince me that other DotA games don’t have those), but I think that for discussing the subject at hand we can safely assume that most champions are on the same power level when out on the battlefield. The ones costing more are simply higher up the easy to play/hard to master scale. And it’s not like you don’t get the chance to play those at all. If you like them you can save some IP and go own with them. Not that hard.

      In the end, when it gets down to playing the game, you’ll be really hard pressed to find the paying players at any kind of advantage.

      I can tell you haven’t put that much time into playing LoL because it certainly doesn’t feature your standard exploitative F2P microtransaction system. Yes, Riot are doing quite good, but that’s only because of how cleverly the model is designed and the amount of work they put into making the items lucrative enough (without them shifting the balance). In my opinion, LoL’s F2P model is one of the best out there.

      Edit: At the post above me – I actually never noticed that you can’t buy runes with RP (money), since I never had any intention on spending any of my money on LoL. So you need to grind them out either way. Neat.

    • The Promised Landt says:

      You can’t buy runes directly with money, but you can buy IP boosts, and then buy runes with all the IP flowing in ;p

    • lamzor says:

      1, you can buy IP boost for real money
      – for more IP you can buy more runes than other players(and more heroes)

      2, heroes can be bought using real money – i guess that buying most/all heroes would take months of daily grind(im not sure about it, i played beta – all heroes were availible). also new heroes are still being added to the game.

      3, more than 6 rune pages can be bought only for real cash. (7 rune page combo) – again not sure what does this mean because this wasnt implemented in beta. but i guess it will give you an edge comparing to other players

      4, XP boost can be bought only for real money – this is not such a big deal because of matchmaking.

      5, skins can be bought only for real cash – cosmetic, no change in gameplay

      i personaly find HoN a lot better(the model). pay 30$(is it 15$ during discounts?) up front and play any hero you like. new heroes are availible since day1. paying more cash wont give advantage or edge to anyone.
      LoL model is not THAT bad, but it surely will cost average player (a lot) more than HoN.

  9. frenz0rz says:

    I’ll not go into one of my usual fervent rants about HoN, suffice to say that I bought it, played it every day until I hit 500 hours, then promptly uninstalled it and never touched it again. Be careful with how you treat this one. HoN (or rather, it’s community atmosphere) turned me from a friendly, approachable gamer to a crazed, ‘NOOB’-yelling monstrosity in the space of about 6 months, and I never want to play it again.

    • Antsy says:

      I must not play DOTA clones.
      DOTA clones are the mind-killers.
      DOTA clones are the little-deaths that bring total obliteration.
      I will face DOTA clones.
      I will permit them to pass over me and through me.
      And when they have gone past I will turn the inner eye to see their path.
      Where the DOTA clones have gone there will be nothing.
      Only I will remain.

    • LukeAllstar says:

      If you play with friends, that is no real problem anymore, you just do some jokes about them being bads and that’s it
      i raged more at trackmania at the last couple of weeks, then i raged at HoN

    • frenz0rz says:

      My favourite book AND my favourite cartoon referenced by the same person? Antsy, be honest now, how long have you been sitting outside my window at night with a pair of binoculars, camo netting, and a thermos?

      Oh, and Luke, I was playing with friends. That was the worst part of it.

    • Antsy says:

      You’ll never see me but you’ll always know I’m there! Muwahahah.

  10. Merus says:

    From everything I’ve heard about HoN, its community is toxic. It may be a technically better designed game than LoL, but I have no desire to find out.

  11. Knickerless says:

    Now if only I could only harvest all of you potential purchasers with a referral link… Then I could be swimming in coins!
    Still, great game. Anyone who hasn’t should at least give it a shot. The famed aggressive community can easily be overlooked. If you’re starting off, I’d suggest playing no-stats games (fun-modes or otherwise) until you are confident you’ll do moderately well. It is much more fun with friends as well, if you can find ones who are interested.

    • SenseiSoul says:

      Sometimes you get stuck playing with weird people who you can’t seem to avoid, though…

  12. Polysynchronicity says:

    Just like to note that me (Khrrck ingame) and quite a few other people are helping out by running semi-official training games for first-time players, with a real live mentor spectating the action and offering advice. :3

    If you’re a noob to the genre and/or just want to play a friendly match with a helpful advisor before diving into the shark pool of real games, type “/join LNCIP” when you first log in to join our official channel, and ask us if there’s any games starting up. :D Or you can look yourself by clicking on “Public Games” and entering “LNCIP” into the search box (don’t mess with any of the other options).

