Hands On: InMomentum

So there will be the inevitable Minecraft mod.

I think this one is going to be big. If you’ve heard of indie developers, Digital Arrow, it’s likely because of their forthcoming Unigine RPG, Dilogus. Less known is another project, InMomentum. InMomentum is a free-running game that plays on first-person jumping. It’s a freeform platformer that lets you feel extraordinary. This is something special.

Stripping away anything that might get in the way of pure running and jumping, the minimalist design lets InMomentum focus on just being brilliant at what it needs to do. Which is letting you feel like you’re flying, purely through your own fast-paced skill.

A huge map of floating platforms hover in the sky, with you at one end, and a goal at the other. Jump there. That’s it. It’s all about gaining and maintaining momentum, and with it, executing moves that make you feel like you may just be the best person at playing games ever.

Played from a first-person perspective, the jumping is controlled on the mouse. Right clicking gives you a general jump, that will increase in length and speed the more frequently you use it in one smooth row. Left clicking lets you wall jump, which requires catching any vertical surface (or indeed any surface more than 45 degrees) and clicking as you scrape it. The momentum with which you hit it, and the bounce in your jump, defines how far it will propel you. Realism is not at play here – a well-caught wall jump can see you soaring into the air, where you hold down Shift to slow time, spot the best platform for your continued route, and steer yourself toward it, land in a jump, catch a low wall, repel into a pillar and fling yourself upward, hop, hop, bounce, soar, bounce, and checkpoint. It’s thrilling. (Make sure to watch the video below to see it for yourself.)

Along the route there’s green orbs to collect, each taking .25 of a second off your completion time. Although since it’s taken me over 20 minutes to fathom the level Digital Arrow built for RPS to try, a quarter of a second isn’t really going to show up! But collect them you must, ensuring you have the maximum amount of fun in each level.

The only other obstacle in your path are purple gates, which block progress until you shoot a button. Hit space and you fire out what looks like a stream of petals, which hit the switch and open the gates. But thankfully the developers seem to have realised that gunplay is not wanted in such a single player game, and this is a very occasional activity, easily performed, and pretty much only in there to make you feel amazing if you manage to shoot one while on the move. Even better, when you restart at a checkpoint an opened gate will stay open – no need to tediously repeat the task.

Talking of checkpoints, those in the levels we’ve played are well placed. This is about practising, learning routes, and getting better and better. To have them too frequently would rob you of the game’s greatest pleasure: feeling like you’re improving. They’re just spare enough that reaching one feels like an achievement. And crucially, the restart time from failure is absolutely instant. Hit E and you’re back at the checkpoint before your finger has registered pressing the key, already in motion, carrying on. It makes Trackmania feel tardy.

What struck me the most when playing the couple of levels in this alpha build was how despite my failing incessantly, I never minded. It was a chance to do that last bit of level again! And I mean again and again. And that offers either a chance to repeat the route I’d worked out, each time more fluidly and impressively than before, or to just try bouncing in a different direction, catching a different wall and seeing if there’s a better path. And either always felt worthwhile.

The most interesting aspect for me is climbing. One section of the RPS level required getting from the very bottom to platforms way above. Here the skills I’d learned on the way there came into action, as I used a flat surface to hop, hop, hop, and then clipped the edges of wall after wall, propelling myself upward, avoiding obstacles and feeling majestic. About thirty-seven times, admittedly, before I got it right. But wow, on getting it right, finding the checkpoint at the top, I felt like taking a victory lap of my room.

The full game has plans for power ups (I’d be interested to see how these are used – the game’s simplicity is one of its greatest strengths, it’d be a shame to see it get muddled), upgrades that let you improve your abilities such as jump height and speed, and competitive scoreboards. There’s also going to be multiplayer, which will be a race, with the aid of powerups, and here your beam used for hitting switches becomes a weapon. This will be a much more competitive experience.

Built in the Unreal UDK, it’s unrecognisably from that origin. Bold, stark colours shine brilliantly, creating a vivid game that’s visual design accurately mirrors its clear, concise game. I’m really excited about this one. That repeating one level over and over as I make mistakes can hold my attention for so many times, even becoming more fun for every repeated route, the thought of having multiple levels to play through is thrilling.

