Get: Rise Of The Immortals Beta Keys

Petroglyph have sent over five hundred beta keys for their forthcoming MOBA game, Rise Of The Immortals, and UPDATE: they are all gone.


  1. Meneth says:

    Double post due to 503 error. Sorry.

  2. Diziet Sma says:

    Well that page is pretty darn nifty, but I can see the above posters point.

  3. bglamb says:

    Petroglyph could do with learning a little more about file compression. They’re distributing zips of a single pre-compressed file.

  4. DeepSleeper says:

    What’s a MOBA?

    • Zoonp says:


    • Tatourmi says:

      Well, I’d rather use the term DOTA-like. MOBA doesn’t make any sense (Multiplayer online battle arena? Seriously? Like? What is quake then?), but then again RPG is not that meaningfull either so…

      EDIT: No, seriously: I get the “multiplayer part”, it does the job, but “online”? How the fuck are you required to be an online game to be a friggin’ dota clone? There are other options that wouldn’t change the genre. Wouldn’t multiplayer be enough? “Battle”? Okay, why not, you fight things, sure. “Arena”? Well, what else would you do in an arena apart from fighting? So far, there are two useless terms. And what does it seems to mean? A GAME IN WHICH PEOPLE FIGHT INTO ARENAS. God damn it, that is revolutionary people! Pretty much every multiplayer game I know of is a MOBA then right? NO! Because it just defines DOTA clones! Oh god, I am going to bed now, I am getting too old for that crap I guess. (Sorry for the grumpy comment, that is not my usual style but I just couldn’t resist)

      S.T.D would make more sense. (Symmetrical tower defense)

    • Dana says:

      Im pretty sure Quake is an First-Person Shooter.

    • paterah says:

      Tatourmi, there are MOBAs that are not necessarily symmetrical tower defense games, like Bloodline Champions. So yes the genre is not called DOTA even though most MOBAs are like DOTA. There are some that are not like it tho.

    • OpT1mUs says:


    • Warskull says:

      I have to agree. ‘MOBA’ is simply a bullshit marketing term coined by Riot because it didn’t want to call itself a “DotA game” or “Dota-like.” It makes about as much sense as calling something an “interactive graphical experience.”
      People should stop perpetuating the stupidity. People called bullshit when EA tried to call its Deadspace rail shooter a “guided experience.” Just call it DotA genre or something.

    • Thants says:

      It makes about as much sense as calling something a role playing game.

    • GenBanks says:

      ‘Arena RPG’? ‘ARPG’
      it’s got xp and stuff, but it’s in an arena as opposed to open world setting.
      You’re welcome, world.

    • lurkalisk says:

      I find it just a bit ridiculous that anyone would need, or even want, a separate genre for this kind of thing.

      It would be like calling Unreal Tournament a TDFPTASVG (Three Dimensional First Person Tournament based Arena Shooting Video Game), though somewhat less verbose.

    • Tatourmi says:

      I agree, RPG doesn’t make much sense either (This one should seriously be changed) and any cat├ęgory in game is just shallow as can be, but once again so is every word in every language, and they are some sort of new words. As such they can be useful in discussions, when talking about archetypes and such, which makes them useful as a “common point” but MOBA is just ridiculously meaningless. At least you see what you are talking about when using the terms RTS or FPS. (Even though now I think that RTS might not be the best term).

  5. Icarus says:

    Yeah, pretty much this.

    Also, dubious about giving them my address (a postal address for an online game? Really?) but signed up anyway so as not to waste the key.

  6. Jim Rossignol says:

    Does anyone ever actually put in real postal address for these things?

  7. bglamb says:

    Everyone just wanted to be part of the RPS beta key page beta test.

  8. CMaster says:

    I once filled in every field of a 2-page form required to get tech support for something once with “I just want to ask one question” or “You don’t need this to answer a single question”

  9. RalphORama says:

    Never heard of the game, but oh well, free stuff.

  10. Lewie Procter says:

    Lots of people put my real address into stuff after I put it in PSN :.(

  11. ZIGS says:

    lol, If someone from Petroglyph is seeing this, they must be thinking “WTF no one wants to play our game!”

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Yeah. A veritable shot on the foot this idea of making keys automatically distributed by just visiting the page. What were they thinking?

    • trjp says:

      I suspect they were thinking

      “We’ll make a page to give away keys – people who come to that page will want a key”

      They underestimated the number of people who want to look at a page in case it has anything else interesting on it – like porn or the Eurovision results perhaps…


  12. ScubaMonster says:

    “Lots of people put my real address into stuff after I put it in PSN :.(”

    Well, you can easily fix that, you just need to move.

  13. sabrage says:

    I signed up for the beta a few months ago (being a fan of HoN and LoL), got accepted, watched one trailer, and decided I never wanted to play this game.

  14. ScubaMonster says:

    I’m not sure what the confusion was. There are two separate links for this. One for the game, and the other to go grab a key. Unless that was fixed in an edit, I thought it was pretty clear. Why would you click on the link to grab a key if you didn’t want one?

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Possibly the fact the link to the key appears before the text making a mention of how the key will be given. I suppose readers may tend to reflex-click the link and keep on reading, and only then realize what they just did.

      In any case… yeah. “Read Before You Click” has saved many people from becoming roadkill.

    • Meneth says:

      It didn’t say “you will automatically claim a key by viewing the link while logged in.” before.
      Personally I just wanted to check out what the beta key page was like. I didn’t except it to give me a key automatically.