    Topics covered include the basic goals and mechanics of the game, advice on which heroes to try first (there’s 70+ available, so a lot of confusion there!), and answers to any questions or problems you might have. Try your first game or two with us and we’ll get you ready to play a public or matchmaking game. If you’re a former LoL or DoTA player, you can drop by too, but you’ll probably find this game pretty easy to pick up the basics of and might want to move on quicker.

    Good luck, have fun! :3

    • The Promised Landt says:

      That’s really great, I wish something like that had existed when I started out in HoN

    • SenseiSoul says:

      Recently, there’s been a lot done to improve the game’s accessibility for newcomers – the integration of interactive hero guides into the shop (which allow you to auto-level up your abilities in an effective manner, and show you what items you should be aiming for and when, as well as a general overview of how you should be playing) and an increasing number of friendly, helpful people who fighting against the ragers.

      Definitely play the game with friends, or a willing mentor of sorts at first. There’s a lot of good in the game despite the community, so don’t let that put you off trying it at least. Me and my friends have been playing DotA-likes/AoS maps/MOBAs amongst other titles for years now and I promise we’re not psychopaths.

      *shifty eyes*

      Yes, certainly not psychopaths.

  13. Crescend says:

    Installed, played one game and promptly uninstalled. Having one player shout nonsensical verbal abuse from the beginning, not being able to buy any items due to some very bizarre bug preventing me from even opening the shop window and then asked to leave the game cus I was already way behind in exp / no items, I did exactly that and I’ll never look back. I have no idea how anyone can justify paying for HoN over playing LoL for free…

    It’s not just cus of the bad team or bug either, I much prefer the heroes of league of legends over the list of generally boring or plain weird characters HoN had to offer. LoL is much more colourful too, and its easy to distinguish characters from the background. Having been familiarised with all of the LoL’s characters already, there’s no way I would want to learn all the 70+ HoN characters from scratch…

    • lamzor says:

      well to be honest id be pissed if someone joined my ranked game before even testing one public game without stats. then didnt buy any items and left.
      new players should play at least few unranked games to get a grip and then play CASUAL mode(for example there is mod which displays DOTA hero/items names – at least there used to be, im no longer tracking that mod).
      players in CASUAL mode are a lot noobier, dying doesnt feed enemy so much. also dying doesnt take so much money from you. new player can still buy some item and help team even with 0/10 stats.

    • liq3 says:

      Don’t blame the game for being hard. Just because you experience a few problems, it’s not the games fault.

      Also, there was this LoL thread about how much money people have spent on the game. Most people were spending $30-200. one guy has even spent 400. I’d much rather pay $30 and be done with it, then the fucked up money leeching system LoL has.

    • foobar88 says:

      The only way I could see spending $400 on LoL would be to buy lots of purely cosmetic champion skins, which confer no competitive advantage whatsoever. You don’t need to spend a dime to be competitive in LoL, but some players obviously choose to spend more. In fact, LoL’s entire business model depends on some players spending a disproportionate amount on the game while the vast majority spend little or no money whatsoever.

    • Crescend says:

      @Lamzor Trial accounts cannot play ranked matches, and I did choose casual game so I was in the right place. I ran through the tutorial as well, even if it was mostly useless having extensively played other DotA-alikes. The shop not working is definitely a game-breaking bug, I asked my teammates for help how to get it working and checked the menus but it simply wouldn’t work, and they asked me to leave before I left.

    • Longrat says:

      You should join the noobiest possible game you could find. Like, MEGA NOOBS or something like that.
      The problem with games like HoN is that a demo really isn’t enough. You can’t even begin to taste the possibilities of the game after playing only 10 games. Hell, it took me a few months before I got decent at the game, before that, it’s just you fucking up in various ways. The difficulty curve is very steep, but it’s so very rewarding in the end when you pull off a nice gank or get away from one.

      So yeah, tl;dr, if you really want to experience the game, perseverance is the key.

    • lightstriker says:

      Like, Longrat, that’s cool and all, but there’s plenty of other games out there that are as good if not far more enjoyable to play right off the bat. Sure, after 500 games it might become some super-awesome bestest game ever, but frankly? I’d rather have the 300+ hours I spent that time on playing other games, which are actually fun for that period of time.

      I mean… yeah -_-

    • steennp says:

      ” I’d rather have the 300+ hours I spent that time on playing other games, which are actually fun for that period of time.”

      You know, some of us was pretty good right of the bat and didn’t have to spend 300+ hours to understand the game.

      The same people enjoy challenging gameplay and not having to dick around in [let-me-hold-your-hand-since-you-are-a-first-time-gamer-and-has-trouble-understanding-wasd-controls]-games.

