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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Two Fiddy

Four out of five of this week’s best value PC downloads are in the two pound fifty price range. This is significant because one serving of alcohol in a public house normally costs around that, so purchases of this amount are firmly lodged in the “Impulse buy” node of the human brain. As always, you can find more of this sort of thing over at SavyGamer, where I keep watch over the best deals on all platforms throughout the week. Here’s this weekends best download deals.
Strategy First Adventure Pack – £3.89/€4.43/$5.94
Apply coupon “SFIADVENTURE”.
Jack Keane
Ankh 2: Hearts of Osiris
Ankh 3: Battle Of The Gods
The Abbey

The first adventure you’ll be wanting to set out on is “The Quest to back up my installers”, as Strategy First only offer time limited downloads (I think it’s a month. Confirm/Deny?), so after that you’ll be on your own. I would have guessed that bandwidth costs to let people have access to their downloads forever would be less than the loss of revenue from people not being interested in temporary downloads, but what do I know. John gave Jack Keane a bit of a kicking over at Eurogamer back at release, perhaps the other games in this bundle make up for it.

Arcanum of Steamworks & Magick Obscura – £2.59/€2.97/$4.19
Confusingly, does not register on Steam. I’ve not played this, but on paper it sounds like it’s probably a brilliant RPG. It was Troika’s first game, and Wikipedia even tells me it was “criticized for being unpolished and having a bad combat engine” like all the best RPGs are. Alec posted about a mod to add support for modern resolutions, but the link has since gone dead. Anyone know where it can be found now? Google seems to only bring me the same broken link. I reckon I’m going to grab this and educate myself a bit.

Pathologic – £2.39/€2.99/$2.99
This is a Very Important Game. So said Quinns. Here’s his reasoning:

Interesting elements of Pathologic included its magical realist plot, its morally ambiguous tone that saw you making all sorts of horrible decisions, how it made you as a player start thinking similarly to the healer you chose, its moments of horror and its uniquely cruel and unrelenting atmosphere. Playing Pathologic felt like having a noose slowly tighten around your neck, both mechanically and narratively, and that more gamers didn’t get the most out of it at release is to be lamented. All together now: What a shame.

What a shame indeed. I’ve never seen this for less than a fiver before, and it doesn’t get discounted at all very often, so this is a bit of a turn up for the books.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl£2.49/€2.86/$4.98
Have you played Stalker yet? You should probably play Stalker. This is another Very Important Game, and Jim tells us why:

It would please me to be able to say that Stalker was more important than it actually is, but it sadly remains one of those games that is out in an isolated intellectual region, unencroached by the large trade of ideas from other games. Plenty of games from the West have influenced Stalker, but I’ve yet to see any Western studios mimicking GSC’s achievements. Is that because Stalker is bad or unimportant? No, it’s because most game studios are basically boring, or hideously constrained. The lack of constraint that GSC were under for Call Of Pripyat shows (thankfully) that the brilliance of the original game wasn’t all down to THQ’s money and expert producers.

The Complete 2009 mod is essential.

Deal of the week
Machinarium – £2.49/€3.74/$3.74
The game about the loveliest robot, with the loveliest music and loveliest pretty pictures. If you don’t at least consider picking up this charming point and clicker at this bargain price, you’re either a fool or someone who’s already got it. I got stuck a few times, and although the in game hint system is gorgeous, it’s not all that practical. I’d say hop over to gamefaqs if you get stuck, as most of the enjoyment to be had in Machinarium is in the taking in the pretty, not in the being smart. See wot John thought of it here.

Also of note:
Blue Toad Murder Files – £2.49/€3.24/$3.74
The Witcher – £3.08/€3.53/$4.99
Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones – £1.99 (UK only).
The Oddboxx – £6.49/€7.49/$7.49 (Actually working now).
Tesla: The Weather Man – £2.09/€2.40/$3.33
Various combinations of Serious Sams for cheap is your essential guide to gaming on the cheap.

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