    • Vandelay says:

      Yep, same as Meneth. I also thought there might be a chance that there are other, more interesting beta keys on there (I’m sure this game is fine, but as I didn’t know what MOBA stood for until now, I’m guessing this probably isn’t for me.)

  15. zalz says:

    Got a key, installed, played a game.

    This is perfect for anyone who ever played LoL or HoN and thought to themselves “you know what they should do? Fuck up the graphics and make the gameplay less fun”.

    The only good thing about this game is that atleast both LoL and HoN fans can now agree that whilst they may loathe the other side, atleast they aren’t playing Rise of the Immortals.

    • trjp says:

      I thought Demigod covered that need – the “they payed for a game which was half-finished and still hasn’t received 1/10th of the promised upgrades” game…???

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Rise of Immortals features the popular action-strategy gameplay of traditional MOBA games, but adds enhanced socialization features, along with persistent character progression

      Y’know what’d be neat? A game made by someone who’s heard of DOTA et al. but never played it, so they had to design everything from scratch.

      I want to bang my head against the wall every time I see another of these games, where somebody went “hey, I love DOTA – let’s make a game just like that, except add one new feature! it’ll be awesome!”

    • sabrage says:

      Well, to be fair, for a veteran player HoN and LoL are completely different. HoN is clearly an attempt to create a game as similar as DotA as possible, but make it faster paced. LoL takes strides to add new mechanics (the most important probably being scaling spells) and eliminate the “hyper-carry” of dota. To say either added just “one new feature” when they are vying for different portions of the market is a little absurd.

      Strange that they both have the exact same playerbase, though.

    • voxn says:

      Really, this is all that needs to be said.

      There is something going on with the persistent world; I had an mmo-style inventory, but any interest I had was killed off after the first game.

  16. trjp says:

    I’m pleased to be part of the first “I got a key I didn’t want” page here at RPS – but I’m keeping my key because I fancy the look of the game ;)

    MOBA is a sort of AOR/ambient/bald version of DOTA then? :)

  17. Antsy says:

    No way. And I suspect that Mr Bob Bobson of Bob Drive, Bobton is getting pretty cheesed off with all the junk mail i’ve generated in his name.

  18. Teddy Leach says:

    You as well, Antsy? He’s going to be a very angry man.

  19. Majikkan says:

    Yeah, ok.

  20. Antsy says:

    I like to imagine him as a crusader against inconsequential mail. Gleefully returning to sender and scribbling ‘Not known at this address’ with a cavalier flourish across the front of prize draw notifications.

  21. Hellraiserzlo says:

    It’s funny how more then half of the posters here got a key and they don’t even want it, me, well I am kinda curious too but I got stuff to play.

  22. Toby says:

    Thank you for the info. Looks interesting.

  23. Xan says:

    Well it can’t be worse then Demigod right?

  24. Hawkyy says:

    I feel rather thick for asking, but I can’t seem to find the registration site to create an account on that site. It says Join beta at the top, but all that does is take me to a page to set up a newsletter subscription …

  25. MeestaNob says:

    To be honest, I grabbed a key but ultimately didn’t use it: their sign up process demands far too many personal details just to bug test their game. I don’t feel comfortable giving up my home address and name to a random company that I doubt I’ll have any deliberate contact with in the future.


    • pupsikaso says:

      Petroglyph isn’t really a “random company”. They are the remnants of Westwood Studios.

      Besides, just put in Peter Gryphon’s address and you’re good to go anyway.

    • Gimvi says:

      I agree. They ask for way to much personal information to register. I’ll hold on to my key and maybe it will change in the future.

    • Zaphid says:

      Wait a moment, you put in relevant informations when you register for free stuff ?

  26. Andthensobecause says:

    RPS appears to be filled with cats.

  27. _strictmachine says:

    Bothered installing, and was horrified by the lack of quality, animation, art direction, etc.

    Played a 5v5 anyway and left after 5 minutes. This is hot garbage.

  28. Burchard says:

    It’s a waste of resources to try and break into an overcrowded genre. The sooner they cull it for more niche boardgame-like games (which I really like), the better off they’ll be.

    Just an opinion of course.

  29. MythArcana says:

    I checked it out, loaded it up, looked around, started the PvE test, got bored after 34 seconds and deleted it. Thanks, though!

    • Thants says:

      You must have an impressively short attention span to get bored after 34 seconds.

  30. Orvidos says:

    I hope the U.S. Postal Service has perfected time or dimensional travel, or Bilbo Baggins of Bag End has an entire mail room full of backmail by this point.

  31. Gehrschrein says:

    Why not just go ahead and play Bloodline Champions?

  32. DK says:

    It’s great that they’ve taken the term MOBA and abused it of all meaning. If your game is PvE online with persistent levelling it’s not fracking MOBA – it’s an Online RPG.

  33. trjp says:

    On the topic of using your ‘real address’ or not – I have a business address which I use for all this stuff, 100s of registrations over the years, and never, not once, not ever, have I had any mail from anywhere I didn’t expect it to come from.

    No junk mail, no follow-ups, no marketing bumf, no catalogs – nothing.

    Even where I’ve had to use my real address (tied to a debit/credit card) I get no addressed junkmail (just the unaddressed stuff that postmen and pizza menu guys carry and stuff from things I used to have like National Geo.)

    I think people are just far far too paranoid – which I think comes from people thinking they’re far more special than they really are…