The full game will hopefully be out by the middle of July, with a demo a couple of weeks before. And there’s plans for a multiplayer beta before then. We’ll keep you posted.

You can see the game in action here:


  1. gganate says:

    This looks cool, minimalist art style and all. I wonder if its enjoyable for people who don’t usually like timing dependent jumps of platformers, like myself.

  2. SuperNashwanPower says:

    Interesting, definitely will look out for a demo :)

  3. JuJuCam says:

    Yes, but how do the mechanics work?

    • Baboonanza says:

      The mechanics feel like sunshine against my skin and the warmth of a reciprocated smile.

  4. mda says:

    Awesome. Love games about movement that are easy compared to say quake strafe jumping but still feel great ^_^

  5. whateverJ says:

    Mmh, looks like Defrag. Needs more weapon propulsion and speed.

    • DeanLearner says:

      Was going to link to Lags – The Movie – link to video.google.com specifically the map that starts just after 2:00. I bought quake 3 (again) just to play that level over and over again because of it’s sense of speed.

  6. DeanLearner says:

    Couldn’t quite figure out the way it controls (as in some of the wall jumps looked a bit iffy). Apart from that it looks rather fun :)

  7. LimEJET says:

    This looks really bad. It’s just twitchy and dull. The unrealism is a bit too unrealistic. Comparing this to Mirror’s Edge is really unnecessary.

    • John Walker says:

      You’ve played it then?

    • Zyrxil says:

      You don’t have to. It’s very obviously much more floaty and disconnected than Mirror’s Edge was. The very solid feel of everything- sounds, animations, view bob, viewable limbs, having to build up speed- that was almost half the game. It felt like (a movie exaggerated) parkour, not bunnyhopping and rocketjumping all over the place. Maybe it’s targeting Quake reminisce-rs more than ME fans, that’s fine. Just nothing of interest to ME fans.

    • P7uen says:




    • heretic says:

      I’m interested and I loved ME ;_;

    • Daniel Rivas says:

      It made me feel a bit sick, watching the video. Maybe it’s less nauseating when playing it; that’s usually the case with motion sickness. And yes, it seems very dissimilar to Mirror’s Edge. It looks a lot like Quake.

      The levels do look like the ME addon levels, though. Were those ever released on PC?

    • Koozer says:

      “The unrealism is a bit too unrealistic.”

      Quote of the day!

    • Baboonanza says:

      I’m interested, but the one thing that really puts me off is the bunny-hopping. I loath bunnyhopping anyway but I really can’t see how it adds anything to the experience here over just running. Hoepfully it won’t be a necessary part of getting good runs.

    • noodlecake says:

      I love Mass Effect too! This game looks really interesting. I don’t like the look of the bunny hopping either but I haven’t played it yet so I can’t really comment on it in that respect. I think it’s worth keeping an open mind till you actually try it.

    • StranaMente says:

      I think I agree with Zyrxil. It didn’t remind me of Mirror’s edge, it felt more like being a sphere in a flipper. With almost no gravity.

    • psyk says:

      How does any one get mirrors edge vibe when watching that vid? oh you have to jump on things they must be the same :( to me this looks like a call to those trick jump quake (unreal?) mods.

    • Mo says:

      “nothing of interest to ME fans”
      Really? Isn’t it possible that different people liked Mirror’s Edge for, waitforit, different reasons?

      I agree that the physicality of ME was amazing. But I was also obsessed with the time trials long after I was done with the single player. In Momentum seems to emphasize the freeform, time trial aspect of ME.

      In other words, consider me a very interested ME fan.

    • noodlecake says:

      Oh. ME is mirror’s edge. Hmm… That makes sense! :P

    • Veracity says:

      Ugh, comment keeps getting et. Trying again with no tags. Apologies if I’ve inadvertently repeat posted.

      It’s a first-person platformer, which would be enough considering how rare those are, AND it’s set among lumps of colour suspended over nothing. Of course people are going to compare it to Mirror’s Edge, however “unhelpfully”. If the developers haven’t anticipated that, they’re not really doing their jobs, though it sounds as if “no, it’s more like Quake” should about cover it.