      Just saying. I’m happy that some games tend to attract gamers that knows what they are doing and scare away the casual 1 hour a week gamers. It leads to far better games..

    • anonymousity says:

      This reply thread is a perfect example of elements of the dota community hon inherited. I played dota for many years and have played lol and hon, although the lol community got some of the horribleness I definitely found hon’s community far more caustic.

  14. ChampionHyena says:


  15. Kaira- says:

    Oh boy, DOTA-clones. Why I don’t play them? Because the communities have always been between abhorrent and eldritch cosmic horror-abhorrent. I wonder how bad the community in DOTA2 is going to be.

    And yes, I played HoN when it was beta, then I realized what a fucking shithole the community was.

    • The Promised Landt says:

      While the LoL community is far from good, it’s the most relaxed of the DotA-likes.
      And if you can’t stand your team mates at all, there’s an ignore function with a handy /ignore team shortcut (let’s not get into what a shortcut like that says the game).

    • Mattressi says:

      What, exactly, is it about these games that guarantees they’ll have a horrible, horrible community? I tried HoN for a day and felt like I was playing a douchebag version of WoW – all of the extreme emotional and time investment (as well as down-right ‘sad’ness of the many of the community members) of WoW, but with a sharp, caustic edge that tries to keep away ‘outsiders’. It’s odd being berated and humiliated by every single person in every single game that you join when it’s your first time playing, simply because you haven’t spent the good majority of your life locked away in your parent’s basement playing DotA-style games. My experiences with LoL were a little more tame, but still definitely bad.

      The only other game that’s come close to this kind of atrocious community is CS 1.6, but even that simply had a minority of players who devoted their lives to the game and yelling at other people who didn’t do the same.

      Seriously, in any other game you get owned if your team sucks, but I rarely see people recommending suicide to new players, simply because they’re new. Hell, M&B Warband is a difficult game to master and it’s easy to be ganked to death if your team all sucks and dies, but I never see the kind of crap that HoN players say in Warband.

      I should really stop ranting about my hatred for the HoN community.

    • steennp says:

      DOTA-game communities are crap. It is. Some people say LoL is better, but im pretty sure high level LoL is just as shitty as HoN. Only difference is that LoL has a lot more players and the level between the good and the average contains a lot more people. So the shitty players dont have to interact with the good ones. Thats why all the bads think that the community is nice, because all they have to deal with is equally bads.
      Every time you reach a high level in a DOTA-like game, people act like shit.

      “When top level guys look down, they see only shit;
      When bottom level guys look up, they see only assholes…”

  16. notjasonlee says:

    heroes of newerth is the worst name ever

    • Antsy says:

      They should have called it Pacman in Fudgeland.

    • Longrat says:

      Apparently, Newerth is the name of the world in Savage 1 and 2, and HoN sort of follows up on those games, with some of the playable units in Savage being playable heroes in HoN. Whatever little to nothing plot there is in the game (a plot which can be pretty much summed up to the character descriptions) shows that.

      Also, yes, Newerth is a retarded name for a world. Almost as bad as Unobtanium or Pandora.

    • Memph says:

      It is pretty crap. Although on the shitty names subject ever since i’d heard of it i’ve thought Mount and Blade had just the most uninspiringly dull name ever.
      Mount and Blade. Like Mop and Bucket.
      What if COD were called Gun and Bullet? Man and Shoots.
      Don’t even get me started on the ‘With Fire and Sword’ subtitle. What’s the blade if not a sword? Is that horse getting shaved, i don’t think so.

    • Wilson says:

      @Memph – I like the name Mount and Blade. It might be uninspired if there were a lot of other games about old style mounted combat, but there aren’t. I’m not very keen on ‘With Fire and Sword’ though, I’ll agree with you there.

  17. starclaws says:


  18. theleif says:

    I read: This means that you can pay the hetero-based multi-player teamplay combat arena thinga-game…
    Not that far from the truth, I believe.

  19. NightKid says:

    Is it weird that they’re offering a free trial account but no discount to upgrade said trial account or is it just me?

    • steennp says:

      You want free trial AND discount?
      is 30$ for a game really that bad?
      then go play LoL … you get a crappier version of the same shit – but you don’t have to pay a dime.

    • Antsy says:

      A crappier version of shit? Intriguing!

    • steennp says:

      wow, you caught it …. reading RPS after 20 beers is maybe not the best thing..

  20. Ricotta says:

    I love this game, it’s a ton of fun if you have time to put into it. No competitive game has a higher skill ceiling than HoN, except maybe SC2, IMHO. Every-time i play i feel there is something to learn and some fun to be had.

    As for the community…. They suck, O.o