      About JW’s shooting comment: maybe for the RPS test level, but not sure about the video. Ok, he’s firing a petal laser out of his chest, but it might just as well be a railgun. While you could stop and line up on those switches, it seems the game is mostly about speed running, so if you can’t snap off mid-air shots at ninety degrees to your heading, I would’ve thought you’re going to lose interest quickly. Though maybe not if it’s more puzzly at times (like, “how do I get there?”, not “how fast can I get there?”).

      @Daniel Rivas: yes, but you’ll need an EA Store account to get them (no bad thing, but some people object to maintaining accounts in fifty different places) and they don’t work with the Steam version, as far as I know.

  8. Alexander Norris says:

    It’s a shame it loses out on the other thing that made ME very good, which was how physical it was. :(

    • Icarus says:

      Yeah, I’m inclined to agree with Alexander. It looks good, and interesting, but I wouldn’t compare it to Mirror’s Edge right off the bat. The physicality of the jumping, and the physics, just don’t appear to be there.

    • Basilicus says:

      First off, thank the gods for the Unreal engine. Its various iterations and the engines adapted from them have been the basis for so much immersion and wonder the last few years of my gaming life.

      Secondly, I know the Mirror’s Edge comparison was removed so that it wouldn’t distract from the game, but I do have to compare them myself – this lacks the physical peril that Mirror’s Edge emulated so well. It’s more…gamey. I know that will appeal to many, but I preferred Edge’s grunts and desperation dives and awkward clamberings…the last-second saves, and standing at a puzzle’s base while putting the pieces together in your head…those moments of silence in which you went hand across hand along a ledge and spotted a plane far above, the two of you the only ones who dare to climb this high…. That game captured moments of feeling free – not quite enough of them by the end, but more than most any other game I’ve played.

      Maybe it’s just because this is in Alpha and death doesn’t involve flailing arms and a sickening thump, but it doesn’t look like it holds a fair “price-to-be-paid” for being able to jet around like a jetpacked monkey…at least for my tastes. I know many will feel the exact opposite.

  9. 9of9 says:

    That looks terrible, the whole point of Mirror’s Edge was that it actually made you feel like you were running – it had a great and very natural sense of movement, especially because you could see your own body (and seeing your own feet also helped a lot in gauging jumps).

    This… someone might as well have put platforming levels into Quake 3. Sure, people love gauss-jumping around Q3 levels, but that looks and feels nothing like free-running, it’s just a free-floating camera bouncing around the level. The fact that they’ve unashamedly ripped off the art-style of Mirror’s Edge’s challenge levels and seem to expect this to somehow be equivalent feels almost… insulting, really x.x

    • Dominic White says:

      Exactly my thoughts. Trickjumping in Quake 3 never appealed to me, because I felt like a camera attached to a rubber ball, rather than anything approaching a character. Mirror’s Edge worked because of its feeling of embodiment and solidity. You could see that straight away from even the earliest gameplay footage.

      You could honestly have told me that this is a Quake 3 trickjumping mod, and I’d have believed you.

    • P7uen says:

      Who said it was trying to be like ME? It seems to have double-jump, and its made of floating orange blocks in space while you shoot confetti lasers.

      A game in which you don’t play a human? What is this witchcraft!?

    • Thants says:

      The art-style of Mirror’s Edge’s challenge levels is just single-colour geometric shapes, I don’t think it’s possible to rip it off.

  10. Jim Rossignol says:

    It does look like Quake III movement. Which I like.

    • frenz0rz says:

      This was also my first thought – it looks to control very much like Quake 3.

    • sonofsanta says:

      It was my first thought 20 seconds in as well – the constant bouncing is very bunny-hoppish.

      I’ve also just realised how deep my hatred of exclamation marks runs – one ! near the beginning and the rest of the article felt like a Kotaku article to me. I feel kind of dirty now.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      Oh god, that’s what it reminded me of! Aye, the movement is very reminiscent of quite a few arena shooters that rely on speed.

    • Vorrin says:

      Bunny-hoppish, yeh… in fact, the first thing that comes to mind reading this article, is a weird mod for UT3, bunny trail I think it was called, and it was all and only about (crazily difficult) platform/wall jumps… and that also, was weirdly addictive, with the added bonus of it being multiplayer (two teams, racing to get to the end-level).

      I’d recommend checking it out whilst you wait for this, it does come off as quite original.

    • Mo says:

      If we didn’t know better, I’d swear the engine was Q3A. It looks splendid. :)

  11. Eraysor says:

    I just want that music!

  12. tomeoftom says:

    Looks supersolid. Reminds me of Purity, a motion-centric game by one of the Irrational level designers: link to vectorpoem.com

  13. frenz0rz says:

    In all honesty, I just dont get this widespread criticism of Mirror’s Edge. I bought it on Steam a couple of years ago and loved every single minute of it; the city, the music, and the pure physical sense of running, jumping, and clambering over the environment were all an absolute joy. The only reason I can think of for disappointment is if you went in expecting some huge, sprawling open world environment. I’m sure thats something we all would have loved, but it seems to me that once again its a case of people judging a game on what it supposedly ‘lacks’, and not on what it has.

    • Zanchito says:

      “Remember when you first saw Mirror’s Edge, and you thought: wow, that looks like it might be incredible! And then you played it, and it really wasn’t what you thought it was going to be? ” No, it was EVEN BETTER. Also, some ninja edit you did there, the text changed in the time I took to press the “Open link in new tab”. Why? WHY??

    • John Walker says:

      I’ve removed it because the comparison was unhelpful, and distracting any focus from this game.

    • Felixader says:

      Mirrors Edge is rigth now one of my most beloved games.

      Of course there is the fact that the finding of your own way is a bit limited but what nerved me much more was the fact that they froced you to figth enemys if you wanted or not.

      Problem here is that the enemys weren’t really implemented into the free running.
      That stopped the flow of the gameplay and made you feel clunky and weak.
      But by God i have spend and still waste so much time in the Time Trials.

    • frenz0rz says:

      Oddly enough, I hardly touched the time trial mode, finding it a little too repetative for my liking. I much prefered the extremely linear yet exhilarating singleplayer. Thats just me though, I know most people loved the trials. Maybe I was just put off by all the top times being held by blatant hackers, who upon downloading their ‘ghost’ to race, you could actually SEE flying around in the air, and leaping between checkpoints in less than a second. What a shame.

    • Muzman says:

      Ignore those and play off line. Time trials are a really fun way to mess about and stretch the possibilities. You’ll go back to the single player with even more moves at your fingertips and new ideas.

    • psyk says:

      “I’ve removed it because the comparison was unhelpful, and distracting any focus from this game.”

      I wondered where the people (sheep?) were getting that comparison from, because the vid doesn’t show it. Use your brain commenter’s don’t just parrot the writer of the piece.

  14. AndrewC says:

    Is there air-control in this? You can change direction in the air a bit? It is difficult to tell from the video. Also, they really need to put some sound fx on the jumps/wall jumps and that as, yes, it does feel floaty from the video. Also – are those double jumps in there?

    So anyways: what the fans of Mirror’s Edge (me) love about it was the sense of weight and connection to the environment, which this game doesn’t currently have and, importantly, doesn’t seem interested in – seemingly more interested in the more abstract joys of pure platforming (it actually reminded me of all those marble rolling games for some reason). So: comparisons to Mirror’s Edge could lead to much dis-satisfaction! And fan-grumbling! Like this post!

    I like Mirror’s Egde!

    Also, I thought the VO guy was doing a joke voice at first, bless ‘im.

  15. syntax says:

    I’m not sure what to think. IMO it needs to be more grounded on realistic physics, so that walljumps don’t throw you so far up in the air. Also, more emphasis on speed buildup and accuracy. Take a look at Urban Terror and Warsow for ideas on a good movement system. Warsow is a free game, please check it out (needs more players!), and it’s also an example of great art style.
    Sorry about the quality, this is an example of a good jumper in Warsow:
    link to youtube.com
    And Urban Terror:

  16. Vexing Vision says:

    Huh. I love Indie games. But the gameplay doesn’t look appealing at all – random “learn which way to turn without visual input” speedruns aren’t my thing.

    I wait for ME2!

    • JohnnyMaverik says:

      I hate to say it, but that’s guna be a long wait, most likely eternal… do you really want to take false hopes to the grave? It’s not worth it man… EA won’t give us no satisfaction and we have to let it go :'(

      TBH I didn’t even like Mirror’s Edge that much, for every 10 minutes of utter jubilation, almost being able to feel the wind rushing through my hair as I vaulted a chain link fence at break neck speed across a glistening plateau of white roof tops, there was an hour of utter frustration at being shot in the fking face once a fking again by those pricks who won’t just fk off, or worse staring at a fking wall and thinking “what the fk do you want me to do now and why the fk should I care any more godireallyhatethisgame” >.<

      It was all right I guess…

      Lots of potential though, that's undeniable, sadly much of it missed but certainly could provide one hell of a sequel if EA ever get tired of trying to kill COD & WoW and screwing us PC gamers around (see announcement that American McGee's Alice is being re-released exclusively through the bloody north american EA store for PC while console gamers get it free with boxed copies of Alice: Madness returns for reason I hate EA with a burning passion this week)… which is unlikely, especially all at one time.

    • Vexing Vision says:

      Oh, I’m also still waiting for Anachronox 2. Or Episode 3. So, it’s just one more on the list.

  17. JohnnyMaverik says:

    I think somebodies got a crush O.o

    But yea, been tracking this on IndieDB for a while and it does look insanely cool. I was a bit concerned by the latest dev video (the same one you have posted in the article) because it just looked a little finicky and overly demanding in places but if you say from your experience playing a build that frustration doesn’t really come into play and it controls pretty solidly and intuitively, with the mechanics not being overly confusing/mind boggling… which you pretty much did, then that’s encouraging.

  18. WASD says:

    This reminds me of Grappling Hook link to youtube.com

  19. caljohnston says:

    Look like Quake 3 defrag for casuals.

    • gallardo1 says:

      It would be fantastic since I can’t dedicate all that time to play like defrag :(
      I’ve always enjoyed those videos but couldn’t emulate them.

  20. trjp says:

    I’m loving the music and style but that video makes it appear like a very confusing game.

    If I can’t see how it works when someone else is playing it – I generally worry that once I’m in control I’ll just be “duh wut” and lose interest…

    The main issue (and with ME) is that FP platformers are a silly idea (like first person tower defence maze building *coughs*) . The problem is that you can’t see enough of your surroundings and you don’t want to be constantly ‘looking at your feet – looking at the sky – looking at your feet…’. You can certainly design around it but it does impose limitations (I reckon a lot of the bad feeling for ME came from the ease with which you could get completely lost).

    I’m prepared to give it a whirl tho – roll on the demo.

    • WASD says:

      trjp, give Grappling Hook a try. It’s an excellent game and definitely not a silly idea. There’s a demo available here – link to ghook.speedrungames.com

      If you do try it, let us know what you think?

    • trjp says:

      I’m downloading it now – note that I said “silly idea” and not “don’t work” or “are all shit”.

      I actually sorta like ME, I gave up partway through as it was getting a bit samey but it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined and this seems to have some potential in that the video makes it look easy to ‘not miss’ jumps…

    • trjp says:

      Well the Grappling Hook demo was fun – making the weapon your main way of moving obviously links-it into more of our FPS skills, I’d almost forgotten I could jump by the end of Level 5 (tho earlier bits on moving platforms were as hit-and-miss as I’d expected).

      I also have a stonking headache after playing it tho – no idea if it’s the colour-scheme, perspective or what. The only other game that’s done this was “The Ball” which I put down to the need to stare madly at a large, brown lump for eons…

    • WASD says:

      Your headache may be attributed to the head bobbing when walking? Do you get a headache when you play Doom?

    • trjp says:

      No, I’m fine with allsorts of FPSs – just The Ball and this have so-far made me feel unwell…

  21. Kdansky says:

    Looks fairly interesting, but I could do with less needless bunny hopping. Jumping when there is a chasm? Sensible! Jumping while running on solid ground? Pointless! They should change it so that the longer you run, the farther your jump goes. Which would give real incentive to not just spam the jump button, but instead time your jumps perfectly.

  22. mbourgon says:

    Interesting. They made the ME comparisons easy because of the art style – almost identical to the ME extra map pack. Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have the same problem as I did on the extra map pack for ME: vertigo and acrophobia. Regular ME was just fine, since there was a sense I was on a rooftop. Hovering in the middle of space, though, tweaked me somehow. Still, I wish them the best, since I want more parkour games.

  23. BigJonno says:

    Hmm. Definitely hmm at the moment. I got all excited and then I watched the video. The floatiness doesn’t appeal, but I’ll give it a shot.

  24. mollemannen says:

    this is definitely a game you need a demo for. i love jumping games. mirrors edge, q3 defrag and island hopper are my favorites in that genre.

  25. aequidens says:

    The style reminds me of skyroads, which reminds me that I’m an old man. Click.

  26. Jesse L says:

    Marble Madness: 3D Bouncyball Panic

  27. cfp says:

    Didn’t Jedi Knight 2/3 did most of the these things already? Particularly the instagib mods (of which CJK was the most polished). All force powers were disabled except jump, and the speed was ramped way up. Combined with the fact that a lot of the CTF maps had many distinct platforms, the feeling of flying was incredible. Getting from one end of the map to the other with the flag was much more about movement fluidity than it was about shot accuracy, though obviously with one hit kills being a good shot helped.

    The CJK mod’s still my favourite FPS experience. Shame all the servers have shut down now. (The ones I remember were ac-sect run by the devs, and the X6 clan.) Shame also that they never made JK4…

  28. tyrsius says:

    A game based around trickjumping?

    Sign me up.

  29. ankh says:

    Platform game with quake 3 movement? EXCITED

  30. Nim says:

    This just makes me want to replay ME Atrium again…

  31. Rii says:

    I didn’t think I was susceptible to motion sickness arising from games, but, well, here we are!

    Also I realise that human scaling doesn’t necessarily apply to this game, but doesn’t anyone else find it odd that the player appears to be around 18 inches tall?

  32. RagingLion says:

    Aesthetic is nice. I love the music – reminds me of Jon Hopkins (at least Opalescent album). I’m sure it’ll be fun to try out. It’s a different kind of movement to ME. It probably won’t feel quite as fulfilling as Mirror’s Edge because of the floatiness but at the same time I’m sure there will be a lot of fulfillment to be gained when pushing the limits of its own set of mechanics. Will definitely keep an eye on it.

    It’s really interesting to read people’s thoughts on ME here. I want to say myself here (since I can’t remember really hearing it at the time from anyone) that ME really nails the feeling of free-running yourself with it’s controls. I found it to be intuitive and genuinely give you the freedom to pull of fairly nuanced moves and move about levels as you wished rather than being restrictive or glorified quicktime events. Well done ME, because it really could have so easily not have worked well like that.

  33. Pemptus says:

    And they hired Bruce Campbell as community manager? Great!

  34. gallardo1 says:

    RPS enjoyed other insightful comments in the past about these kind of games.
    if anyone has other to suggest I’d be grateful ;)

    so far I remind:
    -quake3cpma et similia
    -island hopper
    -hl2 mod kreedz
    -purity mod
    -mirror’s edge

    • tomeoftom says:

      Oh, Purity was actually a game in itself that was unfinished (he last worked on two years ago).

      To answer your question, perhaps at a stretch the Surf maps of Source Engine games? And at even /more/ of a stretch, Igneous? link to igneousgame.com

      It’s a bit like Island Hopper meets Red Faction: Guerilla, as it’s all about speeding through maps that are being torn apart and collapsing as you skim over sinking rocks and debris – pretty excellent, actually.

    • gallardo1 says:

      Sure, I’ve played Igneus too, just forgot about it. it was cool though.
      I think I’ve played most of them, but I can’t recall them all, so it’s also difficult to ask for new suggestions on the genre…


  35. Mike says:

    So, I initially thought this sounded like ME2, which is obviously isn’t trying to be, and that’s fine. It’s definitely got some of ME’s feel to it, and it looks breathtakingly awesome. The slow-motion is a great addition, as is the ability to recover from missed jumps through wall-hops and alternate routes. Sign me up.

    Can’t believe I’d not heard of this before. It’s great.

  36. Text_Fish says:

    Hmmm. I could wait for this to get released … or, I could fire up Quake 1 and bunnyhop/slopejump/rocketjump around the deathmatch levels like a maniac right now for free AND shoot people because it’s really not that difficult or inventive.

    In other thoughts; I’m sure this will be a very fun game in its own right.

    • Herzog says:

      Speaking of Q1, in the new KTX version which will be released the next weeks will also have a slide mod (or race mode whatever it is called) with new maps. You can check out the qw.nu forums for more information or play the beta versions of the maps. More information here: link to quakeworld.nu
      vid: link to youtube.com

  37. Muzman says:

    Oh so there was a comparison to Mirror’s Edge but it was removed? I was wondering why people were going on about it.
    I can see where it might have been. It’s that this has a low penalty for failure and is all about just keeping going. One of the things people found off putting about ME was that it was fun when things were going well, but not much fun when it wasn’t (at least initially. I think that while it’s not flawless, people are also too impatient with games these days). If you tripped up you were frequently in a lot of trouble and it would take time to build up to the maximum momentum again and therefore the maximum possibilities available to you where the game is at its best.
    This skirts that problem, it should be underlined, by being completely different in all but the most superficial ways (by the looks). So, yeah, good edit there.
    Like others, Quake 3 Arena was the thing that leapt to mind first for me. There were even user made levels that looked and to some extent played exactly like this. But I can’t find them at the moment.
    I do remember having a blast bouncing around and going “Wheee!’ a lot in them though.

    edit: Wow, it seems the sites that had all these have gone the way of the dodo.
    Radiator Yang has gone to the bother of documenting a couple of them though.
    link to blog.radiator.debacle.us

  38. Buttless Boy says:

    This sounds amazing, but I’m gonna need to change the controls if I can play. I use a laptop for gaming (I know, laptops suck at games) and I can’t reach the left and right mouse buttons at the same time.

    Guess I can always find an Autohotkey script like I did for Magicka.

  39. Recidivist says:

    If this is a free-running game, so is Counter Strike, so is Call of Duty, so is Battlefield. Bunny-hopping (And super jumping?) is not free-running. No thanks.

  40. cheese lol says:

    Looks a lot like Warsow without it’s worst elements–the guns.
    Sign me up!

  41. jaybill says:

    [ deleted ]

  42. Kerbobotat says:

    What Ive always wanted was a Mirrors Edge, with multiplayer, and possible capture the flag games, and races, and maybe like a free-form game, when you have a timelimit to spray a graffiti tag in the higest place you can reach or something. And more sandbox. I realise ME was a puzzle game underneath, but I just wanted to wander around jumping on things.

  43. MythArcana says:

    It looks like a Unity 3D demo to me. I guess the race is on to get back to “Tron” retro graphics with quite a few releases I’m seeing lately, but I need more to a game than a jump mechanic with a view of blocks.

  44. MD says:

    Man, I hope they pull this off. Even though I’m not a real Defrag player though, I think I might have played a bit too much Quake and Warsow for this to feel right. Here’s hoping, though.

    Also, to the developers, please be aware that the people complainaing that it’s not enough like Mirror’s Edge don’t speak for all of us. I would be disappointed if it became too ME-like, and don’t share any of their complaints about the ‘lack of physicality’ in Quake movement.

  45. Hatsworth says:

    I love the idea, but that video wasn’t all that impressive imo. Everything looked a bit off, and a bit slow. Might have something to do with me having played quite a lot of UT200X, the walljumping in particular was weird.
    I’ve yet to play the various quake modsmaps which tbh look a lot more fun and might benefit me should I want to play Quake Live deathmatches too. This seems to be a lot less mechanically challenging(though part of that might be due to how it was played in that video), but if that’s desirable one might try the UT bunny trails mods a commenter mentioned above. Now that I think about it the upcoming Portal 2 DLC will have time trial challenges too, and probably tons of user maps soon enough. It simply has stiff competition. Surprising for such a niche concept.
    Outside of first person platforming, I’ve got a lot of time trialing to do in my huge backlog anyway, such as Super Meat Boy, Trackmania(plus 2 once it arrives) and Nimbus(which needs more attention). Still, it seems quite worthy of keeping an eye on.

  46. The Sombrero Kid says:

    looks amazing to me.

  47. gallardo1 says:

    Do you have other suggestions?

    -quake3cpma et similia (jk)
    -island hopper
    -hl2 mod kreedz
    -purity mod
    -mirror’s edge
    – ?